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Could You Survive Driving Without Modern Technology? – The Drive

Posted: July 19, 2020 at 11:08 pm

Remember life before smartphones? What did you ever do while waiting in line without a scrolling feed of content in your hand? The same can be said of driving without traction control, navigation, and voice commands. It sounds crazy, but so many of us rely on these features that we have to ask: could you survive driving without modern safety tech?

Blind-spot detection, back-up cameras, parking assist, lane assist, adaptive cruise control and collision warnings are all designed to add safety and convenience to the driving experience. However, more often than not, these are used as crutches while folks only pay partial attention to the road ahead. They're all relatively new, yet they've become the normunless you drive a car from the previous Millenium.

Some like Nissan's rear seat alert system now warn you to check and make sure you don't leave anything like groceries, or a child, locked in a hot car. An older vehicle won't tell you thatthe full weight of responsibility falls on you without a computer-assisted safety net. And many will argue that's how it should be.

The fear can be quite real when you look around at modern cars sharing the road and see nothing but foreheads facing down at a screen instead of the roadway. It makes you wonder how many modern drivers would immediately wreck if they suddenly didn't have all this active safety technology looking over their shoulders.

I'm already accustomed to life without these features in my '97 GMC Sierra pickup, but I see how it affects other drivers every day. Maybe I should just be glad their cars are better drivers than they are.

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Could You Survive Driving Without Modern Technology? - The Drive

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ProScan Moves to New Crestview Hills Office, Adds New Technology – The River City News

Posted: at 11:08 pm

ProScan Radiology recently completed a move from 350 Thomas More Parkway to 568 Centre View Blvd. in Crestview Hills.

The office added new technology, as well.

We are excited to lead with cutting edge technology and expand our services to patients of Northern Kentucky to produce a higher quality and lower cost, independent imaging option in their neighborhood. The support that the Northern Kentucky community has shown us over the past two years has been overwhelming and this has inspired us to expand our services, said Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz, CEO and medical director of ProScan Imaging.

ProScan is headquartered in Cincinnati and operated twenty-eight independent imaging centers throughout the U.S., twelve of which are located in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

The addition of a technologically advanced Northern Kentucky ProScan location is significant for the local community as patients now have another independent, low cost and easily accessible imaging option when choosing their MRI or CT provider in the Greater Cincinnati region, the firm said in a news release.

Being part of the fabric of the Northern Kentucky community has been a great experience for our organization. We are excited to continue to raise the bar of imaging care by offering additional modalities and another option for referring physicians and their patients, said Pomeranz.

-Staff report

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ProScan Moves to New Crestview Hills Office, Adds New Technology - The River City News

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TechCrunch talks virtual events and event technology – TechCrunch

Posted: at 11:08 pm

As you may have heard, were taking our entire events lineup fully virtual in 2020. This is of course in response to COVID-19. Were working hard to make sure that, despite limitations, this years events will be some of the best weve ever produced. To make that happen, were partnering with virtual event masterminds like Bizzabo and Grip to bring our vision to life.

Now, were sure you have many questions on how it will all work. To answer your questions, well be hosting an Ask-Me-Anything series where we cover everything from what the attendee experience will look like, sponsorship opportunities, the technology stack that will be powering it all and more.

In this series, well interview the founders that built our event platforms as well as a few event experts who have had virtual event experience. Well ask them to share their POV on virtual events as well as how they will work for TechCrunch in the coming months.

Joey Hinson, the Director of Operations at TechCrunch, will take you through the platform that we assembled for Disrupt, Mobility and Space. In this AMA, youll have the chance to see the virtual venue, how virtual networking works and what the end to end experience will look like at our upcoming events. If youre thinking about attending, sponsoring or youre an event geek, this AMA is for you.

Register now!

Well interview Alon Alroy from Bizzabo, the registration platform behind TechCrunch events. We will discuss the future of virtual events and what Bizzabo has in store for the next chapter of event technology. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions via Slido.

Register now!

Tim Groot, the founder of virtual networking solution Grip, will dig into how TechCrunchs virtual networking platform, CrunchMatch will be brought to life, what networking looks like when taken fully virtual and how to integrate if youre a partner. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions via Slido.

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TechCrunch talks virtual events and event technology - TechCrunch

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How An Under 30 Alum Got His Startups Technology For Stabilizing Helicopter Baskets Into This Years National Defense Authorization Act – Forbes

Posted: at 11:08 pm

Vita Inclinata's Caleb Carr

Vita Inclinata cofounders Caleb Carr and Derek Sikora came up with a way to stabilize helicopter lift systems, used in everything from emergency rescues to supply deliveries. In this years National Defense Authorization Act, they got the nod for millions of dollars of orders to outfit UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.

Exactly how much remains to be seen during the reconciliation process. An amendment in the Senate version, proposed by Sen. Cory Gardner (Colorado-Republican) sets aside $11.09 million to outfit 39 Black Hawk helicopters in fiscal 2021. The funds will go to procurement of additional litter-attached load stability systems to be deployed on the bottom of the helicopter hoist, on 39 aircraft, the amendment states. The House version, proposed by Rep. Kendra Horn (Oklahoma-Democrat), calls for half that amount.

Carr, 25 and an alumnus of last years Forbes Under list who we profiled then, says that while the amount remains uncertain he fully expects to win the deal when the Senate and House versions are reconciled. At the very least, he says, were walking away with $5.5 million.

The win comes at an important time for Vita Inclinata. The company, founded by Carr while he was still a college student at the University of Colorado, was in the process of finalizing $150 million in contracts with a few global military suppliers at the end of last year. But with the upheavals of the coronavirus pandemic, those contracts disappeared. When the Singapore Air Show got canceled and Japan started to shut down, that was the first hit, he says. It was just, What the hell do we do?

With nothing to lose, Carr, an outgoing man and convincing salesman, decided to relocate from Colorado to Washington, D.C., on April 1, and try to finagle his way into the defense budget. Everybody said, Theres no way in Gods green earth that youll get anything in the 2021 NDAA. Its usually worked on in December, and I didnt even know about you till May 16 or 17, he says. But he kept calling, appealing to Sen. Gardner with his companys Colorado headquarters and to Rep. Horn and Sen. Jim Inhofe (Oklahoma-Republican) with the fact that military helicopters used by the Oklahoma National Guard could be made safer with his technology.

The technology that Vita has designed and developed is an elegant solution to this important challenge that is faced by a lot of rescue operations, says Horn, who notes that she originally advocated for an $11 million authorization and expects the final authorization will likely be between the House and Senate amounts. I think it is an important reminder that we as members of Congress need to take time to listen to small companies and people coming up with innovative ideas, and figure out ways to ensure that we are not brushing them off.

Vita had gone through theAir Force Accelerator Powered by Techstarsand received some $50,000 from theAir Forces innovation arm AFWERX, giving it a military seal of approval. Still, Carr says, this is the first time that a project by an AFWERX startup had gotten into the National Defense Authorization Act.

In the scheme of the entire defense budget, $11 million, the highest amount the contract could be worth, is a pittance. But for a small startup, its a huge deal both for the actual revenue and for the imprimatur of the Defense Department. For me, its mission accomplished, Carr says. Everyone is shocked that this came through. No one thought that this was even possible.

Now, Carr says, his hope is that his win can help pave the way for other startups that have gone through the AFWERX program, but are having difficulty getting noticed. Part of the idea of AFWERX, after all, was to incubate military innovations that could give the Department of Defense an edge. Yet making the connection between AFWERX and federal budgeting hasnt been so easy. Companies like Vita Inclinata and others that are innovative are really critical to our nations security, Horn says. We need to make sure we can cut the red tape on innovation.

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How An Under 30 Alum Got His Startups Technology For Stabilizing Helicopter Baskets Into This Years National Defense Authorization Act - Forbes

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Call for UK task force to drive adoption of new technology – New Civil Engineer

Posted: at 11:08 pm

The uptake of new technology in the construction industry can be boosted easily and cheaply through the creation of a new government task force, according to a technology and acquisitions advisor.

Speaking at a press briefing last week (16 July), Paul Cuatrecasas, CEO of strategic advisory firm Aquaa Partners, said that a lot of established companies in the industry are on their knees and require government input to help drive the adoption of new technologies like robotics, virtual reality, smart materials and artificial intelligence.

The government can help but not in the way that its helped in the past with just granting funds for projects, Cuatrecasas said. What I think should happen and this can be done quickly, easily and cheaply is the government should bring together a task force or team of five to 10 people that are focused on one thing: identifying every interesting technology company in the world.

The list of international technology companies should then be narrowed down to a list of 30 to 50 firms that the government wants to support through joint ventures with established UK businesses, Cuatrecasas added.

Its not difficultI think the UK could become a leader without actually having to spend a lot of money, he said.

But while government input is important, getting buy-in from the industry is also crucial. Cuatrecasas admitted his frustration that many firms have their heads in the sand and a general inertia when it comes to adopting innovation and new technologies.

Cuatrecasas warned companies that fail to embrace new technologies risk following the fate of travel firm Thomas Cook Group, which collapsed in September 2019.

Thomas Cook was more focused on refinancing its main loan than it was realising that 500 stores were redundant because we all have the ability to book a trip on our smartphone, Cuatrecasas said.

It was mindset that took Thomas Cook down. I think were seeing the exact same thing with these companies. Its a shame, but it doesnt have to be that way. And its not too late.

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Call for UK task force to drive adoption of new technology - New Civil Engineer

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Huawei 5G kit must be removed from UK by 2027 – BBC News

Posted: at 11:08 pm

The UK's mobile providers are being banned from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after 31 December, and they must also remove all the Chinese firm's 5G kit from their networks by 2027.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden told the House of Commons of the decision.

It follows sanctions imposed by Washington, which claims the firm poses a national security threat - something Huawei denies.

Mr Dowden said the supply ban would delay the UK's 5G rollout by a year.

The technology promises faster internet speeds and the capacity to support more wireless devices, which should be a boon to everything from mobile gaming to higher-quality video streams, and even in time driverless cars that talk to each other. 5G connections are already available in dozens of UK cities and towns, but coverage can be sparse.

Mr Dowden added that the cumulative cost of the moves when coupled with earlier restrictions announced against Huawei would be up to 2bn, and a total delay to 5G rollout of "two to three years".

"This has not been an easy decision, but it is the right one for the UK telecoms networks, for our national security and our economy, both now and indeed in the long run," he said.

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Because the US sanctions only affect future equipment, the government has been advised there is no security justification for removing 2G, 3G and 4G equipment supplied by Huawei.

However, when swapping out the company's masts, networks are likely to switch to a different vendor to provide the earlier-generation services.

Huawei said the move was "bad news for anyone in the UK with a mobile phone" and threatened to "move Britain into the digital slow lane, push up bills and deepen the digital divide."

The action, however, does not affect Huawei's ability to sell its smartphones to consumers or how they will run.

China's ambassador to the UK said the decision was "disappointing and wrong".

"It has become questionable whether the UK can provide an open, fair and non-discriminatory business environment for companies from other countries," tweeted Liu Xiaoming.

But US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo welcomed the news, saying: "The UK joins a growing list of countries from around the world that are standing up for their national security by prohibiting the use of untrusted, high-risk vendors."

New restrictions will also apply to use of the company's broadband kit.

Operators are being told they should "transition away" from purchasing new Huawei equipment for use in full-fibre networks, ideally within the next two years.

Mr Dowden said the government would "embark on a short technical consultation" with industry leaders about this.

He explained that the UK needed to avoid becoming dependent on Nokia - which is currently the only other supplier used for some equipment - and he wanted to avoid "unnecessary delays" to the government's gigabit-for-all by 2025 pledge.

BT's Openreach division told the BBC it had in fact recently struck a deal to buy full-fibre network kit from a new supplier - the US firm Adtran - but first deliveries would only start in 2021.

The UK last reviewed Huawei's role in its telecoms infrastructure in January, when it was decided to let the firm remain a supplier but introduced a cap on its market share.

But in May the US introduced new sanctions designed to disrupt Huawei's ability to get its own chips manufactured. The Trump administration claims that Huawei provides a gateway for China to spy on and potentially attack countries that use its equipment, suggestions the company strongly rejects.

The sanctions led security officials to conclude they could no longer assure the security of its products if the company had to start sourcing chips from third-parties for use in its equipment.

The minister cited a review carried out by GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre as being the motivation for the changes.

NCSC has said Huawei products adapted to use third-party chips would be "likely to suffer more security and reliability problems".

But other political considerations are also likely to have also come into play, including the UK's desire to strike a trade deal with the US, and growing tensions with China over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak and its treatment of Hong Kong.

Some backbench Tory MPs had pressed for a shorter time-span for its removal, in particular there had been calls for the 5G ban to come into effect before the next election in May 2024.

However, Mr Dowden said that "the shorter we make the timetable for removal, the greater the risk of actual disruption to mobile phone networks".

BT and Vodafone had warned that customers could face mobile blackouts if they were forced to remove all of Huawei's 5G kit in less time.

Labour's shadow technology minister Chi Onwurah said the government was incapable of sorting "this mess out on their own".

It had "refused to face reality" and been "incomprehensively negligent" in allowing matters to get to this point, she added, and a taskforce of experts now needed to be created.

Hopes on the part of government that this decision may put the Huawei issue to bed may be optimistic.

The reason that we are here again despite a decision in January is because one of the key players - the US - played a new card in the form of sanctions.

And there is still time between now and legislation coming to parliament in Autumn for others to do the same - whether Conservative backbenchers or Beijing.

In the long run, many countries will be watching carefully how China reacts.

Will it feel it needs to punish the UK in order to discourage others from following its lead on 5G? Or will it want to avoid being seen as a bully and prefer to try and influence the decision more subtly? Whatever the case, the Huawei story in the UK is not over yet.

Huawei says it employs about 1,600 people in the UK and claims to be one of Britain's largest sources of investment from China.

The firm - whose shares are not publicly traded - does not provide a regional breakdown of its earnings. But on Monday, it announced a 13% rise in sales for the first half of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, totalling 454bn yuan ($64.8bn; 51.3bn).

The UK will have accounted for a fraction of that. The firm's UK chief recently noted that Huawei had only deployed a total of 20,000 5G base stations - the radio receiver/transmitter equipment fitted to a mast - in the UK so far. By contrast it expects to deliver a total of 500,000 globally this year.

Even so, what the firm fears and Washington hopes is that other countries will now follow Westminster's lead with bans of their own.

Despite there seeming little chance of a U-turn, Huawei said it was still urging UK ministers to reconsider.

"We will conduct a detailed review of what today's announcement means for our business here and will work with the UK government to explain how we can continue to contribute to a better connected Britain," spokesman Ed Brewster said.

Shortly before the announcement Sky News revealed that Lord Browne, Huawei's UK chairman and the ex-chief executive of BP, would be leaving the Chinese company before his term had expired. It said he had given his notice a few days ago and would formally step down in September.

Lord Browne had led efforts to improve the company's image in the UK and had tried to prevent a ban.

"He has been central to our commitment here dating back 20 years, and we thank him for his valuable contribution," said Huawei, confirming the report.

BT is set to be the telecoms operator most affected by the decision given it runs both the EE mobile network and Openreach, which provides fixed-line infrastructure to individual internet providers.

"We need to further analyse the details and implications of this decision before taking a view of potential costs and impacts," it said.

The move should, however, benefit Nokia and Ericsson, which are the two other main 5G kit vendors.

"We have the capacity and expertise to replace all of the Huawei equipment in the UK's networks at scale and speed... with minimal impact on the people using our customers' networks," said Nokia.

Ericsson added: "Today's decision removes the uncertainty that was slowing down investment decisions around the deployment of 5G in the UK... and we stand ready to work with the UK operators to meet their timetable."

However, both firms manufacture some of their 5G equipment in China, which has also caused concern in Washington.

In June, the US Department of Defense published a list of 20 companies it claimed had close ties to the Chinese military.

It included Panda Electronics - the firm with which Ericsson jointly runs a manufacturing facility in the Chinese city of Nanjing.

"A lot of companies assemble equipment or have some type of manufacturing in China," Ericsson's head of corporate communications Peter Olofsson told the BBC, when asked about this.

"Our trade compliance people have looked at this [list] and they concluded that it's not something that has an impact on Ericsson or our operations."

Ultimately Huawei believes that this was a political decision and not a business one.

And if the political winds change, then Huawei's fortunes may too.

My understanding is that a longer time frame for the removal of its 5G kit from UK networks was a relatively desirable outcome for Huawei.

So even though no new Huawei UK equipment can be bought by UK mobile carriers after the end of this year, the fact that the UK has until 2027 to remove Huawei's 5G kit from all of its network could be seen as a potential positive.

A new US administration in November could markedly change Washington's position on Huawei.

So for Huawei, playing the long game makes sense.

And one thing that was crystal clear to me from meeting Ren Zhengfei, the company's founder is that he's a fighter.

Nothing he has said indicates he is willing to give up.

For now though, the immediate impact of the UK decision will be seen as a signal that Washington's campaign on Huawei has worked.

And the Chinese firm will not want that replicated in other countries around the world.

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Huawei 5G kit must be removed from UK by 2027 - BBC News

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FG Urged to Adopt Technology in Tackling Corruption – THISDAY Newspapers

Posted: at 11:08 pm

By Emma Okonji

The Managing Director of SystemSpecs, Mr. John Obaro, has enjoined the federal and state governments, regulators as well as other players in the private and public sectors of the Nigerian economy to leverage technology to tackle the menace of corruption and illicit flow of funds.

Obaro, made the call recently, when he shared his thoughts during a panel discussion at a 2-day Africa Regional Webinar on Combating Corruption and Illicit Financial Flows in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC).

At the event where Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, delivered the keynote address, Obaro noted the damage corruption was inflicting on Nigeria and the need to put in place a system driven by technology to minimise human intervention, reduce the use of discretion in financial matters, encourage the adoption of an end-to-end digital system, fully embrace a cashless economy and minimise the time to justice.

According to Obaro, It is indisputable that as a nation we must now, more than ever, know everyone and update their data as they progress through life. It is, therefore, time we took a critical look at our identity management system and converge all data that exist in various silos, for national good.

He also emphasised the need to deploy and enforce clear budgeting processes and ensure procurement systems are automated.

Obaro, noted that the execution of smart contracts and clear tax laws can go a long way in minimising the use of discretion, especially in the management of public funds.

Obaro, on his part, encouraged the Nigerian government to work towards a system that digitises processes across various facets of life including our electoral system.

At the earlier stage of Treasury Single Account (TSA) implementation in Nigeria, people presented receipts they had used before a practice from the pre-TSA era. However, as a result of the checks put in place through technology, that old practice that let people defraud the system was put to an end, Obaro said, adding that the country can take advantage of this current period to encourage individual and corporate citizens to minimise the use of cash and instead adopt the digital channels.

It is time to truly go digital, he said, while identifying the need to adopt a workable system whereby e-payment would be the major avenue for transactions, promote financial inclusion and encourage a credit culture in which people would not need to amass resources before they can acquire the essential needs of life like housing and shelter, he added.

In address, vice president Osinbajo said: Our experience in Nigeria as in other developing countries is that anonymous corporate ownership covers a multitude of sins including conflict of interests, corruption, tax evasion, money laundering, and even terrorism financing.

He added the need to protect those that fight corruption, saying, we must protect, even more, whistle-blowers persons who come forward with information against corruption.

The rest is here:

FG Urged to Adopt Technology in Tackling Corruption - THISDAY Newspapers

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Advancements in Technology to Aid the Growth of the Semantic Knowledge Graphing Market Over the Forecast Period 2017 2025 – 3rd Watch News

Posted: at 11:08 pm

Evaluation of the Global Semantic Knowledge Graphing Market

The presented study maps the growth trajectory of the global Semantic Knowledge Graphing market by thoroughly assessing the various factors that are expected to influence the future prospects of the Semantic Knowledge Graphing market. According to the report published by PMR, the Semantic Knowledge Graphing market is poised to attain a value of ~US$ XX Mn/Bn by the end of 2029 with a CAGR growth of ~XX% during the forecast period (2019-2029).

A complete evaluation of the trends, market drivers, opportunities, and challenges faced by market players operating in the Semantic Knowledge Graphing market is provided in the report. Further, an overview and introduction of the Semantic Knowledge Graphing market is included to ensure that the readers have a seamless experience while going through the contents of the report.

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Critical insights included in the report:

Competitive Outlook

The competitive outlook assessment provides an in-depth understanding related to the business proceeding of top-tier market players in the global Semantic Knowledge Graphing market. The product portfolio, sales strategy, marketing & promotional strategy, and sales footprint of each market player is scrutinized thoroughly in the report. Some of the leading players evaluated in the report include:

The report segments the global Semantic Knowledge Graphing market on the basis of region, product type, and end use.

key players and products offered

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Regional Analysis

The market scenario in each region along with a comprehensive assessment of the micro and macro-economic factors that are forecasted to impact the market growth in these regions is included in the report.

End Use Assessment

The market study offers accurate and in-depth analysis of the various end uses of the Semantic Knowledge Graphing along with a yearly comparison of the market share and revenue growth of each end use.

Important queries addressed in the report:

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Why Opt for PMR?

See the rest here:

Advancements in Technology to Aid the Growth of the Semantic Knowledge Graphing Market Over the Forecast Period 2017 2025 - 3rd Watch News

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Global Irreversible Electroporation Ablators Market by Trends, Dynamic Innovation in Technology and Key Players| AngioDynamics, Pulse Biosciences, and…

Posted: at 11:08 pm

Irreversible Electroporation Ablators Market

IndustryGrowthInsights, 19-07-2020: The research report on the Irreversible Electroporation Ablators Market is a deep analysis of the market. This is a latest report, covering the current COVID-19 impact on the market. The pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected every aspect of life globally. This has brought along several changes in market conditions. The rapidly changing market scenario and initial and future assessment of the impact is covered in the report. Experts have studied the historical data and compared it with the changing market situations. The report covers all the necessary information required by new entrants as well as the existing players to gain deeper insight.

Furthermore, the statistical survey in the report focuses on product specifications, costs, production capacities, marketing channels, and market players. Upstream raw materials, downstream demand analysis, and a list of end-user industries have been studied systematically, along with the suppliers in this market. The product flow and distribution channel have also been presented in this research report.

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The Major Manufacturers Covered in this Report:AngioDynamicsPulse Biosciences

The Research Study Focuses on:

By Types:GeneratorPartService

By Applications:LiverPancreasProstateOther

By Regions:

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The Irreversible Electroporation Ablators Market Report Consists of the Following Points:

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In conclusion, the Irreversible Electroporation Ablators Market report is a reliable source for accessing the research data that is projected to exponentially accelerate your business. The report provides information such as economic scenarios, benefits, limits, trends, market growth rate, and figures. SWOT analysis is also incorporated in the report along with speculation attainability investigation and venture return investigation.

About IndustryGrowthInsights:IndustryGrowthInsights has set its benchmark in the market research industry by providing syndicated and customized research report to the clients. The database of the company is updated on a daily basis to prompt the clients with the latest trends and in-depth analysis of the industry. Our pool of database contains various industry verticals that include: IT & Telecom, Food Beverage, Automotive, Healthcare, Chemicals and Energy, Consumer foods, Food and beverages, and many more. Each and every report goes through the proper research methodology, validated from the professionals and analysts to ensure the eminent quality reports.

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Global Irreversible Electroporation Ablators Market by Trends, Dynamic Innovation in Technology and Key Players| AngioDynamics, Pulse Biosciences, and...

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Lancashire aircraft makers team up with motor racing specialists on battery technology – Blackpool Gazette

Posted: at 11:08 pm

Staff at BAE Systems Warton and Samlesbury sites have worked with Williams Advanced Engineering to explore how battery management and cooling technologies from the motorsport industry could offer efficiency and performance gains in the air.

Next generation combat air technologies, such as the Tempest being designed at Warton, will need high-power at low weight in order to provide long range endurance and mission success.

Future systems will also need to generate enough energy to power a small town, which can be managed safely and efficiently throughout the aircraft and its subsystems, with pilots depending on high-performance power when you need it combat air capability.

WAE is a world leader in the design and delivery of advanced battery technologies that provide durable, fast charging power capability and was recently appointed as the Gen3 exclusive battery system supplier of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

Julia Sutcliffe, chief technology officer for BAE Systems Air sector, said: Working in partnership with companies like WAE is vital to drive rapid innovation at the pace the Tempest programme demands.

"Changing how we engage with wider industry and leveraging the best technologies and processes from across the global supply chain is essential in order to deliver value to the UK, our international partners and our allies.

Paul McNamara, Technical Director, Williams Advanced Engineering, said: We feel privileged to be involved in this ground breaking project and are confident that our experience in advanced battery development and cooling technologies will allow us to deliver innovative new solutions that can be applied in the defence sector.

"We have already seen a number of tangible benefits.

Rolls Royce has also worked in the project, on development of power and thermal management systems.

Continued here:

Lancashire aircraft makers team up with motor racing specialists on battery technology - Blackpool Gazette

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