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Covid-19 different from Tiananmen, China wont be able to tide over crisis: Ex-NSA Menon – ThePrint

Posted: May 11, 2020 at 11:40 am

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New Delhi: China will not be able to tide over the coronavirus crisis like it did with the 1989 Tiananmen Square episode, former National Security Advisor (NSA) Shivshankar Menon said Wednesday, adding that the impact of Covid-19 will continue to simmer leading to a huge reputational loss for China as well as other countries.

This is going to simmer, this is not like Tiananmen. This is a very different situation, Menon said. Its a huge reputational loss for China. Bigger the country, the bigger the loss of reputation. The Chinese have developed a reputation over the years, which now has been turned against them. Reputation will be used as a stick to beat China with.

Menon, who is also a former foreign secretary, was speaking at an online seminar hosted by the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS). ThePrint was the media partner for the seminar Looking at Post-COVID World: The China Dimension.

According to Menon, who is also chairman of the ICS advisory board, the pandemic has also shown the nervousness with which governments and leaders around the world have dealt with the massive crisis, be it in their individual capacities or at the multilateral stage of the G20 or the UN.

If you look at the level of rhetoric, the shriller the rhetoric, the higher the claims of victory the more it sounds to me that they (world leaders) are really nervous, that they really dont know what they are doing, Menon said.

There is a shouting match that is going on between the leaders now. They are not working together. You saw the G20, you saw the UNSC, they are not managing to work together.

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On the growing tensions between the US and China, especially over the origin of the virus, Menon said the problems between these major powers had been rising even before the outbreak of the pandemic.

He, however, added that the US narrative on the origin of the virus will continue to rage until the US presidential elections scheduled to take place in November this year.

I think we need to wait until the US elections There is a bipartisan consensus in the US on China and it is much harsher than it has been for a very long time. So no matter what happens in the US elections there is no going back, the former foreign secretary added.

Menon also said despite these rising tensions between Washington and Beijing, both will find it painful to decouple themselves from their economic bonding.

Lets not forget they are also tied to each other like the Siamese twins on the economic side and that decoupling will be really painful for both of them. There will come a time when they will follow their economic interests, he added.

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Comparing the pandemic with the 2008-09 financial meltdown crisis, Menon said, Unlike in 2008-end and the beginning of 2009 when for most of the powers, their leadership was secure, they knew they were either going to be there or that they were not going to be there and so they could do the right thing without any fear of any effects on their political future Today you have an issue, which frankly, the leaders dont understand there isnt a kind of scientific or expert advice that you have experience of in the economic field.

He said for India the challenge will be to see where the money goes citing the $60 billion limit that the Modi government has set for coronavirus-related relief.

Ultimately you will have to see what people do with their money. Why are we (India) running such a huge trade deficit with China? This is because Indians are spending their money in China buying things. Thats where I would look six months from now, he added.

He also cautioned against India aligning with the US or with China.

Nobody shares our interest entirely I dont see any alliance really working for us. You need to position yourself where you have better relationships with both the US and China than they have with each other, said Menon, who was also Indias former Beijing envoy from 2000-2003.

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Covid-19 different from Tiananmen, China wont be able to tide over crisis: Ex-NSA Menon - ThePrint

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Dismay, confusion over St. Paul Park charter school’s impending closure – Bring Me The News

Posted: at 11:40 am

Natural Science Academy has about 75 students enrolled this year.

Natural Science Academy

A St. Paul Park-based charter school is facing closure after losing its authorizer.

The Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center, which recently changed its name from the Audubon Center of the North Woods, has chosen not to renew its contract with Natural Science Academy, citing poor academic performance and governance concerns. The Natural Science Academy had previously signed two probationary three-year contracts with them.

Osprey authorizes about 35 schools, according to its website. NSA is the only school out of the 10 up for renewal this year to not receive another contract, Erin Anderson, director of charter school authorizing, told BMTN.

The 14-year-old elementary schools website lists 11 staff members. Around 75 students are enrolled this year.

NSA staff and parents have pushed back against the decision in letters to the Minnesota Department of Education, state legislators and a widely circulated petition.

They argue that the closure is unfairly based on state test scores, but the Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Centers correspondence to the school emphasizes poor performance according to other measures, including curriculum-based measures chosen by the school and nationally normed growth assessments. In addition, the authorizer cited concerns over the schools teacher-run leadership structure and governance.

It must be frustrating to have just been informed of this, and we are disappointed to learn that the school board did not adequately advise its community of the risk of closure, in view of the numerous communications from ACNW to the school, Anderson wrote to parents, citing notices sent to the school in May 2018 and February 2019 concerning low academic performance.

In order to be eligible for renewal, the school had to score at least 50 out of 100 points on an assessment based largely on state test scores, measures chosen by the school and nationally normed growth assessments. The school scored 60.7, making it eligible, but it didnt meet the standard for five out of eight academic categories, a March 13 notice from Osprey to NSA says.

Those five areas are reading growth, math growth, reading proficiency, math proficiency and science proficiency, based on three years worth of various measurements of academic performance.

A report from January details that Osprey received complaints against the schools lead teacher from two former employees in November 2017 and December 2019.

The complaints alleged a very stressful and negative workplace and a toxic environment of practices, according to the report.

The school has functioned under basically the same instructional leadership structure for at least the last six years (two contract periods) which has resulted in persistently low academic achievement and a lack of accountability for student outcomes, Osprey wrote in its March notice of non-renewal to the school.

At an informal hearing with Osprey in April, the school provided "ample evidence" of an improved workplace culture, Anderson said in an email. The non-renewal was ultimately based on poor academic performance and "NSA's failure to properly conduct its corporate governance," she said.

Advocates for the school have expressed confusion over the non-renewal process and surprise that the school is being closed during the pandemic.

Kate Maki, whose fourth-grade student has attended the school since kindergarten, began working at the school as a special projects coordinator two years ago.

I really like the school, I completely believe in it. And Im watching it grow and change and become this great thing, Maki said.

The school had a bad year when it was renewed in 2017, Maki said, and implemented an expeditionary learning-based curriculum the next fall.

Our last years science scores were phenomenal We were like, why are we not getting an A+ on this? she said.

She said she and other staff members had the understanding that three-year contracts were the norm.

They said, youve been on probation for six years total. And were like, well, thats always been the case So why would we even bat an eye?

"NSA is being used as a sacrificial lamb."

Harry Adler, who joined the schools board of directors in March, and has held multiple roles in education including principal, executive director of a charter school and current work helping an authorizer assess schools, expressed similar confusion.

What I find strange about it is, many of their schools are basically on probation because theyre on three-year contracts. So they call these three-year contracts probationary, and it has not been that long since the state has offered five-year contracts, he said.

In a complaint letter to the Minnesota Department of Education, Adler emphasized that comparing the schools scores to other students across the state and neighboring District 833 doesnt show an adequate representation of students academic success because of the schools small class sizes.

Thirty-nine students took the MCA tests in 2019, documents show.

Ospreys 2019 annual report shows that 15 percent of its schools had scored lower than 50 percent of their points on its academic performance evaluation, he added.

NSA is being used as a sacrificial lamb to give the perception that ACNW (Audubon Center of the North Woods)is providing strong oversight. I believe the closure decision cannot be justified analytically based on the data and is ethically wrong given the pandemic, Adler said in the letter.

MDE has said it will look into the complaint, Adler said.

Correction: A previous version of this story inaccurately described the timing of the employee complaints. In separate instances, two former employees sent a complaint to Osprey after they had stopped working there.

Dismay, confusion over St. Paul Park charter school's impending closure - Bring Me The News

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Shareholders Of National Storage Affiliates Trust (NYSE:NSA) Must Be Happy With Their 174% Total Return – Simply Wall St

Posted: at 11:40 am

It hasnt been the best quarter for National Storage Affiliates Trust (NYSE:NSA) shareholders, since the share price has fallen 19% in that time. But in stark contrast, the returns over the last half decade have impressed. We think most investors would be happy with the 120% return, over that period. So while its never fun to see a share price fall, its important to look at a longer time horizon. Of course, that doesnt necessarily mean its cheap now.

Check out our latest analysis for National Storage Affiliates Trust

To paraphrase Benjamin Graham: Over the short term the market is a voting machine, but over the long term its a weighing machine. One flawed but reasonable way to assess how sentiment around a company has changed is to compare the earnings per share (EPS) with the share price.

During five years of share price growth, National Storage Affiliates Trust actually saw its EPS drop 57% per year. The impact of extraordinary items on earnings, in the last year, partially explain the diversion.

This means its unlikely the market is judging the company based on earnings growth. Because earnings per share dont seem to match up with the share price, well take a look at other metrics instead.

We note that the dividend is higher than it was previously always nice to see. Maybe dividend investors have helped support the share price. Wed posit that the revenue growth over the last five years, of 27% per year, would encourage people to invest.

The image below shows how earnings and revenue have tracked over time (if you click on the image you can see greater detail).

Its good to see that there was some significant insider buying in the last three months. Thats a positive. On the other hand, we think the revenue and earnings trends are much more meaningful measures of the business. If you are thinking of buying or selling National Storage Affiliates Trust stock, you should check out this free report showing analyst profit forecasts.

When looking at investment returns, it is important to consider the difference between total shareholder return (TSR) and share price return. The TSR incorporates the value of any spin-offs or discounted capital raisings, along with any dividends, based on the assumption that the dividends are reinvested. So for companies that pay a generous dividend, the TSR is often a lot higher than the share price return. In the case of National Storage Affiliates Trust, it has a TSR of 174% for the last 5 years. That exceeds its share price return that we previously mentioned. And theres no prize for guessing that the dividend payments largely explain the divergence!

Its nice to see that National Storage Affiliates Trust shareholders have received a total shareholder return of 3.3% over the last year. Thats including the dividend. However, that falls short of the 22% TSR per annum it has made for shareholders, each year, over five years. The pessimistic view would be that be that the stock has its best days behind it, but on the other hand the price might simply be moderating while the business itself continues to execute. While it is well worth considering the different impacts that market conditions can have on the share price, there are other factors that are even more important. Even so, be aware that National Storage Affiliates Trust is showing 4 warning signs in our investment analysis , and 1 of those is a bit unpleasant

National Storage Affiliates Trust is not the only stock that insiders are buying. For those who like to find winning investments this free list of growing companies with recent insider purchasing, could be just the ticket.

Please note, the market returns quoted in this article reflect the market weighted average returns of stocks that currently trade on US exchanges.

If you spot an error that warrants correction, please contact the editor at This article by Simply Wall St is general in nature. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any stock, and does not take account of your objectives, or your financial situation. Simply Wall St has no position in the stocks mentioned.

We aim to bring you long-term focused research analysis driven by fundamental data. Note that our analysis may not factor in the latest price-sensitive company announcements or qualitative material. Thank you for reading.

Shareholders Of National Storage Affiliates Trust (NYSE:NSA) Must Be Happy With Their 174% Total Return - Simply Wall St

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Operation Jackboot: NSA Ajit Dovals brainchild that eliminated Hizbul Mujahideen chief Riyaz Naikoo – Times Now

Posted: at 11:40 am

'Operation Jackboot' claims its last high value target in killing of Riyaz Naikoo.  |  Photo Credit: IANS

Srinagar:The elimination of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Riyaz Naikoo on Wednesday by security forces has raised an alarm for Pakistan-based terror sponsors in the Jammu and Kashmir who propagate anti-India sentiments to destabilise peace in the Valley.

However, the execution of Naikoo was a meticulously planned operation, conceived by none other than National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

Code named Operation Jackboot, the task to hunt down one of the most wanted terrorists in the Valley was supervised personally by NSA Doval. Naikoo was the last high-value target in the operation.

The operation was conceived after Pulwama, Kulgam, Anantnag and Shopian in south Kashmir were christened Liberated areas by Pakistan-backed militants.

Homegrown militancy was getting on the nerves of Indias security forces.

Naikoo, aka Bin Qasim, had become the de facto commander of the proscribed terrorist outfit Hizbul Mujahideen after Burhan Wani, the poster boy of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, was eliminated in July 2016.

Qasim, rated as an A++ category terrorist or most-wanted militant, had been on the run for over eight years and carried a bounty of Rs 10 lakh on his head.

The encounter of Burhan Wani sparked a massive uproar in the Valley and the ripple effects were felt as far as Islamabad. Locals look out a funeral procession for Wani and the subsequent violence that erupted in the Valley is still fresh in our minds.

Naikoo was counted as one from the Burhan group of Kashmiris.

The group consisted of Wani and his terror associates Sabzar Bhat, Waseem Malla, Naseer Pandit, Ishfaq Hameed, Tariq Pandit, Afaqullah, Adil Khandey, Saddam Paddar, Wasim Shah and Anees, news agency IANS reported.

These locals became poster boys of militancy in Kashmir and such was their authority, foreign terrorists were pushed to the background.

The Burhan gang of terrorists romanced the picturesque Himalayan region and seduced the educated, yet unemployed, youth of the Valley with a new-found objective in their lives.

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Operation Jackboot: NSA Ajit Dovals brainchild that eliminated Hizbul Mujahideen chief Riyaz Naikoo - Times Now

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NSA Web Shell Advisory and Mitigation Tools Published on GitHub – Computer Business Review

Posted: April 24, 2020 at 2:55 pm

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Administrators should not assume that a modification is authentic simply because it appears to have occurred during a maintenance period.

As web shell attacks continue to be a persistent threat the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) have released a detailed advisory and a host of detection tools on GitHub.

Web shells are tools that hackers deploy into compromised public-facing or internal server that give them significant access and allow them to remotely execute arbitrary commands. They are a powerful tool in a hackers arsenal, one that can deploy an array of payloads or even move between device within networks.

The NSA warned that: Attackers often create web shells by adding or modifying a file in an existing web application. Web shells provide attackers with persistent access to a compromised network using communication channels disguised to blend in with legitimate traffic. Web shell malware is a long-standing, pervasive threat that continues to evade many security tools

A common misconception they are trying to dispel is that hackers only target internet-facing systems with web shell attacks, but the truth is that attackers are regularly using web shells to compromise internal content management systems or network device management interfaces.

In fact these types of internal systems can be even more susceptible to attack as they may be the last system to be patched.

In order to help IT teams mitigate these types of attacks the NSA and ASD have released a seventeen page advisory with mitigating actions that can help detect and prevent web shell attacks.

Web shell attacks are tricky to detect at first as they designed to appear as normal web files, and hackers obfuscate them further by employing encryption and encoding techniques.

One of the best ways to detect web shell malware is to have a verified version of all web applications in use. These can then be then used to authenticate production applications and can be crucial in routing out any discrepancies.

However the advisory warns that while using this mitigation approach administrators should be wary of trusting times stamps as, some attackers use a technique known as timestomping to alter created and modified times in order to add legitimacy to web shell files.

They added: Administrators should not assume that a modification is authentic simply because it appears to have occurred during a maintenance period.

The joint advisory warns that web shells could be simply part of a larger attack and that organisations need to quickly figure out how the attackers gained access to the network.

Packet capture (PCAP) and network flow data can help to determine if the web shell was being used to pivot within the network, and to where. If such a pivot is cleaned up without discovering the full extent of the intrusion and evicting the attacker, that access may be regained through other channels either immediately or at a later time, they warn.

To further help security teams the NSA has released a dedicated GitHub repository that contains an array of tools that can be used to block and detect web shell attacks.

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NSA Web Shell Advisory and Mitigation Tools Published on GitHub - Computer Business Review

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Odisha to invoke NSA for attacks against doctors and healthcare personnel – Economic Times

Posted: at 2:54 pm

Bhubanesar: Odisha will invoke the National Security Act (NSA) for attacks against and dishonour of any doctor and healthcare personnel.

Prompted by attacks on health care professionals in Madhya Pradesh and elsewhere and the refusal to allow the burial of two doctors in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik promised to honour doctors and healthcare professionals who caught the virus and died doing their duty as martyrs.

In a recorded video released to the media, Patnaik also announced that families of any government doctor, healthcare and other personal who succumbed to Covid-19 would receive his or her salary until the date of retirement.

In the absence of any cure or vaccine those fighting the Covid19 war for us, doctors and healthcare professionals are taking a huge risk by putting themselves in the front. We have a rich tradition of honoring our brave hearts who fight for the country and acknowledge their supreme sacrifice. In the same spirit we propose to recognize and honor the valiant work being done by our Covid warriors, said Patnaik.

They will awarded belatedly on national days. A detailed scheme of awards is to follow. The Government of India had already announced Rs 50 lakh insurance cover for all doctors.

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Odisha to invoke NSA for attacks against doctors and healthcare personnel - Economic Times

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CIA, FBI and NSA justified in view Putin aimed to help Trump: report – Sydney Morning Herald

Posted: at 2:54 pm

Washington: The US Senate Intelligence Committee concurred with spy agencies' findings that Russia sought to boost now-President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, according to a declassified bipartisan report.

Vladimir Putin tried to help Donald Trump win in 2016.Credit:AP

The report found that the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation had coherent and well-constructed grounds to conclude that Russian President Vladimir Putin aimed to undercut Trump's 2016 rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Trump, who has consistently bristled at suggestions that foreign interference helped his upset 2016 victory, has sought to discredit the intelligence agencies' findings as the politically charged work of a "deep state." Russia has denied that it was behind any efforts to meddle in US elections.

The Senate report - the fourth of five chapters so far released - found that the CIA and FBI had high confidence in their findings that Russia was trying to boost Trump's chances, while the NSA was only moderately confident on that point.

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CIA, FBI and NSA justified in view Putin aimed to help Trump: report - Sydney Morning Herald

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The reach of cyberattacks related to Covid-19 – Politico

Posted: at 2:54 pm

With help from Eric Geller, Martin Matishak and Laurens Cerulus

Editors Note: Morning Cybersecurity is a free version of POLITICO Pro Cybersecuritys morning newsletter, which is delivered to our subscribers each morning at 6 a.m. The POLITICO Pro platform combines the news you need with tools you can use to take action on the days biggest stories. Act on the news with POLITICO Pro.

Coronavirus-themed cyberattacks show no sign of slowing, as federal agencies and companies explore whos vulnerable and whos responsible.

MC exclusive: An examination of cyber-related sanctions and indictments showed disparities across U.S. administrations and nations.

The NSA and an Australian spy agency warned about a kind of attack thats on the rise.

A message from Global Strategy Group:

What do Americans expect from corporate leaders as they respond to COVID-19? Who do they trust most? How and whether companies respond will have a lasting impact on their reputationand their bottom line. Download the full report here.

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EVER-EXPANDING Months into the Covid-19 crisis, were still learning more each day about the scope and innovation in coronavirus-themed attacks via the government agencies and tech companies fighting off the hackers.

IBM on pace and vulnerabilities: IBM says it has seen a 6,000 percent increase in Covid-19 spam from mid-March to mid-April. It also released a study today that suggests small-business owners and consumers could be the most vulnerable to scams where cyber criminals masquerade as the government. More than a third of those polled by IBM and Morning Consult said they expect emails from the IRS, despite years of the IRS and others warning that the agency wouldnt email anyone about their tax filings; over half said they would click on links or attachments in emails about stimulus checks. And just 14 percent of small-business owners said they felt very knowledgeable about relief loans. Palo Alto Networks also provided some figures on coronavirus-related scams Wednesday.

DOJ on takedowns, Google on nation-state hacking: DOJ said Wednesday that law enforcement, cybersecurity companies and website operators have taken down hundreds of domains that were using the coronavirus crisis for fraud. Not coincidentally, some of the ones identified by the FBI mimicked the IRS relief payment portal. And, according to Google, federal employees have been targets themselves of coronavirus-themed phishing campaigns orchestrated by hackers backed by other nations; in total, more than a dozen such hacking groups have launched attacks that use Covid-19.

FireEye on Vietnam: Hackers linked to the Vietnamese government have been spear-phishing Chinese government agencies in an apparent effort to understand Beijings handling of the coronavirus pandemic, FireEye researchers said Wednesday. The malicious emails went to China's Ministry of Emergency Management and the municipal government in Wuhan, where the virus first emerged, according to FireEye, which attributed the activity to the Vietnam-linked group APT32. While targeting of East Asia is consistent with the activity weve previously reported on APT32, the researchers wrote, this incident, and other publicly reported intrusions, are part of a global increase in cyber espionage related to the crisis, carried out by states desperately seeking solutions and nonpublic information.

The spear-phishing campaign, which seems to have begun in early January, uses virus-related lures to entice victims into opening the infected attachments, which then deploy the Metaljack malware payload. FireEye spotted the same malware and command-and-control server in a phishing campaign in December likely targeting Southeast Asian countries.

The first malicious email that FireEye caught was dated Jan. 6, one week before Thailand reported the first infection outside China. Vietnam was [very] quick to respond to early reports of the disease, Reuters reporter Jack Stubbs pointed out. Maybe now we have an idea why. Vietnam has reported fewer than 300 coronavirus cases and no deaths.

FIRST IN MC: CYBER SANCTIONS AND INDICTMENTS The Trump administration in its first term has been far more aggressive in issuing cyber-related sanctions and indictments against China, Iran, North Korea and Russia than the Obama administration in its second term, according to an analysis and infographic out today from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. President Donald Trump has issued 106 indictments and 110 sanctions, compared to 28 and five, respectively, from President Barack Obama from 2013 to 2016, the think tank found.

Across both administrations, the number of sanctions and indictments are applied inconsistently across nations. While North Korea is behind larger and more destructive attacks than Iran, North Korea has endured six total indictments and sanctions to Irans 30, the analysis and infographic concluded. Authors Trevor Logan and Pavak Patel explained that might be because North Korean hackers are more closely affiliated with their governments, whereas Iranian hackers arent exclusively loyal and therefore easier to name.

China more often faces indictments than sanctions. Logan and Patel wrote that may indicate that the United States is reluctant to issue sanctions against malicious Chinese actors due to the fear of escalation or economic retaliation against American companies. In contrast, the relative weakness of the Iranian, North Korean, and Russian economies means that Washington can act more freely without fear of blowback.

MALWARE IN A HALF SHELL The NSA and its Australian counterpart on Wednesday issued guidelines for detecting and defending against so-called shell malware, a tactic hackers are increasingly using in their operations. Web shells provide attackers with persistent access to a compromised network using communication channels disguised to blend in with legitimate traffic, the notice from NSA and the Australian Signals Directorate explained. The intelligence organizations suggested a defense-in-depth approach using multiple detection capabilities as the best way to both uncover and prevent the malware from wreaking havoc on systems, as well as tips on how to recover from such an attack. A critical focus once a web shell is discovered should be on how far the attacker penetrated within the network.

A message from Global Strategy Group:

New research from Global Strategy Group reveals the opportunities and risks facing corporate leaders as they respond to COVID-19.

A majority of Americans expect the private sector to play a major role, and people trust corporate leadership more than the White House.

But CEOs need to buck the existing perception that they are too focused on their bottom line and not enough on their employees.

Americans trust corporations in this moment and corporations can and must deliver. Companies will be defined later by what they do now, and the reputational costs could be high.

Download the full report today.

WHOS ZOOMING WHO Zoom announced stronger encryption and an array of additional security measures for version 5.0 of the video conferencing platform it rolled out on Wednesday. From our network to our feature set to our user experience, everything is being put through rigorous scrutiny, said Oded Gal, chief product officer of the company.

CZECHS TO WORLD: STOP ATTACKING HOSPITALS From our friends at POLITICO Europes Cyber Insights: The Czech Republic wants all countries around the world to pledge not to launch cyberattacks on hospitals and medical facilities. Thats according to its written feedback on a draft report on international norms for cybersecurity from the U.N.s Open-ended Working Group.

The rising number of cyberattacks on medical facilities worldwide reinforce the need for coordinated global action to protect [the] public health care sector from malicious ICT activities, the Czech proposal reads. Specifically, it wants the OEWG to endorse the idea to add medical services and medical facilities to a list of things that states are barred from attacking, as laid out in the U.N.s landmark 2015 deal on cyber norms.

Czech hospitals have been the targets of cyberattacks in the past month, and last week its government warned of more attacks, prompting the U.S. to threaten hackers with consequences.

Russias feedback for the draft said the application of international humanitarian law should be applied only in the context of a military conflict while currently the ICTs [information and communications technologies] do not fit the definition of a weapon. Moscow also slammed the mention of political attribution of cyberattacks, adding the report artificially exaggerated the importance of having NGOs and civil rights groups engage with the U.N. OEWG.

Member states feedback on the OEWGs draft report can be found here. Heres security researcher Lukasz Olejniks Twitter thread analyzing the papers.

TWEET OF THE DAY Only sharing this because of the good dog.

Alston & Bird announced a Women in Cyber network co-directed by partners Kim Peretti, co-leader of Alston & Birds cybersecurity preparedness and response team, and Amy Mushahwar, member of the firms privacy and data security and cybersecurity preparedness and response teams. Associates Emily Poole and Alysa Austin will support them.

The networks advisory board includes Jeannie McCarver, senior vice president for cybersecurity at U.S. Bank; Tracey Scraba, chief privacy officer at CVS Health; and Jennifer Martin, global cybersecurity counsel at Verizon Media.

Motherboard: Researchers revealed some iPhone zero day exploits.

ZDNet: Security researcher identifies new APT group mentioned in 2017 Shadow Brokers leak.

NBC News: The leaked data on employees of the World Health Organization and others was likely from previous breaches.

Kaspersky released a survey on corporate security and employee privacy.

The Voting Village's Jake Braun and Synack's Mark Kuhr talked election security.

Good news about the number of ransomware attacks on governments, health care providers and educational organizations in the first quarter, via Emsisoft.

Thats all for today.

Stay in touch with the whole team: Eric Geller ([emailprotected], @ericgeller); Bob King ([emailprotected], @bkingdc); Martin Matishak ([emailprotected], @martinmatishak); and Tim Starks ([emailprotected], @timstarks).

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The reach of cyberattacks related to Covid-19 - Politico

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Trainee IPS officer tests positive for coronavirus in MP – Outlook India

Posted: at 2:54 pm

Jabalpur, Apr 24 (PTI)A trainee IPS officer testedpositive in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh on Friday, ahealth official said.

The officer had earlier caught a NSA detainee, aCOVID-19 patient, in neighbouring Narsinghpur district when heescaped from hospital.

The IPS official himself was found to have contractedvirus on Friday, said District Chief Medical and HealthOfficer M K Mishra.

A 25 year-old man and his 58-year-old father werebooked under the National Security Act (NSA) after theyallegedly hurled stones at a policeman in Chandan Nagarlocality in Indore on April 7.

The young man escaped two weeks ago from JabalpurMedical Hospital. The trainee IPS officer had gone tocatch him.

The NSA detainee''s 58-old father who had beenimprisoned at Indore Central Jail tested positive on April 14.

He is being treated in Indore. Indore Central Jailauthorities suspect that because of him a warder and six otherprisoners caught infection. PTI COR LAL MASKRK KRK

Disclaimer :- This story has not been edited by Outlook staff and is auto-generated from news agency feeds. Source: PTI

See the rest here:
Trainee IPS officer tests positive for coronavirus in MP - Outlook India

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Pak Army says it is using all resources to combat coronavirus – Outlook India

Posted: at 2:54 pm

By Sajjad Hussain

Islamabad, Apr 24 (PTI) The Pakistan Army on Friday said it is using all its resources to help combat the coronavirus and also helping in maintaining quarantines on the border with Iran and Afghanistan.

Military spokesman Major General Babar Iftikhar addressed the media after the Armys top brass'' meeting that discussed internal and external security situations in the wake of threat by the virus.

The spokesman said that the coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan was still under control but warned that the epidemic could peak in the coming weeks. He said that the Pakistan Army was using its all resources to help combat the pandemic that has infected over 11,000 people and killed over 230 people.

Iftikhar said that it was decided to implement smart lockdown to target areas which showed maximum cases of virus.

A smart lockdown and testing, tracing and quarantining will drive our efforts against Covid-19. We will have a targeted lockdown only for virus hotspots and clusters, he said.

He said Army troops would provide all help in ensuring the smart lockdown. He said all reservists of the Medical Corps were called on duty to increase the human resource in the fight against the disease.

He said the Army was also helping in maintaining quarantines on the border with Iran and Afghanistan. Both neighbouring countries of Pakistan have reported a number of cases of coronavirus.

The spokesman said that Pakistan Air Force and Navy were also helping the fight against the coronavirus.

He announced that any crew of the Pakistan International Airlines suffering from the coronavirus would be treated at military hospitals to keep the airline operational and expedite the evacuation of stranded Pakistanis globally.

The spokesman also accused India of attempting to link the coronavirus with Muslims and Pakistan.

India on Sunday trashed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan''s comments alleging targeting of Muslims in the country in the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

In New Delhi, External Affairs Ministry said the "bizarre comments" by the Pakistani leadership was an attempt to shift focus from the "abysmal handling" of that country''s internal affairs.

Pakistan''s coronavirus cases on Friday touched 11,155 after the country reported 642 new infections in the last 24 hours. The country has reported 237 deaths so far.

Highlighting the threat of the virus, Iftikhar said that next 15 days were very important and urged people to stay home and also avoid visiting mosques. PTI SH NSA AKJ NSA

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