:: Cosmic Heavens

Heaven all Encompassing

We are beginning to ask the difficult questions...

What is the Destiny of Man?

Man is Beginning to Discover his True Purpose of Being

To Bridge and Unify Science and Spirituality towards the One Vision of Tomorrow

In ascending consciousness and self-discovery we are no longer spectators in the grand plan of cosmic evolution

Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution

God is the Metamorphosis of Man

Welcome to the Garden of Heaven

Lucid Dreams of Heaven

Young Marcus, Welcome to Garden of Heaven. Where Life and Death are one. A circle with no beginning or end. Here unfathomable beauty blossoms, untold worlds, infinite and eternal.
Your world is but a drop of water in the ocean of space. Your Sunstar, a speck of dust in the winds of Time. Godhood is Cold and Pure Lucidity. Where the mind and soul bridge time and space. Where the past and future become the eternal present.

Many are called, but few are chosen non omnes, qui habetcitharum, sunt citharoedi

Let us unlock the secrets of the Genetic Equation and Build a Bridge to the Heavens

Cosmic Evolution by Robert McCall

Visit the One of the finest Futurists Sites in the World

O'Celestial Mother We Worship Thee
The Fountain of Consciously Directed Self-Evolution

The Fountain of Consciously Directed Self-Evolution

Cosmic Mother Creator of Sentient Life

The Woman is the Source of Life

Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution

We Are The
euvolution Foundation

Mother Earth Give Birth to Higher Man

The best of both sexes ought to be brought together as often as
possible, the worst as seldom as possible . . . if our
herd is to reach the highest perfection.


Nostra aetate vetustissimum hominem somnium per troposphaerum et
stratophaerum in sideream spatium immensum progrediendi

In our time one of man's oldest dreams, that of passing through the
troposphere and the stratosphere into the vastness of space, has been realized.

Lucid Dreams of the Future

The Genetic Revolution Shall Transform Humanity

God is the Metamorphosis of Man

And Man wishes to ascend higher and higher
altius quoquealtiusque home ascendere vult

I open my Heart and Soul to Eugenic Consciousness

Man Created God in His Own Image

* Perhaps God did not exist at the beginning of the chain of evolution, but he may come into existence at the end. Evolution is the systematic and progressive development of life toward perfection. Evolution is the development of the energy of the universe in such a way that it has an increasing ability to consciously control itself and the universe around it. It is a progressive change from the unconscious to the conscious. We are the universe trying to comprehend itself. Man is the corporeal manifestation of the universe trying to control its own destiny. Man is God in the process of coming into existence.

- Eugenic Manifesto By Promethius

* Struggle is the vital element of all evolutionary progress and the very essence of life itself.

- Natural Order

Sunrise - June 1st 2000 - The New Millennium

Consciously Directed Self-Evolution is Born

Self-Directed Evolution
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