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El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron purifies the PC this September – Rock Paper Shotgun

Posted: August 16, 2021 at 1:59 pm

El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron will arrive on PC on September 1st. The 2011 action game was announced for PC back in December 2020, but developers Crim announced the release date and price with a new trailer, which you can watch below.

El Shaddai is a third-person action game in which players control Enoch, who wears holy armour that falls away as he takes damage. It is like anime fan fiction of the Book Of Enoch, an ancient apocalyptic Hebrew text.

It is perhaps easier to get a grip on it by saying that it was directed by Sawaki Takeyasu, who was a character designed on the original Devil May Cry, Okami and Fatal Frame. He directed El Shaddai for Ignitiion Tokyo before his new studio, Crim, acquired the rights and released a follow-up, The Lost Child, in 2017.

As far as late-in-the-day PC ports go, El Shaddai is simultaneously an odd choice and a perfect choice. Odd choice: it was not a smash hit upon release in 2011, nor a critical slam-dunk. Perfect choice: it was a strange, memorable game with some big flaws that not many people played. Its Steam release is a good opportunity for it to find a larger audience, which it deserves just for not being boring.

El Shaddai will cost $40, with a 19% launch discount down to $32.39, when it launches on Steam. There are deluxe editions available which offer a PDF artbook and soundtrack, too.

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El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron purifies the PC this September - Rock Paper Shotgun

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NASA recruits for a year-long simulation mission to Mars – Tech News Inc

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The US Space Agency announced in a statement the launch of a test campaign for a future manned mission to Mars. The simulation will immerse the candidate astronauts in the Red Planets extreme conditions for a year beginning in the fall of 2022.

distance moon, March destination for NASA. The US agency takes another step towards conquering the red planet in Press release issued on August 6 Announcing the highly anticipated implementation of a series of manned mission simulations on Mars. His name is Shabiya (Crew health and peer performance exploration), the first test campaign will take place in a habitat that reproduces the planets living conditions in the southern United States. Three courses, each lasting one year, will be organized starting fromAutumn 2022.

If NASAs ambition is to land astronauts on the moon again, Artemis missions It is a real starting point for the Mars adventure. The most optimistic forecast predicts the first flights to Mars between 2028 and 2030. Yet the utopia of a Mars colony faces the harsh reality of facts: the constraints of the round trip and daily life there.

Given the optimal approach between Earth and Mars, astronauts would have to live in the confined space of a space shuttle for several months, between 200 and 350 days. This trip requires an improvement in time spent on the nearby planet, and the researchers want to install future Mars explorers while 360 to 500 days. L Atmosphere Mars is so weak that it makes life in the open air impossible, which is why in order to recreate these harsh living conditions, NASA called the company icon To build a base of 157 m2 Allowing ambitious adventurers to immerse themselves in a realistic replica of the habitat of Mars.

3D printed, Mars Alpha Sand Dunes It will be installed in the heart Johnson Space Center, in Texas. The mission will test the astronauts ability to resist isolation and allow them to conduct several experiments: managing food supplies, responding to unexpected accidents or even exports from regions of Mars thanks to Virtual Reality.

Exploration of Mars is beginning to take shape, but it is still difficult to implement. Elon Musk, very optimistic, hopes to bring the next generation of astronauts to the planet At the earliest in 2026 Thanks to his company, Space X. But researchers like Sylvester Morris insist on the hostility of life on Mars and the impossibility of true colonization. On the microphone of France Inter, NSastrophysicist Last August 4, the French reported that they live on Mars. It was not a matter of life, but a matter of survival..

While waiting to see the first humans set foot on the Red Planet, new teams of astronauts are expected to set foot on the Moon in the middle of the decade during the Artemis missions, 50 years after the end of the Apollo program in 1972. New challenges and the introduction of new technologies should pave the way for colonization space for scientific purposes. NASA hopes to shape the next human on our natural satellite by 2024.

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NASA recruits for a year-long simulation mission to Mars - Tech News Inc

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District working to improve Indigenous relations – My Muskoka Now

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District of Muskoka Logo. (Courtesy of District of Muskoka)

The District of Muskoka has revamped its strategy to work more closely with Indigenous Peoples.

The Strengthening Indigenous Municipal Relationships Strategy 2.0 was approved by District Council at its August meeting. According to Tina Kilbourne, team lead for the districts Continuous Improvement Unit, the previous version of the strategy established both a formal land acknowledgement statement, as well as the Muskoka Area Indigenous Leadership Table.

Kilbourne says that through the table, the district consults on municipal matters with the Wahta Mohawks, Moose Deer Point, Chippewas of Rama, Georgina Island, Wasauksing, and Huron-Wendat First Nations, as well as the Moon River Mtis Council. Kilbourne says the District does not have active participation from Chippewas of Beausoleil First Nation, but that theyre working on it.

Another shortfall the new strategy is meant to address is the lack of representation for Indigenous People who do not live on a reservation.

Right now at the leadership table we have all the Nations at the table, but what we arent representing is the urban Indigenous or off-reserve Indigenous voice, says Kilbourne. We thought the best way to do that would be to establish a Muskoka Indigenous Alliance, have people from that attend our leadership table, and then wed be capturing all the voices.

Kilbourne says Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Scott Aitchison and MPP Norm Miller have also been invited to sit at the leadership table to strengthen relationships at all levels of government with First Nations. Since Indigenous elections often do not coincide with municipal, provincial, federal elections, or each other, she says work will need to be done to make sure the table continues beyond the term of its current membership.

Other parts of the revamped strategy include:

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District working to improve Indigenous relations - My Muskoka Now

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NATO says it is helping keep Kabul airport open for evacuations – Reuters

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Afghan police check the cars at the entrance gate of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan August 15, 2021. REUTERS/Stringer

Aug 15 (Reuters) - NATO is maintaining its diplomatic presence in Kabul and helping to keep the city's airport running, the military alliance said on Sunday as Taliban insurgents entered the Afghan capital.

"NATO is helping keep Kabul airport open to facilitate and coordinate evacuations," NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Twitter.

Stoltenberg said he had discussed the rapidly evolving situation in Afghanistan with Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the foreign ministers of Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Taliban insurgents entered Kabul on Sunday and said they expected to take power within days. read more

A NATO official told Reuters the alliance was maintaining its diplomatic presence in Kabul. The official did not respond to questions on whether NATO planned to hold a crisis meeting to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

"NATO is constantly assessing developments in Afghanistan," the official said, adding that the security of the alliance's personnel was paramount and NATO would continue to adjust as necessary.

After almost two decades, NATO this summer completed military operations in Afghanistan and withdrew most troops from the country.

The alliance still operates a diplomatic representation in Kabul. A NATO spokesperson on Friday declined to provide details on the representation, citing security concerns, in response to a Reuters request.

Headquartered in Brussels, NATO also serves as a forum to coordinate national measures in Afghanistan, such as the evacuation of citizens that was discussed by NATO ambassadors on Friday.

Reporting by Sabine Siebold; Editing by Kate Abnett and Alison Williams

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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NATO says it is helping keep Kabul airport open for evacuations - Reuters

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Norman Nato: To execute the perfect race is a very special feeling – The Checkered Flag

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Norman Nato felt he was driving a rocketship during the second race of the Berlin E-Prix weekend, with the Frenchman securing his maiden ABB FIA Formula E World Championship victory at the Tempelhof Airport Street Circuit.

The ROKiT Venturi Racing driver was almost untouchable when he took over from Stoffel Vandoorne for the lead, with the Frenchman surviving a safety car period and pressure from Oliver Rowland to take the chequered flag first for his maiden win and the second victory of the season for the team.

Nato admitted to being speechless after the race, but he felt it was a tense afternoon behind the wheel, particularly after the safety car restart, and he thanked the team for their support throughout the season.

Today we executed the perfect race and honestly, Im shocked and speechless, said Nato. Ive been hungry for silverware for a very long time after losing my podiums in Rome and Valencia so it was very emotional to finally finish inside the top three.

Every week, we put in a massive amount of work with the hope of achieving results like this so to execute the perfect race is a very special feeling. The car was flawless and it felt like I was driving a rocketship.

From my perspective, the race was very tense, especially after the second Safety Car restart when Ollie [Rowland] tried to overtake but in the end, we came out on top. It feels great to end the season with a win and this is a moment I just want to enjoy.

I would like to thank the entire team for supporting me this season and getting me to the top step. Im proud of them and a result like this means the world.

Team-mate Edoardo Mortara went into the final race of the season with an excellent chance of taking the title, but his chance of taking the crown was over before he even got to turn one after he collected the stationary car of Mitch Evans on the start and finish straight.

Mortara had qualified eleventh on the grid but was unable to avoid the Jaguar Racing driver as he accelerated towards the first turn, and he was taken to the medical centre for his troubles. He was identified to have a small fracture on his fourth vertebrae that will put him out of action for around six weeks.

Despite the disappointment of losing the chance of the title, Mortara was thankful for the response of the marshals and medical team, and he was full of praise for Nato for taking his maiden victory.

After the highs of yesterday, I was looking forward to racing today and I think we had an outside shot at the Drivers Championship, said Mortara. At the start, there was nothing I could do to avoid Mitch [Evans] and by the time he was in my vision, it was too late to react.

It was a heavy impact and Im glad that hes ok. From my side, I have a microfracture of my fourth vertebrae from the crash but Im very grateful that I dont need an operation or have a more serious injury.

I would like to thank the marshals and the medical team for their response to my accident and to congratulate Norman for securing his maiden win in Formula E.

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Norman Nato: To execute the perfect race is a very special feeling - The Checkered Flag

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Afghanistan crisis: Defence Secretary Ben Wallace insists Nato forces not going back to Kabul as Taliban take control – The Scotsman

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Speaking to Sky News, he said: I think we all saw that and felt a real sense of sadness that first of all the forces that the British and the international community had invested in had melted away in some areas so quickly.

You dont fix things overnight in global issues, you have to manage them when that deal was done a few years ago, what happened was ultimately we undermined the community the deal undermined the Afghan government and left it in a place that ultimately saw the end the river flows fastest towards the end and that is what we saw yesterday and its what were seeing in our pictures today.

He added: My job as as defence secretary is to make sure that we protect not only the UK nationals, but those Afghans we have an obligation to, that is actually why were in the country. For the last few weeks weve been in the country solely to process those people and to make sure we protect our officials doing that job and well continue to do so.

Asked if he acknowledged the Taliban had won the war, he said: I dont know about a win, I think, I acknowledge that the Taliban are in control of the country. You dont have to be a political scientist to spot thats where were at.

Asked if Nato was going to return and take over Kabul, Wallace said: No, look thats not on the cards that were going to go back.

He added: The US have made itself clear that theyre not intending to stay and as the framework nation that leaves us with difficult choices and Ive been pretty much honest about that all the way through this process.

On the airlift of British nationals, he added: The military flights are coming in and out, theyve just brought in more UK soldiers.

Border Force is joining us to make sure that we accelerate the process to get more Afghans out, which is our obligation. We flew out 370 staff and British citizens, eligible personnel yesterday and the day before and well continue to engage those flights.

The next group of Afghans to come out will be 782 and well make sure we get them in the next 24 to 36 hours out of the country and are continuing to process those people.

Wallace said of the Afghanistan evacuation: We will do everything we can to bring as many people out as possible.

Asked if the Taliban had changed, he told Sky News: It does not look like a change The leadership has a responsibility to make sure that it upholds human rights.

Asked about the prospect of the Taliban flag flying over the UK embassy in Kabul, he said: Thats the consequence of the Taliban, its not the embassy anymore, we have left that location, weve drawn down within the airport symbolically its not what any of us wanted.

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Afghanistan crisis: Defence Secretary Ben Wallace insists Nato forces not going back to Kabul as Taliban take control - The Scotsman

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News: NATO Allies stand together against wildfires, 12-Aug.-2021 – NATO HQ

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Albania, Greece, North Macedonia and Turkey have received support from their NATO Allies in dealing with devastating wildfires faced since July. The assistance provided included the delivery of ground and air assets most needed to help contain the spread of the fires.

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has responded to Greeces call for assistance and arranged for the deployment of 20 heavy and medium size helicopters with dedicated pilots, crewmembers and mechanics to assist the Hellenic Fire Brigade. NSPA contribution increased the fire extinguishing capacity up to 7 tons of water per drop. Since the beginning of August, the crews have exceeded 1,200 flight hours. The use of two-size categories of helicopters facilitated operations in remote locations, while limiting water refilling requirements and time lapses between successive drops, which are essential to reduce risks of fire spreading. In Turkey, the US European Command has responded to a request for support by providing Chinook helicopters to aid their fight against the fires

In Kosovo, NATOs Kosovo Force has helped the local fire brigade in the Rugova mounting area and Prizren surrounding area. Two helicopters from the KFOR Regional Command East, and one from the KFOR Swiss contingent equipped to collect water and discharge it directly onto the flames, provided immediate intervention.

NATO stands in solidarity with those affected and ready to provide further assistance as needed. NATO and Allies have a long record of responding to natural disasters, as they did against Hurricane Irma in 2017, Kosovo forest fires in 2015, Balkan floods in 2010 and Pakistans earthquake in 2006.

The Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) is NATOs principal civil emergency response mechanism in the Euro-Atlantic area. It functions as a clearing-house system for coordinating both requests for and offers of international assistance in case of disasters. It is active all year round, operational on a 24/7 basis, and involves all NATO Allies and partner countries.

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News: NATO Allies stand together against wildfires, 12-Aug.-2021 - NATO HQ

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The Swedish are coming! | The American Legion – The American Legion

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Sweden recently hosted and contributed heavily to Exercise Arctic Challenge. One of the largest air-power exercises in Europe, Arctic Challenge 21 brought together warplanes from the United States, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain for the full range of air-defense, close air support, air-defense suppression and air-to-ground strike training all in the cold-weather environment of Swedens Arctic skies.

This is just the latest example of Swedens expanding contribution to international security and deepening partnership with the United States and the rest of NATO. With Russia on the march, Swedens emergence as a strong security partner is a welcome development.

Confronting Moscow

Make no mistake: Sweden officially and stubbornly neutral for two centuries is edging toward the U.S.-NATO security umbrella because of Russias actions. Citing Russias attacks on neighboring nations and its rapid military buildup, the Swedish government has reintroduced military conscription, approved a whopping 40 percent increase in defense spending (Swedens largest defense-spending increase in 70 years), unveiled a security doctrine known as Total Defense, and deployed troops to Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. (Gotland would be key to any NATO effort aimed at reinforcing or retaking Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania NATO members all.)

The additional defense spending will increase the size of Swedens military by 67 percent, reorganize the army into mechanized brigades, add new air-defense systems to Swedish warships, expand the size of the navy and deploy a new next-generation fighter-bomber.

Defense Minister Peter Hultquist bluntly explains that the beefed-up defense budget is needed because of the new security situation with Russian aggression toward Georgia, annexation of Crimea, the conflict in Ukraine, activities in Belarus, upgrading of Russian military capability, very complex exercises, activity in the Arctic and in the Baltic Sea area.

Swedens Total Defense security doctrine is a whole-of-society approach that calls on every citizen, business and neighborhood to be ready to resist invasion, with or without direction from the central government. The Total Defense program features a buildup of civil defense, enhanced cyber-security, increased investment in the military, and empowerment of each and every Swedish citizen civilian or uniformed to play a part in defending their nation. As part of the Total Defense initiative, Sweden has disseminated information to every household informing citizens what to do in the event of a military attack. The pamphlet is ominously titled If Crisis or War Comes. As UPI reports, the document provides information on securing food and water and the location of bomb shelters. The world around us has changed, the document concludes, citing threats to our security and independence.

The goal of the effort, as The Wall Street Journal explains, is to equip citizens and companies to fend for themselves in crises.

The Total Defense doctrine is aimed squarely at the kind of gray zone hybrid warfare Russia has conducted so effectively in Ukraine warfare that employs disinformation, psychological operations, cyberattacks, troops scrubbed of insignia, fifth-column groups and the like to paralyze an enemy, confuse political-military authorities, and secure key objectives before a defense can be mounted. Keen to Moscows methods, the Swedish government has disseminated materials to all citizens making clear that If Sweden is attacked by another country, we will never give up All information to the effect that resistance is to cease is false.

A helping hand

To its credit, Sweden is not just hunkering down behind its icy borderlands. Ever since Russias 2014 invasion of Ukraine, the Swedish military has been expanding cooperation with the United States and other NATO members.

In 2016, a package of B-2s and B-52s conducted simultaneous, nonstop flights from the continental United States to the North Sea, Baltic Sea, the North Pole, Alaska and the Pacific Ocean. Swedish fighter-jets participated in the exercise, dubbed Polar Roar. According to the Air Force, Polar Roar demonstrates the ability of the U.S. bomber force to provide a flexible and vigilant long-range global-strike capability and provides unique and valuable opportunities to train and integrate with allies and partners like Sweden.

In 2017, more than 20,000 Swedish and U.S. troops participated in Exercise Aurora, the largest military exercise in Sweden in decades. U.S. commanders know that Sweden's Ranger Battalions which specialize in cold-weather operations have much to offer U.S. personnel when it comes to understanding operations in the Arctic, where Russia is making provocative military moves.

In 2018, Marines deployed to Sweden for joint exercises designed to hone the ability of both nations to conduct amphibious raids from Baltic waters a skill that could prove vital in the event of a Russian invasion of Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

In 2019, hundreds of troops from Sweden, Canada, France, Norway and Finland participated in exercises in northern Canada focused on setting up logistics nodes and carving landing strips out of the Arctic ice.

In early 2020, B-1B bombers joined Swedish fighter-bombers in maneuvers over Sweden, marking the first time B-1Bs have ever flown in Swedish airspace. The American bombers also conducted close air support training with Swedish joint terminal attack controllers, as DefenseNews reports.

In late 2020, Swedish and U.S. warships, Swedish JAS-39 fighter-bombers, and U.S. F-15E fighter-bombers carried out simulated surface combat and simulated long-range, deep-land strikes in and above the Baltic Sea, as Naval News reports. (Its worth adding that for years the U.S. Navy has tested itself against Swedens world-class submarines.) This flurry of activity was capped off by the aforementioned Arctic Challenge maneuvers this year, which were centered around bases in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

These exercises and training ops are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Swedens contributions to transatlantic security.

The Swedish military works closely with neighboring Norway and Denmark on security in and around the Arctic. Moreover, Sweden has been a key military contributor to NATO combat missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Libya, as well as NATOs training mission in Iraq. In fact, Sweden deployed more troops to the NATO-led counterinsurgency and peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan than Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Portugal (all founding members of the NATO alliance).

If or when?

Given that resum, it would be fair to conclude that Sweden is a member of the NATO alliance, and an active one at that. But its not at least not yet. Sweden is officially non-aligned. However, Sweden is one of just six non-NATO countries considered as enhanced opportunity partners. It is treated like a de facto member of NATO, as underscored by its cooperation with and contributions to NATO missions. And there are growing indications that Sweden could soon become NATOs 31st member. In December 2020, a sizable majority in the Swedish parliament voted for the so-called NATO option a kind of first step toward NATO membership and called on the government to express readiness to join NATO as a possible security policy option, according to an AP report. National polls reveal a dramatic change in public opinion on NATO membership: In the 1990s, just 15 percent of Swedes supported joining the alliance; today, support for NATO membership and opposition to NATO membership are evenly divided.

For a country that was steadfastly, even defiantly, neutral throughout the Cold War and into the post-Cold War era, this is a stunning turnabout and a striking indication of how serious Swedes perceive the threat from Putins Russia.

If or perhaps more accurately, when Sweden joins NATO, the alliance will gain a strong and committed ally that contributes to security rather than free-riding on others. America will gain a stalwart friend ready and willing to export stability well beyond Europe. And Putin and his generals will gain another headache.

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The Swedish are coming! | The American Legion - The American Legion

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Focus on the Family: Husband may have gambling issue – Watertown Daily Times

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Q: For years my husband has enjoyed a weekly poker night with his friends.

During the pandemic he got into online betting; now Im concerned that hes turning into a compulsive gambler. He says Im worried about nothing. How can I be sure?

Jim: While it sounds trite to say it, your husband may be in denial. Dr. Robert Custer, a trailblazer in the field of gambling addiction treatment, identifies denial as refusing to acknowledge something to oneself (leading) to actually believing that there is no danger at all. Its a common mindset among those who struggle with gambling addiction.

Unfortunately, denial can affect others around the addict. Loved ones may subconsciously use it to explain away, minimize or rationalize destructive behavior.

This being the case, Id recommend that you first take an honest look at yourself.

If you have been enabling a troublesome pattern in some way, youre going to have to change your approach in order to help your spouse.

If, upon reflection, youre convinced that your husbands gambling is compulsive, sit down with him and confront the issue head-on.

Has he placed any limits on his gambling activity, either in terms of money wagered or time invested? Does he gamble as a way to escape from problems? Has he lied to others to conceal the extent of his gambling or worse, committed any illegal acts to finance the habit?

Depending on the answers to those questions, insist that he consider the possibility that he has a serious problem. Suggest that he seek professional assistance.

If hes unwilling to listen, enlist the help of an objective third party a pastor, a relative or a male friend who agrees with your assessment.

2021 Focus on the Family

Distributed by Andrews McMeel Syndication

Q: How can I begin to help my kids break some of the bad screen-time habits that have set in during the COVID-19 lockdowns?

Adam Holz, director, Plugged In: Screen time. Is there a bigger issue that parents are facing these days? My wife and I are dealing with it in our family. And most other families are too.

Screen time was a big issue before the coronavirus. And studies suggest that the amount of time we spend on screens now has perhaps doubled in the last year. Thats a result of many factors: remote learning, being able to connect with friends almost exclusively through screen-based devices, and parents working from home themselves while not having the mental bandwidth to exercise discipline in this area 24/7.

So, what do we do? Before we deal with our kids habits, we need to look at our own. Our children will naturally imitate what we model; thus, we may need to make screen-time adjustments ourselves before taking the next step.

With our kids, that next step should be a concrete and specific one that begins to reclaim lost ground. It might be as simple as no phones at the dinner table. Other suggestions include a tech-free night when the whole family engages in non-screen-related activities. We may also want to re-establish basic boundaries regarding where and when phones can be used, such as limiting use in bedrooms at night. The goal here is to set measurable, achievable goals as a family.

Habits take time to form and time to reshape. A reset in this area wont happen overnight, and it likely wont be without setbacks and moments of discouragement as you strive to break some unhealthy patterns and reestablish new ones. But by gradually establishing concrete, specific changes, you can successfully pull back from screen overuse as a family.

2021 Focus on the Family

Distributed by Andrews McMeel Syndication


Focus on the Family: Husband may have gambling issue - Watertown Daily Times

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The Northern Trust Preview | Golf Gambling Podcast (Ep. 81) – The Sports Gambling Podcast

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In this episode of theGolf Gambling Podcaston the Sports Gambling Podcast Network, Boston Capper (@boston_capper) and Steve Schirmer start the show with a bit of touting! Boston Capper gave out Kevin Kisner pre-tournament and cashed in big. Steve also followed through on saving bullets to live bet, and used one of them on Kisner on Thursday evening. They recap Kisners big win along with other notes from the Wyndham Championship. They also give an update on the Ryder Cup standings and give their takes on who should and shouldnt make the team.

Then they move on to preview The Northern Trust from Liberty National Golf Course in Jersey City, New Jersey. Steve and Boston Capper have a quick funeral for some big names who didnt make the cut for the playoffs. Steve then goes in depth into the history and design of Liberty National Golf Course. They end the show with a recap of the 2019 tournament at Liberty National, and any preview that may have to this years Northern Trust.


The Northern Trust Preview and Betting Strategies

Wyndham Championship DFS Picks & Best Bets | Golf Gambling Podcast (Ep. 80)

Wyndham Championship Picks and Props

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The Northern Trust Preview | Golf Gambling Podcast (Ep. 81) - The Sports Gambling Podcast

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