Intelligence and Civilization

by Linda Miller

from Spearhead October, 1995

"Modern comforts," says Linda Miller, "are producing a down breeding of our population which must be reversed"

'A' level passes this year are at an all-time high. The question being asked in the mainstream media is: Are students doing better or are the tests becoming easier? This question helps to disguise the real issue in the same way as these exam results disguise the same important issue. That issue is the intelligence of the population, and the fact that it is dwindling significantly with each oncoming generation.

Everyone who is honest with themselves has noticed it. Incompetence is rife. If workmen are hired to do a job, all too often it is a botched job. The news is constantly full of examples of wasted public funds; financial calculations made by institutions or companies which have proved inaccurate; (Eurotunnel, Canary Wharf, Lloyds' Names, for example); the shortsightedness of banks making loans to third world countries which will never be able to pay them back, no matter how many rain forests they cut down; and countless other major public fiascos. Teachers and lecturers complain of soaring levels of illiteracy, which cannot all be explained away by misguided and ineffective educational techniques. Each new year, admittance into secondary schools contains many more pupils than the year before who can neither read nor write and who lack basic skills in numeracy.

University lecturers frequently find that they must attempt to teach new students the grounding in subjects which were insufficiently taught at school. The speed of the decay is gathering a rapid momentum.

Intelligence is biological. Knowledge is the acquisition of facts, but intelligence is the biological potential to understand and to learn. There are huge variations in levels of intelligence between individuals within a race and between different races, communities or families. Intelligence is inherited. Because there are many genes involved in determining intelligence, it is a very delicate balance. Usually (not always, due to such factors as recessive genes and mutations) intelligent people have intelligent children and unintelligent people have unintelligent children.

If you wanted to improve the intelligence of the next generation in Britain, you would achieve this if you successfully encouraged intelligent couples to have several children and discouraged unintelligent people from so doing. This positive eugenics would result in a more intelligent population.

If, on the other hand, the policy were to encourage the intelligent to concentrate on careers at the expense of having children, and to lavish resources on the less intelligent, who as a rule produce the most offspring, this will result in a rapid lowering of the intelligence of the population.

Civilization without a eugenic policy is self-destructive. Civilization could, with the correct eugenic policy, be a great asset to intellectual advancement; but in practice it has always proved to be an implement for the erosion and down breeding of the population.

No Advancement

Almost everyone assumes that because of the progress in technology we have now achieved mankind today has mentally advanced from its intellectual level of a few thousand years ago. It is assumed that we have advanced genetically, but this is not the case. Certainly, the genetic characteristics of our population are continually evolving and changing. Civilization has caused circumstances to arise in which these changes have been happening more rapidly than would otherwise have been the case. These changes have been for the worse. The present-day population is not as intelligent nor as strong of character nor as robust as were the Romans at the time of Cicero over two thousand years ago.

We are right to be proud of the civilization that we have produced. However, throughout all the astounding progress made in science and technology, sociological progress has not kept up with it. Scientific progress is being maintained by a dwindling minority of non-reproducing intelligent people. This rate of advancement is declining and must eventually cease when no more people of sufficient intellectual caliber are being born. There has been no progress at all in government, religion, language or social organization.

Astonishing as it may seem, civilization can, in itself, be blamed for the lowering of the intelligence of the population.

All civilizations inherently contain the seeds of their own destruction. Only a eugenic policy to safeguard against deterioration can avert this decline. It is vital to recognize the negative aspects of civilization so that we may overcome these problems and develop the first ever civilization which is self perpetuating. The solution is simple. It is a eugenic program of improving racial quality.

Civilization saves the misfits. It is a 'humanizing' process which sustains and subsidies the weak, the helpless, the morons, the idiots and the inadequate. These elements of the population are a burden carried by the more capable elements.

Without civilization to protect them, the laws of nature -- `natural selection' -- would have culled these people, instead of saving them to reproduce.

Consequently, the gene pool is flooded with the undesirable elements who breed more prolifically.

Needs of Survival

In civilization there is far less impetus to use one's own intelligence to survive. In primitive society, those who best used their wits, who had energy, who coped best, would survive and live to have children. As a result of this, our ancestors progressed slowly over hundreds of thousands of years. Eventually the population became intelligent enough to form a civilization.

Next, the forces which lead to the evolution of a higher intelligence became reversed.

Civilization is organised to help all members of society, including the stupid, lazy and shiftless. Therefore, these genetic defectives now survived to procreate and perpetuate their own kind, decreasing the level of intelligence in the population. Extensive research has shown that those of lower intelligence, on average, have more offspring than those of high intelligence. The unintelligent are increasing in number, while the intelligent are shrinking. Similarly, physical weaknesses are also spread. This tragic chain of events has doomed every civilization that has ever existed. For some time, even while the decay is setting in, civilization can still advance upward due to the momentum of previous inventions, systems and benefits. Eventually, as the intelligence level drops lower and lower still, the population is no longer able to continue to advance civilization. As the intelligence level decreases further, the ability is lost even to sustain the level which previous generations had achieved. Civilization then begins its downhill slide, and after another few hundred years, it slides into oblivion.

So, we can know this: the population is less biologically intelligent now than in the past. If the teaching techniques and methods of assessing educational achievement remained constant and unchanged, this would be blatantly obvious. It would be demonstrated by a massive failure rate in examinations.

If this was seen to have happened, the population (or, at least, those left with enough intelligence to become alarmed at this rapid decline) would demand that something be done to stop the down-breeding. This is why teaching techniques have been regularly changed, so that the techniques could be blamed for the inability to read, etc. Also, exams have changed. Course work is more significant in assessment than it used to be. Bad spelling is not penalized. Exams have been made easier. There are set quotas of passes which are awarded regardless of performance. The school league tables put pressure on schools to give the impression that they are doing well, with a high pass rate. However, no matter how these superficial factors cause a lowering of educational standards, we must recognize that the intelligence of the population can only decrease given the pressures of civilization to increase the quantity of unintelligent children born in comparison to intelligent children.

We are caught in a downward spiral that can only be reversed by a policy of good common-sense eugenics.

Self-Directed Evolution

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