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The Importance Of Inclusive Language And Design In Tech – Forbes

Posted: July 5, 2021 at 5:55 am

Apple Memojis

A year ago this month,Intel engineer and Linux kernel maintainer Dan Williams proposed to introduce inclusive terminology in the kernel's official coding-style document. The proposal called for substituting common technical phrases deemed offensive and racist, most notably master/slave and whitelist/blacklist. The first to sign off on Williams' proposal were Chris Mason and Greg Kroah-Hartman. Other maintainers approved the proposal too, but the changes were not endorsed without an animated debate. The dissenters primarily argued that the change was trivial and substituting "master/slave" in a line of code would do nothing to offset the legacy of slavery.Android, GitHub and Splunk all supported the change in the description of a relationship between concepts from "master" to "main" and "slave" to "secondary." Apple followed suit by stating that replacements were going to be introducedacross internal codebases, public APIs, and open-source projects, such as WebKit and Swift and that developers were encouraged to embrace the new terminology such asprimary/secondary,primary/replica,main/secondary, orhost/client. Instead of "blacklist/whitelist to describe what is allowed and disallowed, allow-list/deny-list were introduced. The changes were all encouraged at a code and documentation level.

While the impetus for the change a year ago can be found in the moment of reckoning the country was going through after the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement, the need for a more inclusive terminology has been felt for a very long time. Changing some of these words in coding and documentation is not that different from asking for the removal of a Confederate statue. Terms like "master/slave" are pretty apparent in the damage they create in normalizing slavery. Other terms like "blacklist" and "whitelist" might seem less loaded at face value but they perpetuate the idea that "white" is good and "black" is bad. The continued use of these terms feeds ourconscious and unconscious biases.

And, of course, bias is not limited to race.

Using inclusive language means avoiding expressions and terms that could be considered sexist, racist, exclusive, or biased in any way against certain groups of people. Race and gender are usually top of mind when considering diversity and inclusion, but many other aspects should be considered. Language must evolve over the years so as not to exclude people. It is also important to underline that the goal is not just to avoid hurtful or offensive language. It is really about making everyone feel welcome, from a developer reading a manual to a kid playing a game to a business person signing up for a new email service.

At the recent Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple pushed beyond inclusive language and published a detailed guide for developers to design inclusive applications. In the guide, Apple states: "designing an inclusive app is an iterative process that takes time to get right. Throughout the process, be prepared to examine your assumptions about how other people think and feel and be open to evolving knowledge and understanding."Interestingly, the points Apple encourages developers to consider are no different from what we all should consider in life in our attempts to create a more inclusive society.On language specifically, Apple highlights the importance of tone, not just words. Tone can, in fact,send messages the developer might not have intended.

Apple argues that each person has a unique perspective, but that perspective is built on the intersectionality of human characteristics and experiences that relate toage, gender and gender identity, race and ethnicity, sexuality, physical attributes, cognitive attributes, permanent, temporary, and situational disabilities, language and culture, religion, education, political or philosophical opinions and social and economic context.

When addressing gender, developers should consider both language references and designs. Using gender-neutral pronouns makes the writing remain inclusive.Using an avatar or emoji that cannot be traced back to a specific gender or, even better, providing the tools for the user to design their avatar or emoji might go a long way to make everybody feel welcome. This is even more important when creating characters within the app.A fitness app, for instance, should feature exercise moves demonstrated by people with different racial backgrounds, body types, ages, and physical capabilities.Apps, like books, should be mirrors, windows and sliding glass doors, to quote the esteemed children's literature educatorDr. Bishop. They should have characters we can recognize ourselves and others in.

Avoiding stereotypes and generalizations will also drive a more inclusive app.From family units to attending college or owning a car, some implications are being made that rely on someone's idea of what is a commonplace experience. Focusing on a hobby, a friend, or a personal quality avoids depending on culture, economic or capability factor.

Accessibility features are very important to Apple. It is no surprise there is extensive guidance on the topic encouraging developers to do two things: first, avoid assuming that a disability might prevent someone from wanting to use their app. Second, consider that all users might face a temporary disability such as low vision due to an eye infection. When it comes to writing about people with disabilities, the focus should be on the people, not the disability.

Words always matter, but especially those used in books, in education material, in anything that shapes the thinking of young minds and is designed to be used by many people. My teenage child notices every time a game lacks People of Color or even worse when the only roles they have is that of the "villain." They see when the binary world we still live in is forced into their fantasy world by how clothes, colors and roles within a game are thought out.

I am sure some will label these latest efforts by Apple and others as political correctness, or "woke culture," missing the point that thinking about the words you use, the characters you have in your games or the roles and personas you use in designing your services should make you think and check your privilege so that empathy is where your work starts. Being inclusive is also not just about doing the right thing; it is about making smart business decisions. The more inclusive you are, the broader you make your addressable market.

Disclosure:The Heart of Tech is a research and consultancy firm that engages or has engaged in research, analysis, and advisory services with many technology companies, including those mentioned in this column. The author does not hold any equity positions with any company mentioned in this column.

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The Importance Of Inclusive Language And Design In Tech - Forbes

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Oli London Insists They’re ‘Transracial’ After Surgery to Get ‘Korean Eyes’ – Newsweek

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British-born white influencer Oli London has doubled down on their assertion that they're "transracial," after declaring they now identify as Korean.

Londonwho identifies as non-binaryhas faced backlash on social media over the past several days, after saying on YouTube that they had "transitioned" races and cultures after surgery to resemble their K-Pop idol, Jimin of BTS.

And in a video uploaded to Twitter on Monday, London showed off their surgically-enhanced "Korean eyes" while speaking more about their identity.

"Now finally, I feel Korean," said London. "I identify with the Korean community. Maybe they will accept me more now because I have the look. Maybe people will think I'm actually Korean, which would make me really happy. They can see how much I love their culture because this is the extreme length I've gone to, because I love Korea so much.

"I just want to make Jimin proud as well, because Jimin is my ultimate idol. I want him to be proud, I'm sure he'll be proud that I look exactly like him now. I have his eyes. I finally have Jimin's Korean eyes and they're so, so beautiful... So I'm so, so happy with my new look. I can't wait to see the final results when my swelling goes down."

Amid growing criticism in the hours that followed, London tweeted: "TRANSRACIAL is a thing! I invented it! If you can be transgender you can be TRANSRACIAL. Live your life to the fullest, be who you want to be and spread love."

London also declared a "war on the woke" as they called on help from Fox News personalities Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, writing: "Help me speak out against the injustice I am facing, the racism & transphobia from the WOKE MOB."

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was one of a number of prominent social media voices to throw support behind London, tweeting on Monday that "only bigots disagree" with their assertion that being transsexual "is the same as being TRANSRACIAL because you are born in the wrong body."

Commenting on London's version of the South Korean flag, which they edited to include the Pride rainbow flag, Shapiro wrote: "Live your truth, Oli."

"Thank you so much for the support Ben! Glad to have you call out the hypocrisy of the WOKE with me," said London, prompting Shapiro to write: "This bigotry during Pride Month of all times is a disturbing reminder of just what Trans Koreans face."

"Well said ," wrote London in response to Shapiro's statement. "The hypocrisy of the WOKE is out of control!"

"Trans Koreans are Koreans," added Shapiro as he commented on a video in which London revealed their new identity to their followers.

While a number of Twitter users debated whether his comments were somewhat tongue-in-cheek, Shapiro was one of a number of conservative commentators who waded into the conversation on Monday.

Actor Laurence Fox, who unsuccessfully stood for mayor of London earlier this year in a bid to "fight against extreme political correctness," wrote to London in Korean: "Live your best life."

British YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson tweeted: "The backlash against Oli London is ignorant and bigoted. If biological men can identify as women, why can't Oli identify as Korean? Trans-racial must be added to the LGBT flag immediately. It's time to #StopTransRacialHate."

U.K.-based rapper Nzube Udezue said: "Can somebody who accepts that this individual is 'non-binary' please explain to me why that makes sense to you and is acceptable, but it is NOT OK for this person to be Korean?"

In a video posted to YouTube over the weekend, London said: "I am gonna come out today and say that I've been transitioning. I've been very unhappy with who I am deep down for the last eight years and I've had, like, 18 plastic surgeries now...

"I've just had a facelift, a brow lift, a temple lift, an eye surgerya canthoplastyand my teeth done as well. These are just part of my transition. I'm feeling really goodfor the first time in my life I feel beautiful. I'm looking in the mirror and I love the way I look and feel happy, and I hope people can respect my decision.

"It's a very tough decision to come out this way, but I am coming out as non-binary," YouTuber and Instagram star London continued. "I don't feel I identify as male or female. I just feel like I'm just in the middle and my pronouns are they/them, Korean/Jimin...

"I know a lot of people don't understand me, but I do identify as Korean, and I do look Korean now. I do feel Korean. I don't identify as British, so please don't... refer to me as British, because I identify as Korean.

"That's just my culture, that's my home country. That's exactly how I look now, and I also identify as Jiminthat's my Korean name... I know it's a little bit confusing for some people. Nobody's ever come out as Jimin or Korean, but this is something that you guys know if you've followed my journey for the last eight years.

"I've really struggled with identity issues, with who I am... It's a very tough one, So I've finally had the courage. I've undergone my racialI can't think of the wordtransitional surgery. I've transitioned to a non-binary personthey/them, Korean/Jimin and I finally have the Korean look, so I'm actually really happy."

London first hit headlines in 2018, after revealing they had spent more than $100,000 on cosmetic surgery to resemble musician Jimin. That amount is now estimated to have exceeded $200,000 in the years since.

Social media star London, who has been undergoing cosmetic procedures to alter their looks since 2013, spoke with the Daily Mail this month about the backlash.

They said: "It is sad during Pride Month, a month that celebrates diversity, equality and love that WOKE people would use my coming out and sharing my non-binary Korean identitysomething that took me many years to understand and accept and took me enormous courage to share with the worldand use it as a platform to bully, degrade and dehumanise me and the LGBT community."

They continued: "While I recognise that a lot of people don't understand how I identify, and may find it unusualbeing Korean and feeling Korean is part of who I am and how I feel. And I will never allow a single woke person, bully or troll to take that away from me.

"I have gone through extreme lifestyle changes to become who I am today and have lived in Korea, I eat Korean food everyday, use Korean skincare, have plastic surgery to look Korean and I speak the Korean languageall of this shapes me as a person and my identify as a non-binary Korean person."

Newsweek has contacted representatives for Oli London and Jimin for comment.

See the article here:

Oli London Insists They're 'Transracial' After Surgery to Get 'Korean Eyes' - Newsweek

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Parramatta is not western Sydney: ABC in talks to move staff to Liverpool – Sydney Morning Herald

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For a community less prone to political correctness, identity politics and other inner-city woke indulgences, the best place for the ABC to locate would be the new Bradfield city near the second airport site.

Mr Latham said he hoped the ABCs move to western Sydney would be associated with employing more people who lived beyond a 10 kilometre radius of Ultimo.

ABC chairwoman Ita Buttrose said relocating staff from Ultimo to Parramatta by 2024 would make ABC coverage more relevant.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

In June ABC chairwoman Ita Buttrose said relocating 300 staff from Ultimo to Parramatta by 2024 would improve diversity in the ABCs newsrooms and make its coverage more relevant. She also said perceptions the public broadcaster was too inner-city focused were fair.

Pointing to Western Sydney Airport and a rapidly growing CBD, Cr Hagarty said there was no more relevant place in Sydney at the moment than Liverpool.

An ABC spokesman said the ABC was open to exploring with other councils how the broadcaster could expand its coverage in their regions.

We know that the people of Liverpool are keen to see more ABC coverage of Sydneys south-west region, and our pop-up newsroom in Liverpool recently proved how successful we can be at achieving that goal, he said.

Liverpool in south-west Sydney.Credit:Wolter Peeters

Federal communications minister Paul Fletcher said decisions on property were matters for the ABC board and management: I have consistently advocated for our national broadcasters to examine relocating their facilities to western Sydney.

More diversity of people will mean more diversity of opinion amongst ABC staff and journalists, and any objective observer would agree that can only be a good thing, he said.

Christopher Brown, chairman of the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue, said the ABC should consider other areas, besides Parramatta, to improve its engagement with western Sydney.


However, the real prize is for Liverpool and Bankstown to join with the Dialogue to ensure that the SBS head office, newsrooms and studios are shifted from monocultural Artarmon on the north shore to a new multicultural location in south-west Sydney, he said.

An SBS spokeswoman expressed scepticism about moving its headquarters from Artarmon on Sydneys north shore.

We are yet to see any proposal for moving our premises that would be cost-effective, practical, or yield more value for the Australian public, a spokeswoman said.

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Parramatta is not western Sydney: ABC in talks to move staff to Liverpool - Sydney Morning Herald

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Japan’s campaign to help exploited foreigners backfires – Union of Catholic Asian News

Posted: at 5:55 am

Japan is the land of mascots, manga and illustrations, so much so that they are used everywhere for every conceivable purpose to promote trade fairs, sporting events, small and large tourist destinations and, of course, the Olympics.

Hello Kitty stickers carry warning signs stating Protect fingers, keep away from doors! on commuter train doors. Even the Self-Defense Force and police headquarters have their own mascots. We can come across campaigns that use characters against drug abuse and organized crime.

But illustrations also have a crime deterrent objective, like the kabuki eye stickers attached to the sides of buses and house gates to warn off possible attackers or robbers (We are watching you!).

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Then just a week ago an illustration in Mie prefecture appeared. It depicts three foreigners who either have no residency status or are falsely pretending to have a "cook" or "study abroad" visa status while working as construction workers or hostesses. Those who live in Japan know that this is common practice. There are agencies in those countries working at this very moment to make sure that a Filipino club hostess or a Vietnamese oyster picker can enter the country legally for a few months to a year and then literally disappear to go work on the black market.

Not only that. As of June 2019, more than 367,000 laborers were in Japan as part of the state-sponsored Technical Intern Training Program. They were employed in a variety of industries including construction, manufacturing and food production.

Every one of them arrived in the country legally. This policy was introduced in 1993 and its intent was to bring in labor from developing countries, teach them a technical skill and then send them home after three years. We could assume, of course, that they were well equipped with the most valuable technical skills.

For the trainees, this is a chance to not only earn several times more money than they could back home. It also offers, on paper, the hope for a potential better future thanks to the proficiency in the skill so attained.

According to the Immigration Services Agency, 9,052 foreign trainees went missing in 2018, nearly double the figure from 2014. Thats the size of a medium Japanese village.

Everybody would agree that there is a problem to solve here. Where do all these people end up? What if they get injured? How can they survive in a country like Japan with such a high cost of health care without insurance?

According to the prefectural police of Mie who came up with the idea of that illustration, it was used for public relations purposes. Meaning expanding awareness of a problem that is foremost harmful to those very same foreigners represented in the illustration.

But when the knowledge of this initiative hit social media, angry posts critical of the design spread like fire with comments such as "It's based on a discriminatory mindset against foreigners" and "I feel there is a malicious intent."

Even though the prefectural police justified themselves saying they used an easy-to-understand illustration to convey a simple message, in the end they removed it because if even one person feels uncomfortable, it means it was not appropriate."

Mie prefecture capitulated because someone felt the illustration was discriminating against foreigners, making all foreigners look like criminals.

In truth, in giving up so quickly to critics,Mie prefecture has gone counter to the initial intent of the campaign. And that is, don't discriminate against the foreigners but raise awareness of a problem so that more foreigners could not be exploited.

This is a fact and everyone knows it. A year ago NHK was able to track down and talk to a few of these escaped workers. Three young men from a Southeast Asian country were sent to a farm in Nagano in 2018 as part of the national program.

They told Japans national broadcaster they were forced to work from 2am to 5pm and their overtime pay was well below what they had been told. After six months of these conditions, the three decided to run away. Despite barely speaking Japanese, they relied on a network of foreign friends and traveled to Kyoto where they found work.

But things only got worse. Hired by a small construction company, they were forced to work from 6pm until 11am the next day. They say they received almost no payment for their labor.

This is another milestone in the history of political correctness in this country. An initiative with just intent and a real concrete objective was torn apart by people sitting comfortably in their homes while distractedly reading headlines and suddenly feeling a burst of radical revolt in the defense of someone whose real situation and struggles they literally cannot fathom.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official editorial position of UCA News.

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Japan's campaign to help exploited foreigners backfires - Union of Catholic Asian News

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Brexit: UK, EU Agree on Northern Ireland Protocol Grace Period Extension – Bloomberg

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  1. Brexit: UK, EU Agree on Northern Ireland Protocol Grace Period Extension  Bloomberg
  2. After Brexit, Ireland cant have it both ways  POLITICO Europe
  3. Brexit: efovi 'confident' about chilled meat ban solution  BBC News
  4. Northern Ireland High Court rejects challenge to Brexit Protocol  Reuters UK
  5. EU agrees to delay Brexit meat checks in Northern Ireland  The Guardian
  6. View Full Coverage on Google News

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Brexit: UK, EU Agree on Northern Ireland Protocol Grace Period Extension - Bloomberg

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Michel Barnier: Britain needs to respect the Brexit deal in order to maintain its image – Euronews

Posted: at 5:54 am

Six months after the end of his mandate as chief Brexit negotiator for the European Union, Michel Barnier sat down with Euronews for an in-depth interview.

The Frenchman has just published his diary written during the grueling 1600 day diplomatic tussle between the Bloc and the UK.

The former minister under Nicolas Sarkozy commended several who sat on the opposite side of the table during the negotiations. For others, he was not so candid with his opinion.

I prefer to say that still have a lot of respect for Olly Robbins who was Mrs. May's European advisor. I have a lot of esteem for Theresa May who was courageous, tenacious. I prefer to stop at that concerning the portraits I draw.

Certain cracks have begun to show with Brexit, especially in regards to the Northern Ireland protocol and frictions around fisheries.

The former Commissioner calls on Europeans to remain vigilant of the danger of London to change fiscal, social or environmental standards to regain a competitive advantage over the Old Continent.

I have confidence that this great country will keep to its word, even if there are intentions that I find difficult to understand. Because if you put things in perspective the most important thing for the British is to keep a huge neighbouring market of 450 million consumers. If the value of their signature was called into question I think it would have a serious impact on the confidence we need.

Barnier has returned to the French political scene and hasnt ruled out standing in the next years presidential elections.

Michel Barnier's interview will be broadcast this Monday evening on Euronews and Euronews.com.

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Michel Barnier: Britain needs to respect the Brexit deal in order to maintain its image - Euronews

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Brexit could leave thousands without basic rights in U.K. this week – CBS News

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London Thousands of vulnerable EU citizens in the U.K. could lose their basic rights to live and work here if they fail to apply for a special residency status by Thursday morning. The elderly and children under state care are among the people advocates fear may have difficulty applying for the program, which was necessitated by Britain's "Brexit" from the European Union.

With the U.K. now firmly out of the EU, European citizens must apply for the special status to continue legally living and working in Britain, regardless of how long they've been in the country.

While the application process, which can be done online or through a cellphone app, has been straightforward for some, it's been nightmarish for others.

"The stress levels in our household are unbelievable. All this on top of the pandemic and related issues is making both of us ill," Liz, a 68-year-old German who's lived in the U.K. for 44 years, told Sky News.

She recently discovered that her passport had expired, but she was unable to renew it due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. That meant she was unable to apply for "settled status" online.

Liz said she was unable to get through to anyone on the government's dedicated help line. She eventually got advice from a nonprofit group, which told her she could request a 39-page paper application, and was able to apply before the Wednesday night deadline. She said the process made her feel "threatened and distressed."

"I left Germany when I was 24 years old. I have made England my home I could understand if I had a criminal record, but I've not put a foot wrong, I'm a decent person," she told Sky News.

Humanitarian groups have worked for months to help vulnerable people sign up for the program, but it is estimated that tens if not hundreds of thousands of Europeans living in the U.K. have yet to do so. From Thursday, they will no longer have the right under British law to work, rent a home, or access health care in the U.K.

The government has said it will be pragmatic and flexible when it comes to people who apply late. But until those individuals receive decisions on their cases, which could take months or even years, they'll be in limbo, living without any rights in the country many of them have called home for years.

"That's it. They're stuck. That's a gateway to destitution. It's that serious," Luke Piper, head of policy and advocacy for "The 3Million," a group that advocates for EU citizens living in the U.K., told CBS News. "The government is favoring its border control policies over the welfare of people who are eligible to stay in this country, as I see it. And as they're being 'flexible and pragmatic' on certain things, they're not being flexible and pragmatic on the serious stuff."

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Brexit could leave thousands without basic rights in U.K. this week - CBS News

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After Brexit, Merkel probably dabbed her eyes and moved on – The Guardian

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Angela Merkel, now on an affable UK farewell tour including tea with the Queen, leaves a paradoxical legacy for many British.

She is often hailed as the upholder of a liberal Europe that faced a populist onslaught from Donald Trump. But she is also the woman who refused to throw David Cameron a lifeline on immigration ahead of the Brexit referendum, judging it not in the national interest. But for Merkels stance then, her jocular host now might not have been Boris Johnson, who leaves her cold, but an ageing Cameron in his 11th year in office.

Cameron liked her, describing the east German as an Anglophile who admired British science and democracy from the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. She was the best-briefed person in the room, he recalled, capable of working out in advance other peoples negotiating needs and strategies.

Not that Cameron in his autobiography begrudges Merkels unwillingness to concede more on the free movement of EU workers. He largely blames himself in not selling a deal that could have given the UK a comfortable future in the EU.

Sir Paul Lever, the former British ambassador to Berlin in the six years to 2003, said Berlin weighed the odds of Britains importance to the EU, and the euro: Berlins judgement of the price the EU should pay to keep the UK in the EU reflected their assessment of the value of continued British membership.

That does not mean there was no emotional side to Germanys attachment to British membership of the EU, not least as a free-trading, liberal counterweight to Frances more protectionist tendencies. Asked how Germany would react if the UK left the EU, the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schuble, replied: We will cry.

As a woman of famously pragmatic temperament, one suspects Merkel dabbed her eyes relatively quickly after the referendum result before asking: Whats next?

Indeed, within a year, Merkel gave the go-ahead for her diplomats to start negotiating a bilateral agreement with the UK on continued cooperation with Germany on defence and foreign policy. That joint declaration got shelved during the bitter Brexit talks, and if relations had truly soured over the Northern Ireland protocol or vaccine nationalism, it might have died completely.

But the current German ambassador to London, Andreas Michaelis, has been an assiduous advocate of greater cooperation and helped revive the initiative, leading to its publication this week.

Much of it is non-controversial, but it was striking that London and Berlin could find consensual words on Nato, Iran, the Indo-Pacific, future relations with Putin, and the balance between the pursuit of trade and human rights. Both cabinets will now meet once a year, giving a focal point for ministers to think about the relationship.

Johnson even signed up to an affirmation of European unity, something the Germans prize, since they do not want bilateral cooperation with the UK to be seen as a way for the UK to weaken EU foreign policy, or make smaller EU states feel sidelined.

But Merkel will be gone by the end of September, leaving a hole in European politics. The 90-minute foreign policy debate between the candidates to be her successor hosted last week by the Munich Security Conference showed how Brexit is part of the past. The European issue gripping German politicians is relations with Joe Biden and Hungarys Viktor Orbn, not Britain. True, if the Greens make it into government, perhaps via a traffic light coalition, there will be a sharper edge to German foreign policy on arms exports, human rights and relations with autocratic powers. But it is the German-French motor that will drive Europe from now on. The UK has chosen a detachable sidecar.

Here is the original post:

After Brexit, Merkel probably dabbed her eyes and moved on - The Guardian

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Post-Brexit talks on City access to EU have stalled, Sunak reveals – The Guardian

Posted: at 5:54 am

Talks to secure City of London access to the EU have stalled, Rishi Sunak has confirmed in his first Mansion House speech to financiers, as he set out sweeping reforms designed to help Britains finance industry embrace global opportunities after Brexit.

Addressing a hand-picked gathering of 40 young financial workers at a slimmed-down version of what was, in the days before the pandemic, a landmark annual gathering, the chancellor said a deal on a comprehensive post-Brexit financial services settlement with the EU had not happened.

Now, we are moving forward, continuing to cooperate on questions of global finance, but each as a sovereign jurisdiction with our own priorities, he said.

Sunak said Britain would diverge from Brussels rules on financial services as he set out a vision for the City.

Suggesting the UK would pivot away from Europe, he said he would build instead on deals such as a partnership on financial services signed with Singapore earlier this week with plans to grow business in the Indo-Pacific, the US and China.

He also issued a message to Beijing, however, that deeper economic ties would not come at the expense of Britain abandoning its principles.

The annual Mansion House dinner, normally a lavish black tie event at which the Citys leading lights mingle with the ministers of the day, was replaced this year with a low-key breakfast livestreamed on the Treasurys Twitter account. The gathering was Sunaks first as chancellor, after the cancellation of last years dinner.

Speaking from inside the lord mayors residence at Mansion House, said Britain now had the freedom to do things differently and better, and we intend to use it fully.

While his predecessors would have stood over banqueting tables laden with wine and port in the buildings neoclassical Egyptian Hall, the teetotal chancellor gave his address at a lectern with a glass of water.

He said a more nuanced relationship was needed while attempting to benefit from the nations fast-growing financial services market with assets worth more than 40tn.

Former chancellors have used the event to court Chinese business. Sunak sounded a more cautious note, but while dismissing Tory MPs who want to reduce ties with Beijing, he stressed Britain needed a mature and balanced relationship.

That means being eyes wide open about their increasing international influence and continuing to take a principled stand on issues we judge to contravene our values, he said. After all, principles only matter if they extend beyond our convenience.

He also set out a roadmap for financial sector reforms he said would boost Britains competitiveness after Brexit, but said the UK would continue to cooperate with Brussels and set high industry standards.

Experts have warned that splitting away from EU rules could make it harder for City firms to do business with continental clients.

It comes amid concerns in government over a gradual leaching away of finance business to EU financial centres such as Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin, after Brexit ended unfettered access to the single market for global banks based in London.

Amsterdam overtook London as Europes largest share trading centre earlier this year, in a symbolic blow to Britains status as the most important regional hub for international finance.

Government efforts had focused on securing equivalence for UK finance industry regulations as part of talks with Brussels, in which the two sides recognise each others rules as equivalent to their own.

Centred on access for UK-based clearing houses financial market infrastructure providers which sit in-between banks trading activities Sunak said there was no reason of substance why they should not continue to serve EU clients.

The EU will never have cause to deny the UK access because of poor regulatory standards, he said.

It is understood, however, that talks between London and Brussels have stalled, with the chancellor believing the ball is in the European Commissions court to advance the negotiations, and that the time is right to move forwards with sweeping post-Brexit reforms.

As part of a pledge to maintain the Citys competitive position after leaving the EU, the Treasury launched consultations on reforms to the insurance industry, the regulation of wholesale capital markets and rules for listing companies on the London Stock Exchange. He also promised that tax rates on banking profits should not rise significantly from current levels.

The chancellor also confirmed the government would sell green bonds to British consumers, aiming to make the UK the best place in the world for green finance. The Treasury plans to sell 15bn of government bonds, as well as offer savings bonds to consumers through NS&I.

This article was amended on 2 July 2021, to change leeching away of finance business to leaching away.

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Post-Brexit talks on City access to EU have stalled, Sunak reveals - The Guardian

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UK school skiing trips to EU could be wiped out by Brexit visa rules – The Guardian

Posted: at 5:54 am

School skiing trips that rely on British personnel to staff their EU winter camps could be wiped out by Brexit after it emerged they are facing the same obstacles as the music and theatre sectors.

Just like rock bands and music artists, instructors who work on the slopes of France, Italy or elsewhere in the EU are now required to have visas if they work in Europe, even if it is for just one week at a time.

Pre-pandemic, Robert McIntosh, managing director of Interski, took 250 groups a year involving 10,000 to 12,000 children to Aosta in Italy.

Now he does not know if he can survive, with visas for up to 600 instructors costing 300 per visit. Typically, ski schools would hire instructors for one, two or three weeks at a time to mirror the school peaks in the December holiday and February half-term.

But he is also unsure how he will be able to continue to employ the 40 to 50 staff he brings to Italy for the entire season.

I am facing a battle on two fronts. Brexit throws uncertainty into everything. The increase in costs because of the visas will be in the region of 100%. You dont have to be an economist to know that is not going to be viable, he said.

It is a disaster and there is almost nothing said by the government, they have not provided us with any information on how we work this.

His warning came two years after ski industry businesses warned of the loss of 25,000 jobs if they could not hire British staff at ski resorts and chalet villages after Brexit.

Lincolnshire-based ski instructor Nick Orgles, who has worked with school trips for the past 20 years, said: Since Brexit, we have all lost our jobs, our passion. The UK government has put nothing in place to allow us to continue to work in the EU.

I would normally be going down three, four or five times a year to teach students to ski in the valley. I now cant do that.

He says his experience is the tip of the iceberg and the same visa requirements will hit other sport instructors in sectors including sailing and climbing.

And it echoes the concerns of musicians furious that the government did not strike a visa-free deal with the EU for creatives.

Last week Sir Elton John said he was livid with the government, warning that the UK music industry could lose a generation of talent because of post-Brexit restrictions on touring.

Not all school skiing trips have been hit though. Hugues Raulet, who runs Halsbury Travel in Nottingham, said the only issue he is anticipating is delays at the border.

This is because his company employs local staff who do not need work visas.

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