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A review of Systemic Racism: A Theory of Oppression by Joe Feagin Joe R. Feagin is Professor of Sociology at the University of Florida in Gainesville was/is President of the American Sociological Association.  This review of his book's diatribe against White males is the second--the first was a review of Racist America, 2000, available below. This is another example of the hate being spewed by the Marxists in academia. We can't see into their minds, but their systematic attack on Whites shows a well intentioned pattern of genocide by the left on Western peoples.

A review of "The Deadliest Lies" and "The Israel Lobby". John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, two scholars from the U. of Chicago and Harvard respectively, were commissioned by The Atlantic Monthly to write an article about the Israel Lobby. I review their book that followed their article (never published by TAM), and also Abraham Foxman's rebuttal to their work--The Deadliest Lies. It is an interesting contrast between scholarship and smear tactics to suppress debate of this explosive issue.

Why Social Justice Matters, by Brian Barry. This book, written in 2005, feels more like a book written in the 60s or 70s. Psychometrics, eugenics, mental ability, etc. have all catapulted ahead of environmental determinism, but Barry doesn't give up. Instead, he just uses specious arguments that he apparently hopes naive observers will believe. The only reason for reviewing such a poorly written book is to show that the egalitarians have no real arguments for their agendas. Their primary mission now is to just ignore empiricism and sink into emotional narratives. Barry however tries to use some pitiful logic, so it is reflective on how the battle is over. Genes matter, humans are not equal, and social justice is what anyone says it is.

Making Sense of Heritability by Neven Sesardic, 2005. This book covers not only the genetics of heritability, it also highlights all of the sophistry and flaws of those academics who have tried to deny race as a factor in differences intelligence. Sesardic's book is quite different in that he clearly shows that the Left has only methodological criticisms to apply to Jensenism because they have depleted any empirical data to use. The era of genetics has returned. He also shows that when racial differences in intelligence is finally accepted by the public, egalitarianism is also severely limited as an argument for equality.

In Moral Minds: How Nature Designed our universal sense of right and wrong by Marc D. Hauser, 2006. Morality is like one's world view. Most of us has their own unique flavor, but in the end morality and ethics are merely mechanisms for one group trying to control another group for their advantage. This essay discusses how we can have a moral system for a eugenic community, yet put on a separate set of moral principles when dealing with others. The only rule is to have a moral system that promotes eugenics.

Two more book reviews on eugenics. A review of Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race and From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany. The first is pure propaganda, the second more unbiased.

After reading the book The Neoconservative Revolution by Murray Friedman, I reread Kevin MacDonald's book A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, with Diaspora Peoples. Observations made by Friedman seem to confirm MacDonald's summation of differences between Whites and Ashkenazi Jews. I discuss and compare portions of each book.  

Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Approach: Richard Lynn's recent book is extremely thorough and well written. I chose not to review it because so many others already have. Besides, it is a book that anyone interested in the subject should own. But I will provide excerpts.

There are three book reviews that follow: Preaching Eugenic is fairly straight forward look at religious leaders supported eugenics and why. The second review is of two books: Eugenic Nation and Keeping America Sane. These two books contrasts how some books are pure distortion and propaganda, while the second is a rather fair reading of the eugenic movement.

Race, IQ and Heritability. I came across this interesting article by Neven Sesardic and I tried to condense it down to just four pages and simplify it. I hope I succeeded. It explains how it is very difficult to find any environmental causes for the Black-White gap in intelligence, and how strawman arguments are all the is left for the radical environmentalists to rely on.

Reviews of Better for All the World & Eugenic Design. Both reviews are short as these books are typical of the anti-eugenic hysteria that continues to surface. As eugenics returns, it is attacked from various perspectives, but is never wounded.

The Price of Whiteness: Jews, Race, and American Identity. Numerous books have been published lately linking White supremacy with the eugenics' movement leading to the Holocaust, along with other horrible things. This is the first book that chronicles how Jews have over the last few hundred years considered themselves primarily a race, and how they have and still do consider themselves the superior race. Excerpts from the book are available upon request.

 The Baby Business. In this new book, the author describes the commercialization of making babies as the parents want them to be, not as nature and its randomness decides. She also freely uses the word eugenics because that's what it has always been. Baby making, using advanced tools for selecting the best genes, is back.

Eugenics and how to raise children. In this article I have addressed what I believe to be some practical means of raising children to be racial particularist in and economic and genetically viable manner. The world still believes that children can be molded by their families, and they will become what they have told to become. It is wrong, but there is just too much money to be had by too many people who will sell parents on simple regimens to develop the perfect baby.

The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature by Steven Pinker.  This is probably the best written book on evolutionary psychology yet.  Pinker lays it all out, and does so in a thorough and entertaining way.  My critique however takes issue with parts of the book that deny racial differences in intelligence and behavioral traits, as well as eugenics, morality, etc. (Revised 12/2005--it seems Pinker has changed his mind or has become more honest.)

A review of The Affirmative Action Hoax by Steven Farron, 2005, is a well studied and thorough examination of affirmative action in higher education. Much of the material equally applies to work place quotas, business set-asides, etc., as well as looking at the genetic causes racial differences along with the history racial group conflicts in the courts, politics, etc. Very well researched and documented.

A review of Liberal Eugenics: In Defence of Human Enhancement, by Nicholas Agar, 2004. Agar takes on the bioethicists in his attempt to legitimize eugenics for the purpose of expanding reproductive rights. I have taken this opportunity not only to critique his and other's vision about the future, but also to suggest how a new species of human may be brought about.

A review of The Genius Factory: The Curious History of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank, by David Plotz, 2005. Plotz tries not to promote sperm banks and eugenics, but even as a hostile skeptic, a close reading shows that eugenics is back in a big way.

A review of The Psychology of Hate, edited by Robert J. Sternberg. This book sheds little light on the evolutionary adaptation of hate, disgust, anger and fear. It does however prove to be an interesting insight into the phenomena of anti-White hatred masquerading as science. But I would not expect anything else from Sternberg.

A review of the book Hitler as Philosophe by Lawrence Birken, 1995. In this review of Birken's analysis of Hitler's worldview, I show that eugenics for Hitler was a very minor part of National Socialism. It seems that if he had truly embrace eugenics as it was applied in other countries, he could not have held the views that he did with regards to the German people, their need for more land, etc.

A review of The Origin of Mind. This new book expands upon Jensen's The g Factor, 1998, adding new data on how and why humans evolved such large and intelligent brains. David Geary makes the connection between Darwinism and the study of mental ability in a superb academic book.

 An interview on my eugenic perspective published in Resistance magazine, Summer, 2005 .

A review of The God Gene. This book has some interesting points, but lacks scientific tone and coherence. I then review an empirical book by numerous researchers in Genetic and Cultural Evolution of Cooperation, edited by Peter Hammerstein, that has greater insight into how humans behave as a social species. Religion must be seen as a complicated belief system that may or may not have been adaptive, but nevertheless most humans have some form of religion. How it came about in it its present day form is multifaceted, and falls between the cracks of psychological disciplines. More on religion later.

June, 2005: New research on Jewish intelligence suggests that Ashkenazim Jews have some recessive genes, unique to them, that boosts their average IQ to an average of 117. This new research vindicates eugenics for improving the average IQ of any population group that undertakes to improve their intelligence. It is becoming increasingly difficult to defend the assertion that intelligence is due to nurture rather than nature or genetics.

The Color of Crime: Race, Crime, and Violence in America published by the New Century Foundation.

A review of What Is Thought. This book carries on where The Robot's Rebellion leaves us, hoping for a way out of our irrational behaviors. The book was a hard read at first, because the language is that of a computer scientist. The description however of how the mind became a model of the world, builds on other works that explain who we are as humans and why we do what we do - for many odd reasons. Reading this book, I have a firmer understanding of science, knowledge, and my own inner workings. I recommend reading and studying this book, as well as others like it, to peer inside of the mind.

A review of The Robot's Rebellion: Finding Meaning in the Age of Darwinism. This remarkable book is based on the heuristics and biases research, and argues that humans must escape from being controlled by both genes and memes. It also takes another step forward in vindicating Jensen versus Sternberg and his IQ deniers.

 A review of three books on the old eugenics:  War Against the Weak, The Unfit, & American Eugenics. Modern moralizing continues to try and turn back eugenic/genetic considerations in improving the human condition by recognizing that nature and nurture are both important to the health of any society or nation. Edwin Black especially in War Against the Weak goes to great lengths to link old eugenics with Nordic supremacism and then the Holocaust. But a careful reading of his work and others shows otherwise--the Holocaust was the result of group evolutionary strategies that climaxed in warfare.

 Critical Race Theory I was interested in the new legal studies called "Critical Race Theory" so I did a search and found books and journal articles that discusses the issue. It is a good way to get a glimpse of how anti-White hatred is promoted in academia.

 Robert J. Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Intelligence Sternberg's theory of intelligence is the last one to have any credibility among psychometricians (but not much). Gardner's "Multiple Intelligences" or Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence" are dismissed as not having any theoretical basis. Because of this, the Left has been forced to resorting to denial that intelligence has meaning, or that races exist, etc. They have no more to say on how to raise people's intelligence so they just deny that there is such a thing. Sternberg comes dangerously close to following the same pattern, by trying to deny that intelligence has value.

 Terrorism versus moral universalism from an evolutionary perspective or how to get into another world war by ignoring human nature and human racial differences.

Niche Construction This article addresses how to establish a eugenics community based on recent findings with regards to group evolutionary strategies, niche construction, and the interaction between genes and culture.

A review of the new book Race: The Reality of Human Differences by Vincent Sarich and Frank Miele, 2004.

I came across the following article: The Myth of Intelligence, published in Psychological Record in 2003 with my comments. It is hard to believe that such transparently vacuous arguments are still finding their way into academic journals.

This book review is about 35 pages long, with a lot of excerpts from new material by authors that are not included in Jensen's The g Factor. Also, be sure to read Nyborg's entire chapter in a separate link on the academic left's "collective fraud." : The Scientific Study of General Intelligence: Tribute to Arthur R. Jensen

In this eclectic article I look at the history of court cases that have shaped affirmative action hiring practices, racial conflict in general, and then review a new book on consciousness, Being No One, that sheds light on how our brains are not aware of our emotional self-representations, and thus our racial conflicts: From equal opportunity to equal outcomes: cognitive components in racial conflicts.

J. Philippe Rushton's short abridged book Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective is now available on line. This is a must read for anyone interested in racial differences on a host traits from testosterone to having twins, as well as intelligence.

 Race and Medicine. A recent article in the journal SCIENCE details how racial differences can lead to different approaches in medical care. If human races differ in genes that impact health, they of course will be expected to differ in other areas as well, such as intelligence and behavioral traits.

 Nature via Nurture by Matt Ridley. I look at the latest book by Matt Ridley, with comments on two other books: Evolutionary Psychology and The Origins of Human Nature. Ridley's book is especially good and must be read, there is simply too much in it to cover in a review. I do however take Ridley to task for being politically correct, and denying the fundamentals of behavior genetics, after he supports those very tenets of evolution. About 20 pages long, I start with Ridley about half way through for those who want to jump to the politics of race denial.

A critique of the Marxist screed Democracy for the Few by Michael Parenti. This book was so thoroughly Marxist and condemnatory against the West that all I could do was convert the book into a text file and comment on the outrages assertions paragraph by paragraph. Though long, I think reading Marxist screeds is very enlightening in trying to understand their motives.

Liars, Lovers and Heroes: What the New Brain Science Reveals About How We Become Who We Are by S. R. Quartz and T. J. Sejnowski, 2002. My review of this otherwise well written book looks at these authors' attempt to once again sweep the importance of intelligence under the rug, as well as racial differences in intelligence. Their failure to do so shows how the Left has no arguments left, and the Jensenists have won the academic high-ground.

ADL's Survey of Anti-Semitism. This very short article on how survey's are distorted by social scientists, advocates, and academics with an ideological agenda, is a good example of how racism, antiracism, diversity, etc. are defined in such a way that the target group is always found to suffer some new pathological disorder.

Hate, Fear and Disgust: Evolutionary Emotions for Tribal Survival. In this article I discuss how these primitive emotions were fundamental for survival by activating self-transcending behaviors that could motivate members to "come together" in defensive coalitions. These emotions are the ones that lead humans into war, genocide, and political strategizing to promote the welfare of one group over another. Understanding these emotions allows us to focus our attention on effective ways to mobilize our people into action.

A review of the book World On Fire by Amy Chua, 2003. This excellent book on ethnic conflict around the world fails in one major way - Chua doesn't have a clue why some races are so successful. She fails to understand that races differ in intelligence as well as other behavioral traits, and that leads to hostilities in many cases.

Antiracism and moralizing gods. Right empiricists try to argue with Left empiricists using scientific methods, but the debates go in circles. No matter how many studies are supplied, the Left just calls the Right racist and ignores the data. This article tries to shed some light on how far the Left has slid into a religious dogma that makes debate meaningless - it has little to do with truth and everything to do with the Left's personal agenda to make society submit to new moralizing gods. 

 The United States Census is neither scientific nor very useful, according to the Office of Management and Budget's own data, when it comes to racial/ethnic classifications.  This short article looks at some of the nonsense our government is willing to put up with to please racial and cultural minorities.

 Ethnocentrism and the Semitic Mind.  With war raging in the Middle East, the question must be asked: "are they different from us, and how?"  This 80 page article uses several important books, with lengthy quotes, that shows how evolution has shaped the tribalistic Semitic mind different from the European individualist mind, how it must be genetic, and what it means for survival of the West.  This article is also Chapter 4 of Shattering the Myth of Racism - Volume II, available for downloading free in Microsoft Word 2000 format.  Feel free to pass it along, it is not copyrighted. 

 Behavioral Genetics in the Postgenomic Era.  In this review of a recent book published by the American Psychological Association, I have tried to glean from the contributors their view with regards to racial differences in behavior, medicine and intelligence.  Though they use the term "stratification" to designate gene differences between races, a careful reading of the book shows that race is real and racial differences are of great importance to behavioral geneticists.

 Shattering the Myth of Racism: Volume I. (Click here for Adobe Acrobat Reader Format) This book is a collection of essays showing that racism does not exist. Instead, we should be using an empirical term such as "ethnocentrism" which is a part of our moral system from our evolutionary past and is present to differing degrees in all people and all races. The book's format is Microsoft Word 2000. A related site that I recommend reading before reading my book is the recent Preface to Kevin MacDonald's book "The Culture of Critique." This further elaborates WHY racism is used as a weapon against Western culture. The link below also has a review of all three of his books on group evolutionary strategies.

Shattering the Myth of Racism: Volume II(Click here for Adobe Acrobat Reader Format) See above for downloading. Note, I discuss Lynn and Vanhanen's IQ and the Wealth of Nations, but from Richard Lynn's web site, the average IQs of 189 nations is now available. This book has just four chapters, but runs about 140 pages long.

 The Future of Life by Edward O. Wilson.  In this review of Wilson's book I take a look at specific statements he makes with regard to biodiversity, eugenics, the biosphere, etc. Most of the book is filled with stories about animals, but every  so often Wilson makes philosophical or moral statements that need to be rebutted because they are simply too extreme.

 Evolution and Human Behavior by John Cartwright.  In this review of Cartwright's last chapter of a book targeted as a textbook for college students, I try to deconstruct his meaning.  After eleven chapters of tight evolutionary theory, he seems to recant everything that a scientist or empiricist believes in, and drifts off into political correctness.  This is very baffling, but is so common.

The g Factor: General Intelligence and its Implications (1996) by Christopher Brand.  This book was published by John Wiley and then depublished by the thought police that attacked it for its empirical approach to intelligence, education, and the realities of the inheritance of intelligence.  It is now free (2000 edition) above.

 Judaism as an evolutionary strategy. [1998-99].  Jews more than any other ethnic group have been successful in using eugenics to promote their own self interest in the face of an inhospitable world.  Kevin MacDonald has published three books that I review here, that deal with Judaism, starting with their eugenic past, their conflicts with gentile society, and their current involvement in shaping Western society.  MacDonald's work has become a clarion call for action by those who want to emulate the Jewish eugenics program to promote a higher form of human genetic perfection.

 A review of books on eugenics  Reproductive Perspectives: A Review of Some Recent Books on the Ethics of Manipulating Human Genes.  This article appeared in Mankind Quarterly (spring 2001).

 I rewrote the introduction of Dershowitz's 1997 book The Vanishing American Jew: In Search of Jewish Identity for the Next Century. I added some introductory text, but for the most part I just changed the argument for continuing Jewish particularism to that of an Aryan particularism or racial identity. It is followed by a short review of the book and an explanation. If it reads like some White racial supremacist's tome, then I have succeeded in showing how accusations of racism serve as a weapon against Western culture. If you would like to get this article in a Word 2000 format for printing or distribution, just email me and I will send you a copy.
Eugenics: A Reassessment by Richard Lynn. This is a short review of this incredibly timely book. This is a must read for anyone interested in genetic engineering, cloning or eugenics. And following the review is a table of the average intelligence of populations from 81 countries from Mankind Quarterly, Summer 2001 edition by Lynn and Vanhanen. The book is now available based on this data entitled: IQ and the Wealth of Nations.
A review of Race & IQ edited by Ashley Montagu, 1999. This very sophomoric attempt by Montagu et al. to try and stop intelligence research with yet another book blasting The Bell Curve clearly shows that they have run out of rebuttals.  The review is about 25 pages long, and it digs into some of the motives of the egalitarian/Marxist left. For a more recent version of this article see my book on racism above that includes this article.
Click here to download an MS Excel 2000 spreadsheet for comparing group IQs. I developed a spreadsheet for those who have Excel 2000 for comparing up to five groups with different IQ means, percentages, and how many can be expected in the IQ range selected.  These are worksheets' "input" and "results."  There are two more spreadsheets that show the USA distribution in IQ groups for information only.  You can use this spreadsheet to calculate expected numbers of people in an IQ range based on the average IQ of different groups and their  numbers in the community.  I would appreciate any feedback on mistakes from the statistical wiz kids.  Its been fifteen years since I developed a significant spreadsheet model.  Change the input data for your own town, country, etc. for any ethnic group. To alter the spreadsheet design  just "unprotect" any of the sheets.
A review of Racist America by Joe Feagin Joe R. Feagin is Professor of Sociology at the University of Florida in Gainesville and is currently President of the American Sociological Association.  This 30+ page review of his book's diatribe against White males is a clear example of the hate being spewed by the Marxists in academia.  In this review I respond to his arguments but I also look at the underlying reason such hatred is common among too many of these Anglophobes.  We can't see into their minds, but their systematic attack on Whites shows a well intentioned pattern of genocide by the left on Western peoples. For a more recent version of this article see my book on racism above that includes this article.
Children of Prometheus: The Accelerating Pace of Human Evolution Christopher Wills, a biology professor, tries to equate the loss of all racial types with the acceleration of evolution.  There are many problems with his proposal, including its underlying intent.  I fear this book is really nothing more than another attempt by the left to destroy national sovereignty and/or ethnicity.  This book review is about ten pages long.
From Chance to Choice: Genetics and Justice In this new book I expose the totalitarian nature of four authors, all academic philosophers, who are advocating an egalitarian/socialist eugenics' program.  In another attempt to make everyone equal, these new body snatchers want to steal genes from the rich and give to the . . .  well let us just say those who nature would have eliminated naturally anyway.  This book reveals how the totalitarian left is firmly in control of our educational system.
Reproduction and the Nationalist Eugenic State In this short article I try to address some of the concerns with regards to low birth rates in Western countries, and what can be done to change this trend, IF it needs to be changed at all.
Maladaptive Altruism In this article I use Richard Dawkins' concept of the extended phenotype to look at the host and parasite relations between races.  As different races come together, there is opportunity for a parasitic race to manipulate other races to act in such a way as to improve their inclusive fitness.  These relations are flexible, and any one race can be a host or a parasite in different ecological niches.
Phenomenon of the Jews This is a short review of the book The Phenomenon of the Jews: Seven Keys to the Enduring Wealth of a People by Steven Silbiger, 2000. Following the review are a few pages of data from the book that clearly shows who owns and controls America.
Mother Nature: A History of Mothers, Infants, and Natural Selection This book review looks at the implications that Sarah Hrdy puts forth and connects what she has said with a eugenics'  program to help free us from the cultural biases and distortions we hold with regard to children's needs, infanticide, abortion, care taking, surrogate mothers, and the guilt that the eugenics' movement has often tried to lay at women's' feet for not producing enough high quality children.  A brilliant book by an unbiased neo-Darwinist from the feminine perspective.
Evolution's Arrow: The direction of evolution and the future of humanity This short review of an on-line book shows how totalitarianism is alive and well.
Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond This short review of a national bestseller invalidates its arguments on the first page. By ignoring or rejecting humans as part of the animals' world with an evolutionary history, and postulating that we are free of our genetic heritage, he makes the same mistake as other radical environmentalists or cultural determinists.
Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and why we're Afraid to Talk About It by Jon Entine. Finally a book that deals with black athletic ability in the same manner as intelligence has been approached.  Of course, intelligence has far more serious implications for a nations prosperity and well-being.  But since television has brought sports to everyone, it has been asked by most intelligent observers "is it genes or is it training and environment." Finally, this book like "The Bell Curve" opens up the debate.
Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel  A new book provides a peak inside Israel that can give nationalists a justification for setting up nations based on racial purity and eugenics practices. Judaism I believe is the best example of a successful breeding program that can provide an understanding of breeding for intelligence and developing group solidarity.  But much of the new nation of Israel provides a warning with regards to mixing fundamentalism with racialist policies and the hatred it breeds.  From an opposing view, you may want to look at Bronner's A Rumor About the Jews.
Jensenism A special issue of the academic journal INTELLIGENCE has been devoted to Arthur Jensen and his work.  A man vilified, harassed, threatened and shunned because he dared to tell the truth about intelligence and genetics has now been vindicated by his colleagues as one of the most profound thinkers of our time.  I have included some of  the less mathematical discussions in the issue to share with those who are unaware of the viciousness and  hate this scholar has had to endure because of Marxist control of our universities.  I have a review of his latest book below: The g Factor: the science of mental ability. But knowing the human side of this renowned scholar is as insightful as the theories about intelligence he has produced.
Indoctrination and group evolutionary strategies: The Case of Judaism. This chapter by Kevin MacDonald is from the book Indoctrinability, Ideology and Warfare: Evolutionary Perspectives. MacDonald is one of the leading evolutionary theorists looking at group evolutionary selection as it actually occurs, by studying one of the most successful groups. He has become in a just a short time one of the most sought after theoreticians who have been able to look past our humanness to explain why groupishness drives to us to conflict in warfare, genocide, and resource acquisition.
The Rising Curve: Long-Term Gains in IQ and Related Measures  This book was published in 1998 by the American Psychological Association to review the Flynn effect, the closing IQ gap between Blacks and Whites, and whether Americans are getting smarter or dumber.  The conclusions are contrary to what the press often reports: we are not getting smarter, the gap between Whites and Blacks is not closing, and nobody really knows if we are in a dysgenic or eugenic trend in America, but there is good reason to be concerned.
Biophilia vs. Human Evolution: Insurmountable Constraints.  Though I admire the sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson, his linking of humans' need for nature with a call for environmental extremism is without merit.  The need for biodiversity is not linked to the well-being of the planet, and in this article I take apart piece by piece the specious argument the authors of  this movement provide. Man must not place constraints on his own survival and future. He did however provide me with the term "genophilia," the desire to be with people like oneself.  This need is much more pronounced and innate than biophilia.
Eugenics is Back! Will the next 100 years bring about new super-human species with the rest of mankind enslaved or dead? [Mar '99].  In this short article, I discuss how eugenics is linked to nationalism, multiculturalism, Chinese and Indian policies in eugenics, etc.  I try to throw some light on eugenics as a secular religion, using it as the basis for human homeostasis and as a replacement for religion or ideology in making mankind whole again.
Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence by Wrangham and Peterson [Feb '99].  This book documents the behavior of the great apes, our closest relatives, and shows how the closest of these, the chimpanzees, can help explain why humans are genocidal.  Human behavior grew out of an arms race between competing tribes of our primate ancestors, giving us a warfare type of social structure that we will act upon if the opportunities present themselves. This book is extremely readable, fascinating and insightful as to how we became the killer ape.  And provides hope how we can keep that blood lust in check.
The immorality of morals and the future of amorality under a secular eugenics religion that will replace Christianity [Aug '98]I argue in this essay that morality as we have come to understand it does not exist.  As an integral part of ape society, enforcing conformity to social rules and regulations, morality is nothing more than an aspect of human nature that makes us want to conform with the prevailing rules of the society around us.  That includes the rules of gangs, terrorists, nationalists, communists, and any other ideology one can think of.  Morality existed long before religion, and will be with us in its many perverse forms as long as we fail to recognize its ephemeral nature.
Intelligence & social policy: The journal INTELLIGENCE discusses genetic behavior & race differences in intelligence [Jan '97].The journal INTELLIGENCE deals almost exclusively with research, but this special issue deals with the outfall from "The Bell Curve" and shows the current research now going on that sheds light on how the races differ in a numerous ways.  Jews are the most intelligent with Asians, then Whites, Hispanics and Blacks at the bottom.  What does this mean for society and for the future?  In this no nonsense issue by the most respected academics in the field, we are finally coming to grips with our evolutionary past and the genes that we carry from that humble beginning.
The g Factor: The Science of Mental Ability. Jensen discusses intelligence, race IQ, dysgenics, cognition, and heritability. Arthur Jensen is recognized as the most influential researcher in differential psychology and almost single handedly reversed the Marxist dogma  that prevented real research into intelligence after World War II. The dictionary now includes the word Jensenism, so profound is this man's contributions to genetics and and the study of racial differences.  The culmination of his life's work is contained in this one book, published in 1999, and will be the defining text on the subject for the millennium to come.  Anyone who wants to understand this subject need go no farther than this internationally acclaimed  book, a summation of 45 years of research.
Why Race Matters: Race Differences and What They Mean. Levin's latest book looks at intelligence, racism, cognition, and racial diversity.  Michael Levin more than any other single author makes sense of what race means, how intelligence impacts our multiculturalism, what it means for the future, and why it is absolutely mandatory that Whites stand up and yell foul in the face of charges of racism and intolerance.  Levin has a way of putting together the philosophical side of the race debate that makes him fun to read and a resource book for those needing ammunition against Marxists and naive environmentalists. 
Pie Charts Showing Ethnic Representation by Low, Average and High Intelligence.  It is of course true that there is more variation in intelligence within races than between races.  But what does that really mean in terms of how many people from each race are going to be represented on the welfare roles or in academics or the professions?  The following graphical representation shows why some races do so well and others struggle just to survive.  It shows why any race that wants to survive must make it their fundamental goal not only to be intelligent but to be more intelligent than other competing groups. The next millennium will see the beginning of the eugenics arms for intelligence.
Why we should use human cloning to improve our genetic capital & overall intelligence. (postscript to Eugenics, genetic engineering. . . 12/98.)This is a short essay explaining why cloning humans can have numerous profound research and eugenic benefits for the future of man.  Cloning could be the single most important means of accelerating human evolution if used to the fullest.
Mandatory volunteerism and an end to charity as a means of improving society (postscript: The immorality of morals. . .web page).  This short essay explains why compassion without forethought is a dysgenic relic of humans' inability to protect themselves from free riders.  In hunter-gatherer tribes, compassion was linked with responsibility.  Now it is linked to a distorted expectation of behavior that is enforced by elite indoctrination of the masses to cough up more and more welfare for the undeserving.
Canine intelligence and how we humans should copy the success of breeding dogs.  When The Bell Curve was published it was followed by a book on the intelligence of dogs.  I did a search for reviews of the book to find that not one reviewer found this book a racist book out to divide the canine community, leading to canine oppression by smart canines over dumb canines.  Virtually every book reviewer thought it was a brilliant book, a best seller.
Mainstream Science on Intelligence: A '94 Wall Street Journal Editorial w/ 52 Scientists discusses what scientists know but the media denies.  After the publication of The Bell Curve a group of scientists published what was known about intelligence, as a rebuttal to the hysteria created by the radical environmentalists' frothing at the mouth over TBC's publication. This is the complete article and the list of scientists who signed the statement. In "Intelligence and Social Policy" above, Linda S. Gottfredson discusses how she rallied the scientific community to rebut the Marxists' hysteria.
Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns. The American Psychological Association shows that The Bell Curve was correct all along!  Again, because of The Bell Curve, the American Psychological Association felt it had to deal with the issue of intelligence and racial differences.  It set up a task force to prepare a position paper that could be agreed to by all of the contributors.  Though it is timid, not wanting to address the issue of genetic differences between races, it does go a long way in vindicating Jensenism and the findings in The Bell Curve.
The Pioneer Fund, the Behavioral Sciences, and the Media's False Stories  This interesting article dealing with the media's attack on science, on behalf of Marxist's like Gould, Kamin, Lewontin, etc. shows clearly how Communism is alive and well in America, trying to suppress any attempt to understand human nature when it threatens their global vision for an egalitarian utopia.
Eugenics Watch This is a short rebuttal to an anti-eugenics web site.

Historic preservation. This is an old article that attacks the land-grab by socialists of historically significant buildings. I personally love architecture, but I do not make a religion of it by deifying its creators. Let the market economy judge what is best.

Self-Directed Evolution

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