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Eugenics is the self-direction of human evolution

Eugenics is the study and practice of selective breeding applied to humans, with the aim of improving the species. In a historical and broader sense, eugenics can also be a study of "improving human genetic qualities." Advocates of eugenics sought to counter what they regarded as dysgenic dynamics within the human gene pool, specifically in regard to congenital disorders and factors relating to the heritability of IQ.

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The Eugenics Discussion Forum was formed to shed light on the concept of eugenics, the world’s most misunderstood subject. Some people think eugenics means “kill all the dumb people.” Some people think it’s the ultimate form of cruelty. Some people think eugenics caused the Holocaust - wrong, wrong, and wrong. But it’s interesting that eugenics was supported enthusiastically during the first part of the 20th century by scientists and leaders across the political spectrum, including the Left and that science has since proven that the theories of early eugenicists – that heredity exerts a strong influence on behavior, and that the least-intelligent are having the most children – were absolutely correct. Yet now, instead of embracing eugenics more enthusiastically, society shuns it altogether. Why is this the case? Political correctness and powerful special interest groups are partly to blame and era can have it’s illusions, including ours. Eugenics has the potential to alleviate suffering on a vast scale, so we on the Eugenics Discussion Forum aren’t ready to trash it just because it is no longer in fashion. We discuss genetic discoveries, political impediments to progress, immigration, and many other relevant topics which effect future human civilization and evolution.

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