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Pandemic, despite opposition, the Tokyo Olympics are still being held – Ohionewstime.com

Posted: June 23, 2021 at 6:54 am

Japan has spent at least $ 15.4 billion on hosting the Olympics and wants to leave its face to host the Tokyo Olympics on July 23.

Tokyo, Japan Will the postponed Tokyo Olympics be held despite rising opposition and a pandemic?

The answer is almost certainly yes.

Richard Pound, a senior member of the International Olympic Committee, emphasized in an interview with a British newspaper.

These things work, except for Armageddon, which we cant see or anticipate, Pound told Evening Standard.

Tokyo is under the state of emergency of COVID-19, but IOC Vice President John Coates said the game will start on July 23.

As an exclamation point, the Australian softball team (the first major group of foreign players set up an Olympic base in Japan) arrived in Tokyo on Tuesday.

So, the Olympics are just around the corner. but why?

Start with the Government of Japans decision to bet billions of dollars to maintain an overwhelmingly favorable contract for the IOC and policies that may help maintain the position of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

These factors overturned bitter criticism from medical institutions concerned that the Olympics could spread a variant of COVID-19. Cancellation call from Asahi Shimbun, The game sponsor and the second best-selling newspaper in the country. The US State Department has issued a Level 4 Travel Ban warning to Japan, along with Tokyo and other regions, in an emergency that expires on June 20.

And the face of salvation.Japan is Officially spent $ 15.4 billion However, some government audits suggest that the Olympics are more than that. All but $ 6.7 billion are publicly funded. China, a geopolitical rival, 2022 winter olympic games Only six months after the end of Tokyo, you can claim the center stage if Tokyo fails.

The IOC, a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, manages the iron walls under the following conditions: So-called host city contractAnd youre unlikely to cancel alone, as youll lose billions of dollars in broadcast rights and sponsorship revenue.

Although the IOC describes itself as a national sports league, it is a multi-billion dollar sports business, with nearly 75% of its revenue coming from broadcasting rights sales. Another 18% are from 15 top sponsors.

Andrew Zimbalist, an economist at Smith College in Massachusetts and extensive author of the Olympics, said the IOC could lose about $ 3.5 billion to $ 4 billion in broadcast revenue if the Tokyo Olympics were cancelled. He estimates that there may be a small portion of this $ 400- $ 800 million covered by cancellation insurance.

The US broadcaster NBCUniversal is the IOCs largest single source of income.

The IOC also feels a commitment from historical momentum to do this, Zimbalist said in an interview with The Associated Press. Their DNA as a whole says,Oh, yeah. The Japanese government really doesnt have the right to cancel the game. They can go to the IOC and plead, and theyre probably doing it.

Of course, the Japanese government can cancel the Olympics. Bringing the IOC into a court battle with Tokyo would be a public catastrophe. Therefore, such an arrangement will be settled privately.

The IOCs lofty image goes against the myriad corruption scandals of the last few decades.Is The chairman of the Japanese Olympic Committee was forced to resign Two years ago, he was also an IOC member and had a scandal related to bribery of IOC members, a similar scandal surrounding the bid for Rio de Janeiro to land at the 2016 Olympics.

The Olympics are a very strong brand. They are a unique brand. They are a monopoly, Zimbalist said. They are not regulated by any government. All of them probably created a sense of immortality.

The medical community has offered a relentless but ineffective opposition. The Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, which has 6,000 members, has requested Prime Minister Suga to cancel. The same is true of the Japanese Medical Association, which chairs the Olympics, which may spread a variant of the coronavirus. Nurses and other medical groups are also repulsing.

In last weeks commentary New England Journal of Medicine The IOCs decision to host the Olympics was not informed by the best scientific evidence, he said. British Medical Journal In an April editorial, asked the organizers to reconsider hosting the game.

The online petition for cancellation received about 400,000 signatures in a few weeks, but some street demonstrations have almost subsided. Depending on the question, 50-80% started the game. I disagree with.

SUGA moves forward while having conflicts.

The fundamental situation is that machines have begun to move to achieve this, and we have passed a politically irreparable point for everyone, said Aki, who teaches international affairs at the University of Tsukuba. Dr. Tonami wrote by e-mail. To AP.

The Japanese system does not consider making a radical U-turn at such a late time.

She attributed some of the negative public opinion to Mr. Suga, who was unable to strengthen the Olympics as effectively as former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Politicians may be aware of the risks they are taking, but when the Olympics begin, the Japanese public is patientfor Japanand how we are here. I hope you will forget if you came.

The IOC always refers to the World Health Organization as a shield for coronavirus guidance. The IOC has published two editions of the so-called playbook (the final edition will be published this month). It details the protocols for athletes and other people during the Olympics.

Recent test events held under the protocol face few problems, but athletes must accept strict rules.

American sprinter Justin Gatlin said at a test event in Tokyo last month: I know many athletes arent happy with this, but steps have been taken to keep everyone safe.

Japan has experienced far fewer cases of COVID-19 than the United States, Brazil and India. Cases have increased in the last few months, but concerns about variants continue, but have begun to decline in recent weeks.

Athletes and others are required to pass the COVID-19 test twice before returning to Japan and once when they arrive in Japan, and then undergo repeated tests. Approximately 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes and additional staff will live in the bubble of the Olympic Village, training sites and venues.

Tens of thousands of people, including judges, media, broadcasters, the so-called Olympic family, must enter Japan, which was largely blocked during the pandemic. According to local organizers, that number is now 50% of the original 180,000. Foreign fans have already been banned, and local fans are expected to be decided later this month.

The IOC further states that 80% of the residents of the Olympic village will be vaccinated. This is comparable to 2-3% of the fully vaccinated population of Japan. Most Japanese are not vaccinated at the beginning of the match.

Japan gave 200 Olympic athletes shots on Tuesday. The event took place in a closed room with little fanfare.

Despite the guarantee that the Olympics will be safe and secure, athletes must sign a waiver and take the risks inherent in COVID-19.

Waivers were used in previous Olympics, but this has been updated with the COVID wording.

AP has obtained a copy of the waiver, including some of it.

I agree to participate in the game at my own risk and responsibility. This may result in participation in the game and / or performance impact, serious physical injury, or health hazard. It even includes deaths from potential exposure. COVID-19 and other infectious diseases during the competition, or extreme heat

Bob Costas, who was in charge of the Olympics at NBC, suggested in a recent US television interview that the Olympics should be postponed until next year.

The IOC states that the Olympics must either be held this year or not. The postponement already costs $ 2.8 billion and another major obstacle to the postponement is the Olympic Village. Thousands of apartments have already been sold and owners are waiting to move in. Sports schedules readjusted need to do it.

David Wallechinsky, one of the worlds most famous Olympic historians and author of The Complete Book of the Olympics, summarized the situation by email to the Associated Press.

What a hell, he wrote.

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Pandemic, despite opposition, the Tokyo Olympics are still being held - Ohionewstime.com

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Why Are So Many Men Afraid of Going to the Doctor? – InsideHook

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The internet has lots of anecdotes about men who dont or at one crucial juncture, didnt go see the doctor. Some are somewhat amusing, like a father who habitually asks his daughter if he can borrow her antibiotics. But most are terribly sad, like a friend mourning his mid-50s tennis partner, who had long complained about a mysterious back pain, only to eventually discover that he had Stage 4 colon cancer. His friend wrote on Twitter: [It] had spread into his ribs, head, everywhere. He died very quickly.

These stories, unfortunately, are all too common. According to a recent survey by the Cleveland Clinic, physician-dodging is a disturbing status quo for men between the ages of 35 and 54. Only 43% of that middle-aged cohort reported seeing their doctors for annual physicals. That percentage increases as men get older when serious illnesses pretty much compel them to see a professional but even then, its treated as a last resort, and many of the patients arent on their best behavior. In the study, 65% of respondents said they avoid going to the doctor as long as possible. When they do go, over a quarter of them customarily withhold information from their doctors. Some even admitted to years of lying to their doctors, in fear of hearing a dreaded diagnosis.

While silly on the surface, one final statistic might offer the clearest insight into the psyche of men desperate to avoid scheduling a doctors appointment. A reported 72% of men would rather do household chores (like clean the bathroom) than visit a physician. Sitcom-dad wisecracks aside, that premise is a useful framing device: an overwhelming majority of men in this country have come to perceive doctor visits as an avoid-at-all-costs chore. It begs some obvious follow-ups: Why do men, and in particular, middle-aged men, hate doctors? What logistical, biological and psychological factors are at play? And what consequences do men face when they refuse to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment?

Women are overwhelmingly more proactive when it comes to monitoring their healthcare.

Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Based on 2019 data, men work slightly more than women about five hours more per week. But that incremental difference aside, claims from men that they are too busy to take care of themselves are met with incredulity by medical professionals. Dr.AmyReveneM.B.B.S, a general practitioner based in Dubai, says that the vague reasons men list for skipping annual physicals obscure deeper psychological issues. When researchers probed a little deeper into this alarming tendency, she tells InsideHook, they noticed a few common trends. Namely: men are uncomfortable with exams, fearful of a diagnosis, and struggle to shed their macho attitudes.

This sentiment is shared by other experts in the field. Dr. David Samadi one of the leading prostate surgeons in America, and author of The Ultimate MANual says its all in mens heads. Its purely psychological. Men simply put their health last on their to-do list. They feel squeamish about routine yet important healthcare screenings such as prostate or rectal exams; they just dont think about the health risks of neglecting appointments; they feel that if they can keep working and being productive, then theyre good with that.

Men stay far away from offices, clinics, and hospitals, doctors reckon, thanks to a potent cocktail of toxic masculinity and unacknowledged vulnerability. On one hand, men are simply interpolating imperatives theyve heard all their lives, from fathers, older brothers, coaches, bosses: Dont cry. Rub some dirt on it. Shake it off. Youll be fine. Man up. Theyre playacting at a psychological phenomenon known as superhero syndrome if Im fine, everyone else is fine. So I better be fucking fine.

When it comes to this point, as family physician Dr. Waqas Ahmad illustrates with a quip, men often take it way too far: Women go to the doctor when theyre supposed to. Men go to the doctor when their arm has almost completely severed from their body and they can no longer put on enough band-aids (or electrical tape) to keep it attached; then, they say with a heavy sigh, Fine, Ill go to the doctor if you will quit nagging me about it. Just not without stopping for a beer on the way.

Its self-reliance and stoicism taken to a dangerous extreme, and ultimately, its a performance. Because men are actually terrified. At a certain age, they are all well-aware that they arent invincible. Compare it to the stubbornness of an out-of-towner who refuses to ask for directions, or a wobbly-kneed grandparent who always has to shovel his own sidewalk. Underlying this approach is a colossal fear of inadequacy, of replaceability. Observing normal consultation rates, let alone the process itself (you know, not lying to doctors), would mean acknowledging a weakness, and likely receiving some sort of diagnosis. And in the minds of many an aging patriarch, a diagnosis is unacceptable.

That said, its perhaps a misnomer to label this a middle-aged issue. The routine itself is assimilated at a much younger age. Too many young men have a sense of immortality, says Posterity Health founder Dr. Barrett E. Cowan, who has spent 20 years treating male fertility. They feel that they dont need medical care. This fosters a self-defeating loop wherein one mans self-assuredness can negatively affect not just his own life, but the lives of those he loves. In my practice, for instance, most men are not even aware of the fact thatwhen a couple has difficulty conceiving, 50% of the time it is due to the presence of a male factor; but by proactively treating the male, we can increase a couples chances of having a child.

Making time for an annual physical (or really every six months) means more time doing cool shit with your kids.

Justin Paget/Getty Images

Now, there are some biological realities and societal norms that influence a mans reluctance to visit the doctors office. Unlike women, men can go literal years early in life (as teenagers into 20-somethings) without heading in for annual physicals. That doesnt mean they dont have to just that they have the dubious privilege of throwing their bodies on auto-pilot and then finally taking the wheel back at the brink of fatherhood. Women live a markedly different situation, as Dr. David Beatty, a 30-year GP explains: Young women attend the doctor for contraceptive purposes. This gets them used to using the service. They know how the appointment systemworks, they get to knowthe receptionists, the nurses, the doctors.

Many women come back for regular checks during pregnancy. They analyze their contraceptive options again after the baby is born. They visit the doctor for the babys immunizations and checks. Theyre more likely to bring in the children for annual checkups or examinations of various injuries and ailments. This breeds an intimacy with the literal space itself, and more importantly, the process to trust the healthcare system, one needs to experience it. This is a point doctors home in on time and time again: women are proactive patients. Long before they turn 40, women are used to disclosing information about their bodies, assessing their options and making decisions. The reliance is there, and they literally live longer for it.

Its true. In the United States, the life expectancy gap between men and women is an astonishing five years. According to the U.S. Centers for DiseaseControl,the average American man will live to age 76, while the average woman in America will live to age 81. There are some ridiculous reasons for this discrepancy for example, men are more likely to perish in motorcycle accidents or gun fights. They also have a lot of trouble giving up on red meat. But an overarching theme is the willingness of women to find out exactly whats going on in their bodies, and plot a course of action to mitigate the risks.

Those risks are real, but theyre not insurmountable. Urologist Dr. Lamia Gabal says, Things like prostate cancer, colon cancer, hypertension and diabetes can be screened for a while in the early stages, and are still treatable or curable.Its important for all men to have the following three doctors: a primary care physician, an internist and a urologist. Quite frankly, that last one should be a dealbreaker for all men Who the hell wants to wake up three times a night to use the bathroom? Or battle erectile dysfunction for years? but theyre all necessary. Dr. Samadi asks: When men neglect their annual physicals, who is keeping tabs on their blood pressure, their cholesterol, their insulin levels? Important health parameters such as these are often silent with no symptoms and will only worsen if not diagnosed and then properly managed.

Its understandable, in a way: young guys feel untouchable, older guys are set in their ways. Neither wants to hear that they shouldnt be drinking or smoking or eating cheeseburgers every Saturday. But the dialogue needs to happen nonetheless.

So, how do you convince the man in your life (whether hes a father, husband, brother or even son) to start seeing the doctor? A workmans metaphor never hurts. Youre the general contractor and youre building a house, Dr. Jerry Bailey, a functional medicine physician says. But you need the drywall guys, the plumbers, electricians, HVAC, tilers, framing, roofing. Youre managing everything, but you need the entire team in order to build the dream home.

Hes right it takes a village (one that definitely includes a doctors office) to get a man to 80 years of age. At the end of the day, this conversation shouldnt be an admonishment. It should be encouragement. A call to arms. The purest, most sincere form of a mans reluctance to see the doctor is an honest desire to not trouble or worry those around him. Weve long viewed that sense of privacy and restraint as noble, even heroic. But its time to shift the narrative. Real heroism is living longer. Its about putting less of an emotional (and financial) burden on your family. Its facing vulnerabilities and lifes inevitable realities head on. And when its all tallied up, it means more time spent goofing around with your kid, or playing tennis with an old friend.

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The Bahamas : a success story with Kaisa Pace – Superyacht News – The Superyacht Report

Posted: at 6:52 am

A well-established destination for yachts, The Bahamas has been open for tourists since June of last year. Kaisa Pace, US charter manager for Hill Robinson, discusses how the region successfully navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, and why it continues to attract visitors to its islands.

The past 18 months have presented the yachting world with challenges and changes, but the appeal of the sunny Bahamas never stopped. Kaisa Pace, US charter manager for Hill Robinson grew up visiting the islands and happily reports that this region was able to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bahamas market has been steadily growing since summer 2020 when it was one of the few destinations allowing yachts to enter with measured procedures, thereby making it possible for guests to come in with COVID-19 protocols and restrictions, she remarks.

As well as industry stakeholders such as Hill Robinson, Kaisa attributes the success to the Association of Bahamas Marina (ABM), which worked as a lifeline during the pandemic, ensuring that the islands were able to enjoy the benefits of visiting yachts, while making sure everyone was safe. ABM was a huge driving force. They were working closely with the government and the yachting industry to connect with the charter managers and be in the know about what everyone needed. They saw that the yachts were self-contained revenue generators that are able to bring in tourist dollars safely.

Kaisa Pace, US charter manager for Hill Robinson

Since last June when The Bahamas opened for tourists, Kaisa has seen hundreds of vessels leaving south Florida to cruise there. The islands COVID protocols are great, Ive been over twice this year and there are excellent safety checks in place the processes are nearly seamless. Fully vaccinated travelers are now free to the travel to the islands without a negative COVID test and unvaccinated travelers can still enter with a negative test, followed by frequent testing, and social distancing restrictions remain on the islands.

As the yachting world collects itself after an eventful year, Kaisa is confident in the industrys recuperation. For us, 2021 has started off with incredible growth as weve added three quality yachts to our charter fleet since January, including 44.81m (127) M/Y Audaces. Built in 2014 by Sunrise Yachts, Audaces (ex Atom) was designed by Paolo Scanu and boasts an interior by Darnet Design. Her five large staterooms can accommodate up to 11 guests, who will be able to take advantage of the best of the Bahamian weather on her vast exterior sun decks and newly renovated beach club.

Audaces is just one of the Hill Robinson fleet yachts available for charter in The Bahamas this summer. When Kaisa highlights unending list of activities and destinations in the region, it is easy to see why it is a hotspot for yacht charters. The extensive cruising opportunities include the better known Exuma island chain, the famous Berry Islands known for excellent fishing, diving and several secluded beaches. Andros Island is considered a hidden gem among those who have visited the largest of the Bahamian islands many times. It is home to the vibrant Androsia fabric seen throughout the Bahamas and found in the local markets.

Kaisa anticipates another record year for The Bahamas, thanks to charter policies in place that protect all parties involved. Hill Robinson is gearing up for an active summer and were seeing a lot more confidence in bookings with our COVID policies. Were now in a market where people seem to be comfortable with rescheduling terms, which is a sense of comfort for both charter clients and owners.

As more destinations open to visitors around the world, The Bahamas continues to offers a safe sanctuary for those chartering this summer.

Click here to view Hill Robinson's charter fleet

Profile links

Hill Robinson

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The Bahamas : a success story with Kaisa Pace - Superyacht News - The Superyacht Report

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Tourism Is Rebounding in The Bahamas Caribbean Journal – Caribbean Journal

Posted: at 6:52 am

Buoyed by one of the Caribbeans leading travel health systems, The Bahamas is seeing a broad tourism rebound.

Indeed, tourism is rebounding every day in The Bahamas, Tourism Minister Dionisio DAguilar said this week.

Almost 300,000 visitors have received Bahamas Travel Health visas to enter the country in the first five months of 2021, according to DAguilar.

Tourism industry stakeholders in The Bahamas told Caribbean Journal that the countrys recent decision to waive pre-testing requirements for vaccinated travelers was also a major move.

Everyone sees it, DAguilar said. The airports are getting busier. The marinas up and down The Bahamas have never been busier. The occupancy levels in the hotels are improving and, most importantly, the tens of thousands of Bahamians who were furloughed as a result of this pandemic are slowly being called back to work.

Its borne out in the numbers.

A total of 294,000 visitors have received health visas, with a dramatically improving growth rate.

In January, the country approved 22,000 visas; 30,000 in February; 64,000 in March; 68,000 in April and 110,000 in May.

The rate of increase in their return is phenomenal, DAguilar said. Tourism is bouncing back.

And the recovery is not just in the countrys traditional tourism hub in Nassau.

About 60 percent of visitors are traveling to Nassau, while 40 percent are visiting the Out Islands.

That confirms to me that the [Out Islands] are bouncing back faster than Nassau, he said.

Indeed, in 2019, pre-pandemic, the breakdown was 75 percent Nassau and 25 percent Out Islands.

Thats been led by Eleuthera, mostly Harbour Island, which accounted for 27 percent of all visitors to the Out Islands, DAguilar said, followed by 20 percent going to Bimini and Cat Cay and 19 percent to Abaco.

Another 17 percent went to Exuma.

The Minister attributed that trend to the demand fro low-density, secluded vacations at smaller properties, the kinds which are a specialty in the Out Islands.

That is exactly what happened, he said.

For more, visit The Bahamas.


See the article here:

Tourism Is Rebounding in The Bahamas Caribbean Journal - Caribbean Journal

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US Helps Keep Bahamas Safe: Donates $5.9 Million in Boats, Comms Equipment to RBDF – US Embassy in The Bahamas

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A 44-foot SAFE boat donated to the RBDF by U.S. Northern Command, demonstrating its maneuvering capabilities and top speed of 36 knots, just off the coast of New Providence, near the RBDF Headquarters at Coral Harbour Base | June 22, 2021; Nassau, The Bahamas. (Photo credit: US Embassy Nassau)

On June 22, the United States government continued to demonstrate its commitment to shared security and safety of The Bahamas and the United States, donating three high-speed SAFE boats, radio communications equipment, and biometrics equipment to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF)for a total value of about $5.9 million dollars. The handover took place at RBDF Headquarters at Coral Harbour Base, and further solidifies the robust security partnership between the U.S. and the Bahamas.

U.S. Charg dAffaires Usha Pitts, accompanied by Rear Admiral Daniel Cheever and Major General Michelle M. Rose of U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), as well as Major General Christopher Callahan of the Rhode Island National Guard (RING) and U.S. Embassy Senior Defense Official Commander Kevin Self all participated in the handover ceremony and toured the impressive array of donations, as well as the installations at Coral Harbour Base.

Upon officially delivering the donation. Charg dAffaires Usha E. Pitts noted that were here celebrating a long and lasting partnership. Charg Pitts noted that, your [The Bahamas] security is our security, and vice versa, and emphasized that we and The Bahamas have a shared history, shared values, and we both enjoy the fruits of democracy.

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames,Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF)Commodore Raymond King and other Bahamian officials were on hand to receive and formally thank their U.S. partners for the equipment.

Todays donation is a tangible testament to our partnership. It illustrates how fundamentally important citizen safety and security is to our two nations. Truly, we are all in this together, said Rear Adm. Cheever. We hope this equipment will facilitate greater security for all and serve as a reminder of our enduring partnership.

The donation includes two 44 SAFE boats and one 33 SAFE boat, all of which are primarily used for open-ocean interdiction. Additional equipment includes long-range communications for patrol vessels as well as land communication systems, Harris radios and spare parts to augment the RBDFs existing HF/VHF Harris radio inventory. Another Land Mobile Radio (a trunked radio system that allows inter-island communication) was part of the donation. Currently, there is a Land Mobile Radio set up between Great Inagua and New Providence. This system will also be made available on the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama.

The RBDF also received biometrics collection kits and forensics equipment that will allow U.S. and Bahamian law enforcement partners to continue to improve transnational security efforts.

By U.S. Embassy Nassau | 22 June, 2021 | Topics: Press Releases

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US Helps Keep Bahamas Safe: Donates $5.9 Million in Boats, Comms Equipment to RBDF - US Embassy in The Bahamas

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TESTD Announces Agreement With Paradise Healthcare To Manage COVID Testing In The Bahamas – Yahoo Finance

Posted: at 6:52 am


FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TESTD Inc., a blockchain-based company that produces electronic medical records software, has announced that TESTD is now providing management software to Paradise Healthcare, an on-premises healthcare provider in the Bahamas. The new software allows guests at the resort Paradise serves to comply with Bahamian government health and safety regulations without missing a beat of their vacations.

TESTD Inc. provides electronic medical records (EMR) software built on blockchain technology for encryption and HIPAA compliance. TESTDs initial product is its platform TESTD, which automates COVID-19 and other medical test scheduling, manages data, and allows digital vaccination verification. (PRNewsfoto/TESTD Inc.)

TESTD speeds up COVID testing so resort in the Bahamas can comply with regulations and not impact guests' holidays.

With TESTD software, guests can self-schedule COVID tests and appear for tests at one of the many testing stations Paradise Healthcare staffs at the resort. The quick test satisfies the government's mandate without impacting a guest's enjoyment of the resort's amenities. Plus, they can travel home knowing they are safe when vacation's over.

"We are delighted to work with TESTD, because our patients are," said Dr Theodore Turnquest, Medical Director, Paradise Healthcare. "TESTD has greatly improved our check-in and wait times for COVID testing and has improved customer satisfaction."

"Paradise Healthcare has made testing seamless for guests, and we're thrilled they've trusted us with this important assignment," said Nicholus Andrews, CEO of TESTD. "No one wants to spend their vacations standing in line at the clinic, especially not in a place as beautiful as the Bahamas where there's so much to do -- even if all you are doing is relaxing in the sand."

Staying safe

To ensure tourists have a safe holiday, the Bahamian government requires proof of a negative PCR test prior to arrival for all unvaccinated or partially vaccinated guests over the age of 11, and a rapid antigen test on Day 5 of a longer stay.

In order to help resort guests with their required Day 5 tests, Paradise Healthcare has five stations around the resort for testing. Guests can use a smartphone to schedule a test and check-in quickly when they arrive for an appointment. They can also schedule dependents at the same time. A quick scan of an individual's appointment record allows the technician to pair that individual to a test kit for processing. Paperwork and hand-entry of data are eliminated, removing bottlenecks and opportunities for errors.

Story continues

Thanks to the TESTD system, the resort's healthcare provider is performing as many as one thousand tests a day.

The TESTD flexible, secure platform

TESTD's platform has been deployed at nursing homes, hotels, and high-volume drive up testing sites where speed, accuracy, security, and confidentiality are required

TESTD encrypts all data using blockchain technology and is compliant with HIPAA guidelines in the U.S. as well as international standards for data security and privacy. Blockchain sets TESTD's process in sharp contrast to systems deployed elsewhere in the world where information is delivered to a central authority and security has been debated.

"Testing and vaccination verification are both important tools to get our society re-opened," said Andrews. "TESTD is happy to be there for Paradise Healthcare, its dedicated employees, and guests at the resort."

More information is available at http://www.TESTD.com.Media inquiries: Alan Goodman, alan@testd.com, 646-543-ALAN (2526)

TESTD Inc. provides electronic medical record (EMR) technology, based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It was founded in March 2020. TESTD's initial product is its platform TESTD, which automates medical test scheduling, manages testing data, and organizes the data for easy reporting. For sales, contact Eric Forst at 310-403-4589.


View original content to download multimedia:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/testd-announces-agreement-with-paradise-healthcare-to-manage-covid-testing-in-the-bahamas-301317450.html



TESTD Announces Agreement With Paradise Healthcare To Manage COVID Testing In The Bahamas - Yahoo Finance

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Controversial way to save The Bahamas – Bahamas Tribune

Posted: at 6:52 am

EDITOR, The Tribune.

For many Bahamians, we believe that the country is nearing the crossroads of destiny.

After suffering decades of failure; endless crime rates, massive brain drain and malfeasance from political corruption, this land is almost at the point of no return, and many Bahamians seek a solution to reverse the decay.

In my opinion, If I achieved the position of Prime Minister, then I would have the solution to resolve most of the issues that plague this nation.

I always talk about the effects of foreign policy, expanding into other industries locally and enforcing military security apparatuses of the Bahamas, and how both of these policies need to be drastically revamped in order to fully operate in the 21st century and these methods would appear exceptionally unpopular to many people, but it needs to be done.

The method is for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Immigration and the Department of Labour to adopt a new strategy of establishing foreign relations with countries based on what type of specific industry they can offer, their cultural influences and only accepting the very best countries within their areas of expertise. The processes of citizenship, permanent residency and work permits.

However, there are certain countries that dont offer anything of value for the long-term future of the nation and they must be cut off. Not in cutting them off diplomatically, but the government shouldnt donate money to these places in terms of public financing, but it should be done with companies and colleges between private Bahamian individuals and other foreign business establishments.

As it stands, all of the Caribbean nations offer almost nothing of value, save for the University of West Indies, and the Bahamas must find it appropriate to leave CARICOM as a member and become a permanent observer. Everything we do for the Caribbean should be on multilateral cooperation and for any disaster relief efforts.

Dealing with Mexico and Brazil is an extreme security risk in and of itself normally thanks to the prevalence and corrupting influence of Latin Americas drug cartels. Besides, most of our supermarket products we import from that region can be replaced with products being imported from significantly safer countries like Canada and the UK.

Then theres the countries tend to drag us into a Cold War situation between the US and other Socialist countries like Cuba and Venezuela, along with Washington, DC, having random trade spats with China because of the Belt and Road initiative in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Nonetheless, we get little out of this geopolitical battle because we dont try to negotiate between Beijing and Washington, DC, for fair trading practices.

The only countries that can help the Bahamas into progressing into the future is mainly found in Japan. In addition to the Japanese, the South Koreans and Singaporeans are historically skilled in education, technologically advanced in engineering and manufacturing and their societies themselves are highly stable (despite low birthrates, strict social norms and increasing suicide cases). Along with India, these three countries should be our highest priority for work permits, student visas, permanent residency and citizenship because of the benefits they offer on a long term basis.

Germanys legendary automotive manufacturing industry would also be highly valuable for many Bahamians who rely on buying their own cars to move around and buying parts to repair their vehicles, along with being the most economically advanced nation in Europe. So Germans should be the second highest priority based on their expertise in automotive engineering.

For the sake of maintaining a stable food supply, Canada must be the third highest priority to ensure that we dont leave ourselves vulnerable to unforeseen disasters and other emergencies, at least until we fully establish our local food supply to fully feed ourselves and cut the food import bill by more than 50%.

As for all other nations, the government shouldnt be using public money to bring in foreign students and workers who arent high priority, and it should be handled by private companies and colleges using their own funds while the Immigration Department only approves the permits or visas.

As for our future security concerns, the Latin American Drug Cartels operating in the Caribbean, weak local food security and poachers remains one of the most serious risks posed on the Bahamas. My next move is to create a massive 350 million dollar security initiative similar to what happened after 9/11, along with stronger cooperation with other foreign military forces to help finance this initiative.

Enhancing the RBPF, Customs and the Defense Force will be the primary objective of equipping these organizations to effectively enforce the law, and to create recruitment drives and boost the salaries of police officers, Customs officials and naval personnel. For the size of the Bahamas territorial waters, we need 14,000 police officers and marines with enhanced training in addition to more patrol boats, two larger naval vessels, helicopters, drones and further logistical support to fully secure our national interests.

Illegal trafficking of synthetic drugs, foreign built firearms and human smuggling should carry the highest criminal offences outside of rape and murder, with illegal arms trafficking having a minimum 25 year prison sentence. The other should be 12 years minimum for drug smuggling and human trafficking being 21 years minimum.

All travellers from Latin America and the Caribbean would be subjected to additional security screening and vetting as the primary line of defense against potential cartel smugglers and other threats. Mandatory searches of both airline and private jets in airports, cargo ships in ports and yachts in marinas are all required before disembarking. The intelligence apparatus would be developed to covertly work with the authorities so that most smuggling attempts would be foiled and any traces of corruption within the ranks should be suppressed and removed.

The Bahamian fishers should help mark fishing grounds so that the Defense Force can properly guard them against poachers from the Dominican Republic and neighbouring countries south of Inagua, in addition to better enforcement against migrants.

Although the stability within the US and Europe is unpredictable and chaotic at times, theyre still important for military technology and security cooperation. For that reason, I would establish deeper cooperation with NATO and the US Military to supply the Ministry of National Security with the latest technological hardware and equipment, along with military training to conduct operations and further strengthen our nation against outside threats from Latin America.

I may understand that this is highly unpopular, even a controversial opinion that I would have taken a pro-Japanese stance on foreign policy and economic agreements; isolating ourselves from the Caribbean and Latin America, allowing only a small percentage of select foreigners on getting citizenship and permanent residency and placing specific security screenings on certain travellers. But during the times of COVID and significant instability with our nearby countries, we cannot afford anymore bad economic deals and wasted opportunities anymore. Although many of my suggestions wouldnt work in real life, people should still need to consider the effects of our poor foreign and economic policies and how to reverse the damage so that there can still be a nation for your children to return to.



June 20 2021.

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Controversial way to save The Bahamas - Bahamas Tribune

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Industry forum to be held on Bahamas Airports PPP Program – EyeWitness News

Posted: at 6:52 am

NASSAU, BAHAMAS The government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas has extended an invitation for interested parties to attend an industry forum concerning private operator/developer concessions and related opportunities in connection with the Bahamas Airports PPP Program.

Airport operators, service providers, lenders, construction companies and facility managers are among those likely to be interested in attending a virtual industry informative presentation about the proposed airport PPP program. This briefing, hosted by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, will be held on Monday, June 28, 2021 at 11am (EST) via Microsoft Teams.

Officials from the Commonwealth of The Bahamas will introduce the PPP program and present opportunities available to the industry in the context of future transformation, operations and management of an airport portfolio, which includes the following airports:

LeighFisher, the governments transaction advisor, will present an overview of the proposed opportunities, partnership structure and the expected timelines for procurement.

Airport proponent being sought to transform and operate airport portfolio

The government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas wishes to focus on sustainable and resilient long-term solutions to rebuilding its airport infrastructure throughout the Family Islands of The Bahamas and is seeking experienced, qualified private partners to update, operate and improve the portfolio of airports to drive traffic and revenue growth and further enhance quality of service. Under this PPP program, airport facilities are not being sold; the government and communities of The Bahamas will retain ownership of the airports and a private partner will be granted a concession and lease to update, operate and maintain the airports for up to 30 years.

Tendering to be conducted in 2021

The procurement process to find the most qualified airport partner(s) will take place this year through an open, transparent and competitive tendering process. The selection of a private partner(s) by the government will be based on the outcome of an evaluation of submissions assessed against pre-established criteria. The tender is likely to be awarded by quarter one of 2022, with operations handed over thereafter.

Department of Aviation Director Algernon Cargill stated: This is an exciting process for the Department of Aviation to be leading the PPP process for the government of The Bahamas.

After several months of planning, we are unveiling in this market briefing information about the PPP process that will be included in a market leading request for proposal.

Over the past several months, we have received a considerable amount of interest from local and international investors about our airport program and we encourage all interested stakeholders to attend the market briefing and to follow up afterwards with any questions that may not have been answered during the presentation.

Registration is required for attendance at the conference. Those interested are asked to email P3airports@bahamas.com for more information and to register for the event.

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Industry forum to be held on Bahamas Airports PPP Program - EyeWitness News

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CONSTANT THREAT: Microbiologist notes Delta COVID strain could already be impacting The Bahamas – EyeWitness News

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NASSAU, BAHAMAS As countries heighten their response and shore up vaccination campaigns as the Delta variant of the coronavirus spreads rapidly, Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Medical Microbiologist Dr Jessica Edwards suggested aggressive strategies must be maintained in The Bahamas to reduce spread.

We do know that from the data we have thus far in-country, we have evidence that there are variants or that we havestudies that support, through screening, evidence that there are variants in-country, she told Eyewitness News.

I think that has been communicated by the CMO (chief medical officer) a little while ago that we do have variants however, specific variants, I am not aware of any that we have in-country, the specific ones.

The likelihood is that we do have them and it is possible that the Delta variant is amongst that grouping of variants, but we dont have confirmation as yet.

Samples have been sent abroad to the Caribbean Public Health Agency laboratory in Trinidad to confirm variant strains in-country.

But when asked when The Bahamas could get its test results to determine which variants exist in-country a key indicator for what policies may be necessary Edwards said she was unable to confirm when the report could be completed.

There are concerns the Delta variant could become the dominant strain across the globe.

It has spread rapidly in the United States and accounts for 10 percent of its cases.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said this week the risk to the US is the virus could spike a new epidemic heading into the fall.

In the United Kingdom, over 75,000 cases of Delta were sequenced up to June 16, up from just over 42,000 the previous week a near doubling.

Director of the National HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Programme Dr Nikkiah Forbes told Eyewitness News last week there is a high chance the Delta strain of the coronavirus could impact The Bahamas, which has continued to welcome visitors and whose long-standing key markets include the US and Europe.

Asked whether the public is taking the threat of the Delta variant seriously in The Bahamas, Edwards said: Obviously, we need to maintain and have a very high level of prevention and taking preventative measures to reduce the spread of any strain of the virus in-country.

And I would say that there is always a constant threat that infection can continue without the necessary precautions and mitigation strategies that have been recommended.

So, as it stands now, the positive cases continue and we need to maintain that level of aggressive strategies to reduce the spread.

We know there are persons who are actively taking specific steps, including vaccinations, to reduce the spread. That is critical because in order for us to be able to overcome these hurdles, that is one important strategy that has to be met and maintained.

Edwards said the vaccination program is moving forward, but a lot more must be done to get the majority of the population vaccinated.

The Delta variant has proven more contagious than other variants to date.

However, the AstraZeneca vaccine, when the full schedule is followed, is 92 percent effective against hospitalization due to the Delta variant.

AstraZeneca remains the only available vaccine in The Bahamas.

Vaccination remains voluntary, though more of the private sector has incentivized taking the vaccine.

Approximately 72,000 people have been vaccinated in The Bahamas around 18 percent of the population.

See the article here:

CONSTANT THREAT: Microbiologist notes Delta COVID strain could already be impacting The Bahamas - EyeWitness News

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Zondra TV Expands Network to Nassau, Bahamas with Producer of The Whole Woman Show – Digital Journal

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Regina Whylly, Producer of Groundbreaking New Show For Women, Launches in the United States on the ZTV Network.

Nassau, Bahamas June 22, 2021 Regina Whylly, CEO of The Whole Woman Network and producer of The Whole Woman Show, is on a mission to improve womens lives. She has been passionate about the wellness world for a long time and has created her show, The Whole Woman Show, to help empower women emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. With each episode, she interviews some of the most talented, beautiful, and gifted people in the country. Whylly has signed a contract to bring her Bahama show to the Dallas-based Zondra TV Network. Shortly after the launch of The Whole Woman, Whylly plans to launch another in-house production and, from there on out, launching a new show every three months. Once the platform is launched, we will open the platform to other producers here in the Bahamas as well as around the entire Caribbean, added Whylly.

This is an exciting time for the team here at The Whole Woman Network, we are pleased to begin this new leg of our journey, and we would like to invite you to come along with us each week as we post the latest shows.

There will be days when we will laugh out loud, there will be days when we will cry just as hard, but please know that our objective is always to make you glad that you stopped by to join us, said Whylly.

Thewholewoman.tv is a subsidiary of The Whole Woman Network. It is a platform that is transformative, informative, relevant, useful information that can be applied by the women that visit their website. Topics include self-care, beauty, spirituality, and finances to name a few.

Whylly is giving away an interview on The Whole Woman Show to 3 lucky winners. For more information, visit her online at https://thewholewoman.tv.

Zondra TV Network is extremely proud of how we continue to make some key strategic alliances with Producers throughout the United States and now we are extending our brand to The Bahamas, says Evans. We have been blessed beyond measure to have won many awards and to develop The TV/Media Incubator where we are helping small business entrepreneurs pivot into becoming a TV Producer and how to effectively monetize their content. Attend Why Streaming Matters held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm CST https://bit.ly/ZTVStream.

About Regina Whylly

While Regina Whylly is an accomplished producer and tv host, she also is a journalist by profession writing for the leading newspaper in the Bahamas, The Tribune, where she resides. Additionally, Whylly hosts the popular radio show, The Whole Woman. Regina is also a mentor to young girls, Host of The Whole Woman Conference (Nassau, Bahamas).

Media ContactCompany Name: Coach ZondraContact Person: Zondra EvansEmail: Send EmailPhone: 469-712-7168Country: United StatesWebsite: http://zondraevans.com

More here:

Zondra TV Expands Network to Nassau, Bahamas with Producer of The Whole Woman Show - Digital Journal

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