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Posted: January 3, 2020 at 7:45 am

This years original reviews provide unique insight into the literary world through a distinctly progressive lens, including two National Arts & Entertainment Journalism award-winning pieces by Truthdig contributor Allen Barra and Foreign Editor Natasha Hakimi Zapata. Read the full reviews by clicking on the hyperlinked titles below.

The Trickster King and the Erudite LiteralistBy ALLEN BARRA

Approaching Vladimir Nabokovs 120th birthday, Truthdig looks at his friendship and falling-out with another literary giant, Edmund Wilson.

When the Voiceless SpeakByALEXIS CAMINS

Filipino American author Alex Tizon spent his life raising up the lives of those rendered invisible by society.

Putting Trump to Shame Without Ever Saying His Name


Written after the 45th president was inaugurated, Terrance Hayes sonnets have an urgency that will leave readers heads spinning.

The Future of MeatBy CARYN HARTGLASSAs people become aware of the effects of eating animals on climate change and human health, a new book asks whether we will see an end to it.

Reclaiming DifferenceByPAUL VON BLUMA new anthology shines light on differently abled artists, including Sandie Yi, born with two digits on each hand and foot, whose art forces viewers to reconsider beauty.

Country, Smoothed Over


Ken Burns documentary Country Music and its book tie-in present country music with a naive affection that misses key American tensions.

Who Is Ayn Rand?


A new book argues weakly for the influence of Ayn Rand on our cultureafter all, the dominant classes in America were greedy and selfish from the get-go.

The Madness Driving Climate CatastropheByH. PATRICIA HYNES

A new book examines how corporate capitalism, through fossil fuel-based technology, has led the world to the point of destruction.

Civilizing Perpetual ForeignersBy ELAINE MARGOLIN

In a time rife with anti-immigrant invective, Truthdig reviews a book that explores a historic episode involving missionaries and migrant Chinese women.

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Eunice Wong is the book review editor of Truthdig, as well as editor of Truthdigs Countering Violence Against Women series. She has written for Truthdig's arts and culture section, reviewing theater, film,

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The Best Truthdig Book Reviews of 2019 - Truthdig

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