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Posted: January 3, 2020 at 7:45 am

The world you desire can be won. It exists it is real it is possible it is yours! (Ayn Rand).

Last week, our mindfulness class celebrated the end of the semester by making vision boards.

If you stumbled in, it may not have looked like anything special, but there was a distinct knowingness in the air as we discovered new things about each other something very relaxing about being in the hum of individual purpose and mutual intention at the intersection of what is real and what has yet to become!

This inescapable reality was the crux of our semester. We were investigating ourselves learning how to navigate the inter-relational, creative cooperative called being human flexing the process that responds to the question:

We did this by training our attentional lens to identify and adapt to the patterns of the universal laws of attraction, relativity and causality testing out the power of clarity in theright here right now experiencesofour lives. Time and time again, our findings returned with the same results:

Attention expands what we believe, and what we believe we become!

So, we sifted through magazines snipping away any doubt or fear or need of any certainty trusting the vibe of a playlist that spanned over 50 years, plugged into some shared but infinitely shifting heart song!

A quiet, simple hymn emerges when intention meets attention: time and space conspire!

Heart and mind intersect and cause our voices to be heard, our hands to create, our vision to emerge to snip and tear and write and point!

In one fell swoop, we relax we let go of the content of who we believe we are, and like a raindrop returning to the ocean, we expand into the bigness of who we are infinitely becoming!

No struggle, no angst, no suffering. No junky, negative-back-talk-identity from old wounds or cloudy memories.

When attention is lit, we see clearly we recognize purpose knocking at the door. And, the positive action of choosing the images and words that extend our vision, empowers desire to open that door from the inside to extend, to effect, to wake up. We realign our trajectory and rediscover a shared destiny!

His is a story of spiritual awakening. As a man, he couldnt escape the causality of a conditioned world. Only when he let go ofthe belief that this time identity (the mind/body content that defined his idea of forsaken) was who he was completely, could he be freed from suffering.

He had to trace his way back home: in order to tap into the infinite possibility of spirit, he had to recognize the power of belief, and to recognize the power of belief he had to experience suffering through belief.

A contemporary existential crisis would look no different!

Suffering is knocking on the door from the inside. (Rumi) Acceptance is open door! Awareness is no door!

Take the polarized state of our nation. The system/process that funnels our collective energy is faulty inefficiently distributing currency (door infinitely open), and/or with bias (door infinitely closed). The defect/effect responds both ways. Open or closed, the belief that a door exists between us rather than for us, stresses the system which causes spiritual disequilibrium indifference, isolation, disconnection and a general lack of purpose.

The action of mutual responsibility of architect and resident is what allows the door to open freely, and how we can use it make a better world!

When we are standing in right or wrong, were way too close to the door; we cant see our beliefs have created a very real world thats keeping us apart.

Fear arrives to conquer attention and reactivity divides intention.

When equal opportunity to access that idea is not equally shared, we feel betrayed crucified in a state of moral crisis. This is the discomfort the constriction the visceral injustice as we move farther away from our shared Father our homeland our center-point.

Apart, its easy to become discontent, to feel at the mercy of some idea. Reaction causes us to miss opportunities to respond in ways that speak to a shared inter-dependence; and fear disallows us the inner-wisdom to own our sh*t to claim the answer to the longing,How do we move forward?through the question,How did we get here?

Only the qualities of humility, courage and a sincere desire to see clearly bring about the correction atonement and relief; and, only through a longing to be whole holy forgiven can we find our way home.

Being human is a deeply visceral experience! Theres absolutely a part of me that wants to be seen enjoys being seen knows that I am expressed when I am seen!

Indeed!This life shines brightest through and with this body, this mind, this heart and this consciousness!

This human being is more!

Its not a belief that i am more, that would be another belief disguised as more. Rather, its a clarity and an honesty that supports the spirit of this idea of I am to contribute to our shared potential our response, our work, our purpose and whatever meaningfully supports the vision of a safe world!

Now is the time to be alive to imagine the world that you desire .. to tear, snip, paste!

Its the reason you are here who you have always been: expansive and sacred at the intersection of time and space.

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Alive at the Intersection of Time and Space - Thrive Global

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