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This website is dedicated to "rehabilitating" Evolutionary science - and what I call the "Evolutionary perspective" - in the eyes of the general population. A certain Marxist, liberal, "politically correct", importantly Jewish(see the articles concerning Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy) influence has quite successfully vilified and discredited views based on evolutionary and neo-darwinian science, to replace it with a pseudo-science that is the biological equivalent of the Flat-Earth theory: the belief that Man largely escapes the laws of genetics and biology, that the individual and group differences can be majoritarily, if not completely, explained by environmental differences, and that therefore we are all "equal".
Not only do I think such views would make the world extremely boring, without any interesting potential (because genetic equality, or "genetic insignificance" would presuppose the impossibility of any future evolution), and pretty much worthless (no one and nothing is unique or of any outstanding value since everyone has an equal potential), but I honestly think that they are simply not based in factual reality.

What is "The Evolutionary Perspective" ? It depends in what domain. In science, it is the empirical, "neo-Darwinian" view that the evolution of life occurred by Natural Selection(more precisely, genetic mutation followed by natural selection), and follows the laws of Evolutionary theory, which implies the hereditarian view that genes have an importance.(Because if they didn't, how could have evolution occurred in the first place ?) And, consequently, the evolutionary perspective consists in analyzing and trying to understand a living organism's behavior in light of this knowledge of evolutionary theory and the importance(note that I did not say "total dictatorship of", something the opponents of hereditarian science often use to discredit it, exaggerating its views beyond the real and logical) of genes. I exclude from this "Evolutionary Perspective" the views some intellectuals(so as not to use the word scientist) hold that Man has somehow attained a magical state where the influence of genes is no longer significant, as if we suddenly had become infinitely malleable balls of clay through some mysterious and unexplained evolutionary mechanism.

In philosophy, I see the presence of what I call "The Evolutionary Perspective" in two different ways:

1) The view that philosophy and the philosophical view we adopt is really a result of evolution, of our adaptive psychological mechanisms. (And much less a question of "free will" or "rational choice") To paraphrase Nietzsche, it is the view that philosophical ideas are guided much more by secret, underground "instincts"(largely a question of innate biases and tendencies, I would say) than by reason and objective reasoning. After all, behind every single "life-philosophy" there is an arbitrary choice, an irrational foundation.

2) The view that the basic objective of life is(or should be conceptualized as) Evolution, the idealization of Mankind, the creation of the "Higher Man", which is a continuous process of cultural and biological evolution.

In politics, it is the views which are based both of evolutionary science and evolutionary philosophy. It includes, for example, Eugenics.

Note, however, that neither Evolutionary Science, "Evolutionary philosophy" and "Evolutionary politics"(I use quotes because officially there is no such thing as "evolutionary" philosophy and politics, I invented that concept of the Evolutionary Perspective in those domains to emphasize what I perceive to be a fundamental unity of world view), are NOT necessarily connected. An evolutionary scientist does not necessarily adopt Eugenicist political views, even though some do. Nor was Nietzsche, an important evolutionary philosopher, in my view, particularly fond of Darwinism.

In the same line of thinking, I should add that the authors of the articles on this website - except the author of the articles I wrote, of course - do not necessarily agree with the other views expressed on this site.

Finally, "The Evolutionary Perspective" website is constantly under construction, and I will regularly add articles written by myself, or by others.

Self-Directed Evolution

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