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Posted: May 21, 2022 at 6:03 pm

NASSAU, BAHAMAS What began as a simple Whatsapp group for residents and descendants of Orange Creek, Cat Island has now morphed into a partnership group seeking to enhance the business and entrepreneurial landscape of the island within the next several years.

Moneymaxx Chief Executive Officer Karlos Mackey, who leads the executive function of the Orange Creek Redevelopment Partnership, spoke about the groups agenda while addressing the Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador Business Outlook yesterday.

Mackey, a Cat Island descendant, noted that the lack of available accommodations, transportation and entertainment options has made it difficult to convince persons to visit Cat Island outside of the Rake and Scrape festival and regatta.

Hr explained that the partnership began as a simple Whatsapp group for Orange Creek residents and descendants to discuss personal projects and evolved into a very serious and structured partnership group.

According to Mackey, the group now has over 100 financially active members on Cat Island, throughout The Bahamas and around the world.

The Orange Creek Redevelopment Partnership is dedicated to enhancing the business and entrepreneurial landscape in North and Central Cat Island via investment and management in new and existing businesses, said Mackey, who noted that the group has engaged various stakeholders over the past several months.

He further noted that the groups efforts have been well received by the Office of the Prime Minister and area MP Prime Minister Philip Davis.

We have detailed our vision for the improvements the partnership is prepared to work on collaboratively and with other Cat Island stakeholders over the next several years. One among those items one is a North and Central Cat Island essential services cluster, a resort cluster and industry information and education cluster, said Mackey.

Mackey said the group would like to see 5,000-7,000 persons residing on Cat Island by 2035. We believe Cat Island is the cultural capital of The Bahamas and that our population should reflect that we are among the major islands in the country.

For North and Central Cat Island, having the Arthurs Town airport being redeveloped as a high functioning airport with regular domestic and international commercial aviation concurrently with the New Bight airport to service South Cat Island is a priority, he continued.

The architectural and engineering planning along with the fund raising and structuring of management and operation of the Arthurs Town airport along with the redevelopment of the Bennetts Harbor dock into a ferry and commercial terminal are proceeding extremely well.

He added: We are confident that the proposal for the management and operation of both of these facilities along with the introduction of a partner airline for the Arthurs town airport will be presented to the OPM, the Ministry of Tourism, Investment and Aviation and the general public in July.

Mackey noted that a commitment has been made by the group to work with the OPM to facilitate the construction and operation of a new health facility, early childhood education center and an affordable housing community on the island. He added that the group is also eyeing an agricultural processing centre and business incubator.

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Whatsapp group turned partnership aims to revitalize and develop Cat Island - EyeWitness News

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