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Posted: October 17, 2021 at 5:21 pm

2021 has been a fantastic year for gaming, and what better way to celebrate than by ranking the best PC games of all time. With a mixture of new and old, this list spans different genres and highlights some of the best titles ever crafted.

PC gaming is defined by its ability to provide its dedicated audience with the most graphically intense and immersive experiences on the market. Each year, new and exciting titles are released and 2021 was no different, with one game even making an appearance on this list.

But which are the greatest? Lets take a look at the best PC games you should play in 2021.

Skyrim is a game that simply will not die. Having been released on nearly every console on Earth, the RPG has spanned multiple generations of consoles, but its home is on PC.

The Elder Scrolls franchise has arguably defined PC gaming since its birth, a series full of incredible entries and yet, Skyrim stands above them all. None in the franchise is more epic in production and setpieces than TES5. Multiple playthroughs are required to see every part of its world, utilizing different weapons and speech choices to get different outcomes.

Memes born out of the game like I Took an Arrow in the Knee and the classic shout Fus Ro Dah! have allowed the title to live on way past its release in 2011. Skyrim stands the test of time and provides one of the most incredible experiences of its genre available on PC.

Grand Theft Auto 5, released in 2013, is more relevant now than its ever been. No game since its release has been able to top its wild, crude story, and gameplay in one of the most vast and intricate open-world maps ever crafted.

Much of its relevance relies on its ever-unfolding GTA Online, which continually gets free content updates over seven years since it came out.

GTA 5 is the king of the action-adventure genre and has definitively become the most popular of the iconic franchise. With a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S release coming in 2022, the best place to play it is still on PC. Although there are many heavy-hitters in the franchise you cant go wrong with, Rockstars most popular game tops them all as the best in the franchise.

The sequel to the original Portal, released in 2011, stands the test of time as one of the great puzzle-solving games ever. Portal 2 is still one of the most creative and hilarious titles of all time, and although its console counterparts are solid, Valve games are always home on PC.

The co-op for 2 is one of the strongest features, as two players must work together to perfectly place their portals in order to solve increasingly difficult puzzles.

Although the original is a fantastic experience, Portal 2 elevates everything from the origin including scope, character design, and more intricate brainteasers to solve. It is a game that you definitely shouldnt miss, and a required experience for all PC gamers.

Developed by the now-defunct Irrational Games studio, the original BioShock is one of the most important games ever made. Released in the early days of the Xbox 360 in 2007, BioShock brought forward a mature and dark narrative to a mainstream audience, and as it blossomed into a commercial success, redefined what triple-A titles could be.

The gameplay is harrowing but exciting, taking out the games iconic enemies the Big Daddy and Splicers with a mixture of gun-combat and plasmids that range from electricity to actual mind-control. Blasting your way through Rapture is a scary experience, with heart-wrenching sound effects and graphic detail. Your journey in the city-under-the-sea is defined by the morality mechanic, which ends up dictating which ending you get.

The franchise has fantastic entries in the series with both BioShock 2 and Infinite, but none top the originals epic story, gameplay, and main villain, Ayn Rand.

Disco Elysium is a detective RPG with major influence from the pen-and-paper RPGs from the past. The game sports a painted-like art style and is bursting at the seams with charm, with over 95% of it being voice-acted, bringing it to life.

Choosing what kind of cop to be is a thrill, and through unbelievably in-depth dialog options the game creates increasingly wild outcomes the more you explore.

The game was originally released in 2019, and the extended version The Final Cut was released in 2021, which comes free to those who already own the original.

It is the first game from UK-based developers ZA/UM, as they created one of the best PC games of all time on their very first try.

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