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(George Orwell)

Banned Books and Writings Which Will Direct the Course of the 21st Century

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•  Book #1: (right mouse click on the title to save target as)
Thus Spake Zarathustra By Nietzsche . Zarathustra is a 300 page lucid poem written by Nietzsche over 100 years ago and is considered by the international philosophy community to be a masterpiece still far beyond its time. This is the book which has not only catalyzed the solidification of my world view, but also the single text that helped me to get started in finding my true path, purpose and destiny in life, a new self-defined calling which is to promote the life centric vision and ideology of Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution to all of Humanity. I have read this book 7 full times and even took a graduate level college course exploring all the most important books written by Nietzsche because of how much Zarathustra touched me conscious soul. Every time I read this book, It offers me new insight into my own life and continues to give me a greater depth of vision of universal purpose and meaning in life. This book requires serious study and patience when reading, especially due to the importance of its vision and because of its importance I am currently now reading it again for the 8th time. Studying Nietzsche is absolutely essential for anyone who wishes to begin their ascension in higher creative consciousness. I put Zarathustra (right mouse click on the title to save document as) as item #1 and the most important book at the top of the Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution REQUIRED reading list. Download this book for your enjoyment today and begin your journey into the universal world view of Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution!

•  Book #2: (right mouse click then save target as) cosmotheism-trilogy-william-luther-pierce
Cosmotheism Triology on the new life centric religion founded in the early 1960's by Dr. William Luther Pierce the 3rd. You are required to read the 3 collected works more than once, to begin your understanding of Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution. Dr. William Luther Pierce III will be remembered by history as one of the giants who helped us to reach ever higher in mans innate purpose. I truly believe with all my heart and soul this book will change your life and world view forever if you give it careful consideration! These 3 short books have helped me to cross the threshold of divine consciousness and grow in Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution.

•  Book #3: (right mouse click on the title to save target as)
The Genetic Ascent of Godhood, A scientific vision of Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution. Intelligence and Creativity are upward evolving manifestations of the universal creative cosmic urge towards TOTAL UNIVERSAL SELF AWARENESS and ABSOLUTE AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS of the universe. I encourage you after reading this book to join a new self-chosen people who will begin the process of speciation through creative cosmic Consciously Directed Self-Evolution.

•  Book #4: (right mouse click on the title to save target as)
Fame of a Dead Mans Deeds. The biography of Dr. William Luther Pierce the 3rd (Born: 09-11-33 and Died: 07-23-2002) founder of an organization called the National Alliance. Lucid, fascinating, exotic, strange, deep, profound and entertaining is the only way I can put this book. I give this book a top 5 ranking when it comes to the required reading list of Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution. The book is over 400 pages and is very hard to put down once you get started. Dr. William Pierce stands as a man who history will remember as a Giant, Genius and Futurist who was decades ahead of his time. Download this riveting book today!

•  Book #5: (right mouse click on the title to save target as)
Culture of Critique By Kevin MacDonald . Kevin MacDonald puts together an exceptionally well written, detailed researched and comprehensively cogent book. A book which breaks new ground for understanding the different races of man by looking at the Judeo-Christian symbiosis through an evolutionary theory lens. Kevin MacDonald gives humanity a break through vision in how we should look at the behaviors of competing evolutionary groups in a world of limited resources and power. Having read this book online first, was the catalyst for buying every single book produced by Kevin MacDonald (and you might do the same). I can only say one thing about this book: Profound, Enlightening and Deeply Insightful! Kevin MacDonald

•  Book #6: (right mouse click on the title to save target as)
Jewish Supremacism By the International White Revolutionary David Duke. A book which has sold over 600,000 copies world wide (500,000 in Russia Alone) and is being translated into every language on Earth by people from every country on Earth. Packed with Thousands of astonishing quotes and references, including many by prominent Jewish figures, this timely and valuable book takes a probing look at the Jewish question and Jewish Supremacism over the centuries, and details how Jewish supremacists dominate world politics, American political life and the international mass media through proxy. This book is dedicated to fighting the true roots of terrorism world wide by educating people from every race, religion and creed about the historical parasite and promoting greater awareness of international Jewish megalomania. It would be my highest hope for 1 million new people to download, read and distribute this book every year. Please download this book and help to distribute it across the world to people of every race, religion and creed.

•  Book #7: ( Website )
The Prometheism website represents a religion founded by the futurist genius Dr.Matt Nuenke. A new religion founded in 2000 rooted in Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution. We Prometheans are voluntarily coming together to purposefully direct the creation of a new post-human species. A species with higher intellect, consciousness and love of ones people. A communion of intellect and beauty, for the simple reason that it can be done. This creation is what gives us purpose and meaning. No other justification is required for this program to advance our Promethean species.

•  Book #8: (right mouse click on the title to save target as)
Socrates Meets Jesus. A light-hearted but powerful book that can help individuals lift their consciousness above the dead end ancient religion of Judeo-Christianity whose grip encompasses European history.

•  Book #9: (right mouse click on the title to save target as)
The Anti-Christ By Nietzsche. About a 120 years old and one of the most powerful and insightful books ever written about Judeo-Christianity symbiosis which infects the European Man.

•  Book #10: (right mouse click on the title to save target as)
Neo-Eugenics Manifesto - I consider this book to be of the top 20 books I have ever read which have shaped aspects of my vision regarding Transhuman Cosmic Self-Directed Evolution. It is not the most well written book I have ever read, in fact I would only give it an average rating in regards to its writing style,  but the content of this book is consciousness shattering for those who are unsure about their own world and are looking for a far reaching stream in the Universal World-View of Higher Consciousness. This book should have its title changed to the Conscious Evolution Manifesto, I look forward to better versions of this book released in the future.

•  Book #11: (right mouse click on the title to save target as)
Does Race Exist? By John Alexander. Is speciation real? has the the 30,000 to 50,000 years of separation by the various races caused innate racial differences which go deeper than skin color?

Recommend books and articles

• Striving :: A Religion For The Future
• Cancelling Gravity
• A Call to Action
• Chapter 5 of Separation and its Discontents by Professor Kevin MacDonald
• Race and Crime: An International Dilemma By Rushton, J. Philippe
• Discrimination and Differentiation: An Ethical Biological Issue by George Sunderland Policy Analyst
• Evolution and the Origins of Disease by Randolph M. Nesse and George C. Williams
• Eugenics: Economics for the Long Run by Edward M. Miller, PhD
• Ethnicity and Ideology by Gavan Tredoux
• Does Head Start Make a Difference By Janet Currie and Duncan Thomas
• Ideology and Censorship in Behavior Genetics by Prof. Glayde Whitney
• An Interview with Charles Murray from Skeptic volume 3, number 2, 1995 Interview by Frank Miele
• NPR Interview with Charles Murray by Robert Siegel
• An Interview with Carl J. Bajema
• Interview with Robert K. Graham by Marian Van Court!
• Wright and Wrong By RICHARD LYNN
• Ancient Eugenics by Allen G. Roper, B.A.
• The Bell Curve and its Critics
• Commentary: Replies and Counter-replies
• Ethics and the Social Sciences - The Beyondist Solution By R. B. Cattell
• On the Similarities of American Blacks and Whites - A Reply to Rushton by Zack Cernovsky
• Brain Size Matters - A Reply to Peters
• Chapter 12 of the Book "The 'g' Factor" by Arthur Jensen
• Intelligence and Civilization
• The Role of Cognition in Evolutionary Theory
• Egalitarian Fiction and Collective Fraud
• Cranial Capacity and IQ
• Concerning Scientific Creativity: Hermann J. Muller and Germinal Repositories
• Sources of Human Psychological Differences
• Heredity or Environment
• About IQ and the 'g' Factor
• About racial differences
• Unwanted Births and Dysgenic Reproduction in The United States
• Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations - A Review
• The New Enemies of Evolutionary Science
• Whatever Happened to Eugenics
• Foreword to David Duke's book
• Tracing the Genetic History of Modern Man
• Evolution, Altruism and Genetic Similarity Theory
• Geographical Centrality as an Explanation for Racial Differences in Intelligence
• The G Factor - The Book and the Controversy
• A Critique of Gould by Jensen
• Reflections on Stephen Jay Gould's "The Mismeasure of Man"
• The Errors and Omissions of the Revised Edition of Gould's The Mismeasure of Man
• A Substantial Inheritance
• The Role of Inheritance in Behavior
• Thalamic Inhibition in the Evolution of Human Intelligence: Evolutionary Pressure for Cortical Inhibition
• Raymond B. Cattell and the Fourth Inquisition
• Intelligence and Social Policy: A special issue of the Multidisciplinary journal INTELLIGENCE
• The Evolution of Australian and Amerindian Intelligence
• Invisible Men
• Neo-Lynsekoism, IQ, and the Press
• Kings of Men: a Special Issue of the journal INTELLIGENCE about Arthur Jensen
• Studies of Jewish Genetics and the Racial Double Standard: Is There a Hidden Agenda
• Indoctrination and Group Evolutionary Strategies: The Case of Judaism
• Whither Judaism and the West
• Racial differences in Intelligence - What Mainstream Science says
• Conway Zirkle and the Persistence of "Marxian Biology" in the Western Social Sciences
• Paternal Provisioning versus Mate-Seeking in Human Populations
• The Limited Plasticity of Human Intelligence
• Caring for Posterity
• The Evolutionary Function of Prejudice
• Questions and Answers on Eugenics
• Race as a Biological Concept
• Race, Genetics, and Human Reproductive Strategies
• On the biological meaning of race
• Race Differences in Intelligence: a Global Perspective
• Does Race Matter - Recent Developments
• The Reality of Race - A Summary of John R. Baker's book: "Race"
• Virtue in "Racism"
• Race, Evolution, and Behavior Summary - by Glayde Whitney
• Race, Evolution, and Behavior Summary - by Mark Snyderman
• How Relevant is the Nature/Nurture Controversy to the Need for Eugenics
• Race and Crime: A Reply to Cernovsky and Litman
• A Review of "A New Morality from Science: Beyondism"
• Professor Shockley's Experiment
• The Human Situation and its Reparation
• The Consequences of Variable Intelligence
• Why Race Matters: A Review and Extension
• Encouraging Bright Young Couples By Nathaniel Weyl
• The New Enemies of Evolutionary Science By J. Philippe Rushton
• The Mismeasures of Gould By J. Philippe Rushton
• More on the Bell Curve By Charles Murray and Daniel Seligman
• Special Review By J. Philippe Rushton
• IQ Will put you in Your Place By Charles Murray

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