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Posted: March 26, 2021 at 6:16 pm

Back in January, Representative Liz Cheney earned the ire of many a fellow Republican when she had the audacity to claim that Donald Trump had lit the flame of the attack on the Capitol, announced her support to impeach him, and then, days later, voted to do exactly that. Of course, nothing that Cheney said or did was wrongTrump quite obviously incited the violent riot and he should have been impeachedbut to his band of loyalists in the party, the Wyoming lawmakers actions were tantamount to treason. (Which is an interesting point of view, given that the guy they were defending had literally tried to overthrow the results of a federal election.) Dozens of Republican representatives tried to strip Cheney of her role as conference chair. Florida representative Matt Gaetz flew to Wyoming and, after declaring like only a mediocre white man can that he knew everything there was to know about the place having been there for one hour, urged voters to oust her from the House. Donald Trump Jr. has spent the last two months and change attacking Cheney for disrespecting his father.

Unfortunately for Junior, his quest to avenge Daddy Trump and maybe get more than one biannual hug, is not going so hot. Per CNN:

A Wyoming Senate bill to create election runoffsfailed on Wednesday, despite Donald Trump Jr.s campaign to pass it in an attempt to defeat Republican Rep. Liz Cheney in 2022. The vote was 1415 with one lawmaker excused. The former presidents son has increasingly attacked the No. 3 House Republican sinceshe voted to impeach his fatherfollowing the deadly attack on the Capitol. In January, Trump Jr. called into an anti-Cheney rallyled by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, urging Republicans to coalesce around a single candidate to challenge her. And in March, Trump Jr. publicly pressured the state senators on the committee working on the bill, tweeting their email addresses to his 6.8 million followers. Any Republican in Wyoming who does Liz Cheneys bidding and opposes SF145 is turning their back on my father and the entire America First movement, Trump Jr.tweeted.

The bill wouldve forced Cheney and other candidates to receive more than 50% of the vote to win a primary, and potentially pit her against one Trump-backed opponent in a runoff primary election. But despite Trump Jr.s efforts, a Wyoming state Senate committee amended the bill so it wouldnt take effect until 2023, as some legislators pushed to give county clerks enough time to adapt.

Earlier this week, the ex-presidents namesake tweeted a photo of Cheney speaking to Democratic representative Jamie Raskin and suggested the two were conspiring to take down his father:

Last month, Junior said in an interview that he has no intention of running for office right now but wouldnt rule out a future bid. At the moment, though, he believes he can make a bigger impact on the Republican Party by focusing on the weaklings who voted to impeach his dad for a second time. Said weaklings are no doubt quivering in fear.

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Wyoming Tells Donald Trump Jr. to Sit Down and STFU - Vanity Fair

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