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Heres what a trend-analyzing A.I. thinks will be the next big thing in tech – Digital Trends

Posted: June 27, 2021 at 4:35 am

Virtual and augmented reality. 3D printing. Natural language processing. Deep learning. The smart home. Driverless vehicles. Biometric technology. Genetically modified organisms. Brain-computer interfaces.

These, in descending order, are the top 10 most-invested-in emerging technologies in the United States, as ranked by number of deals. If you want to get a sense of which technologies will be shaping our future in the years to come, this probably isnt a bad starting point.

The figures come from a massive new artificial intelligence forecasting engine built by the French intelligence firm, LAtelier. We make sense of tomorrow, today, claims the website of the small company, which has been doing its smart technological guesswork (with humans instead of A.I.) since 1978.

I call it the technology intelligence engine, said Gio Tarraf, the bearded, yet boyish, 33-year-old who built the new model. I think its a terrible name, but for now itll have to do.

It certainly cant be worse than much of what we have today. Its no secret that most predictions are terrible. A famous 20-year study of experts, comprising 82,361 probability estimates about the future, were almost all wrong. As David Epsteins 2019 article for The Atlantic, The Peculiar Blindness of Experts, notes of the study: When experts declared that future events were impossible or nearly impossible, 15% of them occurred nonetheless. When they declared events to be a sure thing, more than one-quarter of them failed to transpire.

Geoff Hinton, one of the Nobel Prize-winning pioneers of artificial neural networks, once described the future to me as being akin to peering through fog. When youre in fog, you can see short distances quite clearly, he said. When you look a bit further, its fuzzier. But then if you want to see twice as far as that, you cant see anything at all. Thats because fog is exponential. Each unit of distance you look through fog, it will lose a certain fraction of the light.

Technology is no different. We might have a reasonable idea of what the next six months will hold for tech, but this gets sketchier when we predict the year 2022 as a whole. Jump forward five, 10, 15, 25 years and its all but impossible. Venture capitalists have long hunted unicorns, meaning big billion-dollar companies, not just because theyre immensely profitable, but because they offset all the other mistakes they make. You only need one Google or Facebook, or to have guessed right about the potential of smartphones back in, say, 2000, for all the incorrect predictions to fade into the distance.

Tarraf was fed up with incorrect predictions. He wanted a more data-driven approach to forecasting that could help investors, governments, pundits, and anyone else to get a more accurate picture of the shape of tech-yet-to-come. Not only could this potentially help make money for his firm, but it could also, he suggested, illuminate some of the blind spots people have which may lead to bias.

Tarrafs technology intelligence engine uses natural language processing (NLP) to sift through hundreds of millions of documents ranging from academic papers and research grants to startup funding details, social media posts, and news stories in dozens of different languages. The futurist and science fiction writer William Gibson famously opined that the future is already here, its just not evenly distributed. In other words, tomorrows technology has already been invented, but right now its hidden away in research labs, patent applications, and myriad other silos around the world. The technology intelligence engine seeks to unearth and aggregate them.

We have 100 million publications from around the world that have come from dozens of journals, Tarraf told Digital Trends. Weve got over a trillion dollars in grant funding. We have 14 million patents. In the next version, youre going to have over 100 million, with a big focus on Chinese patents. And we have early stage investment data of tech startups from 2015 to today.

The idea of having all these various metrics for assessing the future is that each gives a different perspective and a differing timeline. Startup funding, for example, is typically focused on the next two or three years. Thats because its the speed at which investors want to see a positive cash flow and, possibly, an exit. Not every startup will be a success, of course, but broad trends in funding can show where the areas of interest are.

Research grants, meanwhile, are closer to the five- to 10-year range view of the future. Academic papers, especially theoretical ones, offer the longest view of them all, stretching off into the technological horizon. As Tarraf points out, there was a rush of journal articles about quantum computing published in the 1990s, but the field is only starting to take off (or, at least, to rumble at the launch pad) today.

There are also those technologies that receive an outsize focus in the news media, but are probably a lot more smaller than their large headlines suggest. Dream technology captures a lot of attention, he said. Electronic contact lenses capture a lot of attention. But we dont see them capturing a lot of academics attention. Theyre just very cool [pieces of technology]. We all want to imagine a world where we can control our dreams while wearing these funny contact lenses.

Another aspect of the technology intelligence engine is to look more broadly at technology from around the world. Everyones obsessed with the U.S. or China, said Tarraf. We find that theres innovation happening all around the world.Consider, for instance, India. No ones talking about Indias growth in emerging technology, Tarraf said. Its massive. Its incredible. It has to be celebrated. We should be focusing on the amazing work thats being done by academics there. But they dont get the funding, they dont get the attention. This is what the engine can do. It can take you away from the global conversation we are having, and into the global conversation that, maybe, we should be having.

Based on the technology intelligence engines findings, there is no shortage of fascinating insights. For example, the U.S. dominates in most emerging technologies, although Canada leads in the number of deals related to carbon capture. There have been 2,000 deals on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality tech in the past five years with almost $2 billion invested. During that same time frame, $1.1 billion has been invested in drone technology, while A.I. tech has captured $3 billion of investment dollars.

And what about the hot technologies of tomorrow? Cryonics, aka technology that enables super cold storage, is big. Long considered a niche technology, there has been a big bump in interest in the past two years. Cryonics-related tech was needed to transport and store some of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, underlining its real-world usefulness.

Post-quantum encryption is important, too, referring to new ways of encrypting data for the quantum world. In 2019, nearly $50 million was allocated to the topic in global research funding more than double the previous years total.

And who can forget brain-computer interfaces, which benefited from the second largest growth in investment total in 2020, following satellite constellations. Once again, the U.S. dominates this field in terms of patents, capturing almost half of the nearly 200,000 BCI patents issued since 2015. China comes second, with a comparatively minor 35,000 patents to its name.

Affective computing, meaning computers that understand human emotions, is in demand worldwide although the U.S. trails China and India as researchers in this field. In 2020, China has filed 589 patents on affective computing, compared to 37 filed in the United States. However, the U.S. is leading in the number of investments related to this field.

As comfortable as Gio Tarraf is talking about the future, hes not yet able to share the future of the technology intelligence engine. The version I saw was clearly marked demo, and Tarraf notes that it is very much still a work-in-progress. As to exactly how this will be made available as a public tool (assuming that it will) has yet to be announced. One things for certain, though: Hes predicting it will be big.

I see this as a way to expand your vision of the world, and to reduce your bias and give a fairer view of technologies that are often overlooked, but that could have a significant impact on our lives, he noted.

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Heres what a trend-analyzing A.I. thinks will be the next big thing in tech - Digital Trends

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Global Cryonics Technology Market 2021: Size, Application, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies Analysis and Forecasts To 2026 The ERX News – The…

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This Global Cryonics Technology market report is a robust study of the Cryonics Technology industry that has done a fact based analysis covering multiple dimensions of the Cryonics Technology market that help players across the Cryonics Technology market to holistically analyze the current state of the global Cryonics Technology market and plan ahead of competition. It provides break out of the Cryonics Technology market dominating countries in each region for a more granular view.The report provides consumer intelligenceby sourcing and interpreting information about target market and customers.

In-depth market analysis is carried out to reveal the factors that are influencing the price movement in the global Cryonics Technology market. The detailed analysis provides good knowledge about the Cryonics Technology market to the market participants.This research report focuses on the strategic priorities, technological transformations, and global market presence of the leading organizations. The report studies the changing consumer behavior, technology advances, and top challenges that may impact the enterprise and investors in the coming years. Additionally, the top strategic priorities of the leading players and those essential for the investors and stakeholders are presented in the report.

Request a sample of this report @ https://www.orbisresearch.com/contacts/request-sample/5202640?utm_source=Rohit

This study covers following key players:

PraxairCellulisCryologicsCryothermKrioRusVWRThermo Fisher ScientificCustom Biogenic SystemsOregon CryonicsAlcor Life Extension FoundationOsiris CryonicsSigma-AldrichSouthern Cryonics

Key Manufacturers

The report provides information the main manufacturers in the market and fundamental principles of excellence implemented by them in their business model. The interim findings of the research are helpful to other suppliers, retailers, producers, manufacturers, business managers, and other stakeholders in the Cryonics Technology industry.The overall market indicators of the manufacturers is determined by macroeconomic indicators like GDP growth, Interest Rates, Government Regulations and Fiscal Policies.

The manufacturers that are projected at higher growth and its fastest-growing segment are highlighted here. Influential factors such as technological advancements, rising popularity, and increasing disposable income are affecting the retail global Cryonics Technology market dynamics significantly. Significant factors such as application, versatility, convenient products driving growth of the manufacturers are detailed in the report.

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Market segment by Type, the product can be split into

Slow freezingVitrificationUltra-rapidCryonics Technology

Market segment by Application, split into

Animal husbandryFishery scienceMedical sciencePreservation of microbiology cultureConserving plant biodiversity

Regional Analysis

The report provides insights on the key regions operating in the market. The report by providing information of all the crucial regions helps the market players make changes according to the market situation in the region. Leading public and private stakeholders in the Cryonics Technology market based on market capitalization in the current year and their future growth prospects are detailed in the report. Strategic alignments of these market leaders for long-term sustenance are highlighted so as to recommend improvements or reformations in business models to other market players. Implementation of these successful strategies allows the market players to minimize risks, boost productivity at regional and global level.

Highlights of the Report:

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Orbis Research (orbisresearch.com) is a single point aid for all your market research requirements. We have vast database of reports from the leading publishers and authors across the globe. We specialize in delivering customized reports as per the requirements of our clients. We have complete information about our publishers and hence are sure about the accuracy of the industries and verticals of their specialization. This helps our clients to map their needs and we produce the perfect required market research study for our clients.

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Global Cryonics Technology Market 2021: Size, Application, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies Analysis and Forecasts To 2026 The ERX News - The...

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Talks on Teaching, Race and Racism Attract Several Hundred in Guilford – CT Examiner

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GUILFORD A crowd of several hundred people gathered at the Guilford Community Center on Thursday evening to listen to a talk warning against the dangers of Critical Race Theory and urging parents to push back against the teaching of systemic racism in the local schools.

The talk was organized by Truth in Education, a self-described grassroots movement founded by a group of Guilford parents and community members. In a pamphlet that accompanied the talk, the group listed its goals. They include: end critical race theory indoctrination, embrace capitalism, explain explicitly that systemic racism is a lie and does not exist in America and energize patriotic education.

Guilford students must understand that America is exceptional, not because we are better than anybody else, but because of our God-given freedoms which are enumerated and codified in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, the pamphlet reads. Guilford students must study these documents, revere them and resolve to protect them from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Critical Race Theory, which has its roots in legal studies, is based in part on the idea that race is a social construct, and that racism is embedded systematically within society, law and its institutions.

The teaching of this theory in K-12 schools has been a heated topic across the country, with at least 27 states considering or passing legislation that restricts teaching around race, bias or related matters.

The topic has fallen under serious scrutiny in Guilford as Superintendent Paul Freeman and the Board of Education have openly committed to initiatives that address equity and social justice both in the curriculum and in the wider school community.

Our students deserve to learn to think critically, by grappling with nuance and complexity, reconsidering inherent assumptions, and considering deeply the merits of the evidence before them, Freeman said in a letter from September 2020.

In June of last year, Guilfords Board of Education voted to discontinue the use of the Native American as the schools mascot. The district has also started a curriculum audit and is preparing to hire an equity liaison, and to participate, along with 20 other school districts, in the student teacher residency program, which will bring a teacher of color into the district.

Guilford Public Schools must strive to be a community in which all students feel safe, supported, and recognized, and must support critical thinking about all aspects of our history and current experience, the Board of Education wrote in a letter to the community in April. None of our students is responsible for this history, but each will be responsible for their own participation in our local, national, and global communities as they emerge into adulthood.

Outside on the green in front of the Community Center on Thursday, about 30 parents showed up early to protest the talk, holding handmade signs that expressed support for the districts Board of Education.

We want our kids to learn critical thinking skills, said Tina Fiasconaro, a former 2nd grade teacher in New Haven. She said she wanted to see equal education for all students.

I support the Board of Education, added Maria Lachance, who has two children in Guilford schools. I think they are doing a good job. Our school systems have had a lot to work through [this year]. They dont need this.

Lachance said she thought there was a lot of misinformation around Critical Race Theory and what was being taught. She said they did need to confront issues of race.

We shouldnt hide from it, she said. These are hard topics, but they are reality.

Dawn Carafeno, a parent of 4th and 6th graders in Guilford schools, agreed that it was important to teach kids about race.

I think its a necessity. This is just how our society is going to grow and will continue to grow, she said. I want my kids to go to a district that values [race], celebrates it, teaches it and teaches it honestly.

Inside the auditorium, parents who came to attend the talk expressed everything from curiosity to concern to anger.

One parent of two children, ages eight and 10, said she came to the talk because she wanted to understand what might be brought into our schools. She said she was concerned about the focus being put on race.

Another parent said she did not want her elementary-age children to be subjected to ridiculous indoctrination and be in an environment that was making them feel as though basically because of the color of their skin, they are being judged.

In addition to Truth in Education, an organization called No Left Turn Connecticut sponsored the talk. According to its website the groups goals are, among other things, to educate the public about the radical indoctrination in k-12 and its existential threats and mobilize parents, families, educators, professionals and concerned citizens to push back against the radical indoctrination and injection of political agendas in K-12 education.

The talk began with a Guilford student who spoke about being bullied and mocked by his classmates for having conservative views. He said his teachers didnt support him and that they were biased against conservative thinking.

Tony Dinse, a 2013 graduate of Guilford High School, then spoke about his experiences with racism. Dinse was adopted into a family in Guilford when he was in elementary school. Dinse, who is bi-racial, said he felt offended in college when white professors spoke to him about the minority experience.

As a black man, Im very proud to say, I dont feel like Im oppressed. I am very proud of that. And as I tried to offer that opinion I was shut down. I was dismissed, he said.

The main speaker of the evening was Mike Breen, a former police lieutenant in East Hartford. For 50 minutes, he laid out claims that Critical Race Theory was propaganda, that Critical Race Theory had its roots in Marxism, and that it was racist. Breen called it neo-eugenics.

These people reject rational science, he said. They disagree with the scientific method.

Breen said that Critical Race Theory was against the nuclear family and called Ibram X. Kendi, author of the book How to be an Anti-Racist and director of the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University, a faux scholar and said his book was stunningly stupid.

Breens talk was followed by Dan Richards, CEO of Global Rescue, a crisis management and travel risk company, and a parent of two elementary school students. He said he started speaking out against Critical Race Theory after his childrens school district in New Hampshire began teaching about race and racism.

After hiring lobbyists and three sets of attorneys, he succeeded in having language inserted into the states budget bill that would effectively ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

The room burst periodically into applause throughout each of the speeches, sometimes rising to their feet in a standing ovation.

So we want our black children to think theyre oppressed. We want our white children to think they are oppressors, said one woman as she was walking out.

State Rep. Kimberly Fiorello, R-Greenwich, who attended the talk, said she was hearing from parents in her own district who have had a similar experience.

I was thrilled to come, she said, adding that she would like to invite the speakers to give a talk in her area.

Another parent, Tim Chamberlain, said he thought the speakers did a good job in their presentation.

Critical Race Theory is a problem in Guilford, he said. Silencing the opposition to it is dangerous.

Another attendee, a young woman who does not have children in the schools, disagreed with the points that were made.

I heard so many lies from the speakers, she said. I read those books, and he was lying.

In his talk, Richards encouraged parents to recruit others to their causes, write letters to elected officials, work on getting new school board members elected and support the termination of radical teachers.

Those of you who are going to embark [on this course of action] youre going to get called terrible names, he said, But take heart. You are in the right.

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Talks on Teaching, Race and Racism Attract Several Hundred in Guilford - CT Examiner

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On Religion: Ready to live The Golden Rule? – VVdailypress.com

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Dane Davis| For the Victorville Daily Press

Youve probably run into many people who say they follow The Golden Rule.

They might say, Im not into church or religion, but I follow The Golden Rule. Or, Im a pretty good person. I try to live by The Golden Rule.

But Gods word answers back, No, you dont! You dont live by The Golden Rule because you cant. Its impossible utterly impossible for you to consistently Do unto others what you would have them do unto you unless I do it through you.

Its impossible to follow The Golden Rule on the outside unless Jesus Christ is working on the inside. And faithful, heartfelt, persistent prayer is the only soil from which The Golden Rule grows.

Jesus shares The Golden Rule this way in Matthew 7:12: So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

Critics of the Bible like to make the case that Jesus didnt come up with this. They say it was around for centuries before he spoke it. They point out that Confucius said, What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. And that the Greek king Nicocles wrote, Do not do to others the things which make you angry when you experience them at the hands of other people.

Theres no doubt that many ancient philosophers and teachers taught something similar, but all of them are negative forms of The Golden Rule: Dont do unto others what you dont want them to do unto you.

Jesus, on the other hand, did something revolutionary. He gave us a positive form of the command. And theres a big difference between the negative and positive forms.

William Barclay explains it this way: It is one thing to say, I must not injure people … It is quite another to say, I must go out of my way to help other people and to be kind to them.

Barclay goes on to say, It is never difficult not to do things. … A man might forever refrain from doing any injury to anyone else, and yet be a quite useless citizen to his fellow men. A man could satisfy the negative form of the rule by simple inaction; if he consistently did nothing, he would never break it.

If being a successful brain surgeon only requires us to not injure anyone during surgery, we could all be millionaire brain surgeons right now without any medical training. All wed have to do is scrub up, walk into the operating room and do nothing. Doing nothing would mean success. And our Yelp reviews would all be 5 stars because we would never injure anyones brain.

So many people think they live by Jesus Golden Rule. But the truth is, theyre living by Confucius inferior, negative version of it. They think, I have a perfect record. Ive never murdered anyone, never raped anyone, never robbed a bank, never cheated on my wife. Well, whoop-dee-doo! Just about every atheist on the planet can say the same thing.

Once again, Jesus raises the bar. His Golden Rule is not natural. Its supernatural. The reason most people who know the rule dont live it out is because they cant. Living it out requires a supernatural overhaul on the inside one that can only be done by Jesus Christ. Unless Jesus gives you a new heart, a new mind and a new love for those around you, and helps you every step of the way, you can never live by The Golden Rule. But what is impossible with man is possible with God. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

So, how can you learn to live it out? Well, Begin by praying these three prayers:

Father in heaven, please forgive me for my sin: If you have unforgiven sin in your life, you will not be able to do unto others. You cannot love supernaturally if your heart and mind are filled with unnatural wickedness.

Father in heaven, please help me get to know and love you better and better: Because The Golden Rule is supernatural, theres no way that you could possibly live it out until you see it lived out by your supernatural Savior. You must spend serious time in Gods word and in prayer to know him better. Jesus Christ is your role model, the only one to perfectly live out the rule. Pay careful attention to the way he loves undeserving people, so that you can love undeserving people, too. And your love for Christ must deepen in order for your love for people to deepen. You cant love people better unless you love Christ better.

Father in heaven, please help me to love as Jesus loves: God will help you, but youve got to want it. Youve got to keep asking, seeking and knocking. If you do, God will answer your prayers. He will help you love the people around you with a supernatural, unconditional love. And when that happens, the people around you will experience heaven on earth like never before.

They will experience Jesus like never before through you.

Dane Davis is the pastor of Impact Christian Church. Join Impacts in-person worship service at 9 a.m. Sunday at 17746 George Boulevard in Victorville, or tune in online at 10 a.m. on the Impact Christian Church YouTube channel or Facebook page. Visit http://www.GreaterImpact.cc for more information.

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On Religion: Ready to live The Golden Rule? - VVdailypress.com

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Follow the Golden Rule with funeral processions | Columns | myeasternshoremd.com – MyEasternShoreMD

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It seems that more people are on the roads this year than weve seen in quite a while. More traveling, vacationing and getting out of the house all together. When in our travels trying to reach point B from point A, nothing confuses drivers more than seeing the sight of the train of vehicles flashing those hazards and displaying bright lights in the middle of the day. Yes, Im talking about the good ol funeral procession. This honorable, respectful tribute of escorting a loved one to a final place of rest is something that often brings much confusion to not only the average driver but often to the undertaker leading the procession itself. When do I yield, should I stop and most commonly, how can all those cars go through the light its red!

Before we look at legalities of a funeral procession, lets go back in time to see where this whole idea came about. The funeral cortge (a group of individuals coming together to escort a decedent to a place of rest) dates back to ancient times. The Egyptian kher-heb (the funeral priest) would organize the procession with the mummified remains being placed on a sledge pulled by oxen or men. Family and servants, along with professional mourners, would then follow behind. The Greeks had their own version of a funeral procession with the deceased being carried on a bier or table by family members. The Romans had a similar tradition but added an extensive parade similar to that of a New Orleans Second line. Many moons later this was transformed with the use of an elaborate horse drawn buggy, called a hearse. It was not until 1907 that the first petrol-powered hearses went into production and in the 1920s when automobiles became a dominant source of transportation, the traditional funeral procession that we see today was born. None the less, we have to imagine that regardless of the time frame and method of transport, people questioned how they are to manage an intersection when faced with this collection of slow moving individuals and now automobiles.

Right out of the gate, we must understand that there are different laws in each state and even some cities across the US. As an example, Alabama has no rules governing funeral processions at all, yet the city of Birmingham has made it illegal to cut through a procession. When it comes to Maryland however, we do have written laws specifically concerning who has the right of way at an intersection. It falls under The Maryland Transportation Code, Article Transportation, Section 21-207. It reads that a vehicle which is part of a funeral procession identified by headlights and warning lamps flashing (ie. Hazards) may continue through or make a turn at an intersection if the first vehicle in the procession already entered the intersection before the signal changed from green to red. Furthermore, it reads that a vehicle that is not in the procession may not enter the intersection, even if it is facing a green signal, unless it can do so without crossing the path of the procession. All in all, the Maryland code concerning funeral processions at intersections, defines that the procession has the right of way regardless of what the traffic light might display.

Pretty simple, Ryan, but why do drivers in some small towns, such as Rock Hall, MD pull to the side of the road to allow a funeral procession to pass? Is that the law as well? Quite frankly the answer is no that is not law, that is simply respect. It is still very common in some areas of our state and this nation, that cars not part of a funeral procession will pull to the side of the road and allow the procession to pass. It is simply a sign of respect to not only the decedent but to the grieving family and friends accompanying that individual to their final place of rest. In some areas, we find individuals even getting out of their vehicles after pulling to the side of the road and either placing their hand over their heart or standing at attention while the hearse and procession pass them by. You talk about getting goosebumps that gets me every time!

So what is the worst that can happen if I dont yield to a funeral procession? A few years ago, a Jimmy Johns sandwich shop employee in Michigan learned the hard way when he made the decision to cut into a funeral procession. With the laws in Michigan being very similar to that of Maryland, the delivery driver not only received a ticket for failing to yield, but lost his job and probably was late getting that lunch delivered.

It is actually very simple to resolve any confusion when it comes to encountering a funeral procession. That is to simply use good manners, show respect for the grieving family and do what you would want someone to do for you if you were in that same situation. This is the Golden Rule, and when it comes to funerals its a guideline that will never steer you wrong.

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Follow the Golden Rule with funeral processions | Columns | myeasternshoremd.com - MyEasternShoreMD

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Ambleside’s popular Golden Rule pub continues to thrive following lockdown | The Westmorland Gazette – The Westmorland Gazette

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A POPULAR Ambleside pub is still going strong after lockdown with the owner praising the brewery and his right-hand man

The Golden Rule pub, located in Smithy Brow, is run by owner John Lockley and the bar is manned by John Wrenall.

The past 40years have seen Mr Lockley and Mr Wrenall man the pub, which has achieved great success and popularity in the area. It also has the distinction of being one of two pubs to hold the name The Golden Rule.

With its walls displaying impressive local artists' work, and maps of the area for people to plan their routes, the warm and friendly atmosphere has made the pub the popular attraction for walkers and hikers it is today.

There are only two known pubs in Britain called the Golden Rule, with the other being in Edinburgh.

Mr Lockley said: For me its been heaven here.

I cant really ever say theres been a time Ive regretted running this place.

This was the first pub I owned and it literally came out of the blue.

I was in the office of my old job one day, I was running a factory, and my mate came in who owned a pub in Ulverston, and through him I knew a guy from the brewery, and he said do you fancy running a pub? Here we are.

I had a great job, company car, nice pension, but it was driving me daft so I thought on it for three days before going for it. That was 40 years ago.

The Golden Rule comes from two places. It first came from the Biblical tale of the Good Samaritan and treating others as you would wish to be treated, but another rule is from the Napoleonic era.

If you stopped serving spirits and closed on Sundays, a pub could get certain tax advantages. But a landlord could be fined for selling whiskey on Sunday breaking the Golden Rule.

There was another Golden Rule pub in Bedford but that closed down, the only other one is in Edinburgh.

During the renaissance of Lakeland rock climbing, everyone was coming here to do all the big climbs.

In the 90s, it became paragliding. It was the hub for that sort of thing. We used to have 15-20 people in sleeping bags downstairs planning their routes, and then going climbing. During lockdown, our brewery has been very understanding with rents and things. Financially, we survived the hit.

If it werent for John Wrenall, I wouldnt be able to run this place. Hes the best kind of man to have on your side. We will never change this place.

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Ambleside's popular Golden Rule pub continues to thrive following lockdown | The Westmorland Gazette - The Westmorland Gazette

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Going that extra mile – The New Indian Express

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One moment your world is excitingly largebrimming with potentialyou have places to go, people to see. In the next, like a hastily-crafted stage set, it contracts to a 7x10 space where you wrestle with a disobedient body that fights tooth and nail for the right to tie her own pajamas.The caregivers time is sliced into manageable portionsassembling meal trays. Dispensing medication. Exercising limbs twisted with the winds of time. Walking the patient between bedroom and bidet, and listening to the shuffles and the groans, the minutiae of activity that keep her informed of her condition.Her inner life, on the other hand, is not always manageable. It is a drenching, dousing cesspool of longings, resentments, and sheer terror.And even as she performs her duties, the caregiver grieves preemptively for the loss of her patient. Because grief has its own timetable.

What choice does a caregiver have?This too shall passa phrase that is as familiar as it is wise.There are those who face wars, survive accidents, are caught in house fires. It is callous to tell a person in distress, that others have suffered more. That is not my point. My point is that one way or the other this season of piss, this tour of duty, of watching the tick-tock oscillation of the clock in the hallway, will like everything else, pass. The caregiver carries this knowledge.It gives her the courage she needs, not just for caregiving but in surmounting all the challenges life throws at her.

Resilience is a quality of faith: Inner growth is not like having an epiphany. It takes work. It takes steady, daily resolve. The first lessons I learned on my mothers lapand in the moral science classin elementary school, had todo with kindness. Do unto others... you knowthe golden rule.Those suffering from dementia, memory loss, the natural progression and humiliations of aging, deserve our kindness. To treat them in any other way says more about our failings than theirsafter all, they cannot help what is happening to them. It takes a special kind of faith to wake up, day after day, and find the strength, the resilience to carry on.

Day after day, the caregiver learns resilience from her patient.Empathy, the loving balm: There may be days, the caregiver is sullen. Sometimes petty or even impolite. She is after all, human.But, she sees fit to correct herself. To realise that it is her humanity that sets her apart from other creatures. Her strength lies in trying.Moreover, when you are physically thrown together with the elderly, you have a choice. You can either attend to their physical welfare and leave them alone, or you can go the extra mile and tend to them then sit at their feet and listen to their stories. Without the comfort blanket of an app. Within touching distance.

How hard they loved, howwell they lived, how profoundly they regret, how well they have healedlook into their eyesand you will no longer see a disembodied version, a caricature or a graphic of who they are, you will see instead,stories and life lessons in the creases on their face, the sloping of their shoulders, the buckling of their knees and the trembling of their voice.The caregiver is perhaps the last relic of life before social mediashe sees her patient as a real person with a history. Empathy requires that you do not scroll through lives. That you may hold in your heart a punji of those stories. Thetrue reward.

When you make your every act an act of love. When youno longer think of caregiving as a duty. Or as a burden. Or as a Lakshman rekha between you and your private yearnings, but see in the elderly a glimpse of yourself on some future canvas, then you have crossed over to another state, a state of momentary awareness. And is that not the message? The raison dtre?

Poonam Chawlas new book The Slow Disappearing is based on the real-life story of a reluctant caregiver to a parent in the throes of dementia

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Going that extra mile - The New Indian Express

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Yes, Setting Fireworks Off From Your Roof Is A BAD IDEA! – B100

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We've entered that time of the year where everyone is shooting off fireworks at all random times in the night. It gets pretty bad here in the Quad Cities, but at this time of the year, almost everywhere has people shooting off fireworks.

According to CPSC, In the calendar year of 2019, there were an estimated 10,000 fireworks-related, emergency department-treated injuries.

Things were a bit quieter in 2020, but this year is going to see some major shows not just professionally but by a lot of random people who bought some major prior technics.

While many people are safe, some are not. It's important to remember to stay safe this year and not to have a lapse in judgment. Something that sounds obvious now might notin the moment.

Sometimes it's something small like setting off a firework to close to your house and causing damage to the roof, Golden rule contractors stated,

As roofers, weve seen pretty much everything when it comes to ways your roof can be ruined, including fireworks. If youve ever performed your own mini-pyrotechnics show in your driveway and watched sparks and debris rain down over your home, you might have an idea of what were talking about.

Sometimes a major mistake can have an awful outcome. I had a friend a few years back whose dad thought it was safest to set a firework off his roof because it was theflattestarea. Thankfully there was only slight damage, but my friend's dad did fall off the roof breaking his collar bone. He's okay now!

As always Quad Cities stay safe and stay smart!

The pandemic has hit businesses hard. So hard that some of them have closed during the course of the pandemic. These are Quad Cities restaurants that are no longer open.

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Yes, Setting Fireworks Off From Your Roof Is A BAD IDEA! - B100

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A/C units working overtime in the summer, what you need to know – KXXV News Channel 25

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The first day of summer is officially here and hot is an understatement, it feels like temperatures are already in the 100's.

Clearly, this summer is shaping up to be a scorcher.

As a seasoned Texan, Felix Cardona says with temperatures already in the 90's so early in the year, it's going to be around for a while.

"It's gonna stick with us till September," said Cardona.

It also means your A/C is working overtime so you need to take extra care of it.

"Check your filters, make sure your filters are changed often," said Cardona.

"It's better for your equipment if you maintain it every 30 days," Mitch Macomber, branch manager of Johnstone Supply said.

Macomber says it's probably the simplest thing you can do to ensure your unit is running properly.

"Of course, the operation of the system is not going to be good; it's going to overheat and possibly freeze up the unit," Macomber said.

You also may want to think twice about running that A/C unit all day, according to Macomber.

"Constantly maintaining the same temperature for 24-hours a day is going to be hard on the equipment and it's going to cost you a lot more money not only in electrical bills but also with any repairs that may be necessary," Macomber said.

It's advice that Cardona takes to heart, he said he keeps his air conditioner at 78 degrees.

Macomber said a thermostat that connects to your WiFi could save you some change in the long run, but still, the golden rule is to change the filter.

"Like I said, maintain that filter because it will save everyone money in the future," said Macomber.

Biannual or yearly check-ups are also a plus, just to make sure everything is running smoothly, according to Macomber.

Macomber said they have also seen upwards of a 300% increase with the cost of some air conditioning parts and product shortages.

So, that means it could take you longer to get your unit fixed and it could cost more.

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A/C units working overtime in the summer, what you need to know - KXXV News Channel 25

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‘Too Hot to Handle’: What Are the Rules of the Netflix Reality Show? – Newsweek

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Too Hot To Handle is back on Netflix, with the first four episodes available to stream. For those new to the franchise, it has a fairly simple premise, but one which is unlike any other shows.

Here is a breakdown of the rules in Too Hot To Handle, and the mysterious AI who is implementing them.

The rules are fairly simple, but contestants have gone to Turks and Caicos to live in a house together believing they are there to party and go wild.

The group are people who have openly said they struggle in long-term relationships, or favor more casual flings over commitment.

While they may think this vacation is an excuse to party and meet some gorgeous people, in actual fact they are there to find deeper connections in their romantic relationships, through a sex ban.

The sex ban will not only make their time in the house more difficult, but it will also cost them a great deal of money.

The cash prize for Too Hot To Handle is $100,000, and with bending of the sex ban rules, money is removed from the pot.

The four golden rules which must not be broken are: no kissing, no heavy petting, no self-gratification and no sex.

This the quadrilogy of the sex ban, and with every break of these rules outside of certain allowed moments, like getaways and games, money is taken out of the final prize.

In the first season, rule breaks ultimately cost the group $25,000, meaning the final cash prize was $7,500 and was split between 10 people, meaning they each took home only $7,500.

The question on everyone's lips is whether the second season contestants will fare any better against Lana's devious ploy.

Of course, if there are rules in place, there must be someone enforcing them. Enter Lana, the AI who controls the house in Too Hot To Handle.

Lana looks like a robot cone, who records footage and catches every moment which the contestants may wish she hadn't seen.

All of these are analysed to help her work out how to challenge the contestants, and even what they need to work on in relationships to make that deep connection.

At first, the contestants have no idea of Lana's presence, instead believing another host is taking them through their experience on a show like Love Island.

Soon, they meet Lana, and realise their experience has become a whole lot harder.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 episodes are released on Netflix on June 23 and June 30

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'Too Hot to Handle': What Are the Rules of the Netflix Reality Show? - Newsweek

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