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Nootropics Market Analysis, Status and Business Outlook 2019 to 2025 – TheFinanceTime

Posted: November 17, 2019 at 1:56 pm

The estimates displayed in the report have been obtained using proven research methods and assumptions. By doing so, the research report serves as a repository of analysis and information for every aspect of the market, including: but not limited to regional markets and applications.

Key players cited in the report:



Purelife Bioscience

Peak Nootropics


SupNootropic Biological Technology


Accelerated Intelligence

Onnit Labs

Powder City


Nootropic Source

Clarity Nootropics

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Competitive Landscape:

Key players of the global Nootropics market are profiled on the basis of various factors, which include recent developments, business strategies, financial strength, weaknesses and main business. The Nootropics report offers a special assessment of top strategic moves of leading players such as merger and acquisition, collaboration, new product launch, and partnership.

Product Segments of the Nootropics Market on the basis of Types are:Attention and Focus

Memory Enhancement

Mood and Depression

Sleep and Anxiety


Application Segments of the Nootropics Market on the basis of Application are:Adult


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Regional Segments Analysis:

The Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries and Egypt.)

North America (the United States, Mexico, and Canada.)

South America (Brazil etc.)

Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.)

Asia-Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Australia.)

Full Browse the report description and TOC:

Highlights of TOC:

Market Overview: It starts with product overview and scope of the global Nootropics market and later gives consumption and production growth rate comparisons by application and product respectively. It also includes a glimpse of the regional study and Nootropics market size analysis for the review period 2019-2025.

Company Profiles: Each company profiled in the report is assessed for its market growth keeping in view vital factors such as price; Nootropics market gross margin, revenue, production, markets served, main business, product specifications, applications, and introduction, areas served, and production sites.

Manufacturing Cost Analysis: It includes industrial chain analysis, manufacturing process analysis, the proportion of manufacturing cost structure, and the analysis of key raw materials.

Market Dynamics: Readers are provided with a comprehensive analysis of Nootropics market challenges, influence factors, drivers, opportunities, and trends.

Market Forecast: Here, the Nootropics report provides consumption forecast by application, price, revenue, and production forecast by product, consumption forecast by region, production forecast by region, and production and revenue forecast.

Irfan Tamboli (Head of Sales) Market insights Reports

Phone: + 1704 266 3234 | +91-750-707-8687 |

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Nootropics Market Analysis, Status and Business Outlook 2019 to 2025 - TheFinanceTime

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Sorry, These 11 Wellness Trends Are Out (and These 4 Are Officially In) – Yahoo Lifestyle

Posted: at 1:56 pm

Wanting to get healthy should never be considered a "trend," but sometimes new concepts or ideas in the wellness space can seem a bit unbelievable or far-fetched. And with changing lifestyles and new research, we just might find once-popular wellness trends could be seen as outdated, unsafe, or ineffective.

To figure out which trends call for some caution, we asked fitness and wellness experts and influencers for their opinions on the fads they regret taking part in or that they think are on the way out. Some even shared the new wellness trends to keep on our radars, too.

As a note, we know wellness isn't one-size-fits-all, and we're not trying to shame people here, nor set a mandate. A doctor or medical professional is always the best resource to find out what will work for you.

One of our experts, Claire Fountain of Trill Yoga, put it best: "Now, I'm not in the business of making people feel bad about themselves or their choices in 'wellness.' There are many paths to fitness and health, as you define it. So even if I find something lame, doesn't mean someone else doesn't love it and find goodness in it. And I think as long as we stay away from gimmicks, diet culture disguised as wellness, and the massive privilege in most 'wellness' we will all be okay."

So read these opinions below, but make your own decision about your health. It's your body, after all!

"CBD that is not regulated, and being mass marketed really has to go. It supposedly is in everything, and yet it's not when you actually do the research on the products. On top of that, do we really need it in everything? Do you even know how itmight help you or be of use in your life?" Claire Fountain,Trill Yoga

Our take? We've written about thebenefits of CBDand what to watch out for(and our editors do have favorite products), but the product market iscurrently unregulated. In fact, the FDA held itsfirst CBD hearing on May 31, so it may take some time to get more answers. Do your research on what you buy and consult with your doctor before you stock up on everything CBD.

This"trend" was pretty much unanimous with our experts and influencers. Here's what they had to say:

"I regret taking part in any restrictive diet in the past and feeling guilty or not good enough for not following or staying on track with the latest trendy diet, from Paleo to sugar-free to keto to Whole30. True, I saw short-term results, but it wasnt sustainable and left me disconnected from the people around me. I have realized our bodies are all different; our nutritional needs and how we metabolize foods are unique to our bodies and lifestyle choices. One size does not fit all when it comes to diets." Katherine Chen, @intentionally_kat

"I spent years destroying my body trying every crazy restrictive diet there is. So many of them are marketed as 'healthy,' but at the end of the day, any time you are restricting entire food groups or essential macro and micronutrients from your diet, it's nothealthy. When I finally lost 45 pounds, it was only because I created a healthy,balanceddiet for myself, and that's the only reason I've been able to keep the weight off for eight years and continue to get stronger each day." Katie Dunlop, Love Sweat Fitness

"If you follow me, you know I want to get rid of the obsession with everything, from food to body to 'wellness.' This goes for keto, poorly informed vegan diets, gluten-free when you don't truly have a gluten intolerance or allergy, and anything else that is sold as 'healthy' but is really just obsession and control by any other name. We don't need a cleanse from anything. Our bodies and organs will figure it out, as long as we keep giving it nutrient-dense food and water (plus sleep, plus breathing, etc.)." Fountain

Sure, we just went over restrictive diets, but this phenomenon that took the wellness community (and beyond) by storm was called out by almost all of our experts, so we thought it deserved its own spot on the list. Our take? We found that goingketo is different for everyone, so we might sound like a broken record at this point, but discuss with your doctor first if it's right for you.

"While a properly executed keto meal plan can do wonders for some, it's absolutely not the right diet for everyone. Every single body is so unique, and we all require completely different foods to feel our best. Extremely low levels of carbohydrates can create excess stress on our systems, and potentially exacerbate blood sugar imbalances, hormonal issues, and chronic stress levels. The takeaway: There is no such thing as a perfect diet, or one-size-fits-all when it comes to food!" Hannah Schmitt, @wholisticallyhannah_

"I fully regret taking part in the keto craze, and I hope to see it move on out! Like most people, I read about all of keto's wild effects. It was a SURE WAY to lose weight, feel younger, healthier, etc. And given my diet was already pretty low-carb, it seemed pretty easy. But I found two major problems with the diet:

"One, it totally changed my relationship with food. Food was no longer meant to be enjoyed or nourished, it was only eaten if it fit into my day's calculation. I soon realized the diet was NOT sustainable. I was turning down social plans so I could stick to my diet, and if I accidentally went over on my macros, I felt terrible about it. And two, women need carbs for hormone and thyroid balance. I lost my period for months during and following my keto diet.

"The worst part of the diet was when I 'broke keto.' It took me months to indulge in the foods I once enjoyed without feeling guilty about it. This kind of relationship with food and health was SO unhealthy physically and mentally. I do believe there are people who benefit from the diet, but I am sad to see the extremes it can take people to." Nicole Cogan, @nobread

"How these are even still a thing is beyond me. Major celebrities and influencers endorsing skinny teas and things like lollipops that claim to help you shed pounds is super irresponsible and truly just complete BS. Luckily, I feel like most people are starting to realize it and aren't buying into the hype anymore." Dunlop

"Can we please stop this? It's not a godsend to 'detox' your life. We don't need to detox our lives anyway. It's trendy and might not be so great for your insides or your teeth. Save your money for whole foods and therapy." Fountain

There are a lot of different beliefs from experts about what activated charcoal can do for you, but again, it all depends on the individual, so you'll need to talk to your doctor. When we spoke to nutritionist Samantha Franceschini, MS, she offered up some advice: "Activated charcoal when consulting with a health practitioner can be very beneficial to aid in digestion and remove toxins from the body." She also recommends trying chlorella as an alternative.

Micro Ingredients Organic Chlorella Tablet ($27)

"Your body does not burn enough calories to produce sweat to make any drastic change to adipose tissue. All that you are losing is water, and this increases the potential for dehydration. This can be super dangerous if you don't drink enough water. Hence the bad headaches you may experience!" Keely Ahrold,@keelya

Our take? Proceed with caution when you go to a heated workout class, and we agree with Keely: Don't expect to lose a lot of weight from one. There are some benefits to ahot yoga class or something similar, though. The heat can make you more flexible, and sweating it out can help you release toxins. If you do decide to head to a class, make sure you hydrate and prep before.

"Fasting is another technique that can be very supportive for certain people and very destructive to others. Blood sugar imbalances, stress load, and where a woman is in her menstrual cycle are all important factors to look at before deciding if fasting is suitable." Schmitt

Our take? There isresearch that intermittent fasting can be beneficial for some people. But we agree with Schmitt: Listen to your body, and speak to your doctor before you give it a try.

No, don't throw out your cartons of almond/oat/cashew milk just yet. Just read the labels carefully, as Claire Fountain explains:

"So many trendy milks are mostly sugar. It's fine if you'd like to have a creamy substance to enjoy, but I would not look to alternative milks as nutrient-dense foodstuffs, or vilify dairy if you enjoy it." Fountain

"Working from a state of 'hustle.'The idea of continuously grinding to achieve goals became super trendy over the last couple of years. I went through a period of continuously pushing myself, both mentally and physically. I thought it was glamorous to always be busy and felt rewarded for doing so. But in the end, I was left chronically stressed, burned-out, uninspired, and completely exhausted. Now, I choose to operate from a place of intuition, balance, and flow. I listen to my body and honor the times I need to rest." Schmitt

Our thoughts? We'd never begrudge anyone for working hard. In fact, we are big advocates of it. But thepressure to hustle sometimes pushes us beyond our limits, which can lead to burnout. Take some moments throughout your day, or week, to check in with yourself and leave some room for self-care.

"Believing big weights will make you bulkyit's trendy now in dance cardio and many other classes to see no more than three- or five-pound weights for women. Ladies, one more time, heavy weights will NOT make you bulky. Weight lifting for women remains one of the best ways women can feel confident, shape, and tone their bodies and create longevity that is healthy. Not to mention weight-bearing exercise help with bone density. (And if you need to see this to believe it, come hang with me on @cbquality. I lift more than most men weigh and have yet to be 'bulky.')" Fountain

Girlfriend Collective High Waist Full Length Leggings ($68)

"Everything from fit teas to adaptogens to CBD There are a lot of claims being made that use the power of words and marketing to get us to buy their products. I say look for transparency and brands that are built around science and research, when possible." Fountain

We couldn't have said it better.

We also asked our group of experts and influencers to share emerging wellness trends that they're excited about. Here's what they had to say:

"I'm absolutely in love with the idea of structuring your life around your menstrual cycle. This includes the foods we eat, the exercise we partake in, and the way we schedule our days. I have a feeling this practice is going to continue gaining popularity within the next year." Schmitt

"The days of squatting 150 pounds just to say you did are over. When it comes to women's fitness, I see more and more of a trend toward functional fitness. This means more workouts that are focused on training your muscle groups to work together and improve your performance in daily tasks. It's super unlikely you'll need to squat a person anytime soon, but you definitely need the strength, mobility, and endurance to get off the floor and reach overhead on the regular." Dunlop

Joylab High Neck Seamless Bra ($20)

"Eating whole foods, drinking water, spending time outside, getting enough sleep, and making space to just be. In an already complex and busy world, there's no need to overcomplicate things. I have a feeling that our society will continue to develop a new and greater appreciation for slow and simple living." Schmitt

"Looking ahead, I think we are going to hear more people work their way towards intuitive eating and creating SUSTAINABLE eating and lifestyle habits rather than counting on a 30-/60-/90-day cleanse or eating plan. I also think meditation and sound healing will find a bigger place at home, in school, and in corporate wellness. No longer is meditation a hippie-dippie experience but, I believe, a critical element in stress and anxiety management for both grown-ups and kids alike! I've incorporated sound healing music into our bedtime routine for myself and my son. It has worked wonders in getting us off to sleep by lowering BPMand any lingering bedtime stress or anxiety." Chen

Next up: Everyone Will Be Talking About Nootropics in 2020Here's What They Really Do

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Sorry, These 11 Wellness Trends Are Out (and These 4 Are Officially In) - Yahoo Lifestyle

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Crush Your Fitness Goals with This Fat Burner and Testosterone Booster – Men’s Journal

Posted: at 1:56 pm

Mens Journal aims to feature only the best products and services. We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. If you buy something via one of our links, we may earn a commission.Questions? Reach us at

We all need a boost once in a while. If youre having trouble dropping those last few pounds, maintaining a ripped physique, or just motivating to get off the couch and work out, try Modern Man v.3 Intense 2-in-1 Thermogenic and Testosterone Support.

This is far more than your typical testosterone booster. Modern Man delivers fast-acting results you can see and feel, ultimately enhancing your flow state to keep you in the zone and reach your fitness goals. If youre looking to get ripped, this is the stuff you need to take your fitness over the top. It transcends both testosterone boosters and fat burners.

If you find yourself in an endless cycle of stress, fatigue, and irritability, rest assured youre not alone. All guys go through this. How do some men stay positive, energized and focused? Modern Man can help.

A constant state of stress can torpedo your natural testosterone production. With less testosterone, youre more prone to store fat, have trouble building muscle, experience brain fog, and lose your drive.

With muscle-preserving, fat-burning ingredients and natural testosterone support, bodybuilding experts and business professionals alike swear by Modern Man. Its formulated with a very specific purpose: to help you reach your fitness goals. Getting in shape and achieving your goals adds confidence, which aids in natural testosterone production.

So break the cycle of stress and fatigue. Get Modern Man.

Its more than just testosterone. By combining some of the top, most researched ingredients recommended by professional biohackers, Modern Mans focus-enhancing complex provides a daily brain boost. Multiple nootropics work to boost cognitive function and increase your attention to detail. You will bust out of whats known as brain fog and feel more alert and energetic in your mind. And that will help you be more energetic physically.

And its more than just a brain boost. Modern Man uses clinically studied ingredients like KSM 66, ashwagandha, and Eurycoma Longifolia to support your lean physique and unleash raw power.

And its is made for daily use. So even if youre frequently on-the-go or traveling, you can still supply your body with what it needs on a daily basis to stay strong.

Modern Man will help you optimize your bodys capacity for stress relief, too. So negative thoughts and anxiety cant bring you down. Youll feel calmer in the face of adversity and boost your mood because Modern Man supports healthy dopamine production to further keep you in a positive state of mind.

With over 1,200 reviews and an impressive 4.3-star rating by real users, its safe to say that Modern Man works for a ton of men. Break out of your downward spiral, and be the Modern Man you were born to be.

Check out all the great products and gear we recommend to Mens Journal readers


How to Buy the Perfect Suit for You

The Best Jerky (Beef and Beyond) You Can Buy

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Crush Your Fitness Goals with This Fat Burner and Testosterone Booster - Men's Journal

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The Risks of Nootropic Use – Psychology Today

Posted: November 11, 2019 at 3:47 am

Source: Image by the author

Nootropicsfor example, caffeinearecompounds that,if used correctly, are safeand can enhance your cognitive performance and mood.

You can develop tolerance to some nootropics if you dont cycle them. Its even possible to develop an addiction to some. If you have a history of substance abuse, I would suggest you start only with the less potent ones. For example,N-acetylcysteine can help against addictions.

A criterion for a compound to be a nootropic is that the compound should have no risk of addiction if used right. This is not true for certain compounds that some regard as nootropics. Examples of compounds that are risky, especially if you have a history of substance abuse, are Modafinil, Phenibut, caffeine, and Tianepeptine.

The dose makes the poison Paracelsus

In the initial phase of getting to know the effects of a compound on your body and mind, you should experiment very carefully. Take it slow in the early stages of your exploration.Research the individual compoundand be present to what is happening in your body and mind upon consumption.

The goal of nootropic use for most people is to enhance your psyche, not only the underlying biochemistry. Lets find out what can go wrong in pursuing that.

The risk is that any good effects you feel are placebo, which means youre really just wasting your money. I would argue thatyou are the placebo, though, which entails the fact that placebo effects are as real as non-placeboones.

On the other hand, its better to find things that work on the biochemical level over the long term. Nootropics vary widely in their efficacy throughout the human population.

For example, one particular SNP (gene variation)Single Nucleotide Polymorphismalters the efficacy of Modafinil on the user.

The SNP rs4680 has been linked to the production of an enzyme that breaks down dopamine in the prefrontal cortex. If your SNP variant is GG you will have the best response to Modafinil. If youre AGyou will have an intermediate response, and if youre AA you will have a less notable result.

I had my gene test, and my variant is AG, which means I would respond, though not very strongly (comparatively), to Modafinil. (I will write about genetic testing for biohacking purposes in a later post.)

The example of the SNP rs4680 and Modafinil illustrates that we all react differently to what were exposed to. Thats true both for the biochemical and psychological constituents of our minds. Genetic testing is one method for finding out how you react on the biochemical level. Psychological reactions can be indicative of your biochemical reaction.

Psychological problems are not something you can be completely guarded against, whether you use nootropics or not.

Many nootropics can help people with various psychological conditions, for example, depression and anxiety. The risk you expose yourself to is dependent on which nootropics you use, and most of all,how you use them.

If you have prior psychiatric conditions, you have to be extra cautious. Nootropics can be more useful for people with cognitive impairment, or people with ADHD, than people without psychiatric conditions. But the mind and biochemical state of people with psychiatric conditions are often already full of both medications and psychological problems.

Ive gained a lot in my ability to engineer my experience away from psychological problems and psychiatric conditions from reading a lot of books concerning psychiatry, psychology, and mental disorders. While it is good for me in the long term to have explored those waters, it wasnt a pleasant process. It was very humbling and I discovered how little has to go wrong for a person to end up in a bad place.

In my experience, the most challenging experiences psychologically have been some of the most growth-inducing ones. If you recover from a psychologically problematic state and reflect on what happened, you will have new perspectives and develop as a person. You will understand nootropics better, you will understand your own psyche better, and you will understand the human psyche better.

Having agrowth mindsethas been crucial in helping me make sure all the negative effects I ever had from nootropic use were short-term and solvable.

If you get cognitive problems or experience side effects from nootropics, it can definitely affect your career and relationships. Neither themindnor the biochemical building blocks of which it is made exist in a vacuum; they interact with their environment. Naturally, you will have difficulty performing if youre experiencing psychological problems.

In my opinion, nootropics used well can help solve most problems you may have with social anxiety. If you do suffer from social anxiety, please know this: Youre an animal, youre conditioned, and you can recondition yourself. Nootropics can help you to smoothly start exposing yourself to what was once outside your comfort zone. Lets say you boost your calm with ashwagandha and have to make a public speech. For the long term, it is better for your confidence, career, and abilities to have done it well. In my experience, the memory formation of how your public speech went is stronger than what nootropics you take.

You can use nootropics to get into new habitual ways of being and continue to live the same way after stopping the use of the nootropic.

I cannot stress this point enough: Nootropics should give you benefits and no significant side effects. I believe you can boost your odds of achievingthis by being aware of the risks and experimentingcautiously.

Theres limited research on most nootropic compounds, and, for some, the best source of knowledge is peoples personal experience.

There are somenootropics with an inverse riskthat have a lot of scientific evidence of being harmless. If you experiment with the most potent pharmaceutical nootropics, there is a risk that you maycreate long-term problems for yourselfby doingsome real damage to your DNA, or by some otherunknownmechanism.

My personal philosophy on the more potent ones is to use only some of them, the ones in which I see the least risk and biggest rewards. I only use these for special occasions. I never use them two days in a row and am conservative in using them at all.

I'm not concerned with changes in life expectancy as a result of using these nootropics. I believeIve already increased my life expectancy way above average by deliberatelyexercising, eating, meditating, and sleeping.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Theres a great chance that any harm onemay do will be fixable when the problem arises.

Im fully aware I could end up with health problems from using nootropics the wrong way. Theres a big difference between the possibility and probability of that happening, though. Im doing everything in my power to reduce the probability.

The unknown anduncertaintyentail an inherent risk for problems. Were more or less programmedto be anxious and fearful of the unknown by our genes. It served us well on the savanna. Unless we develop deliberate, intentional strategies for handling this fearwe will stay in our comfort zones, at the expense of our well-being and self-actualization.

Being anti-fragile meansgainingfrom disorders or problems. If youre mindful and aware of whats going on in your mind when you take nootropics instead ofbeing inside whats going on, you will become robust or anti-fragile to it.Whether or not you can detach is biochemically dependent. Our ability to embrace uncertainty is constantly changing. It is in itself uncertain. Should we accept that?

Should we embrace the uncertainty of our constantly changing ability to embrace uncertainty? My personal opinion is that, no, I dont want to spend hours every day practicing mindfulness to possibly get into a state of mind thatembraces uncertainty.

Its simply more economical time-wise and results-wise to work with your body deliberately, for example, by usingnootropics that work well for you specifically, in contrast to going with the flow of your body'sfluctuations and mishaps.

Biohackingdoes not entail going against your own nature; on the contrary, it involves re-aligning yourself with your nature (being healthy). I choose to engineer my experience. I do this to optimize cognitive performance and happiness and help others do the same.

But how doyoureduce the probabilities of all of these risks and still reap the benefits of nootropics? Research every compound and experiment slowly. Theres no substitute for knowing the risks and how to mitigate them if you want to biohack safely.

This post is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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The Risks of Nootropic Use - Psychology Today

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Polyphenols from grape and blueberry show promise as effective nootropic ingredients –

Posted: at 3:47 am

When cognitive health is mentioned, the geriatric population may come to mind. But the supplement industry is marketing toward college students, gamers and other younger generations who are looking for an energy boost, better mental focus, memory enhancement and blue light exposure protection.

The global nootropics market size is expected to reach $4.94 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research. It is projected to register a CAGR of 12.5% during the forecast period. Rising healthcare costs and mental health awareness is anticipated to fuel the demand for nootropics, also known as smart drugs. Other factors which influenced growth is the elderly population battling mild Alzheimer's disease as well as those looking to gain a competitive edge in academic performance.

The memory enhancement application segment led the nootropics market in 2018 and it is expected to remain ahead over the forecast period. As the worlds elderly population grows to an estimated 2 billion by 2050, memory loss remains a major health concern.

Common nootropic ingredients include botanicals like Panax ginseng or Ginkgo biloba, as well as adaptogens like Rhodiola rosea. But recent researchshows that polyphenols from grapes and blueberries combined may help boost declining memory among some older adults.

Researchers in France and Canada piggybacked off their own previous work onmice with other preclinical and clinical studies showing that blueberries and grapes or their extracts may offer benefits for age-related cognitive decline. Their previous animal research also showed a synergistic effect, where grape extract enhanced the absorption of polyphenols in the blueberry extract.

To determine whether an extract of both fruits may affect human cognition, researchers studied 215 men and women aged 60 to 70 years in a 6-month clinical trial. Participants randomly received either a placebo or 600 mg per day of a polyphenol-rich grape and blueberry extract that contained 258 mg of flavonoids. The fruity extract, is marketed under the brand name Memophenol, a trademark of Activ'Inside. Located in Bordeaux, France, the company is also a grape extract specialist.

At the beginning of the trial, researchers administered several baseline cognitive ability tests, including visuospatial skills and episodic memory tests in which participants watched patterned boxes open on a touchscreen computer. When the patterns then appeared in the middle of the screen, participants had to match them to the appropriate box. Additional testing assessed episodic verbal memory and working memory.

All participants improved on the touchscreen computer test after 6 months. However, when researchers divided the participants into 4 groups according to their baseline test performance, they found significant improvement among extract recipients with the greatest cognitive decline. In this group, cognitive age estimated from baseline test results improved by nearly 14 years, compared with about 5.5 years in the placebo group. Overall, the extract group also improved in verbal recall.

[O]ur study confirms the need to define a recommended dietary allowance for flavonoids and revise recommendations for foods rich in these bioactives, the authors concluded.

Benoit Lemaire, CEO of Activ'Inside, told NutraIngredients-USA that their grape and blueberry extract Memophenol is also used in studies of younger populations.

This supplement is not only for seniors. Polyphenol-rich Extract from Grape and Blueberry (PEGB) marketed under the brand Memophenol has been subject of a 2nd clinical study on students.

Indeed, the randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled and crossover clinical study (study title pending) is forthcoming. Lemaire said this clinical work included 30 students ages 18-25 years old under exam conditions, who were supplemented with 600mg Memophenol in one shot. Significant results shown a 36% higher cognitive performance on Memophenol group compared to placebo after 90 minutes.

Memophenol comes in capsules, tablets, sachets and shots.


The Journals of Gerontology: Series A

Volume 74, Issue 7, July 2019,

Polyphenols From Grape and Blueberry Improve Episodic Memory in Healthy Elderly with Lower Level of Memory Performance: A Bicentric Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Study

Authors: J. Bensalem, et al

Read the rest here:

Polyphenols from grape and blueberry show promise as effective nootropic ingredients -

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Nootropics That May Help To Boost Your Brain – Anti Aging News

Posted: November 5, 2019 at 12:50 pm

251  0

Productivity warriors and cognitive creatives are looking towards smart drugs as brain boosting aids. Nootropics have been around since the 1970s, but are starting to re-emerge due to anecdotal evidence saying they decrease stress and increase mental stamina, they are broadly defined as anything that enhances your cognitive capacity and performance, from memory to creativity, motivation to concentration, says Jennifer T. Haley, MD, FAAD.

Nootropics can be a single substance or a blend, it is really anything that helps to improve cognitive function on the consumer level, which are typically not FDA regulated, are natural, and have no to very limited side effects.

Ginseng is also categorized as a nootropic due to its benefit of treating stress, promoting improved brain function, and antioxidant support. One study showed the participants to have improved calmness and improved ability to do math.

Fatty acids or medium chain triglycerides have been studied for the brain health properties, especially in those with Alzheimers disease. One study found MCTs to help increase brain energy by 9%; most notable research suggests MCTs provide energy to dying brain cells, keeping neurons alive in Alzheimers disease. MCTs support general brain health, boost brain energy, are anti-stress, and provide antioxidant support.

The amino acid L-theanine is a major component of black tea, it helps to promote feelings of calmness and supports increased brain activity. One study found it to increase mental focus and arousal. Another study found it to result in a reduction of stress responses.

Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogenic nootropic that may improve cognitive function, enhance memory and learning, and protect the brain. It also helps with emotional calming and protects against emotional stress, says Haley. It has been found to be helpful at alleviating brain fog, and to help improve symptoms of stress, fatigue, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Maca root also functions as a nootropic working to benefit increased mental energy, better focus, feelings of calmness, and improved overall memory. It has been found to work directly upon the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland to help boost focus, mental energy, reduce stress, alleviate depression, and calm anxiety while stimulating brain activity.

CoQ10 may help your cells to create energy, reduce headaches and protect the brain from harmful compounds that might lead to brain disease.

PPQ added to meals was found to result in strong evidence suggesting that it may help cells to create energy and enhance mitochondria related functions such as mental focus.

By increasing your bodys ability to make ATP the energy currency of your cells it gives you more brain energy and more body energy. says Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of Bulletproof.

Royal jelly is one of the most amazing superfoods for the brain, and as a bonus its keto, says Beekeepers Naturals CEO Carly Stein. While bacopa monnieri plant extract and ginkgo biloba leaf are two adaptogens that [are] powerful for the brain and underrated.

The brain health industry is growing strong with a projected worth of $11.6 billion by 2024. If you havent seen or heard of these brain boosters just yet they will likely be making more of an appearance soon enough. Not all nootropics will work the same for each person, and each one has a different use. As always it is recommended to consult with a medical professional before starting any supplement or medication to ensure what is best for you.

Nootropics may be the micro-brain boost that you have been searching for. This on the go lifestyle even has some using time on the porcelain throne to catch up on emails, and it can be taxing on the body and mind.

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Nootropics That May Help To Boost Your Brain - Anti Aging News

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AM Medical’s WAVI Technology Helps Find and Reverse Cognitive Issues – ThurstonTalk

Posted: October 5, 2019 at 3:44 pm

Brain fog. If youve ever wandered into a room and forgotten within seconds why you went there, youve experienced it. The culprit responsible for this fuzzy mental state could be lack of sleep, stress or any number of other reasons. One thing that is clear: If we dont know whats causing it, fixing it becomes more challenging.

Patients at Yelms AM Medical clinic dont have that issue. Thanks to a technology called a Wavi headset that measures brain waves, Dr. Ana Mihalcea can determine the density of any given brains dendrites and synapses. The tool helps to diagnose everything from cognitive decline, depression and anxiety, to damage resulting from drug use and concussion trauma. More importantly, once a condition has been identified, Mihalcea works with clients to address and reverse the problem.

This technology is so important for getting actionable data very quickly and easily, says Mihalcea. With the WAVI, there are very specific ways of telling whats going on and then were able to treat it accordingly.

The key measurement is a number called P300, which indicates the density of the brains dendrites and synapses. When patients are developing age-related cognitive decline that number shrinks. However, the situation is not irreversible; peptide therapy has been shown to reverse Alzheimers disease, dementia, and cognitive impairment. The peptides can produce nerve-derived growth factors so you can actually make new neural connections, says Mihalcea.

For patients wrestling with depression and anxiety, the machine can pinpoint areas for treatment. The WAVI measures voltage within brain cells as well as the P300, and if the voltage is low, peptide therapy and nootropics can make a difference. We may see that the hemispheres arent communicating correctly with each other or that the cells voltage is a little lower than it should be, says Mihalcea. That can be addressed. There are some very specific things we can do outside of using antidepressants.

Another key use of the WAVI: providing a baseline for young athletes to use for comparison in case they suffer a concussion. Its really about understanding when you can release them back to full activity, says Mihalcea. When we have a baseline, we know when theyre at an optimum. If they get a concussion, we can follow them and determine, Hey, you need to be out another month. Even though your reaction time and your physical exam are normal, your brain isnt yet.

Shes also seen positive results for patients dealing with metabolic issues like obesity as well as chronic fatigue and pain, all of which are often connected with brain fog. The wonderful thing is that once we have identified the issue, we have ways of helping patients reverse all kinds of conditions, says Mihalcea. We can help with natural forms of treatment.

Learn more by visiting the AM Medical website or by calling 360.960.8538.


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AM Medical's WAVI Technology Helps Find and Reverse Cognitive Issues - ThurstonTalk

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NootroNerd Website Offers Comprehensive Articles About Nootropics and Cognitive Enhancement Methods – Digital Journal

Posted: August 25, 2017 at 4:16 am

Laguna Niguel, California - Looking to improve cognitive skills that have been lost? Look no further than Nootro Nerd. An online resource, they are now providing informative articles on nootropics a smart drug that has been created to allow improvement for peoples cognitive health and memory.

Many fear that they could be at risk of losing their cognitive capacity, especially if they have a family history of dementia or Alzheimers. Making sure that anyone can enhance their natural brain functions is the reason nootropics were created.

The brain is one of the hardest working organs in the body and sometimes it may not perform as well as someone wishes. Sometimes the brain needs a boost to get back up and working, and a great boost for the brain is nootropics. Nootropics are a supplement that are primarily used for the effects it has on the brains natural function. The primary brain functions that nootropics improve are memory, creativity, and motivation.

More than 5 million people in the United States have Alzheimers disease and dementia, but Nootropics can help decrease this because it helps the brain work in ways that it naturally would not do. The new articles on nootropics and cognitive enhancement methodsfeatured on Nootro Nerds go in-depth about nootropics, how these brains enhancing pill work, and which is the best type of nootropics for their readers to get.

The well-researchedpieces on their siteexplain the health benefits and address the safety concerns that anyone may have when considering taking this brain enhancing drug. They also explain how the pill is going to help those who are taking any type of nootropic.

Some may wonder why try nootropics? Nootropics are extremely effective in boosting brain power. The feeling is most effective when it hits the brain clearly. This pill performs like lifting a fog that has been over the brain. It helps the person taking it see clearly while they are doing whatever task at hand.

At Nootroo Nerd, they are reviewing new and popular brands of nootropics to make sure their readers are getting the most informative material possible and using the best brain boosting products. For those interested in increasing their cognitive function and learning more, check out for a reliable source on nootropics and cognitive enhancement methods.

Media Contact Company Name: Nootro Nerd Contact Person: David Blanchard Email: City: Laguna Niguel State: California 92677 Country: United States Website:

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NootroNerd Website Offers Comprehensive Articles About Nootropics and Cognitive Enhancement Methods - Digital Journal

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4 Biohacking Facts You Should Know About in 2017 – Techzone360

Posted: August 20, 2017 at 6:24 pm

Hacking, a term now associated with technology, gained its current meaning in the 1950s when MIT students referred to working on technology as hacking. Today, the image of a hacker is often one of a computer programmer that is tapping into systems and accessing information they shouldnt, but in reality, a hacker is just someone who is cutting and splicing technology into new shapes and forms. Indeed, this idea of breaking things apart and putting them back together again ties into the original definition of hack, which is to cut or sever with repeated irregular or unskillful blows.

When it comes to biohacking, a more recent development in science, it involves combining the idea of hacking with biology. In todays world, biohacking falls into a few distinct categories: 1) grinders, who implant technology into their bodies, 2) health hackers, who use a combination of diet and activity to improve their bodies, 3) DIY biologists, who work in genetics and work on combining different species genetic codes, and 4) researchers and participants in nootropics, a field dedicated to improving cognitive function that is so new that a term like nootropicist has yet to be accepted.

So what does the biohacking industry look like in 2017? Here are four biohacking facts you should know about:

1. Grinders dont use anesthetic

Grinders have yet to receive widespread acceptance, but many of them are out there now. From a magnet in their finger to sense magnetic fields to thermometers to microchips that can act as key cards, grinders are implanting all kinds of technology into their bodies. However, none of these biohack implants are FDA-approved, so doctors arent performing the procedure. This means no anesthesia because whoever does the implanting likely wont have a medical license. Instead, grinders turn to tattoo artists or even do it themselves to get the job done. If you want to become a real-life cyborg, youll have to embrace some pain to get there.

2. Nootropics are all the rage in Silicon Valley

Always looking for the next life hack to boost productivity, entrepreneurs in San Francisco have taken to nootropics to get an edge over their competition and work longer, more productive hours in the hyper-growth tech industry. This behavior has been a trend ever since Bulletproof Coffee appeared in 2009: workers in the tech industry have turned to ingesting odd foods or even fasting once a week, all in the name of increasing productivity. Now entrepreneurs have taken to nootropics, untested cognitive enhancers that make them smarter. There are numerous companies selling nootropics, and some have raised substantial funding, such as Nootrobox, which received $2 million from Andreessen Horowitz. It remains to be seen whether different nootropics combinations of chemicals actually work, but people are nevertheless buying into them, believing that ingesting these chemicals will take their work day to the next level.

3. Scientists can make human tissue out of plants

Pelling Laboratory for Biophysical Manipulation at the University of Ottawa has managed to create a human ear out of a carved apple. In essence, the lab killed and sterilized the apple, leaving a cellulose structure with gaps where the apple cells used to be, and then carved it into the shape of a human ear. They then introduced human cells to the structure, which multiplied and filled it, creating a human-apple hybrid. This technology is in its earliest phase, but upon further development, this technology could become a new means of growing new tissue for grafts and replacing damaged tissue. The possibilities of Pellings technique become more profound when you consider that the cheapest option for growing tissue currently on the market is priced at roughly $800 per cubic centimeter. Pellings apple technique, on the other hand, costs less than 1 cent for the same amount, meaning that tissue replacement could suddenly become a feasible and affordable option for lower economic classes around the world.

4. Anyone can become a biohacker

Biohacking sounds complicated, and sure, creating an ear out of an apple is quite difficult, but anyone can be a biohacker. If youve ever tried cutting sugar or gluten out of your diet, youre a biohacker. Getting a pacemaker, contacts, or hearing aids, all mean that youre a biohacker. While some question whether biotechnology should be available to the masses, its currently possible to start your own lab and biohack genetic code. Projects like The ODIN connect aspiring scientists with affordable tools and everything they need to start their own lab in a garage, and its perfectly legal. Its incredibly difficult to create something dangerous by splicing together different genetic codes, so concern is low. Instead, this community of DIY geneticists and biologists are experimenting to drive progress forward and hopefully one day achieve enough small breakthroughs to change the biohacking industry as a whole.

Are you a biohacker yourself? Where do you think the industry is heading in the latter half of 2017? Leave a comment below!

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4 Biohacking Facts You Should Know About in 2017 - Techzone360

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Could new dietary supplements boost brain power? – WNDU-TV

Posted: August 11, 2017 at 6:26 pm

Theyre being called nootropics -- so called smart drugs that offer a shortcut to sharpen your focus and your thinking. Its an online sensation hitting the $30 billion dietary supplement industry.

Geoff Woo is the CEO of Nootrobox/HVMN, and he says hes sure he can make us smarter and quicker on our feet. Woos company and other competitors want us to think about supplements in a drastically new light.

Typical vitamins focus on micro nutrients, so these things are deficiencies in a persons normal diet, he said. What we look at our company is looking at things that can enhance human performance.

Since hes been taking his smart pills, Coleman Maher says his wrestling workouts are easier.

Its a really, really tough grind and its hard to stay focused or motivated sometimes, Maher said. So, having an energy boost is very valuable.

But beyond an energy boost, could these super supplements also boost our brain power? Piracetam is one smart drug gaining popularity. Its sold as a prescription in Europe, but over the counter here, Dr. Vinh Ngo says.

That one has a lot of research behind it, he said. I think theres a potentially huge audience for Nootropics. Anyone can benefit for having improved cognition.

Since supplements escape regulation by the FDA, doctors remind us to be cautious.

Ive tried to kind of clear up a lot of questions people have, make it safe for them to use, Dr. Ngo said.

So what should we be asking before giving them a try?

Just get some sound advice from a medical professional and do your homework, Dr. Ngo said.

While nootropics is not considered a field of medicine just yet, it has gained a huge following within Silicon Valley. Yahoos Marissa Mayer, and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen both are said to have invested in them. Some doctors point out that there can be a risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, and Dr. Ngo makes all of his patients sign waivers for certain nootropics programs.


BACKGROUND: Nootropics were first discovered in 1960s, and were used to help people with motion sickness and then later were tested for memory enhancement. In 1971, the nootropic drug piracetam was studied to help improve memory. Romanian doctor Corneliu Giurgea was the one to coin the term for this drug: nootropics. His idea after testing piracetam was to use a Greek combination of nous meaning mind and trepein meaning to bend. Therefore the meaning is literally to bend the mind. Since then, studies on this drug have been done all around the world. One test in particular studied neuroprotective benefits with Alzheimers patients. More tests were done with analogues of piracetam and were equally upbeat. This is a small fraction of nootropic drugs studied over the past decade. Studies were done first on animals and rats and later after results from toxicity reports, on willing humans. (Source)

A COGNITIVE EDGE: Many decades of tests have convinced some people of how important the drugs can be for people who want an enhancement in life. These neuro-enhancing drugs are being used more and more in the modern world. Nootropics come in many forms and the main one is caffeine. Caffeine reduces physical fatigue by stimulating the bodys metabolism. The molecules can pass through the blood brain barrier to affect the neurotransmitters that play a role in inhibition. These molecule messengers can produce muscle relaxation, stress reduction, and onset of sleep. Caffeine is great for shortterm focus and alertness, but piracetam is shown to work for long-term memory. Piracetam enhances brain oxygen supply and the removal of the inhibitory transmitter GABA, thus theoretically improving attention, memory, and learning. While, there are supplements such as alpha GPC or choline bitartrate for piracetam users, choline is also found in some foods such as vegetables and eggs leading to the theory that a vegetarian diet leads to mental acuity. Modafinil is a prescription drug traditionally used to treat narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is an uncommon neurological disorder where individuals are susceptible to repeated sleep throughout the day. Modafinil elevates levels of histamine in the hypothalamus. This leads to a greater amount of alertness. Military pilots have been given this medication for long missions. (Source 1, Source 2)

PRECAUTIONS: Nootropics are sold as nutritional supplements and natural products and refrain from making health claims causing them to avoid close government scrutiny. Piracetam is only one of many formulations in the racetam drug family. Newer ones include aniracetam, phenylpiracetam and oxiracetam and all are available on line where their efficacy and safety are debated and reviewed on message boards and in podcasts. If you are taking Adderall, albuterol or piracetam, you could be at risk for high blood pressure and heart problems. Vinh Ngo, MD, a San Francisco family practice doctor who specializes in hormone therapy, requires his patients to sign waivers acknowledging possible health risks in taking nootropics. While studies have found short-term benefits, Professor Murali Doraiswamy, who has led several trials of cognitive enhancers at Duke University Health System, told The New York Times there is no evidence that what are commonly known as smart drugs, of any type, improve thinking or productivity over the long run. Thats because when you up one circuit in the brain, youre probably impairing another system. (Source)

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Could new dietary supplements boost brain power? - WNDU-TV

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