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High Seas Season 4 Expected Release Date, Cast Info and Every Other Detail – News Lagoon

Posted: August 10, 2020 at 4:45 pm

Last time we checked in on Christine Quinn, she was throwing shade at Heather Rae Youngs engagement to Tarek El Moussa.

Of course, Quinn has nothing but good things to say about her own marriage though shed likely be the first to admit that things got off to a very rocky start.

If youre a fan Netflixs Selling Sunset, then youre probably aware that Christine married Christian Richard last year in a ceremony befitting her larger-than-life personality.

Quinns black dress struck many fans as an odd choice, but it may have been appropriate for reasons that go beyond the wicked wonderland theme that she and Richard settled on:

As it turns out, their wedding was very nearly the cause of a deadly coronavirus outbreak!

To be fair, Christine and her husband are in no way to blame for this near-catastrophe.

Still, if youre the type of person who flies into a rage over stories of maskless Americans ignoring social distancing protocols, you may want to stop reading here.

Quinn and her man tied the knot way back on December 15, a more innocent time when phrases like anti-masker had not yet entered our national vocabulary.

But no one knows exactly when the coronavirus first made landfall in the States, and theres reason to believe that Christine was sick with the rona as she exchanged vows.

Quinn says she began to feel ill the night before her nuptials, but having already dropped close to $1 million on the ceremony and reception, there was no way she was gonna let a touch of the flu or what she thought was the flu keep her down.

Her wedding planner, Lisa Lafferty, says she caught Christines illness and she now believes it was COVID-19.

I got sick literally right after the wedding was over, Lafferty recently told Page Six.

I went to the urgent care and I had influenza, but I didnt test for corona because it wasnt even a thing at the time.

Perhaps it was just a particularly virulent case of the flu.

But its certainly possible that Christine was among the first Americans to come down COVID-19.

Again, its not her fault that she came so close to potentially infecting her guests, but we hope that very nearly becoming the cause of a mini-outbreak has inspired Christine to be especially vigilant about the virus in recent months.

Selling Sunset producers may not have realized the severity of Christines illness, but there was plenty of drama to be documented regardless.

Quinns co-star Chrishell Stause had just split from Justin Hartleythree weeks earlier, and at one point, she became upset and stormed out of the reception.

Still, Christine herself remained at center-stage, having shelled out for one of the most expensive weddings in the history of reality television.

Not surprisingly, Lafferty says orchestrating the event while making sure that both Christine and Sunset producers were sufficiently happy resulted in something of a nightmarish balancing act.

The most outrageous request was definitely the snow and all the ice, Lafferty told Page Six.

She wanted it to be a spectacle and full of theatrics, and we just did it up, she added.

It took a lot of elements to have it there fire marshals, we had to shut down streets. It was definitely a big production.

The important thing, of course, is that blushing bride was pleased with the way things turned out.

Well, actually, the important thing is that no one became deathly ill, but we dont want to split hairs!

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High Seas Season 4 Expected Release Date, Cast Info and Every Other Detail - News Lagoon

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Problem gambling and crime appear co-symptomatic, not causal – UB News Center

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BUFFALO, N.Y. New research from a University at Buffalo sociologist is providing valuable insight into better understanding the association between criminal behaviors and problem gambling.

Were finding that its not so much that problem gambling causes crime, but rather that the same background characteristics that contribute to predicting the likelihood of someone being a problem gambler also predict that theyll engage in crime, says Christopher Dennison, an assistant professor of sociology in UBs College of Arts and Sciences.

Accounting for existing differences between problem gamblers and non-problem gamblers weakens the widely held assumption that points to a strong causal relationship that gambling disorders can lead to criminal outcomes.

In the case of problem gambling which is indicated by traits including a preoccupation with gambling; an inability to scale back; or when gambling becomes a vehicle for escaping negative emotional states, like depression its a matter of general deviance, according to Dennison.

Its not that one causes the other, but rather that the two are co-symptomatic.

Socioeconomic status, prior substance use, and involvement with delinquent peers early in life are part of a set of variables associated with both criminal behavior and problem gambling.

Dennison categorizes these variables collectively in his research as confounding bias.

On the surface, problem gambling might be observed as a direct x-to-y relationship, but confounding bias is saying there might be another variable, z for instance, notes Dennison, who conducted the research with co-authors Jessica Finkeldey, an assistant professor at the State University of New York at Fredonia, and Gregory Rocheleau, an assistant professor at Ball State University.

Something in between that x-to-y pathway might explain gambling and might also explain crime, he says. If you ignore those variables if you ignore confounding bias you might overestimate the relationship.

The findings, which appear in the Journal of Gambling Studies, could lead to the development of new treatments that account for how these background characteristics influence behavior. Addressing these issues early in the life course can be beneficial for decreasing the likelihood of both problem gambling and crime later in life.

From a co-symptomatic perspective, we can provide interventions that address both behaviors at the same time rather than pursuing separate treatments, one for gambling and another for crime, Dennison says.

Dennisons team is not the first research group to look at this association, but unlike previous studies that relied on small, non-random, and cross-sectional samples that provide a snap shot view, the current paper is based on the Add Health data set. The nationally representative study interviewed more than 21,000 adolescents in the early 1990s, and subsequently re-interviewed them between the ages of 18-26 and 26-34.

In addition to relying on a rich data set for their research, Dennison and his co-authors wanted to statistically balance differences in background characteristics between problem gamblers and non-problem gamblers in hopes to simulate a gold standard experiment.

The social sciences present research challenges that make it difficult to isolate a control group. Medical sciences, for instance, can provide a treatment to one group, a placebo to a control group, and look at the outcome. But in the case of the current research, its not possible to simply compare problem gamblers with non-problem gamblers, because of the differences in background characteristics.

We created two groups that were statistically equal problem gamblers who look like non-problem gamblers in the data, says Dennison. This helped us shed light on the question of general deviance by examining the relationship between problem gambling and crime net of pre-existing differences.

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Problem gambling and crime appear co-symptomatic, not causal - UB News Center

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Which are the best jurisdictions to get an online gambling license in and why? – Yogonet International

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ver the last six months, this already dynamic industry has continued to grow and evolve. As a result, more intrepid entrepreneurs are on the lookout for licensing opportunities to realise their vision.

A growing number of jurisdictions are offering up licenses for online gambling operators, but of course, not all are created equally. Cost, fees, application processing time, terms, limitations, and ongoing maintenance are all factors that need to be considered before a decision is made. After all, making the wrong decision can be detrimental both financially and in terms of your success.

Based on over two decades of experience in iGaming, Fast Offshore brings you the three best (in our opinion) jurisdictions to acquire an online gambling license. Within these licenses, there is something to suit every budget and requirement.


The Island of Curacao is located in the Caribbean Sea and it has been home to a successful financial services hub for around 200 years. Then in 1996, the authorities issued the very first online gambling license. Since then, Curacao has become a go-to place for startups and entrepreneurs looking for licensing for their online platforms.

The Curacao online gambling license is particularly beneficial for these kinds of enterprises as the cost of the license is more efficient than in other jurisdictions. Additionally, requirements and obligations are less complex and more streamlined. This means the issuance time of the license is significantly lower than others, making it an obvious choice for those that want to get up and running quickly.

But by far the best benefit of the Curacao license is the 0% rate tax and no requirements for additional gaming taxes or similar. This key plus-point is still in line with EU rules on tax compliance and fiscal practices.


A First Nations Reserve in Canada, the Kahnawake territory has been offering online gambling licenses to operators that meet its requirements for around 20 years. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission which oversees the applications and supervision of licensees has created a framework that is flexible and amenable to small to medium enterprises.

While the license is a little more costly than Curacaos, it is still cost-efficient and relatively straight forward. There is also zero gaming tax or income tax to be paid on revenue generated outside of the Territory- a great bonus for those on a budget or looking to minimize start-up costs. Furthermore, Kahnawake has a solid reputation and enforces comprehensive compliance, fair, and responsible gaming guidelines.


The fully-fledged EU Member State has been issuing licenses since the year 2000. It has now cemented its place as one of the worlds most respected online gambling licensing jurisdictions. It is home to some of the biggest international gaming operators as well as ancillary service providers including affiliates, software developers, and game developers.

Last year, the MGA made some changes to iGaming legislation that streamlined the licensing process and restructured the fees. Instead of having to apply for a different license depending on the types of games you offer, now, applicants choose between a B2C or B2B license. The process is still stringent and costly- after all such a prestigious license comes at a price.

License holders can enjoy fiscal benefits including a full imputation system on dividends paid to shareholders. They also benefit from operating in and from an EU member state.

The last word

Picking a jurisdiction to start your online gambling or casino business is a difficult process. Not only do you need to consider the licensing process but you should consider the process of company incorporation, tax, banking and other matters as well. Some jurisdictions also have restrictions on where you can offer your services when you are up and running.

Different licensing authorities also have different standards of compliance, policies, responsible gaming, and other operational matters. Therefore, it is wise to engage with a professional who has extensive knowledge of not just the industry, but the intricate requirements of each jurisdiction. Ideally, you want someone that can take care of all matters from start to finish, giving you time to focus on other matters relating to the launch of your new venture.

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Which are the best jurisdictions to get an online gambling license in and why? - Yogonet International

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Shark Week 2020: Expert Shares 5 Ways The Pandemic Is Impacting Sharks – Forbes

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This year's 'Shark Week' celebrates the 20th anniversary of 'Air Jaws'.

Its that time of year again and as always, Shark Week delivers some of the most exciting content on television. This year, Discovery is upping its game with even more science, stars and sharks than ever before. This years lineup of more than 20 hours of programming explores the uncharted territoryof how the current Covid-19 pandemic is impacting our seas.

The viewer will go to Australia, South Africa and New Zealand with A-List stars including Mike Tyson, Will Smith and Shaquille O'Neil. And, this years pandemic offers researchers the once in a lifetime opportunity to study how the global lockdown and reduced amount of human interaction and activity in our oceans has impacted the hunting patterns of sharks.

Marine Biologist and Ph.D. Alison Towner details how the worldwide shutdown has given sharks the opportunity to return to their natural behaviors and reclaim the oceans.

Marine biologist and Ph.D. Alison Towner lists 5 ways the pandemic is impacting sharks.

Towner, whose work includes research on white sharks with a focus on tracking and telemetry, as well as the driving factors of their movements, says scientists have recently been able to study sharks up close in ways that were nearly impossible prior. Here she lists five ways in which life for sharks has changed over the last several months.

This year's 'Shark Week' includes over 20 hours of programming.

Our oceans cover over 75% of the planet. Every second breath we take comes from the ocean thanks to marine plants and algae, explains Towner. Ecosystems are all about balance. If the top domino is tipped over, a systematic knock-on ripples through each trophic layer until most of the pieces are affected in some way or another.

Sharks, she adds, are one of the oceans top dominos. There are over 560 species of sharks on our planet. The earliest shark remains date back some 450 million years ago. Sharks Skates and Rays have survived multiple mass extinction events and adapted to thrive in extreme ocean habitats from the shallow coastal seas to the deepest darkest depths.

Their ability to survive is where the hope lies for Towner. Our planet is hurting from over-excessive wildlife extraction and consumption. The virus came from an animal in a wet market in Wuhan, China. If that doesnt support the notion that change needs to happen regarding our impacts on wildlife as humans nothing will. The next generation, those who do not want to see another pandemic rear its head, and those who want to see shark numbers bounding back from the loss of 100 million a year, now have the power at their fingertips to learn, educate and spread the plight of the shark with how to help.

Last years programming shot Discovery up to the No. 1 slot, making it cables top network during Shark Week reaching nearly 27 million viewers. According to analysis by Alphonso, average unique viewers (total day) last year were up 23% compared to the week before. In total, 28% of Shark Week viewers were new to Discovery last year.

The data shows how important the franchise is for short-term and long-term gains, says Raghu Kodige, co-founder and Chief Product Officer for Alphonso.The sizable audiences attracts a variety of advertisers but the ability to pull in new viewers also allows Discovery to expose these individuals to promos for other shows, potentially expanding their base beyond Shark Week.

Education is imperative to the plight of sharks. Tragically, these predators are threatened by a global shark fin trade. Efforts to fight this brutal, cruel and wasteful practice continue and through Shark Week the aim is to educate fans about why healthy oceans need sharks.

In the last 50 years, humans have advanced their capabilities to extract from the oceans to industrial scale levels, Towner explains. Factory fleets roam the high seas so advanced that they dont need to dock to offload their catch. These huge fleets can process all the meat fins and other body parts of sharks out of sight. They have naval technology, spotter planes and trackers to locate areas where remaining pockets of fish seek refuge. Nothing can hide and the chase to feed the growing populations of humans never ends. The cure for our suffering shark stocks will be the next generation of ocean ambassadors and their childrens actions.

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Shark Week 2020: Expert Shares 5 Ways The Pandemic Is Impacting Sharks - Forbes

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NFC West Win Totals & Preview (Ep. 852) – The Sports Gambling Podcast

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The guys begin their NFC Win Totals Preview podcastby breaking down the Mr. Unlimited video aka Russell Wilsons alter ego. Followed up by a quick recap of the PGA Championship include Sean touting his Collin Morikawa pick and Ryan cashing his Jason Day to win the first round.

(08:15) Then theyre joined by Brandan Schulze of the Field Gulls podcast to help preview the 2020 Seattle Seahawks win total. The guys discuss the addition of Jamal Adams, the loss of Jadeveon Clowney and the emergence of D.K. Metcalf. Can the Seahawks cover their 9.5 win total? Will Pete Carroll get more aggressive on fourth downs? Will the Seahawks season truly be UNLIMMMMITED?

(36:00) Next up theyre joined by Ryan McKee host of the NBA Gambling Podcast and site editor at Sports Gambling Podcast. McKee takes a big swig of the Cardinals Kool-Aid with is optimistic take on Kliff and Kyler in year two. Kramer makes a case for Vance Joseph being a decent d-coordinator and their signs for regression from a five win season, while Sean compares them to this years Cleveland Browns.

(65:55) Ryan and Sean are in agreement that this years Los Angeles Rams may be headed in the wrong direction. With Jared Goff, Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey eating up a giant portion of the cap do they have enough depth on the roster to succeed? Will more people join Sean on Jared Goff Sucks Island this year? Is there a case that Sean McVay has lost his touch?

(84:45) The biggest question facing the 49ers is how real will their Super Bowl hangover be? Can their DL still dominate without Deforest Buckner? Is there enough surrounding Jimmy G to allow him to succeed? Can Kyle Shanahan still keep scheming up a winning offense? Is their 10.5 win total way too high?

Mr. Unlimited Russell Wilson

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NFC West Win Totals & Preview (Ep. 852) - The Sports Gambling Podcast

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Information sharing with regional partners aims to reel in transnational crime syndicates – Mirage News

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Joint media release with Australian Border Force

Information gathered by Maritime Border Command (MBC), a joint agency taskforce within the Australian Border Force (ABF) and the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), will strengthen international cooperation in the pursuit of fishing vessels suspected of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in the Southern Ocean.

This was demonstrated on 18 June 2020 when the fishing vessel FV Cobija was boarded 514 nautical miles south west of Cocos Keeling Islands on the high seas in the Indian Ocean, after being sighted by a Royal Australian Air Force maritime patrol aircraft.

The FV Cobija, previously named Cape Flower and Cape Wrath II, is an IUU listed vessel and when boarded by MBC and AFMA officers the captain claimed the vessel was registered under the Bolivian Flag.

Following the boarding a request from Australia was made to establish the vessels identity, and Bolivia confirmed the FV Cobija had not been flagged to Bolivia since 2019, therefore the vessel is considered stateless.

Commander Maritime Border Command Rear Admiral Lee Goddard, said the information gathered by MBC and AFMA will be instrumental in shutting down another illegal fishing operation.

As a result of this activity we have been able to share important information with our international partners, Rear Admiral Goddard said

Stateless vessels operate without governance and oversight to exploit the worlds marine resources.

These collective efforts will hopefully lead to another alleged transnational organised crime network being shut down for good.

AFMAs General Manager of Fisheries Operations, Peter Venslovas, said IUU fishing on the high seas is highly organised, mobile and elusive.

IUU fishing undermines the sustainability of marine resources and threatens world food security, Mr Venslovas said

We are urging our regional partners to deny the FV Cobija port access or, where possible, take action under national laws. These efforts work to shut down the vessels ability to enter port where it could unload illicit catch and access port facilities to resupply and refuel.

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Information sharing with regional partners aims to reel in transnational crime syndicates - Mirage News

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Gambling investigation leads to arrest of Boynton Beach record shop owner – WPTV.com

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BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. Boynton Beach police arrested the owner of a record shop Thursday, following a seven-month investigation into an illegal gambling operation at the store.

The owner of the Caribbean Record Shop, 49-year-old Alison J. Henry Abner, was charged with keeping a gambling house and bookmaking.

Police arrived at the record shop with a search warrant and found Abner behind the cashier window. One more person was inside the shop at the time, 34-year-old Adjiny Haiti.

During the search, police found laptops, desktop computers, several printed gambling tickets, gambling receipts, bank deposit slips, business documents, and $6,100. They also found $2, 173 bundled together in the main office that consisted of 12 separate payouts, each with a gambling ticket attached, police said.

More money was found throughout the shop. Police said $511 was found in the main office inside a desk, along with another $554 in a different desk. They also found $2,573 hidden inside a bathroom wall and a little over $200 inside Abner's car, which was parked on the property.

According to police, Abner admitted to running a gambling game out of her business but said she didn't know the name of the gambling game. She stated it was a game of chance where a person would pick anywhere between one and four numbers and place money on each number.

Abner told police she takes 100 bets on average a day, which can total anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 a day in bets. She said she was just the middle man and that the game is run by another male who she only knows as "Geo," who picks up all of the money of the bets and gives her 8 to 10 % of it.

Abner stated she is the only person working at her business and all of her money received from the gambling operation is placed into her business account at Bank of America.

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Gambling investigation leads to arrest of Boynton Beach record shop owner - WPTV.com

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What series to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video: The extraordinary Playlist of Zoey and the High Sea | Entertainment – Explica

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A new weekend is coming and with the heat that lurks behind the door, it is better to hide in the cool that we have inside the house with snacks and refreshing drinks and enjoy the series that the streaming platforms bring us.

Like every weekend we recommend the new series that we find in Netflix, HBO and Prime Video. Each one in its own style and with very interesting novelties compete in the middle of summer to capture the attention of the majority of subscribers.

While Netflix brings us the continuation of a national drama with the Spanish actors of the moment, HBO stands out with a happy and fun new series that makes us forget the worries of the moment. For its part, Prime Video is committed to el genre of spies and corruption that so many like.

Between the premieres of the week with movies and series and the titles that have captivated in recent months, the platforms are becoming more complete and are taking advantage of the quarantine pull in many places to entertain everyone, whatever their tastes, at home.

If you like national productions, this list is for you: we have selected the 10 best Spanish series that you can watch on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video.

Netflix opens August with one of its national productions and which brings together a large cast of well-known performers: Ivana Baquero, Jon Kortajarena and Alejandra Onieva, among others. Alta mar returns in its third season and with many secrets still to be revealed, but above all the search for the lethal virus cabin by cabin on the cruise ship and a countdown that does not take her eyes off all the questions that remained to be resolved.

Title: High seas Release date: 2019 Duration: 40 minutes Platform: Netflix

HBO makes a much riskier bet, mixing comedy with musical in a series. Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist its a cool and enjoyable approach to these summer months. Zoey undergoes a medical test that will cause a strange syndrome, begins to perceive what people are thinking but singing. Her friends, co-workers and family sing her most hidden secrets around her and Zoey will have to deal with all that information without being able to reveal what she knows.

Title: Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist Release Date: 2020 Length: 40 minutes Platform: HBO

For Prime Video subscribers we leave you a series of espionage. The candidate addresses crime and drug trafficking in Mexico City. Two CIA agents have infiltrated to overthrow the most dangerous drug lord in the city and they run into the political and police corruption that often surrounds these criminal organizations.

Title: The Candidate Release Date: 2020 Duration: 40 minutes Platform: Prime Video

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What series to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video: The extraordinary Playlist of Zoey and the High Sea | Entertainment - Explica

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Craig Carton discusses his gambling and growing up in New Rochelle in upcoming documentary – The Journal News

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Radio personality and New Rochelle native Craig Carton has been charged with fraud.

HBO Sports and StreetSmartVideowill air a documentary about former WFAN sports radio personality Craig Carton in October.

The New Rochelle native was convicted ofconspiracy, wire fraud and securities fraud related to a secret gambling addiction in November 2018.

He was subsequently sentencedto 3 years in prison.

The documentary, titled "Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth," will include Carton's rise and fall in his own words.

Craig Cartons radio persona gained him a public following, while his private struggles lost him everything one casino run at a time,Peter Nelson, Executive Vice President of HBO Sports, said in a statement. Many knew Carton, but never knew his secrets, as we learn from Carton himself in this documentary about success, self-destruction, lies and blackjack.

Radio Personality Craig Carton on stage during the MR. CHIBBS Opening Night screening and Q&A at the IFC Center on May 3, 2017 in New York City.(Photo: Lars Niki, Getty Images for BMG)

In a press release issued by WarnerMedia, "Carton talks openly about his upbringing in New Rochelle, New York, detailing the childhood trauma he never truly dealt with. He discusses his rise to fame in talk radio that turned him into a star in every market he worked in, culminating back home in New York where he was hired to helm the coveted drive-time morning show in the wake of the downfall of Don Imus."

The documentary is scheduled to air on Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Christopher J. Eberhart covers breaking news. Click here for his latest stories. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisEberhart2. Check out how to support local journalism here.

Read or Share this story: https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/new-rochelle/2020/08/06/craig-carton-talks-gambling-and-growing-up-new-rochelle-hbo/3314015001/

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Craig Carton discusses his gambling and growing up in New Rochelle in upcoming documentary - The Journal News

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Bukit Aman: Owners renting out property to gambling syndicates will face the music as well – The Star Online

Posted: at 4:44 pm

KUALA LUMPUR: Police will take action not just on gambling syndicates, but owners who rent out their property for illegal purposes as well.

"Prior to this, our focus was on the syndicates but now we will be taking action against all those connected to illegal gambling, including owners of premises who have abused their business licenses," said Bukit Aman CID director Comm Datuk Huzir Mohamed (pic).

He said action can be taken under the Prevention of Crime Act (Poca) and Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act (Amlafta).

"We are seriously considering using these two Acts as certain gambling syndicates have resumed operations.

"Bukit Aman CID has been going all out to combat illegal online gambling since early last year but the activity has returned nationwide, especially in Selangor," he said on Sunday (Aug 9).

"We will cooperate more closely with agencies such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and local councils.

"We will also identify (those involved) and recommend to local councils to revoke the business licenses of those in cahoots with illegal gambling syndicates," Comm Huzir said.

Agencies such as TNB would be tasked with cutting off electricity to the premises used by the syndicates, he added.

Comm Huzir said every OCPD would also be instructed to identify and track down premises owners who assist gambling syndicates in their respective districts.

"I am confident we will be able to eradicate the illegal gambling network, in stages," he said.

Comm Huzir also urged the people to inform the police of illegal gambling activities so that immediate action can be taken.

On Saturday (Aug 8), videos showing illegal gambling taking place and contraband cigarettes being sold in Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh went viral on social media.

An eight-minute video garnered over two million views and another 13-minute clip has over 4.5 million views.

A complainant also alleged that his life could be in danger for revealing the illegal activities.

Follow this link:

Bukit Aman: Owners renting out property to gambling syndicates will face the music as well - The Star Online

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