:: Eugenics and Dysgenics

• An Article Proposing Eugenics for Africa by Ssekitooleko Deo

• The Case for Cloning by J. W. Jamieson

• Eugenic Theory In Contemporary Mainland China by Sun Dong-Sheng, transl. by Max Desilets & Daniel Vining

• Concerning Scientific Creativity - Hermann J. Muller and germinal repositories by J. W. Jamieson

• How Relevant is the Nature-Nurture Controversy to Eugenics ? by William J. Andrews

• Intelligence and Civilization by Linda Miller

• Questions and Answer on Eugenics by Marian Van Court

• The Human Situation and its Reparation by Robert Klark Graham

• The Rising Curve by unknown author

• Whatever Happened to Eugenics ? by Glayde Whitney

• Making Sense of Eugenics: Biological and Philosophical Insights for Law and Social Policy from the WebSite: Evolution and Philosophy

• Discrimination and Differentiation: An Ethical Biological Issue by George Sunderland

• A Call to Action by Marian Van Court

• An Interview with Carl J. Bajema from The Eugenics Bulletin, Fall 1983

• Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations - A Review by Marian Van Court

• Eugenics: Economics for the Long Run by Edward M. Miller

• How Can We Encourage Bright Young Couples to Have More Children ? by Nathaniel Weyl

• An Interview with Robert K. Graham from The Eugenics Bulletin, Winter 1983

• Unwanted Births and Dysgenic Reproduction in the United States by Marian Van Court

• Judaism as an Evolutionary Strategy - A Review of Kevin MacDonald's Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy series by Matthew Nuenke

• The Future of Man by Robert K. Graham

•  The Eugenic Manifesto by James L. Hart

• Our Eugenic Destiny

• The Genetic Decline of the West by Richard Lynn

• IQ and Falling Birthrates by R.J. Herrnstein

• Eugenics - Foundation of our Future by Paul Slavin

Political Correctness, Marxist Dogma and Censorship in the Western World  Political Correctness and Censorship in the Western World

Against Eugenics and Genetic Engineering  Against Eugenics and Genetic Engineering

White Nationalism  White Nationalism

Beyondism  Beyondism

Plato's Republic, Meritocracy and Critique of Liberal-Egalitarian One-Man  Plato's Republic and Critique of Liberal-Egalitarian One-Man

Self-Directed Evolution

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