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Your Island home – The West Australian

Posted: April 6, 2020 at 5:08 pm

Sweeping postcard views are made real in this two-bedroom, two-bathroom North Coogee home.

A private oceanfront sanctuary with an outlook to be envied, the apartment is one of just two on its floor in the sought-after The Islands complex.

Realmark North Coastal Projects Sales Associate Jason Kuriata believes prospective buyers will fall in love with the coastal sunsets and the ocean vistas.

Breathtaking panoramic ocean views are on offer from your very own balcony, with sliding louvres which capture all three of our famous islands Garden, Carnac and Rottnest in the very same picturesque snapshot, he said.

Tucked away off a secluded beachside slip road, this complex will leave you in absolute awe.

The Islands is a secure, gated community featuring immaculate gardens and a crystal-clear lap pool.

Inside, the airy open-plan living, dining and kitchen area seamlessly link to the balcony via bi-folding doors.

The kitchen is luminous with glistening stone benchtops, glass splashbacks and premium stainless steel appliances, with ample storage available in the understated white cabinetry.

Both bedrooms feature built-in robes and open to the outside.

The sumptuous master bedroom is neatly tiled and comprises of his and hers built-in wardrobes, balcony access with its own slice of the mesmerising sea view, and a fully tiled ensuite bathroom, Mr Kuriata said.

Twin vanities add personality and class to the master ensuite, which also includes a deep bathtub and frosted-glass screening.

The second bedroom is carpeted for comfort and connects to the generously sized courtyard area, which conveniently doubles as a laundry and drying space.

The beachside property comes with a host of desirable extras, including ducted reverse-cycle air-conditioning, an integrated Bose audio system, lighting controls, a CCTV security system and more.

Basement storage and dual parking is available, and the complex also includes a private lobby.

Mr Kuriata said the homes dream oceanfront location is just footsteps away from South Beach and all its amenities, including coastal cafes, playgrounds, retail precincts and a dog beach.

Contact: Realmark North Coastal, Jason Kuriata, 0438 990 690.

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Your Island home - The West Australian

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Seychelles extends protection to marine area twice the size of Great Britain –

Posted: at 5:07 pm

Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean famous for its turquoise waters, giant tortoises and wondrous birds, has extended protection to 400,000 square kilometers (154,000 square miles) of its seas, an area twice the size of Great Britain. The move fulfills the countrys long-standing pledge to safeguard 30% of its marine waters.

Seychelles marine ecosystem is the foundation that the economy is built upon, with fisheries and tourism being the primary pillars of our economy, President Danny Faure said on March 26 at the signing of a decree that created 13 new marine protected areas (MPAs). The people of Seychelles have a direct dependence on our ocean resources for food security and livelihoods.

The terrestrial area of the Seychelles 115 islands is only about 460 km2 (180 mi2), about three times the size of Staten Island in New York City, but the countrys exclusive economic zone (EEZ) spans 1.37 million km2 of ocean, twice the size of Texas. The challenge for the country is to prevent the unsustainable exploitation of its biodiversity, which it projects as its biggest selling point to the world.

The declaration of new MPAs was facilitated by a debt-for-nature deal proposed by the U.S.-based NGO The Nature Conservancy (TNC). The scheme came on the back of the 2008 financial crisis, when the Seychelles government was unable to pay back its foreign creditors, defaulting on its sovereign debt. Debt restructuring aims at avoiding default by changing the terms of repayment. The agreement with TNC allowed the country to free up $21.6 million in foreign debt, provided it ramped up protection of its marine resources and took climate adaptation measures.

While debt-for-nature schemes have been used before to protect terrestrial ecosystems, most notably in Latin America and the Caribbean, this is the first for marine areas. Nearly half of Seychelles new MPAs will be no-take zones, where economic activity such as fishing, mining or drilling will not be allowed. In the other half, called Zone 2, economic activities will be allowed, subject to regulation.

The island republics marine biodiversity is threatened by overexploitation, pollution generated inland, habitat degradation because of offshore oil exploration and extraction, as well as rising sea temperatures.

The hope is that the expansion will safeguard the habitats and nesting sites of endangered turtles, the last remaining population of dugongs in the Indian Ocean, preserve coral reefs, and also allow the country to invest in making the fisheries sector more sustainable.

Among the expected beneficiaries of these efforts are shark species. Shark fishing is an ancient practice in Seychelles, where till the 1940s, there were frequent sightings of hammerhead sharks (belonging to the family Sphyrnidae) and tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier)*.

Sharks have a strong cultural importance in Seychelles, and I think that marine protected areas are a critical tool for shark conservation locally, said James Lea, CEO of Save Our Seas Foundation, a Swiss group that works extensively in Seychelles. Lea added that there is indirect evidence to suggest that MPAs help shark species. Aldabra Atoll has been protected since the 1980s and has an abundance of marine life, including sharks. Blacktip reef sharks [Carcharhinus melanopterus] and sicklefin lemon sharks [Negaprion acutidens] in particular are thriving there, he said.

The Aldabra Atoll, the worlds second-largest coral atoll and a UNESCO world heritage site and special reserve, is arguably a success story in terms of conservation. It is home to the largest population of giant tortoises in the world, as well as more than 300 other species of animals and plants. The reserve extends into the sea, 1 km (0.6 mi) from the shore. Its remote location and long history of protection have combined to keep it safe.

A new MPA has now been designated around the atoll, whose boundaries extend to Tanzanias EEZ to the west and Madagascars EEZ to the south. It is one of five MPAs that are no-take zones.

Until 2012, only 0.04% of Seychelles marine territory was part of its MPA network. Under the debt-for-nature deal, reached in 2015, the government announced the first round of expansion in 2018, when 210,000 km2 (81,000 mi2) of marine areas were designated MPAs.

Convincing fishers and hoteliers

Expanding Seychelles MPA network is a very important and major first step in the conservation of Seychelles biodiversity, but it is only the first step, Rabia Somers and Vanessa Didon, from the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles, said in a statement to Mongabay. The conservation of Seychelles biodiversity ultimately depends on multiple factors, such as enforcement, public-private partnerships, and innovative management models.

The announcement was finalized after consultations, more than 200 of them, over six years to decide which areas will be protected and to what extent. The main challenge for the government and conservation NGOs was to convince people who rely on marine resources that the new protections would benefit them. Buy-in from the fisheries sector, both small-scale and large-scale, and the tourism industry will be crucial for the MPAs to work, experts said.

With its many privately owned island resorts, Seychelles often hosts the rich and famous, and sometimes even royalty. Prince William and Kate Middleton honeymooned on one such retreat on North Island; George Clooney and Amal Clooney also vacationed in Seychelles after their wedding.

The environment is core to the tourism product they offer, Wilna Accouche from the local NGO Green Island Foundation told Mongabay. They have to make sure that that the tourism activities do not damage the environment.

The NGO helped to get the marine area off another private island, Denis Island, designated as a protected area. While convincing hoteliers that they should conserve the most attractive features of their resorts is easy, Accouche said that getting them to recognize that their inland activities affect marine ecosystems is more challenging. This includes the discharge of waste, construction activity, and reclamation projects to create artificial islands.

Fishing communities maintain they are not solely to blame for the loss of marine species. Recreational fishing is common and unregulated in Seychelles. Marine stocks are also affected by rising sea temperatures and water pollution.

According to Accouche, a big problem in the effective management of marine areas is the mistrust between fishing communities and the government. For years, fishers have grappled with restrictions being imposed from the top. The conservation objectives of the new MPAs will only be achieved if fishers believe it is in their best interests to comply with restrictions, she said.

To minimize the new protections impact on fishing communities, some NGOs like Marine Conservation Society Seychelles work with communities to create temporal protected areas (TPAs) that will permit some activity during parts of the year. Seychelles beaches serve as seasonal nesting sites for green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata). TPAs restrict certain activities during certain critical time periods and also mitigate threats faced by sea turtles during the nesting and hatching season; poaching of nesting females and disturbance of nests and emerging hatchlings, Somers and Didon from the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles said.

Enforcing the new protections

Regulating activities in Zone 2 of the recently announced MPAs, where activities are allowed but subject to regulation, will be more difficult, experts said.

The National Information Sharing and Coordination Centre (NISCC) in Seychelles, together with other agencies, has been monitoring the countrys EEZ and surveilling MPAs. The agency will implement a five-year marine spatial plan that will be rolled out next year, covering not just the MPAs but the entire EEZ of Seychelles

The five-year plan would include using more innovative methods to monitor MPAs, such as satellites and drones, said Leslie Benoiton, who heads the NISCC. The plan will also focus on developing human resources and capacity for overseeing MPAs and educating and sensitizing communities, he said.

A technology-intensive approach, however, will come at a cost.

The funds secured through the debt-for-nature deal might not be enough to guarantee protection. To effectively manage such an extensive MPA network would require somewhere between $75 and $106 per square kilometer every year, according to an estimate from Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT), the entity created to channel the funds freed by the debt deal to the Seychelles government. At the top end of that range, the cost to effectively manage the massive swath of area now under protection would cost about $42 million a year.

Though the Seychelles government also sets aside funds for marine management, it is not nearly enough, so it is seeking grants and loans to secure the MPAs. To ensure effective coordination between the multiple agencies involved in overseeing the now-complete MPA network, the government is establishing a new body, the Seychelles Ocean Authority. It is also considering imposing an environmental levy of $10 on tourists a small price to pay for those seeking solace in a country where you can literally book your own slice of beach.

(Banner Image: One of the small rocky islands that make up the Seychelles archipelago. Image courtesy The Ocean Agency)

Malavika Vyawahare is a staff writer for Mongabay. Find her on Twitter: @MalavikaVy

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[* Editors note: The article has been updated to clarify the kind of shark species that were sighted off the Seychelles coast.]

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Seychelles extends protection to marine area twice the size of Great Britain -

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Coronavirus Strands Spring Breaker Travelers in St. Barth and Anguilla –

Posted: March 24, 2020 at 7:49 pm

Although the two small islands are separated by only 27 miles of Caribbean sea and both are high-end, beach-ringed sanctuaries for East Coasters, Anguilla and St. Barth could not be more different. Anguilla is where billionaires go to get their beach bum on; St. Barth is where they go in high season to flaunt their mega yachts.

Each has its aficionados, who sometimes deign a day trip to their neighbor (about 40 minutes by boat), while remaining set in their affinity. But on the weekend of March 13start of college and private school spring break and high season par excellencethe most devoted among them, those who had not cancelled hotel and villa reservations despite intensifying Coronavirus uncertainties, found themselves in the same boat: desperately trying to figure out how to flee paradise and get back home.

Its eerie when something is so beautiful you think surely its the safest place to be, but then suddenly youre told its not, said New York-based jewelry designer and philanthropist Brooke Garber Neidich, who has been coming to St. Bart's for 35 years and arrived on March 14 to check on the progress on a house she and her husband are building on the islands Baie des Flamands, next to LVMHs newly expanded Cheval Blanc St. Bart's hotel. Neidich and her husband were among the fortunate.

We came by charter," she added. "We figured, well, [if things go south], we can always turn around and leaveand we did! she said.

Juan Camilo BernalGetty Images

But for others things would get rougher by the day. On March 12, before most spring breakers had arrived, St. Maarten banned flights and passengers from Germany from landing at its Princess Juliana International Airport. SXM, as its called for short, is a hub, along with San Juans Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (SJU), for visitors to Anguilla and St. Barth. From there, they board connecting flights on smaller aircraft operated by the likes of Seabourne, Tradewinds Aviation, or Winair, or, if headed to Anguilla, they board a ferry from a dock near SXM.

By Saturday, March 14, St. Maarten announced it was banning all flights from the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States, effective Tuesday the 17. A day later, on March 15, France announced a lockdown. What ensued was pure chaos.

St. Maarten said the airport would remain open so people could get off, said a Westchester-based Anguilla homeowner whod arrived on the island on Friday the 13th on JetBlue and had a return flight booked with them. But airlines promptly cancelled all flights both ways, including mine. While the hotels are mostly empty, there are people in villas, and quite a few private jets. But many of us are stranded. There was to my knowledge no get yourselves home order from the State Department until most countries had closed their borders and all remaining flights were fullor wildly overbooked.

On Anguilla, the homeowner continued, tourists and expats with houses have sorted into two groups, those who are getting out via various meansDelta or United via SXM, charter to Puerto Ricos SJU, etceteraand those who decided its safer here.

"If the airlines want a $50 billion bailout, they will need to prove themselves competent to spend it.

There are no COVID-19 cases diagnosed on Anguilla as yet and everyone with symptoms is being assiduously quarantined. Everyone assumes its here nonetheless, another frequent visitor said, but it has been impressive to see how the island has coped. There have been regular, clear announcements from the health department, premier, and governor, all with consistent facts and advice. Locals are concerned but calmthey have been through so much, what with the destruction of Hurricane Irma [which struck in 2017]. They have set up a service to shop for seniors. And some take-out places give you an appointment time for your pick up, so there are never more than two people shopping at once. Restaurants are open but distancing table. Not everyone is observing protocols, but more do so every day.

SeanPavonePhotoGetty Images

However, SXM Airport, my friend from Westchester said, was bedlamshed made two ferry trips there from Anguilla to catch flights on which shed re-booked herself but about whose cancellations she had not been notified.

Delta and Winair reps kept trying to pawn me off on each other. And there were no signs of Seabourne or JetBlue staff in the terminal. I looked because I would have liked to strangle one. I realize this is an unprecedented situation, but none of the airlines has covered itself with glory," she said.

"I am fit, well-off, have a place to stay back on Anguilla, had just a carry on, and can speak up for myself. If any of those had been different, I would have been far worse off. If the airlines want a $50 billion bailout, they will need to prove themselves competent to spend it. And they must have an obligation of care toward passengers, as in the E.U.

On St. Barth, Olivia Junieres was not going anywhereshe lives there and owns a consultancy/concierge company on the island, the O Agency. When I spoke to her last week, she said she had seen from her office window one Tradewinds flight from Puerto Rico landing earlier in the day on St. Barth's notoriously perilous (and picturesque) tiny airstrip.

Its eerie when something is so beautiful you think surely its the safest place to be, but then suddenly youre told its not.

But otherwise, the island is almost completely shut down. Our Bucket Regatta, which marks the high season for us and happens this week, was cancelled. Its the source of much of the annual income for many local businesses. The hotels are now closed through April 1, as are the restaurants and all but essential services. But Im fairly certain that another 15- to 30-day quarantine will be announced soon. (St. Bart's to date has three confirmed coronavirus cases.)

Studio Borlenghi/ALeAGetty Images

Richard Mishaan, an interior designer based in New York, had rented a villa for his stay and arrived on St. Bart's via St. Maarten on March 14. At SXM, we saw an Air France plane that was sealed and grounded; there were five Germans aboard and they were being isolated, I was told. Once on St. Bart's, we had dinner with friends at Mayas (the popular see-and-be-seen spot on Gustavia harbor) and woke on Sunday to the news that the St. Maarten airport is closed to all incoming flights. That started to make us very uncomfortable. I was able to get flights to get back home the following day through Puerto Rico, but other friends had to wait until Wednesday, and some until Thursday. In San Juan, national guardsmen were taking peoples temperature at random. And the immigration officer told us that they had locked down the flights after ours.

Anguilla closed its port to passengers on midnight Friday, March 20, although cargo will continue coming in, if on a reduced schedule. French citizens on St. Barth and all other French Caribbean territories (there were still a few on Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin, Junieres told me) had to return home by last night, Sunday, March 22.


Neidich, back in New York, is self-quarantining from her two-year-old grandson. He doesnt understand social distancing, she said, laughing. But I was at dinner with nine people at Tamarind [another popular St. Bart's spot] on Sunday. We sat at a round table. We didnt hug or kiss, but we were not 6 feet apart.

There is wide concern about the local St. Barth economy. The major hotels make money here through Aprilthat is now largely ruined," Junieres said. "Normally, they stay open through the summer as well, to accommodate the mainly French clientele that arrives here between July 15 and August 15whoever is not going to St. Tropez, or Greece, or Ibiza that year. They are able to stay open then because of the money they made in the early spring and the real money they start making again in November. Their not opening in the summer will affect restaurants and other businesses here.

"And this, she sighed, was going to be our first normal winter and spring since 2016. [Irma wreaked devastation in 2017.] But I believe the owner crowd will be back as soon as soon as they can. They are having work done on their houses.

My friend from Anguilla returned home on the last flight out on Friday night from St. Maarten, on United to Newark, New Jersey. If one more person on the plane talked about the last choppers getting out of Saigon in 1975, I would have coughed on them," she said. "Everyone at the ferry or airport had a story about canceled flights, crazy itineraries (one family with a bunch of kids was flying to St. Kitts and just hoping for an onward flight), and lack of communication from airlines and the U.S. government.

As for the COVID-19 situation on Anguilla, still no positive diagnoses, she said. "But there are concerns about Anguillans who came home last week, including 24 students, who were told to self-isolate and are not. But as one local told me, everyone knows who they are and runs away from them.

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Coronavirus Strands Spring Breaker Travelers in St. Barth and Anguilla -

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17 Stellar Female Chefs Share What Advice Theyd Give To Their Younger Selves – Forbes

Posted: at 7:49 pm

Though March has turned out to be a very difficult one for the restaurant and hospitality industry, that doesnt mean we cant honor the incredible female restaurateurs around the country transforming the culinary scenes around them! March is Womens History Month and in celebration, weve decided to gather the best advice 17 chefs would give to their younger selves and share this insight during a chaotic time when we could all use some positivity and motivation. After all, hind sight is 20/20, right?

From entrepreneurs, business owners and visionaries to former Chopped champions, James Beard Award finalists and so much more, these chefs have had a whole lot of experiences to get them to where they are today. Without further ado, heres what words of wisdom theyd share with their younger selves.

Chef and Co-Owner Kathy Fang, Fang Restaurant

Chef and Co-Owner Kathy Fang, Fang Restaurant

San Francisco native Kathy Fang grew up in the kitchen of her familys restaurant, House of Nanking, before opening Fang Restaurant with her father in 2009 as co-owner and chef. An up-and-coming culinary star, Kathy has competed on a number of Food Network shows including Cutthroat Kitchen, Guys Grocery Games, and is a two-time CHOPPED champion.

I would have told myyoungerself to go work at more restaurants and gain mentorship from variouschefsI admire. The guidance and exposure to other restaurants help you grow as a chef with a broader background. I would have told myself to invest more time in developing and expanding my network in the hospitality industry as your connections and network in this field can help you with opportunities you otherwisemay not come across.

Chef Susan Lassalette, Pine Ridge Vineyards

Chef Susan Lassalette, Pine Ridge Vineyards

Chef Susan Lassalette is the winery chef at Pine Ridge Vineyards in Napa Valleys renowned Stags Leap District, where she collaborates with the winemaking team to enhance the wines with each dish of her flavorful menus. After transitioning from the fashion world to a culinary career, Chef Lassalette served as head chef at several popular California restaurants such as chef de cuisine at Insalatas in San Anselmo.

When I began in the kitchen, I was in my late twenties and came from a career as a fashion stylist. I felt as though I had to make up for lost time and was determined to work my way up the ranks. In retrospect, I would tell myyoungerself to take my time. Looking back at my work life, I have found at times it is best to stop for a moment and reflect on where you are reevaluate what is important to you, and where you want to go. It may differ from the original path you set out on.

Flicka McGurrin, Pier 23 Cafe Restaurant & Bars Owner

Flicka McGurrin, Pier 23 Cafe Restaurant & Bars Owner

Flicka McGurrin, a 5th generation San Franciscan, has owned Pier 23 Cafe Restaurant & Bar on the Embarcadero in San Francisco for 35 years. Flicka McGurrin has paved the way forfemalebusiness owners in the restaurant industry, starting out as one of the only catering companies in San Francisco around the 70s, to now owning a San Francisco Legacy Business.

"Go for it! I think if you research it and try to understand what the business is all about you might get discouraged and you might chicken out.There are some mitigating factors. You have to make smart choices. You cant just open up in a dark alley and think somethings going to happen.Location is the most important thing.

Chef Eva de Gil, Telefric Barcelona

Chef Eva de Gil, Telefric Barcelona

Chef Eva de Gil is known for her roles on Top Chef Spain and The Real Master Chef China. She has worked her way from three Michelin starred Akelare, to the opening team of Cotton House Hotel, and now as restaurant chef of Palo Altos Telefric Barcelona sharing her love and passion for Spanish cuisine.

Having the knowledge I have now, the bestadviceI wouldgivemyyoungerself is to be more patient with myself and take things step by step instead of trying to do everything at once and be overwhelmed. I would tell myself to practice setting a goal, creating an action plan short term and long term. That way, you feel accomplished in the smell steps that are moving you toward your main goal.

Pastry Chef Tania Harris, The Lazy Goat

Pastry Chef Tania Harris, The Lazy Goat

A native of Mexico City, Chef Tania Harris is the Pastry Chef at The Lazy Goat, in Greenville, South Carolina. Tania was also a 2019 South Carolina Chef Ambassador.

"Work hard, stay true to yourself and trust your instincts. Throughout my career I feel like I've been challenged by different situations and sometimes because of fear I almost didn't take a chance and just go for it. Now I start to see the results of my hard work and I realize that the decisions I took were the correct ones and I shouldn't have second guessed myself."

Executive Chef Jenifer Rogers, Passerelle Bistro

Executive Chef Jenifer Rogers, Passerelle Bistro

Executive Chef Jenifer Rogers restaurant,Passerelle Bistro, was named one of the most romantic restaurants in the world (CNN Travel).

"Don't be a hot head, for the most part your coworkers and employees are doing their best to do everything correctly for you. Be confident in your knowledge but do not ever rest on what you currently know; always read, learn and grow, not only from books and articles, but from every person around you. Be a sponge and ask the questions. You are more powerful than you know; when you think you can't work another hour, breakdown another chicken or deal with another coworker, push through because there is a reward."

Chef and Co-owner Karin Feeny, Kitchen Sync

Chef and Co-owner Karin Feeny, Kitchen Sync

Karin Feeny is the Chef and Co-owner of Kitchen Sync the nations #1 Independently Owned Green Certified Restaurant; specializing in farm-fresh, scratch-made fare served with extraordinary hospitality.

Be true to yourself. My path to restaurant ownership would have been far easier to navigate had I gone to culinary school. Instead of pursuing my dream of going to culinary school after graduating high school, I applied to a traditional four-year university. It just seemed like that was what was expected of me. Of course, now I know that doing what is expected may not always be whats right and best. Follow your passion and dont worry about what everyone else is doing.

Executive Chef & Pastry Chef Mari Katsumura, Ygen

Executive Chef & Pastry Chef Mari Katsumura, Ygen

Executive Chef & Pastry Chef Mari Katsumurais the daughter of the beloved Chef Yoshi Katsumura and opened Ygen to much acclaim, earning a Michelin star before just one year in business.

Throughout my career, I know I havent been a perfect employee or leader it has taken many years of reflection and constant reevaluation of my behavior to be where I am today. I think as a younger cook, I allowed my emotions and sensitivity to scenarios to govern my professional responses by making more reactive and impulsive decisions.

I try to pause now and be more deliberate with my words and tone when it comes to most communication. Another thing that young cooks or young leaders do not necessarily practice is healthy boundaries with work/life balance. I try to be more aware of this in my older age, since working in the food world is incredibly demanding and stressful in a lot of ways.

Pastry Chef Danielle Marelli, Travelle at The Langham

Pastry Chef Danielle Marelli,Travelle at The Langham

Pastry Chef Danielle Marellitakes on her position with energy and passion to deliver superior desserts, producing all components for plated desserts including ice cream and sorbets, as well as creating wedding cakes and custom cakes for on-site weddings and functions.

Advice I would give my younger self is to always do whats best for yourself. Block out all the noise and doubts and focus on whats best for you and makes you happiest. Everyone around you will have an opinion and that will never change, but so long as youre true to yourself and listening to what you want, success will follow and it will be your own.

Co-Owner and Executive Chef Christine Cikowski, Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Co-Owner and Executive Chef Christine Cikowski, Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Co-owner and Executive Chef Christine Cikowskihas received two consecutive Jean Banchet nominations for Chef of the Year in 2018 and 2019. Christine has worked closely on activist and community initiatives with Pilot Light, RAISE, the James Beard Foundation, Chicagos Green City Market, The Mayors Task Force for Working Families, and Step Up Womens Network, where shes held the position of chef chair for four years.

Things I wish I had known then that I know now: Assume positive intent. Its possible that someone screwed up/wronged you/is being difficult, but lets not start there. Start from a place of assuming positive intent. Assume that everyone is just doing the best they can.

Owner and Executive Chef Ann Ahmed, Lat14

Owner and Executive Chef Ann Ahmed, Lat14

Owner and Executive Chef Ann Ahmedhas received numerous local accolades, including being namedStar TribunesMaverick of the Year in 2019, and Lat14 being namedMinneapolis/St. Paul MagazinesBest Restaurant of the Year in 2019 and one of Eater Twin Cities 38 Essential Restaurants Winter 2020. Ann is also a fellow in the James Beard Foundations Womens Entrepreneurial Leadership program.

Ask more questions! I always felt that I had to settle for whatever answer I was given.Give yourself creditI shouldve been my own cheerleader.No one will cheer as loud as you cheering for yourself.Be confidentmy business was everything to me, yet I wasnt confident in my brand and my story (a story that was my life, and it was real but I always thought no one was interested in a little refugee girl).

Trust your gutnot everyone that you encounter will have good intentions, but your intuition is better than you know. And know that if you did something out of the kindness of your heart, youve made the right choice.Dare to be differentits okay to stand out, just make sure you stand tall. If I wouldve had the confidence 15 years ago, I wouldve probably been the first to open up a Laotian restaurant, which is currently the strongest trend in 2020.

Chef de Cuisine Mariya Russell, Kumiko and Kikk

Chef de Cuisine Mariya Russell, KumikoandKikk

Chef de Cuisine Mariya Russell was named Rookie of the Year for 2019 in Chicago Tribunes Dining Awards; Best Chef de Cuisine at the 2020 Jean Banchet Awards; and is a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation Awards 2020 in the category of Best Chef: Great Lakes. She was also awarded the Outstanding Culinary Achievement Award by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White during the 2020 African American Heritage Month Celebration. In September 2019, Kikk was awarded its first Michelin star less than five months after the space opened, making Russell the first black woman to earn a Michelin star in history.

I would tell my younger self not to be afraid, and that you are so much stronger than you think! And Id remind myself to spend time with my dad. And also to listen, love, and take care of yourself every day.

Owner and Chef Samantha Fore, Tuk Tuk Sri Lankan Bites

Owner and Chef Samantha Fore,TukTuk Sri Lankan Bites

Lexington, KY-based Chef Samantha Fore has developed a cult following for her Sri Lankan pop-ups, TukTukSri Lankan Bites, marrying traditional Kentucky cuisine with Sri Lankan-inspired flavors and ingredients. Her work has been featured on the cover of Food & Wine, and she is a regular fixture at Brown in the South dinners, a roving dinner series that brings together South Asian chefs cooking in the southeastern United States.

Be patient. I spent time in a number of different vocations just trying to find the one that felt right. I finally was honest with myself about being miserable in one of my gigs, and that led me to my truly fulfilling job its the dream. Patience is often overlooked or ignored, but it tends to bring the most clarity.

Chef Naomi Kimani, TRIBAL

Chef Naomi Kimani, TRIBAL

Chef Naomi Kimani has been working at Niyama Private Islands Maldives as a Sous Chef at TRIBALthe only Afro Latin restaurant in Maldives since August 2017. She has over 15 years of work experience, having worked in Africa, Middle East and Asia and has had the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

Remain curious and trust in your abilities. Nothing is impossible if you focus on your end goal".

Chef Casey Thompson

Partner and Executive Chef Casey Thompson, Georgette

Chef Casey Thompson was a fan favorite and finalist on Top Chef and helped open and served as the executive chef at Brownstone Restaurant in Fort Worth, TX and later Aveline restaurant and The European Bar & Lounge in San Francisco. Georgette is a new Sonoma restaurant slated to open late summer/fall of 2020

"If I had a conversation with my younger chef self, I would tell myself to have gone abroad to cook. I waited until I was older, more concerned with having a 'vacation' with cooking involved. When you are young, you are so carefree, less prideful, and you don't care where you sleep. You are a sponge when you are young. It is so important to work with people from all over the world. You learn so much and it will take you a long way in your career..."

Chef Wiparat Pratumma, Nest

Chef Wiparat Pratumma, Nest

Chef Wiparat Pratumma, has been working at Niyama Private Islands Maldives as a Sous chef at Nest for 2 years and 6 months. She joined Natures Playground as Chef de parties and through her exemplary culinary and leadership skills she was promoted to a Sous chef in October 2018.

Follow your dream, believe in yourself and dontgiveup.

Manresa Bread. Avery Ruzicka

Partner and Head Baker Avery Ruzicka, Manresa Bread

Over the span of seven years, Avery has built Manresa Bread from an overnight baking project to a full-scale enterprise with two bakery locations, an all-day caf, 24-hour commissary, and nationwide shipping capabilities. Avery was also 2019 James Beard Award finalist in the Outstanding Baker category.

When I was a young I would always tell myself I was working hard to get to where I wanted to be. I was working for free to get into the best kitchens I could. I was working 7 days a week to gain experience. I was saying no to anything outside of work to stay focused.

If I could, I would tell myself that I was already there. I was in three-star kitchens, I was surrounded by talented and focused cooks. Id found a career I loved, and wish I had taken time to enjoy being in the moment more than worrying that I needed to be more experienced, or more committed, or more in any way. I was too busy thinking I was not enough to realize I was and that I had my dream job.

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17 Stellar Female Chefs Share What Advice Theyd Give To Their Younger Selves - Forbes

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How coronavirus is affecting the super-rich:billionaires search for country estates and islands to avoid Covid-19 – Homes and Property

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Billionaires are in a class of their own when it comes to coronavirus avoidance tactics, according to Penny Mosgrove, chief executive of top peoples property services specialist, Quintessentially Estates.

She says her phone has been hot with requests from the super-rich searching for Scottish castles, mansions with bunkers, Cotswolds manor houses with moats, uninhabited Caribbean islands to buy, superyachts for a long charter and private jets to get clients home from abroad without their having to go near international airports.

Mosgrove says: Thoughtful billionaires are hitting a romantic note. Instead of sending his girlfriend flowers, one client has asked us todeliver a bouquet made up of hand sanitiser, face masks, wipes and, of course flowers.

But one of the more bemusing requests was a long-standing client who was returning from abroad. He has a 35 million mansion in Mayfair. He asked me if I could find him an apartment to rent. When I asked what was wrong with his house, he said he didnt want to return to it in case he infected the premises.

He is currently looking at a four-bedroom duplex in Grosvenor Square for a rent of 18,000 a month.

Another client wants a new home with a large spa for his wife who will be having beauty treatments at home in future.

Private islands have suddenly become popular, too. One client is taking a private jet to the Caribbean to view le de Caille four miles off the coast of Grenada. Location is everything its 15 miles from the airport.

The choice of islands for sale is vast. If Greece is your preference, Patroklos, an easy hop from Athens, would be perfect. It has 250 acres of fertile land, 150 sheep and 5,000 olive trees. Price on request but who cares?

There is also an Ionian island with 1,100 acres for 45 million. And if you are feeling particularly paranoid you could ask the sole occupant to leave. Hes a shepherd.

Mosgrove adds: As buying agents and advisers, we are used to unusual requests. But these are a bit extreme.

European favourites for billionaires are the Balearics. She is arranging for a client to view a 25 million house in Majorca.

Meanwhile, private tutors are in for a pay rise.

We are receiving requests from parents taking their children out of school for home tuition, says Mosgrove. And we have seen a big demand for places in UK boarding schools. Expat parents are locking up their daughters."


How coronavirus is affecting the super-rich:billionaires search for country estates and islands to avoid Covid-19 - Homes and Property

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The Maldives Are Still Open, and You Can Have the Run of the Raffles Resort There for $1 Million – Robb Report

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With most of the resorts in the Maldives set on private islands that have been designed for discretion and seclusion, the destination seems purpose-built for this age of social distancing. (Note: As of this writing, there are no travel restrictions to or from the Maldives for US residents, and flights are still operating via the international airport in Male.) But one five-star resort is taking private to new levels with the option to buy-out the whole placeincluding a second nearby island you can use for custom experiences. Dubbed You Run Raffles Maldives, the $1 Million package grants you exclusive access to RafflesMaldivesMeradhoo for five days and four nights.

The resorts 21 villas are scattered on the beach and over the waterCourtesy Raffles Maldives Meradhoo

Available through the end of the year, the package includes a total buy-out of the resortwhich is located in the pristine Gaafu Alifu Atoll, an 80-minute boat ride from the equatorand its 21 beach and overwater villas. The experience begins with a private charter flight from Male or transfer from the private jet terminal at Kooddoo airport. Once at the resort, pretty much everything is included, so over the five days you will enjoy things like Biologique Recherche facials, Aromatherapy Associates massages and other treatments at the Raffles Spa, unlimited water sports, the services of a both a butler and Marine Butler (the latter to set up excursions like snorkeling along the resorts two house reefs), and unlimited use of the house yacht, the Azimut, for dolphin-spotting cruises, fishing or diving expeditions, complete with drinks and canapes.

Hit the Long Bar at sunset for gin-based Maldives Sling cocktailsCourtesy Raffles Maldives Meradhoo

On the food front, the resorts culinary team will create custom menus and tailored dining experiences that can be enjoyed wherever you chooseso get ready to sit at sunken tables that have been carved from the sand, or gather around the Long Bar for Maldives Slings, a take on the signature Raffles cocktail made of gin, coconut, cinnamon and clove. As part of the buy-out, youll also have access to a nearby deserted island on which the team can set-up everything from a castaway picnic and romantic champagne-and-stargazing session guided by a personal astronomer to a sunset concert or a DJ-led party (additional costs for these events may apply.) When its time to leave, each guest will receive personalized robes, gourmet treats and other mementos of this unforgettable stay. The $1 Million You Run Raffles Maldives Package is available for up to 70 guests. The rate includes a 5% charitable donation split between the Maldives Marine Center and the Olive Ridley Project, an NGO that works to protect sea turtles. To book, emailreservations.maldives@raffles.comor call +960 6828800.


The Maldives Are Still Open, and You Can Have the Run of the Raffles Resort There for $1 Million - Robb Report

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Five rich people who are not handling the coronavirus crisis well at all – The Canary

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One might think that a full bank account, secure mansions, and private islands might keep the rich sane through the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. But unfortunately, were seeing meltdowns from the most pampered among us. Here are just five examples of rich people entirely failing to adult through the pandemic.

Oh, Madonna. Holding forth on the coronavirus making us all equals, from your rose-petal-adorned milk bath, while a harp plays in the background? This is batshit behaviour:

Pretty sure the besieged inhabitants of the Gaza Strip have it tougher than you, babe.

But fans and critics alike were begging Madge to exercise a little self-awareness.

Richard Bransons fortune was estimated at $4.1bn as recently as January this year. And his Virgin Group company brings in over 16.6bn a year. Despite this, Branson asked Virgin Atlantic staff to take eight weeks of unpaid leave while they self-isolate and social distance. The average Virgin Atlantic flight attendant earns just over 15k a year. Going eight weeks without pay is simply not an option.

Branson could pay every one of Virgin Groups 69,000 employees 2,000 for the next two months himself for 27.6m. This wouldnt even dent his personal fortune. Instead, hes asking skint staff to bailout his company with their own confiscated salaries.

As if this wasnt insulting enough, Branson also urged the British government to give his industry a 7.5bn taxpayer bailout.

In short, while Branson and Virgin Groups fortunes remain untapped, Virgin staff and the taxpayer keep his company afloat.

No, Richard. Just no.

The pandemic has hit young people, teachers, and parents hard. Students about to sit critical exams have had them deferred indefinitely. Teachers are moving out of their family homes in order to reach the children of key workers while keeping their own families safe. Parents are having to manage work and home-schooling their children. And for some families, all these things are happening at the same time. Its tough.

And yet, rich people problems are still a thing. Wealthy journalist Isabel Oakeshott asked us to spare a thought for her fellow wealthy parents at this difficult time:

Not the most considerate post at a time of national crisis. The response was justifiably withering:

Billionaire US president Donald Trump interrupted his press conference on coronavirus yesterday to bemoan the life of the billionaire. In a bizarre rant that went on for minutes, Trump complained about how tough it is for rich people to run for office:

Only one US president since 1929 was not a millionaire Harry Truman. And Trump is the wealthiest president in US history. This would suggest that wealth is a help rather than a hindrance to power in the United States.

Singer-songwriter Sam Smith has a net worth of $40m (34.35m) and is spending quarantine in their 12m mansion in North London. So when they took to social media to share their quarantine meltdown, Brits were not amused.

As a rule, if youve got a big house, food in your fridge, and healthy lungs right now, stop complaining. Or as one particularly articulate US citizen put it on Twitter:

Featured image via Twitter / Ghostink Wikimedia / Chatham House Wikimedia / Pitony Photography Wikimedia / Gage Skidmore Flickr

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Five rich people who are not handling the coronavirus crisis well at all - The Canary

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Coronavirus Florida: Concern raised over boat access to spoil islands – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

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While area beaches remain closed, spoil islands such as Snake Island, owned by the West Coast Inland Navigation District remain open because theyre technically private property.

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SARASOTA COUNTY Despite beach closures, boaters were able to congregate this weekend at Snake Island, located at the end of Venice Inlet, and other spoil islands technically owned by the West Coast Inland Navigation District, as well as offshore sandbars.

Venice officials have reached out to the district about closing down the island, something that neither the city nor county marine patrol officers can do, unless the district asks for their help.

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See our complete coverage of the coronavirus outbreak

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Read more Venice news stories

Venice Marine Patrol Officer Paul Joyce noted that Snake Island is considered private property even though its technically owned by a public entity, the West Coast Inland Navigation District.

Venice resident Chris Stocke sent a photo of boaters moored near, or beached on, the island to Venice Mayor Rod Feinsod, raising his concerns about the situation.

With the beaches closed, restaurants closed, social distancing, most of us staying home, etc., the partying goes on as normal on Snake Island, Stocke wrote. In my view, this is totally unacceptable and should be stopped as beach-going has.

Feinsod, who has fielded emails from people frustrated by beach closures as well as those who are happy that theyre closed and want to see social distancing enforced more thoroughly, said he hopes the WCIND will ask for help in closing Snake Island and other spoil island areas.

Theyre creating a place where people can gather and, in my opinion, if theres a place where people can gather, they will gather, Feinsod said.

Justin McBride, the executive director of the West Coast Inland Navigation District, was working from home because of social distancing and did not respond to an email asking whether the district would make an attempt to close the spoil islands.

Because of its location near the mouth of the Venice Inlet and near the Crows Nest Marina, Snake Island is one of the more easily observed of the spoil islands created when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredged the Intracoastal Waterway in the 1960s.

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Read more stories by Earle Kimel

Other well-known islands include Big Edwards Island, Little Edwards Island and Skiers Island, south of the Siesta Key Bridge.

In addition to spoil islands, boaters can moor on large sandbars such as the ones on the south side of Big Pass, north side of New Pass, and the Jewfish Key sandbar, east of Longboat Pass.

Beer Can Beach, a northern extension of Longboat Key, once known as Beer Can Island but now patrolled as a preserve by the city of Longboat Key, is another popular place for boaters to anchor and socialize.

Joyce said, just as with a sandbar at low tide, city, county and state law enforcement do not have jurisdiction on Snake Island and other spoil islands.

Still, law enforcement officials have been doing their best to encourage the revelers to be safe.

Were asking everybody to police themselves, heed the warnings from the president and governor, keep your six-foot distance apart from each other, Joyce said.

Snake Island photos shared on Facebook by Donna Stocke from both Saturday and Sunday also show watercraft from both the Venice Marine Patrol and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on the outer edge of the moored boats.

There were a few groups of people that were hanging out together more than 10, but most of those people were close friends or family or something like that, Joyce said.

Until WCIND asks for intervention, local law enforcement can only monitor the situation.

Longboat Key Pass

Along the 10-mile stretch of Longboat Key from the New Pass Bridge to Longboat Pass Bridge, boaters have anchored at sandbars and offshore. Other barrier island locals walk to the beach on Longboat Key and near Beer Can Island to set up chairs.

The beach itself is open, according to Longboat Key Police spokeswoman Tina Adams. But all public beach accesses on Longboat Key are closed. However, those boaters and beach patrons who were on Beer Can Island were doing so in violation of current county beach closures. If they moved south, just about a mile south they would not be in violation.

We would like to reiterate to the public that Greer Island, also known as Beer Can Island, is a Manatee County park and remains closed to all boating and foot traffic, Adams said. This park is located at the north end of Longboat Key. Town of Longboat Key Police will monitor the public beach accesses.

All Longboat Key beach accesses are blocked with traffic barricades and marked with a small sign that says Public Beach Access Closed, noting the danger of COVID-19. It says for more information visit

Other cities on Anna Maria Island also have closed beach accesses but not the beaches. Beachgoers may use the beaches if they follow Centers for Disease Control guidelines and space at least 10 feet apart and limit groups to no more than 10 people.

Cars were parked on both sides of the road on the north side of the Longboat Pass Bridge, which is the right of way. A Bradenton Beach Police officer searched for vehicle owners in the immediate vicinity and issued warnings to others for illegally parking there.


Coronavirus Florida: Concern raised over boat access to spoil islands - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

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Michigan islands warn they are not a safe haven from coronavirus –

Posted: at 6:07 am

BEAVER ISLAND, MI - One of Michigans most remote islands is cautioning people that it should not be considered a safe haven for those seeking to stay away from the spreading threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

Beaver Islands Emergency Services Authority issued a statement on Friday to not only its full-time and seasonal residents, but also to any visitors who might be considering a trip to the island, which sits in Lake Michigan about 27 miles offshore from Charlevoix in Northern Michigan.

It mirrored a statement Bois Blanc island in Lake Huron issued last week. Mackinac Island has also issued a notice on its website, saying that city officials are not advising travel to the island during this time due to the spread of COVID-19, and that all its restaurants, hotels, stores and retail shops are either closed or currently not available to the visiting public.

Beaver Island issued the most strongly-worded explanation against travel.

Coronavirus cases are likely to occur on Beaver Island, and the consequences to those on the Island could be more devastating than in mainland locations with access to medical resources and supplies. The Island is home to numerous individuals with compromised immune systems, as well as many aging and elderly residents who are at greatest risk, said the statement, which was issued by both Kathleen McNamara, the St. James Township supervisor, and William Kohls, the Peaine Township supervisor. Beaver Island and its surrounding archipelago are made up of the two townships.

They want people to know that any travel to Beaver Island is being discouraged by health care providers right now. Beyond the imminent threat of exposure from those traveling in from other parts of the state and country, the Island lacks the medical resources and facilities necessary to provide care to those who may be affected," their statement said.

Unfortunately, this will impact the plans of those who normally return to Beaver Island in the spring, as well as family members wishing to visit Island relatives, and other visitors. Island residents may encounter a delay in obtaining essential supplies, and travel on or off the Island is discouraged.

Beaver Island sits nearly 30 miles off the coast of Charlevoix. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

Beaver Island has about 600 year-round residents, but the population swells during the summer with tourists and annual visitors who love roaming the downtown area as well as the miles of wild shoreline.

For those who own a home there and plan to catch a flight to the island - or for those island residents who leave to make a trip to the mainland and then come back to the island, authorities are saying it is essential that they make plans to self-quarantine in their own home for at least 14 days before venturing out into Beaver Islands community. Other rules they are being asked to follow include:

Abide by all COVID-19 precautions established by charter and commercial transportation companies serving Beaver Island.

Avoid exposure to other persons at the airports, harbor/marina, and all other points of access.

Avoid sharing vehicles and/or riding in others vehicles, where the virus can easily be transmitted.

Upon arrival, please plan to self-isolate by remaining on your private premises for no fewer than 14 days.

Transportation companies that serve the island have COVID-19 response plans in place, authorities said. While the island ferry is not yet running passenger routes this early in the season, people are traveling there by plane. Aviation companies that serve the island have said they are following CDC recommendations, and are offering flights with increased personal spacing if people want to make special arrangements for that.

Island grocers, gas stations and others that deal in essential services have already switched to curbside and remote services, in some cases allowing the islanders to put items on their house accounts to keep from hand-to-hand exchanges of cash and credit cards.

Bois Blanc, the large island that sits just south of Mackinac Island in Lake Huron, issued a similar order last week. You can read the Facebook message below.


In addition to washing hands regularly and not touching your face, officials recommend practicing social distancing, assuming anyone may be carrying the virus. Health officials say you should be staying at least 6 feet away from others and working from home, if possible. Carry hand sanitizer with you, and use disinfecting wipes or disinfecting spray cleaners on frequently-touched surfaces in your home ( door handles, faucets, countertops ) and when you go into places like stores.

Complete coverage of coronavirus in Michigan.


Michigans Beaver Island water trail debuts to delight paddlers with shipwrecks, camping spots

Michigans Beaver Island seeks international dark sky designation

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Michigan islands warn they are not a safe haven from coronavirus -

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Coronavirus Today: For the wealthy, private tests and bunkers – Los Angeles Times

Posted: at 6:07 am

Good evening. Im Diya Chacko, and its Monday, March 23. Heres whats happening with the coronavirus outbreak in California and beyond.

It wasnt a weekend at home for many Californians after all. Across the state, people ignored social-distancing measures and crowded beaches and parks, leading Monday to crackdowns and closures to keep people from congregating.


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Gov. Gavin Newsom is shutting parking lots at state parks. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti scolded Angelenos, ordered golf courses and parking lots near beaches to close and said law enforcement would not be shy about approaching people seen violating quarantine orders, a misdemeanor. Numerous trails and their access roads are closed, and organized group sports at parks are banned. You can see a roundup of whats closed so far around California at this link.

In San Francisco, officials warned that a surge in COVID-19 cases is expected within a week or two. It is a matter of life or death, said Mayor London Breed. This is not the time for a party, for a play date.

Panic-buying of N95 masks and other critical protective gear has reduced available supplies, with reports that surgical masks and hand sanitizer have even been stolen from clinics. On social media, health workers are begging for supplies under the hashtag #GetMePPE. If you have protective gear to donate, check the website, which lists hospitals nationwide with specific instructions for donating to each. Several California-based companies such as Apple say theyre working to produce or source more medical supplies.

And amid an ongoing test shortage, L.A. County officials announced Monday they have secured 20,000 new coronavirus tests, with a processing capacity of 5,000 tests per day. The kits will be free, and healthcare workers and first responders will be given priority for testing. So far, only about 25,000 tests have been conducted in the entire state since the beginning of the outbreak.

The Medical Board of California is looking into private physicians and concierge doctors offering tests to wealthy patients at high prices, sparking outrage as people without symptoms get tested while others of lesser means wait. And as the rich prepare to ward off the disease, theyre investing heavily in lavish bunkers with amenities usually reserved for mega-mansions. We built one in California that has a shooting range, swimming pool and bowling alley, said a manager of a Texas-based bunker company.

The pandemic is even casting its shadow on previous events in the news cycle. Two parents imprisoned in the college admissions scandal for conspiring to slip their children into USC as bogus water polo stars asked a judge to release them early. One, a Los Angeles executive, was denied; the other, a Napa Valley vintner, was released. And fresh off his conviction in New York, Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the coronavirus in state prison, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

Cases as of 4 p.m. PDT Monday:

Track the latest numbers and how they break down by county and by state with our graphics.

Your support helps us deliver the news that matters most.

Garcetti has issued an emergency order barring landlords from pulling any rental units off the market under the Ellis Act, a state law that lets owners of rent-controlled buildings evict tenants in order to get out of the rental business. Advocates, economists and politicians say pandemic-related job losses and depressed tax revenue will only worsen the existing shortage of affordable homes.

The L.A. City Councils meetings have been canceled until next month, in a move that drew immediate alarm from labor unions, nonprofit groups and community activists. Council members had said over the weekend they would pursue new emergency proposals, including a rent freeze, and were widely expected to take up proposals that had already been drafted, including rules on layoffs.

L.A. Unified school campuses will remain closed until May 1, and the district has contracted with Verizon to provide internet access to students who dont have it at no charge to them so learning can continue, Supt. Austin Beutner announced Monday.

Butcher shops have seen a dramatic rise in sales in the last week, as customers stock up on cuts that lend themselves well to freezing and long cooking times. Californias hotel industry isnt so lucky. An industry group expects it to shed more than 125,000 jobs in just the next few weeks, more than any other state.

The Salvation Army is now in talks with the L.A. Homeless Services Authority to determine if any of its facilities would be useful for housing homeless people either to prevent them from being exposed to the virus or to quarantine those who may come down with COVID-19. But its a long shot.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds! Heres a super-fun how-to video. Stop touching your face, and keep your phone clean. Watch for these symptoms of possible infection: fever, cough, shortness of breath. If youre worried you might be infected, call your doctor or urgent care clinic before going. Be sure to practice social distancing, such as maintaining a 6-foot radius of personal space in public. Wondering whether you should self-quarantine? Heres our guide.

Here are all the ways to stay virtually connected with your friends. Need groceries? Heres how to stock up for staying home. You can also watch our video guide on YouTube. Visit our free games and puzzles page for daily crosswords, card games, arcade games and more. The restaurant industry has been devastated. If youre having a tough time, here are some free resources that may help. Advice for helping kids navigate pandemic life includes being honest about uncertainties, acknowledging their feelings and sticking to a routine. Heres guidance from the CDC.

In Washington, Republicans and Democrats grew visibly angry and emotional on the Senate floor as negotiations over a financial rescue package appeared to stall over the scope of a fund to help large businesses. Democrats said there were too few requirements on the businesses that would get help such as a ban on stock buybacks and too little transparency on which companies would get it.

The governors of Texas and Florida have resisted imposing stay-at-home orders, despite mounting criticism, as local officials complain a patchwork of policies has made it nearly impossible to limit the diseases spread. Hawaiis governor meanwhile has ordered a strict 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving in the islands. Hawaiian Airlines will operate a reduced inter-island schedule and once-daily flights between Los Angeles and Honolulu starting Thursday.

Olympic leaders pushed back Monday against reports that they had decided to postpone the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, saying they are still in talks with organizers, Japanese officials and public health experts. Cancellation is not on the table, said International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach.

Until now, Britain has eschewed the tough stay-indoors approach in countries like Italy, Spain and France. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans for the U.K. to go into lockdown as of Monday night after many Britons flouted social-distancing recommendations. Public health experts say without swift action, Britains chances of averting an Italy-style trajectory are dimming.

Todays reader question comes from Anoja Karunaratne, who wants to know: Are there drugs such as chloroquine now being given to patients who have the virus, and have those drugs helped? Science reporter Amina Khan has this story about drugs researchers are now exploring that may help in the fight against COVID-19.

Medicines developed for malaria, HIV and rheumatoid arthritis have shown some early promise against COVID-19, the respiratory illness at the center of the pandemic. For instance, researchers have hypothesized that the malaria drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine could help patients by essentially slowing down the virus inside the body.

Clinical trials have begun in China and several other places to test many of these drugs on patients with the disease. However, we likely wont have real results on their effectiveness for a couple of months.

Got a question? Our reporters covering the coronavirus outbreak want to hear from you. Email us your questions, and well do our best to answer them. You can find answers to other common questions in our morning and midday roundup.

For the most up-to-date coronavirus coverage from The Times, visit our live updates page, visit our Health section and follow us on Twitter and on Instagram.

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Coronavirus Today: For the wealthy, private tests and bunkers - Los Angeles Times

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