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• The Case for Eugenics in a Nutshell, by Marian Van Court

• IQ Will Put You In Your Place, by Charles Murray

• Raymond B. Cattell and The Fourth Inquisition, By Glayde Whitney

• Egalitarian Fiction and Collective Fraud, by Linda Gottfredson

• The Consequences of Variable Intelligence: a review by Tatu Vanhanen

• Reproduction Technology for a New Eugenics, By Glayde Whitney

• 1963 - An Interesting Exchange of Ideas

• Eugenics: Economics for the Long Run, by Edward M. Miller

• The Mismeasures of Gould, by J. Philippe Rushton

• The Concept of Heredity in the History of Western Culture

• Whatever Happened to Eugenics? by Glayde Whitney

• As the Bell Curves, by Charles Murray and Daniel Seligman

• J.Philippe Rushton's Review of IQ and the Wealth of Nations

• Intelligence and Fertility in the United States: 1912 - 1982

• J. Philippe Rushton's Review of IQ and the Wealth of Nations

• The Attack on The Bell Curve, by Richard Lynn

• The New Enemies of Evolutionary Science, by J. Philippe Rushton

• Evolution, Eugenics, and God's Will, by Marian Van Court

• Dysgenics, Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations

• Adam, Eve, and Evolution, by Marian Van Court

• How Can We Encourage Bright Young Couples To Have More Children

• The Limited Plasticity of Human Intelligence, by Arthur R. Jensen

• Interview with Robert K. Graham on The Repository for Germinal Choice

• Eugenics and the Third Reich

• Interview with Carl J. Bajema

• Envy and Aristocide, by Nathaniel Weyl

• Interview with Raymond B. Cattell

• Unwanted Births and Dysgenic Reproduction in the United States

• Questions and Answers

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