:: Political Correctness, Marxist Dogma and Censorship in the Western World

• Conway Zirkle and the Persistence of "Marxian Biology" in the Western Social Sciences by J.W. Jamieson

• Does Head Start make a Difference ? by Janet Currie and Duncan Thomas

• Ethnicity and Ideology by Gavan Tredoux

• Ideology and Censorship in Behavior Genetics by Glayde Whitney

• Raymond B. Cattell and the Fourth Inquisition by Glayde Whitney

• The Problem of Equality by Kevin Lamb

• Foreword to David Duke's book "My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding" by Glayde Whitney

• Studies of Jewish Genetics and the Racial Double Standard: Is There a Hidden Agenda ? by Paul Grubach

• Invisible Men by Peter Brimelow

• Race, Excuse-Making and Crime by Jim McCloskey

• The New Enemies of Evolutionary Science

• Statement of Professor Kevin MacDonald

• Political Correctness in Britain: A Blueprint for Decline by Frank Ellis

• Pride and Prejudice by Dinesh D'Souza

• The Myth of a 'Stolen Legacy' by Mary Lefkowitz

• 'One-party Science' Poses Threat to Scientists' Intellectual Freedom by J. Philippe Rushton

• Biased Tidings: The Media and The Cyril Burt Controversy by Kevin Lamb

• Cyril Burt: Fraud or Framed ? - A Review by Chris Brand

• Fallible Judgments (False Accusations of Fraud Against Educational Psychologist Cyril Burt) by Robert B. Joynson

• In Defense of Bacon by Alan Soble

• Science, Ideology, and the Media: The Cyril Burt Scandal by Raymond E. Fancher

• The Burt Affair by Leila Zenderland

• Victim of Scientific Hoax (Cyril Burt and the Genetic IQ Controversy) by J. Philippe Rushton

• What the Double Standard Tells Us by Jared Taylor

Eugenics and Dysgenics  Eugenics and Dysgenics

Against Eugenics and Genetic Engineering  Against Eugenics and Genetic Engineering

White Nationalism  White Nationalism

Beyondism  Beyondism

Plato's Republic, Meritocracy and Critique of Liberal-Egalitarian One-Man  Plato's Republic and Critique of Liberal-Egalitarian One-Man

Self-Directed Evolution

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