The Evolutionary Perspective

Posted: December 8, 2011 at 9:09 am

Welcome to The Evolutionary Perspective website,

dedicated to the Evolutionist and neo-Darwinian perspective.

" The tabula of human nature was never rasa and it is now being read."
-- William D. Hamilton, 1997

Follow the link titled "Science" to read scientific data, facts, theories and articles - pure science, simply concerned with "what is", not what "should be".

Follow the link titled "Philosophy" to read philosophical essays, either written by myself or by others, more or less concerning, directly or indirectly, the Evolutionary perspective.

Follow the link titled "Politics" to read about the more practical, social and political "implications" or potentials of evolutionary and darwinian science and philosophy.

Follow the link titled "Discussion" for various Message Boards and Chat rooms concerning the evolutionary perspective in politics, philosophy or science.

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