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The future of tequila: How clones, bats and biodiversity will help agave survive – The Dallas Morning News

Posted: October 22, 2019 at 4:41 am

Its no secret that Texans like tequila. In fact, its a point of pride. Between patio margaritas, rooftop palomas and late-night shots, we consumed a little more than 18 million liters of the agave-based spirit in 2018. That accounts for a respectable one-ninth of the entire countrys consumption, according to data from IWSR Drinks Market Analysis.

Of course, like all things delicious and from the earth, sustainable agricultural practices are key to ensuring that its still around for us to enjoy long term.

The future of agave depends upon genetic diversity, says Grover Sanschagrin, the Jalisco, Mexico-based co-founder of and the Tequila Matchmaker app. Right now, the entire industry is using blue agave with the exact same genetic code, because they are harvesting the hijuelos, baby plants that are clones of the mother.

The clones are an efficient means to an end. If allowed to flower and sexually reproduce on their own a process that often takes as long as 12 years agave plants wont have enough juice left to distill. To combat this dilemma, growers clone the agaves, ensuring theyre able to harvest the plants when perfectly ripe, usually between six and eight years of age. But, while efficient, the practice is inherently risky. If one gets a disease, it could wipe out all of the plants, Sanschagrin says.

Its a risk that some tequila producers are hoping to mitigate. And the steps they choose to take now will affect tequilas availability and quality in the future.

One brand at the forefront of progressive sustainability practices is El Tesoro, which is made at the La Altea Distillery located in the Jalisco highlands, about 6,000 feet above sea level. Led by master distiller Carlos Camarena, El Tesoro does things the old way the hard way. Agaves are grown entirely on the familys estate, hand-harvested after seven to eight years, slow-cooked in brick ovens and then crushed with a 2-ton stone called a tahona.

But even a brand steeped in tradition knows that it must look toward the future to ensure its success. Thats why Camarena is part of the Bat Friendly Tequila and Mezcal Project, which promotes biodiversity among agave plants. Today, El Tesoro allows between 2% and 5% of its plants to reach full maturity and bloom. For tequila producers, setting aside even a small percentage of the crop represents a substantial financial hit, as those plants cant be harvested, distilled and monetized.

Its good news for the bats, though. They are natural pollinators of agave plants, feeding on the nectar of mature plants and cross-pollinating from field to field. Its a symbiotic relationship. Formerly endangered species like the lesser long-nosed bat have more food to eat now, and their pollinating efforts promote biodiversity among the agaves.

Its too soon to know exactly how successful the project will be in the long run. Many scientists believed that, after so many years of cloning, it would be impossible for the blue agaves to reproduce sexually. But the results have already defied expectations. Camarenas team has been nurturing seedlings in a greenhouse, and roughly 5% have yielded sprouts, potentially representing a new genetic wave of agaves.

Camarena is playing the long game. Maybe well see results in 80 or 100 years, he says, but this isnt something were doing for our own lifetime.

While El Tesoro is one of the innovators leading the sustainability charge, its not alone. Ubiquitous giant Patrn commissioned a study at the National Center of Genetic Resources, Mexicos biodiversity bank in Jalisco, to analyze blue agaves genetics in hopes of establishing future recommendations for the industry that will promote long-term sustainability. And even smaller producers such as Ghost are playing a part.

People in the industry tend to look at agave sustainability as an issue that should be addressed by the large tequila companies, says Chris Moran, founder and CEO of Ghost Tequila. I dont agree at all. This is a matter of importance that every tequila producer needs to take seriously, to share in the responsibility to ensure the longevity of this crop.

He notes that they control their own agave fields, which allows them to institute responsible agronomy practices, such as planting alternate crops after agave harvests to allow the soil to regenerate.

But its not just the distillers who have a say in the matter. Bars, restaurants and retail shops can make an impact via the products they choose to carry.

According to Chris Dempsey, a bartender at Atwater Alley and the mezcal- and tequila-focused La Viuda Negra, its important for bars to consider how spirits are made when deciding what to stock and pour. He notes that his bars wont carry any products made with a diffuser, a machine that significantly shortens the harvest-to-bottle timeline and strips out a lot of the agaves character. He prefers to support the people who put in the time and effort to produce the best possible products, noting a few favorite brands, including Siembra Valles, Tequila Ocho and El Tesoro.

Camarena has been instrumental in sustainability and biodiversity, Dempsey says. He is the leader to watch when talking about and practicing sustainability with agave and Mexican spirits.

Spirits right now have the ability more than ever to be responsible, not just in production, but socially, says Jose Gonzalez, a bartender at Midnight Rambler inside the Joule hotel. It says a lot for a company when they put their money and their plants on the line.

He adds that Camarena is a guardian of agave plants, not just an owner, and that mindset impacts everything from the distillerys light environmental footprint to the quality of the product.

People should care about what they put in their bodies as well as who it affects, like the producers and farmers, Gonzalez says. As much as we go to the farmers market to grab local produce, we should know who grows the agave.

Dempsey also urges consumers to fight the good fight.

Think about it, he says. You want to work out and eat all this amazing organic food, but then you go and drink some subpar spirits just because of marketing and a low price. That defeats the purpose of being healthy. If you really want to help the cause, dont drink diffuser tequila, and help support any sustainable agave program.

According to Sanschagrin, at todays market prices, each 1-liter bottle of traditionally-made 100% agave tequila contains about $10.70 worth of agave inside. So, while we consumers dont have a hands-on impact on the plants growing in Mexico, we can exert our influence with how we choose to spend our hard-earned tequila money.

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The future of tequila: How clones, bats and biodiversity will help agave survive - The Dallas Morning News

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Tom Brady and Bob Kraft get the last laugh with quarterbacks cameo in Netflix series – The Boston Globe

Posted: at 4:41 am

Of course, Tom Terrific wouldnt. Instead, heres what his cameo was really about: solidarity with his boss. The short scene reduces Krafts prostitution charges at the Orchids of Asia Day spa to a punch line in a TV show. As if to say: no big deal.

Bradys cameo is yet another example of how the NFL in general, and the Patriots in particular, just dont get it. They dont get how their actions reveal a deep lack of respect for women.

The similarities between the fictional spa and the scene of Krafts alleged crime are unmistakable. Brady emerges from a sketchy strip mall store with blinds partially drawn and Asian lettering. In a later scene without Brady, lead actor Paul Rudd returns to the day spa and knocks on the door. A guy smoking a cigarette nearby wonders if Rudd is desperately seeking a sexual favor.

Kraft the billionaire who can afford the best lawyers money can buy has denied the allegations and is this close to having the misdemeanor prostitution charges in Florida dropped. Nothing to see here, just a cultural sideshow to Brady and Krafts six Super Bowl championships together.

Yet its not. Kraft is guilty in the court of public opinion. He already apologized publicly for his bad behavior when it looked like there was admissable video of his illicit massages.

Brady professes the scene was an innocent coincidence, written four years ago and shot on a green screen this year after Kraft was charged with prostitution. So let me get this straight: One of the worlds most famous athletes who fiercely guards his brand didnt know he was walking out of a storefront spa that is central to the plot of the Netflix series?

Brady appears in the first episode of the series, which is a sci-fi dramedy about human cloning. Rudd plays a character named Miles Elliott who wants to become a better version of himself. At a co-workers suggestion, he checks out the Top Happy Spa.

On his first visit, Rudd runs into Brady exiting the spa.

First time? a glowing Brady asks Rudd.

Uh-huh, answers a star-struck Rudd. You?

Six, Brady replies as he steps into a black SUV and is whisked away.

If Brady didnt know the hornets nest he was about to step on with his cameo, Rudd and show creator Timothy Greenberg surely did. Brady was the shows top choice for the role, and he himself credits his real-life regimented diet with prolonging his NFL career. The show implies that the fictional Brady, played by the real Brady, has cloned himself six times, once before each Super Bowl win.

After Kraft got busted in February for allegedly patronizing an illicit massage parlor, Greenberg thought Brady would back out of the appearance.

Once that happened Paul texted me or I texted him, and we were like, Oh my God, can you believe this? Theres no way Bradys doing it now, Greenberg told Entertainment Weekly.

And then eventually he agreed. And I dont know why. [Laughs] I dont know if people wont make the connection; maybe nobody cares anymore. But he did it. So we didnt ask him why.

Heres why: The cameo is yet another example of the boys closing ranks.

Weve seen this before, when the Patriots defended its decision to pick up wide receiver Antonio Brown in September, even after his former personal trainer accused him, in a lawsuit, of sexual assault and rape.

The Patriots could have benched the star player to signal to the world that it takes sexual assault allegations seriously. Instead, the champions made sure Brown played a key role in what would be his first and only game in a Patriots uniform. Brady connected with him four times, including a touchdown, on their way to a 43-0 trouncing of the Miami Dolphins.

(The Patriots released Brown a few days later, after a second woman accused him of sexual misconduct and intimidation.)

Some of you may be thinking: So what? This is Hollywood, and this is football. This has nothing to do with how anyone treats or perceives women.

But it does. After Kraft was charged with prostitution, three young female leaders at My Life My Choice, a nonprofit that works to end the sexual exploitation of children, wrote a Globe op-ed titled Dear johns an open letter to sex buyers. Kraft and the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation have provided financial support to the nonprofit.

Whether you use words like prostitution or trafficking, exploitation is exploitation so dont kid yourself one isnt a victim, wrote H., J., and P., whose full names were not disclosed because they are victims of sex crimes. You may be able to convince yourself that this is a choice or what a woman wants but whether you are in the Life because someone is forcing you, someone is pretending to love you, or you have nowhere else to turn, it is all trauma, and it is degrading. Even more than that it is dehumanizing.

When you are as big a star as Brady, your words and your actions matter. And Tom Brady, in this brief appearance, helps trivialize prostitution.

There are some things bigger than football, and this is one of them. Brady should have turned down the cameo, and let the show go on without him.

Shirley Leung is a Globe columnist. Matthew Gilbert of the Globe staff contributed to this article. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @leung.

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Tom Brady and Bob Kraft get the last laugh with quarterbacks cameo in Netflix series - The Boston Globe

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Living With Yourself Finale Recap: Me, Myself, and You – Vulture

Posted: October 20, 2019 at 10:02 pm

Nice Knowing You

Season 1 Episode 8

Editor's Rating 3 stars *****

Photo: Eric Liebowitz/Netflix/Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

Let us not, in the final episode of the season, lose sight of the fact that this show is called Living With Yourself. It could be easy to forget because the two versions of Miles havent spent much time together, and many of the episodes have been structured around keeping them apart showing a set of events from one perspective, then coming back around to show the other. Whats been a little bit lost is the conversation that Miles is having with himself, which is the benefit and curse of hanging out with your own clone. Miles has learned about himself through his confrontations with Miles 2.0 as the more defeated and ill-kempt of the two, hes had to step up his game a little but there hasnt been much sustained Miles-on-Miles (and Rudd-on-Rudd) action.

Nice Knowing You finally delivers on that promise, but not before getting sidetracked by the least compelling subplot of the series. It turns out that the two Mileses threatened call to the FDAs criminal division was accidentally a real alert, one thats had two FDA agents following Miles around in a station wagon. So when Miles was kidnapped at the end of the last episode, he comes face to face with those investigators, who want to get to the bottom of this human cloning operation. Or they might. Its curious that Miles is treated as if hes the perpetrator of a crime rather than its beneficiary. They seem to have no interest in going after this network of cloning spas and a keen interest in determining whether Miles is who he says he is. And really, a lie detector test (on defective equipment) wouldnt reveal anything about whether this is new Miles or original flavor. They share the same memories.

But these opening minutes press on, pushing the thin joke that Miles is being kept in the FDAs lactation room rather than a proper holding facility, because there isnt any money available for cloning probes. This leads to the odd spectacle of Miles plundering the refrigerator for breast milk while working his way through stacks of parenting magazines. The room allows him to refocus on the possibilities of fatherhood after years of withering interest, but its a contrived and unfunny situation, made worse by an investigators inexplicable line of questioning. (Have you ever engaged in sodomy?) When Miles manages to escape the lactation room and wander out into the office area, his release is such a big shoulder-shrug that you wonder why his confinement was necessary at all.

Nice Knowing You improves when Miles comes back home to find Kate waiting for him on the stairs, ready to confess her shame in cheating on him with his clone. Before she can, however, Miles feels he has some apologizing to do. (His sputtering about reading a parenting article and drinking breast milk is funnier in the telling. This is coming out all wrong! he says in frustration.) After Miles 2.0s excruciating attempt to coax Kate into re-creating their wedding dance, its a huge pleasure to see them cut a rug to Rick James Give It To Me Baby, falling into step with ease. They are the right couple they like pia coladas and getting caught in the rain and its obvious to them and to Miles 2.0, whos spying from upstairs. His Miles ruse gets sidelined before it ever gets started. All he gets out of it is toothpaste stains on a ratty sweater.

Back at his apartment, Miles 2.0 contemplates suicide though, again, such an extreme act seems out of character, even for a guy who has no purpose. One important thing to note about Miles 2.0s feelings for Kate is that theyre not as lived-in as his counterparts. Just as their years as a couple wind up mattering to Kate more than she anticipated, it follows that Miles 2.0s memories bring him up short of the deep feeling that shes a lost soul mate. Miles 2.0 putting a gun in his mouth isnt convincing, and even he seems to realize that when he cant pull the trigger. The entire sequence plays like a silly pretext to a physical confrontation between the two Mileses.

Once Miles and Miles 2.0 finally square off, the metaphysical battle promised with the shows title bears some fruit. Theyre equally incompetent fighters, which leads to some quality slapstick, but the point of the sequence is to bring out their similarities and differences at the same time. Its a metaphor for the complicated feelings people have about themselves, the self-love and self-hatred that coexists within the same being. They try to murder each other and Miles succeeds, briefly but theyre united in their hatred of that horrible credenza, and theyre united again when Kate announces her pregnancy and both can serve a unified purpose.

There may be no childrens book about a baby having two dads and a mom, so it will be the task of next season to see if theres room for all three to play their part. (Speaking from experience, if the three of them can get together on feeding schedules during those sleepless first few months, it will be a revolution in parenting.) It wouldnt be a show if this wasnt a tenuous arrangement, from the issue of paternity to the perpetually unsettled matter of whos entitled to Miles life. But the fundamentals of Living With Yourself Rudds dual turn, Aisling Beas refreshing saltiness, creator Timothy Greenbergs insight into middle-aged suburban malaise are enough to keep it rolling for a while, so long as it doesnt get sidetracked by the cloning police. Cloning works great on the show on a character level; the ethics of the actual practice mean less than nothing here.

Despite this supersize episode 36 minutes! its still possible to get through this entire first season of Living With Yourself in four hours. Very binge-able. (Though binging may be coming to an end.)

It really looks like the show used the set from the original Saw for its lactation room. How is this FDA-approved?

Maybe somethings coming next season, but after using the pig carcass as the framing device for an entire episode, it seems like Miles 2.0 running it over with his car isnt enough of a payoff.

That final look from Kate as all three are locked into a hug is something much worse than the famously ambiguous final shot in The Graduate.

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Living With Yourself Finale Recap: Me, Myself, and You - Vulture

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Muskegon-area Week 8 football picks: With 2 blockbusters, cloning is appealing –

Posted: at 10:02 pm

MUSKEGON, MI Remember when talk of human cloning was a thing?

Id never given it much thought before but, yeah, it could have some scary consequences.

For instance, my wife is at her wits end taking care of me as her fourth child could you imagine her contending with another me?

Yeah, me neither.

But, you know, for just this week, I would like to explore the possibility. You see, there are two fantastic matchups on the Muskegon-area high school football docket this Friday:

Conference titles will be on the line in both games. In fact, all four teams are ranked in the top four in the state in their respective divisions.

Flying solo as an MLive Muskegon Chronicle sports reporter, sometimes tough decisions are made about which game to attend. This is one of those weeks, certainly, as both contests warrant spotlight coverage.

At the end of the day, a choice had to be made. Ill be at Sailor Stadium, excited to take in another crosstown showdown.

Ill have to miss the Oakridge-Ravenna backyard brawl. That stinks.

Its probably too late to clone another me, seeing that were within a day or so from the big game in Wolf Lake. Guess Ill just have to plant a few moles inside Russell A. Erickson Stadium and be resourceful in delivering coverage that MLive readers deserve.

On the plus side, that alternative saves my wife a bunch more heachaches.

The only thing worth duplicating, anyway, is my flawless predictions record from Week 7.

Lets give that a shot.

Last weeks record: 16-0 (100 percent)

Season record: 90-23 (79.6 percent)

Best pick last week: Grant 20, Newaygo 14. OK, so the final score prediction really wasnt all too close. But in a rivalry such as this one, it can be hard to know exactly what will happen.

Worst pick last week: Nope, not this time!

Muskegon (7-0, 4-0 OK Black Conference) at Mona Shores (6-1, 4-0), 7 p.m. Friday: The top two teams in the Muskegon area settle it on the field once again. Winner moves to the cusp of an OK Black Conference title. Not only is this THE hot ticket in town, but its become one of the red-letter rivalries in terms of statewide interest.

Last season, Mona Shores played tough and was right there until the fourth quarter, when Muskegon put away a 55-35 victory. Will it follow a similar script this time? Yeah, I could see it playing out in similar fashion.

Against two of the other big-name programs in the state earlier this season, Muskegon drilled Warren De La Salle (41-7) and Detroit King (41-18), both on the road. In Mona Shores red-letter game vs. Rockford, it got away from the Sailors (34-21).

Much stranger things have happened than Mona Shores taking down Muskegon, but its a tough ask against Cameron Martinez & Co.

Pick: Muskegon 42, Mona Shores 21

RELATED: Tale of the tape for Muskegon vs. Mona Shores, plus the video preview seen above


Ravenna (6-1, 6-0 WMC) at Oakridge (7-0, 6-0), 7 p.m. Friday: Its been a while since an Oakridge-Ravenna game has meant this much: Outright West Michigan Conference title on the line, winner take all. Oakridge and Ravenna have not played this late in a season since 1998. The fact that its the final week of the conference slate only adds to the drama.

The Bulldogs are seeking their first conference championship since 2001, when they shared it with Oakridge and Montague. In the years since, the Eagles and Wildcats have owned the WMC with a team like Shelby sprinkled in there.

Everybody likes to focus on offense, but both of these teams play fantastic defense. Heres to another hard-hitting nail-biter, just like the old days in the rivalry.

Pick: Oakridge 24, Ravenna 20

RELATED: Tale of the tape for Ravenna vs. Oakridge, plus the video preview seen above


Montague (5-2, 4-2 WMC) at Whitehall (3-4, 3-3), 7 p.m. Friday: When the two towns to the north and south of White Lake get together, it typically leads to high drama and high stakes. They are playing for The Bell, as tradition dictates, but a rarity is that neither team is contention for the West Michigan Conference title.

Still, there are playoff hopes on the line. Montague needs a win here to clinch a spot in the postseason. With Division 5 second-ranked Portland coming to town in Week 9, there are no promises the Wildcats will get it then. Meanwhile, Whitehall needs to win this week and in Week 9 vs. Montrose at Alma College for the Vikings to have a chance to join the playoff party.

Whitehall has been seriously hampered by injuries, while Montague is dealing with low roster numbers. This one could come down to sheer will and, of course, a couple bounces.

Pick: Montague 27, Whitehall 20


Spring Lake (4-3, 3-2 OK Blue Conference) at Allendale (4-3, 3-1), 7 p.m. Friday: So, Spring Lake took some lumps from Grand Rapids Catholic Central last week. Join the club. The Cougars do that to a lot of teams.

This week presents a different challenge altogether: Owen Burk. You might say, How can one guy beat a team? Well, its not just one guy, but Burk is a very dynamic high school football player. Hes going to play at Air Force for a reason. When very good opponents like Unity Christian and Cedar Springs have trouble containing him

The Lakers need to win this week and next to assure themselves a playoff spot.

Pick: Allendale 36, Spring Lake 20


Muskegon Catholic Central (4-2) at Benton Harbor (4-3), 5 p.m. Friday: The Crusaders head to the southwest corner of Michigan to take on a Benton Harbor squad that, like MCC, is battling for a playoff spot.

MCC needs just one win, this week or next, to punch its ticket. With an eight-game schedule, the Crusaders need to get to five wins. Meanwhile, Benton Harbor needs two victories to assure itself a postseason spot. Aside from facing MCC, the Tigers are playing unbeaten Berrien Springs in Week 9.

In 2018, Benton Harbor traveled to Muskegon and ran away with a 41-21 victory over MCC. That was last year, however. This looks to be a toss-up.

Pick: Muskegon Catholic Central 24, Benton Harbor 22

(Games kick off at 7 p.m. Friday unless noted.)

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Muskegon-area Week 8 football picks: With 2 blockbusters, cloning is appealing -

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Eminem ‘cloned’ conspiracy explodes after rapper releases track ‘exposing theory’ – Daily Star

Posted: at 10:02 pm

A bonkers conspiracy that heralded rapper Eminem, 47, died years ago and is actually now a clone has been further fuelled with the release of an artist's sensational Cloned Rapperssong.

The outrageous theory suggests that, in 2006, the Lose Yourself superstar died and was replaced by an android.

Among the supposed evidence that conspiracy theorists use is footage of Eminem glitching on a live ESPN report back in 2013.

It exploded once again in 2016 when rapper B.o.B posted a series of cryptic tweets claiming human cloning had been around for years.

And now, "conclusive proof" has emerged with the release of Tom MacDonald's Cloned Rappers music video.

He claims in his song that the "Illuminati took bone samples to clone rappers" and then put the real beings in prison to "silence their vision".

"If they can't control you they erase the old you," he continues, before listing some of the names that have been cloned.

"They cloned Gucci, cloned Kodiak, cloned Eminem, he ain't rapped since Encore, know that."

Video Unavailable

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Play now

The setting of the music video looks like a scene straight out of Frankenstein adding to the sense of "clones" being created in a lab.

The camera also cuts to showing newspaper cut-outs of Tom supposedly being in a car crash hinting that he had been brought back to life as a clone just like the bizarre Eminem conspiracy.

More than 1million people have seen the video since it was posted to YouTube on September 27.

He looks different plus he's been gone too long especially before kill shot, one commented.

Another said: Its true, Eminem is not the same.

A third agreed, saying: All this has been a move for a long time...I just hope the ignorant will finally understand.

But some viewers had a different interpretation of the lyrics, suggesting it was, in fact, metaphorical for rappers now not being able to express themselves.

They claimed Tom was actually suggesting the music industry has forced them to conform to what sells money cloning them.

Read more:

Eminem 'cloned' conspiracy explodes after rapper releases track 'exposing theory' - Daily Star

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Apple Card user says they were a victim of fraud despite never using their physical card – iMore

Posted: at 10:02 pm

UPDATE - 9to5Mac has updated its original post. The user has remembered that they did use their card's virtual number online when making a non-Apple Pay payment via a school website. It's possible that website was compromised. Our original post follows.

Keeping credit card users safe isn't an easy job, something Apple Card partner Goldman Sachs should already know. But now Apple is learning it, too. We've already heard of someone having their titanium Apple Card cloned, but now someone else has been a victim of fraud. But they've never used their card, so it can't have been skimmed.

Normally when a credit card is cloned it's because it was skimmed during a payment. If you give your card to someone and they take it out of sight, they could be skimming it. Not every time, obviously, but that's how easily it can happen. Once they have your card details they create a cloned card and go to town using it.

But 9to5Mac has heard of someone who has experienced fraud despite having never used their physical card. Which means it can't have been skimmed. So how did someone get his card details?

The story goes that the person found an Apple Card trasnsaction from Chicago, despite him living on the West Coast. So again, how did someone get his card details?

When the card owner asked Apple (it's possible he was forwarded to a Goldman Sachs representative) the respose was one of confusion rather than being able to offer any answers.

I'm not entirely sure how this happens. My team is in charge of taking care of unrecognized transactions and we can only see where the transaction was made and what card was used, details of that sort.

There was at least a crumb of comfort. "Not only is it extremely hard to get a hold of credit card information, but if somehow there are fraudulent charges, you will never be held responsible for unauthorized transactions on Apple Card," the support agent went on to say.

It's currently unknown exactly what went on here. Banks have previously had issues with support teams selling data to crooks for the purpose of card cloning and that can't be ruled out here. It's highly unlikely an Apple Pay transaction was compromised, too. Even if it was, Apple generates a unique authentication code for each transaction which means the details couldn't be used a second time anyway.

So for the third time, how did someone get this person's card details?

Read this article:

Apple Card user says they were a victim of fraud despite never using their physical card - iMore

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Intact Genomics Awarded the Patent of Fungal Artificial Chromosome Technologies – Suburban Journals

Posted: September 26, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Intact Genomics, a St. Louis, Missouri based biotechnology company, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a new patent of Fungal Artificial Chromosomes, Compositions, Methods and Uses Therefor (U.S. Patent No. 10,337,019) to Intact Genomics. The patent covers Fungal artificial chromosome (FAC) vectors which can be replicated in a bacterial or a fungal host and can comprise an insert of heterologous DNA up to 300-500 kilobases into a fungal genome. The insert sequence can be modified by homologous recombination. Fungal artificial chromosome (FAC) vectors also can be a plasmid comprising bacterial and fungal origins of replication, as well as bacterial and fungal selection marker genes. Additionally, the patent discloses the methods of generating plasmid libraries including vectors comprising intact SM gene clusters.

Fungi are one of the most important groups of organisms on the planet. They play important roles in many aspects of human life, including medicine, food, and farming. The FAC technology can capture large DNA fragments and shuttle them into advanced or engineered fungal hosts for heterologous expression. This enables robust production and rapid identification of fungal secondary metabolite compounds. Said Chengcang Charles Wu, PhD, who is the inventor of this technology and the main inventor of the Artificial Plant Mini-chromosomes (WO 2007/137114). This proprietary technology can be used in our drug discovery research, as well as licensed to companies across pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental sectors.

We are extremely pleased with continued development of large DNA fragment and metagenomic technologies. The issuance of this patent will strengthen our intellectual property protection of our core technologies. Said Dr. Chengcang Wu who is a world-renowned expert and the founder and CEO of Intact Genomics.

About Intact Genomics, Inc.

Intact Genomics is a worldwide leader in large DNA fragment cloning and metagenomics technologies. The company continuously focuses on genomic technology innovation by applying large DNA fragment cloning related proprietary technologies in metagenomic research to develop new solutions for natural product-enzyme discovery, agricultural research, and environmental protection. Intact Genomics also provides high-quality life science products and large DNA fragment cloning related services to help scientists explore the genome structure and function of microorganisms, plants, and animal species.

Visit link:

Intact Genomics Awarded the Patent of Fungal Artificial Chromosome Technologies - Suburban Journals

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‘Star Wars 9’ theory explains Snoke, Rey, and Palps return all at once – Inverse

Posted: at 12:44 pm

Fans have long been speculating about whether or not Rey will be revealed to be Emperor Palpatines clone in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, especially after the latest trailer showed Dark Rey wielding a rad new red lightsaber. Now, a bold new theory explains that Palpatine actually created more than one clone, including himself. Confused? Lets dive in.

Warning! Speculative spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker below.

Redditor u/Mr_Berger1 theorizes that the Palpatine who died in The Return of the Jedi was actually a clone, leaving the real Palps to roam the outer regions of the galaxy to continue his work. However, since the former emperor wouldve probably made backups of his backups, he may have created more than one clone to help execute every aspect of his plan.

Thats right, in a strange twist, Palpatine, Supreme Leader Snoke, and Rey could all be clones of the original emperor. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, yes and no. Theres no telling how far Episode IX will go in terms of cloning one theory even proposed that the entire Sith Fleet are clones of Jango Fett but this theory might be onto something.

Why would Palpatine clone himself, though? Think about what the Galactic Empire looked like prior to his demise. They were losing to a puny Rebellion that had already destroyed one Death Star and was about to blow up a second one. Smelling weakness among his own ranks, Palpatine mightve wanted to purge the weaker people in the Empire, leaving the strong to inherit the First Order, as this theory argues.

And why not? Palps couldve absolutely tricked the empire into thinking he was gone, let everyone fall into a false sense of security before returning stronger than ever.

It is probable that the first clone of Palpatine wasnt perfect, this would be Snoke, just another clone pawn to fool everyone while Palpatine builds up the first order, u/Mr_Berger1 writes, potentially explaining the Supreme Leaders scarred appearance in The Last Jedi.

It sounds like its reaching a bit, right? But, if were to look back on Snokes history (that we admittedly dont know much about) and the knowledge and power hes amassed between the downfall of the Galactic Empire and the rise of the First Order, its not outside the realm of possibility to think that hes just a pawn in Palps plan. After all, its long been speculated that Snoke wasnt working on his own and that he either knew Palpatine prior to his death or that hes been playing host to Palps essence the whole time.

Finally, the theory claims that Rey is a Palpatine and was brought into the world for the express purpose to stamp out the Skywalker bloodline. Once this is done, she will probably be hunted down and destroyed.

Recent leaks claiming that Rey could be Palpatines granddaughter are one thing, but the idea that the Emperor created her in a lab using his own DNA expressly to destroy the Skywalker is a bridge too far even for us.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20, 2019.

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'Star Wars 9' theory explains Snoke, Rey, and Palps return all at once - Inverse

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Number plate cloning how you could get stung – RACQ Live

Posted: August 25, 2017 at 4:10 am

RACQ said criminals were duplicating number plates to get away with racking up huge toll bills, fines and even stealing petrol.

RACQs Russell Manning said there were even reports thieves were going to second-hand car yards to find legally registered plates to replicate.

Its concerning just how easily this can happen. Back in the day, thieves used to simply steal the number plate. But with the advances in technology they dont even have to touch the car to get away with it, Mr Manning said.

Whats worrying for owners with plate cloning is you dont know about it until the fines start rolling in.

It begs the question whether it is time we reconsidered number plates being the only form of identification for your vehicle for police and toll road operators.

We may be at the time where we have to become more sophisticated and look at technological identifiers like electronic vehicle tags.

Mr Manning urged anyone who received a fine or infringement notice and did not believe it was their vehicle to alert the authorities.

No one wants to be caught out with a fine and blemish on their permanent record for a crime they didnt commit.

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Number plate cloning how you could get stung - RACQ Live

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Crooks cloning number plates to lump innocent drivers with fines –

Posted: at 4:10 am

Car hoons are duplicating numberplates to get away with racking up huge toll bills, fines and even stealing petrol.

Authorities have warned law-abiding motorists of the growing scourge and have issued advice to those stung by the scam for what to do.

Melbourne car yard worker Peter Savige said the business had received a number of toll invoices from Eastlink and Citylink, despite knowing the vehicle in question had not left the premises.

He also received parking fines and a red light infringement.

Confused, Mr Savige downloaded the road safety camera images associated with the fines.

"I realised that the number plate on the vehicle, even though it was the same numerals and numbers, it wasn't even the same colour as the plate on our car," he told A Current Affair.

Mr Savige said he had now cancelled the number plate.

Geoff Gwilym from the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce said it was "disappointing" the innocent parties had to go to the effort of proving the car in question wasn't theirs.

"The way that cloning works is that somebody sees a car and it's like the car that they've got or they look on the internet for a similar car, and they basically copy the numberplate and put it on their car," he said.

Criminals can use websites to create fake number plates for a small fee, or even visit novelty stores to buy fake plates on the spot.

A Current Affair was able to have plates made in about 10 minutes, for less than $30.

The NRMA's Peter Khoury said such stores should be regulated.

"It shouldn't be happening to start with, and that's why we want to make sure that authorities across Australia are doing everything they can to protect our rego and our identification," he said.

Mr Gwilym advised people who received a fine they were suspicious of to report it to the appropriate authority in writing, preferably in an e-mail with a receipt.

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Crooks cloning number plates to lump innocent drivers with fines -

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