Pie chart shows the intelligence of different racial groups in the US from eugenic breeding.

The following graphic shows how the five major ethnic groups in the United States stack up in intelligence.  Of course, everyone is different and this only shows the averages, but it does indicate clearly why some groups are found in different occupations requiring different cognitive skills.  The three pie charts at the bottom shows everyone that has an IQ below 85 on the left, the great majority of Americans in the center with IQs from 85 to 115, and those with an IQ above 115 on the right. Notice how the Jews, with an average IQ of 117 are found overly represented in the most intelligent group, while blacks dominate the less intelligent, with an average IQ of only 85.  The break points located at plus or minus 15 IQ points were selected as usually denoting one standard deviation from the mean of 100.  And 115 IQ is also the average for such occupations as salesman, nurse, or technician. [Update Note: Richard Lynn has done further research and claims that the Ashkenazi Jews have an average IQ of 108 rather than 115, Spring 2003.]

 If we looked at those who would be qualified as physicians, lawyers, professors and  scientists, an IQ of 130 or above would be desirable to be effective in those occupations.  When the numbers are run for these we find that only 0.5% are black, 77% are white, 5% are Asian and a whopping 17% are Jewish, even though Jews only make up 3% of the population.  Considering how much value people bring to a nation's ability to create new products and industries, provide good medical care, and contribute to education, science and government, it is obvious that groups with a higher average intelligence build stronger nations in today's technological world.

One distortion in the IQ distributions below however has to be mentioned.  Jews have an IQ that is radically skewed to the verbal in proficiency making them especially adept at law, journalism, politics, etc.  How this impacts society is unknown, when a trait is so unbalanced.  See MacDonald's work on the eugenics programs of Jews that caused this high verbal skill at the expense of a more balanced intelligence as seen in especially Whites and Asians.  Blacks on the other hand seem to have little to contribute with other ethnic groups some where in between.

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