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Posted: March 31, 2021 at 4:17 am

We couldnt believe our luck. Each part of our trip seemed to get cooler and cooler, and this time it was not just the setting, it was the weather. The Society Islands are tropical, and therefore rain is always a possibility, especially between November and April. Today that possibility came to life as the thunderstorm we had listened to in our cabin aboard the catamaran had caught up with us. We disembarked the yacht on to the pier of Le Tahaa in an absolute downpour. Le Tahaa is on its own island or motu off the coast of Tahaa. It is extremely remote and very private. We were greeted by their staff and handed umbrellas to make the trek to the lobby. When walking in, we were taken back by its showpiece, a 100-year-old Polynesian canoe built from one piece of wood. private island Tahiti

Le Tahaa looks like it was taken straight out of the Swiss Family Robinson. They want the place to seem authentic, and with 80 percent of the materials sourced locally, it definitely has that feel. It has been recently renovated, and the attention to detail is perfect. It was amazing to hear that it takes 35 square kilometers of bamboo to renovate the resort completely.

We were escorted to our room through the rain, and we couldnt believe our eyes. It was gorgeous. The selfie we took of us walking to our bungalow located over the water was the most popular of our trip. The rain could not spoil the crystal clear ocean, beauty of the curved walking bridge, or the warmth of the resort.

We made the most out of our trip by having a poolside lunch between rain showers, drank Champagne, and saw sharks and rays through the glass window of the floor of our room.

1. The traditional wing shot from the plane accidentally capturing Bora Bora.

2. Half underwater/half overwater. Example: Fish below and paddle board above. This requires a semi-waterproof camera.

3. Your overwater bungalow (this one is a killer).

4. Drinks next to the pool at The St. Regis Bora Bora on a Monday (your friends may unfollow you at this point).

5. Yourself with the wildlife (sharks or rays preferred). Tahiti

6. A video of your captain. The 56-foot catamaran while pumping Jay-Z and pretending you are Beyonc.

7. A picture of your fianc smiling with her engagement ring.

8. Any picture of you relaxing in the hammock at Le Tahaa.

9. Pictures of fish (or your swimming fianc) through the floor of your St. Regis bungalow.

10. Cant forget to take a foodie shot! Any one of your phenomenal breakfasts, lunches or dinners will do just fine.

private island Tahiti

Le Tahaa Private Island & SpaTahaa RdPtio, French Polynesia689.507.601

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