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Posted: June 30, 2017 at 4:44 pm

While the debate over the issue has not stopped, scientists have named the improving healthcare facilities and life standards as the prime reason for this positive news

Humans can live up to 150 years

Amid speculations around lowering life expectancy rates in humans, a new study has said that humans have no fixed maximum age limit debunking the belief of existing researches which spoke high on the rising mortality rates in humans. This research, conducted at the McGill University in Canada, came out in response to previously published paper last year which set out to set a maximum age limit if humans. As a study, this has opened multiple scopes for further research in the area.

The Study

This study was based on the lifespan of longest living individuals in UK, France and USA who were born in and around 1968. According to Siegfried Hekimi, the age limit plateau of 115 (calculated by the previous year's research) might rise up a level higher if a similar study is repeated again focusing on the people who were born in and around the year 1980. She further adds that it is also a matter of interpreting the existing statistics and with expanding avenues on good medical treatment and awareness on leading a healthy lifestyle. It is likely that the maximum age limit of humans can rise up to 150 years old in the following years.


The debate, however has not yet stopped, with many researchers irrevocably backing the previously conducted researches. Some experts have said that insufficient data were used to reach to the conclusion; while some others are claiming that biological evidence provides agreeable support to the recently conducted research.

"I can never rule out that we'll see this ceiling broken. Maybe we can be successful in generating new drugs that work against diseases. Work against the aging process overall deserves way more publicity." says Jan Vijg, researcher at the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine.

While there are many who are opposing the claims made by the recent study conducted at the Canadian University, there is a sizeable section of researchers all around the world which has said that improved healthcare facilities, technological advancements and rising life standards of people have contributed in reducing the mortality rate worldwide.

The debate on the maximum age limit might take multiple turns in the upcoming times but for a while the mankind can rejoice over the fact that immortality is not a distant dream.

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