Studies of Jewish Genetics and the Racial Double Standard: Is There a Hidden Agenda ?


In an attempt to determine how the Jewish people differ from the non-Jewish world, Israeli scientists have conducted studies which show that Jews as a group differ significantly from non-Jews in a genetic-biological sense. 1 As we shall soon see, this information is apparently going to be used to discriminate against non-Jews.

What is even more interesting about these research projects is that they highlight the hypocritical double standard that is so deeply ingrained in certain segments of society. It's socially and morally acceptable for Jews to conduct such research projects. Anthropologist Roselle Tekiner suggested that queries into Jewish genetics may be motivated by a desire to "justify" and bolster Zionist nationalism; the idea of a "Jewish race" with a special set of "Jewish genes" could serve to unite world Jewry. 2 There is no highly visible, widespread public condemnation of these inquiries, which there would be if others were to conduct similar studies. Indeed, Jewish Zionists and their Gentile supporters would probably be the most vocal of all protestors if, for example, it were found that German or British scientists were attempting to determine how Nordics differ from Jews and Blacks in a genetic-biological sense, and this information would be used to implement racially discriminatory policies.

Dr. Jared Diamond Enter Dr. Jared Diamond, a prominent Jewish scientist and columnist for NATURAL HISTORY. He recently hailed GENES, PEOPLES, AND LANGUAGES, the new book by Professor Luigi Cavalli-Sfoza, a population geneticist, for allegedly dismantling the idea of race.

In his books, Cavalli-Sforza himself promotes the following beliefs. The classification of humans into races has proved to be a futile exercise, and his research will lead to the elimination of alleged "racism," because he has discredited the popular assumption that there are clearly defined races. 3

In the NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS, Diamond salutes Cavalli-Sforza for "demolishing scientists' attempts to classify human populations into races in the same way that they classify birds and other species into races." 4 Apparently, Jewish scientist Diamond operates with a hypocritical double standard.

In an article that appeared in NATURAL HISTORY, Diamond discussed the genetic studies on how Jews differ from non-Jews. He made this astounding statement: "There are also practical reasons for interest in Jewish genes. The state of Israel has been going to much expense to support immigration and job retraining of Jews who were persecuted minorities in other countries. That immediately poses the problem of defining who is a Jew." 5

The implication here is obvious. The Zionist elite is planning to refuse a person the right to settle in Israel if they do not have "Jewish genes." With this in mind, consider point #4 of the Nazi Party program of May 25, 1920. It reads: "None but members of the nationality may be citizens of the state. None but those of German blood, irrespective of religion, may be members of the nationality." 6 In contemporary terms, only those with "German genes" could be citizens of Nazi Germany. I can't emphasize enough that this is similar to the type of Israeli policy that Diamond describes.

Diamond opposes classifying human populations into races--except of course populations of Jews and non-Jews. He apparently has given his silent assent to the proposed Israeli-Zionist policy of defining and classifying Jews and non-Jews on the basis of whether or not they possess "Jewish genes."

But just as importantly, the reader should note how Diamond's double standard in regard to racial classifications serves the interests of organized Jewry; it tends to undermine a sense of racial awareness and racial unity among Blacks, Arabs, Orientals, and especially non-Jewish Europeans, while simultaneously, it fosters Jewish national sentiment and consciousness.

Jewish Genetic Superiority? New DNA-based research suggests a genetic link between Jews and Middle Eastern people. Jews largely retained their genetic identity, one that was formed in the Middle East, according to a recent study published in the PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. 7

Even after centuries of exile, Diaspora Jews remained closer to each other and more similar to Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese, in terms of measured genetic characteristics, than to people in their host countries such as the European nations, the study says. 8

Based upon this DNA-based research, the study found that despite the many centuries their ancestors had spent in exile in different parts of the world, the Israeli Jews in the sample had the closest genetic links. Next in genetic affinity to Jews were Palestinians and Syrians, followed by other Middle Eastern ethnic groups. Jews of European descent living in Israel have closer genetic affinity to Syrians than to the non-Jews of the countries they came from. 9

We live in a society in which any manifestation or hint of racism brings forth numerous and high profile condemnations --except of course when the racialist ideas and practices serve the interests of organized Jewry and its Zionist ideology.

Once again, the reader should note how the new study's findings dovetail so nicely with the ideology of Zionism. One of its standard tenets is that Jews, for 2,000 years were dispersed among the nations of the world, and then decided to return to the land of their ancestors in the Middle East. Jews have a religious attachment to the land of Israel, which finds its roots in Biblical tradition.

Lo and behold! Here are new genetic findings which may be used to "justify" and "legitimize" these standard tenets of Zionist ideology. Zionist functionaries might now say: "Jews are not alien invaders on Palestinian territory. Genetic studies show that modern day Jews can trace their ancestry back to the land of Israel. Jews have a right to return to the land of their genetic ancestors."

One of the premises upon which Israel was built is that the Jews are a people--one people. 10 Jews throughout the world are more united with each other than they are with their non-Jewish countryman they may live with. 11 Lo and behold again! Notice how the findings of this new study could be used to bolster these beliefs. Supposedly, Jews from various parts of the world have a closer genetic affinity to each other than to the non-Jews of the countries they came from.

Of course, just because these studies of Jewish genetics may be politically motivated and their findings may dovetail with Zionist ideology, this in no way invalidates the findings. That is to say, maybe Jewry did originate in the MIddle East and maybe contemporary Jews do in fact share a greater genetic affinity with each other than to the Gentiles they reside next to. Nor am I condemning such genetic studies. Quite the contrary. Scientists should perform more of these racial studies--without the hypocritical double standard that surrounds them.

But if this be the case, let no one complain when these same findings can be used to bolster a white nationalist agenda. Indeed, one of the implications of these Jewish genetic studies is that Jewish people are somewhat different in a genetic sense from the Europeans they reside next to. In other words, not only is organized Jewry an alien cultural entity within Western civilization, they are also somewhat alien in a biological sense.

Let the Western intelligentsia rid themselves of this hypocritical racial double standard and seriously consider the idea that genetic differences between Jews and non-Jews have significant sociopolitical consequences.


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