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Posted: March 1, 2017 at 9:02 pm

A Re-Wilding Camp for Adults !

20 days. 20 acres. 30 people. In a secret natural location in North-East Victoria. Daily challenges, activities and adventures. Take a break from society and create your own world together.


Autumn Camp 23rd April 12th May 2017

Spring Camp 5th 24th October 2017


LOCATION:A secretnatural landscape in North-East Victoria. Just 3 hours from Melbourne & Canberra. Public transport pick up available at Wangaratta Train Station or Albury Airport. Exact location and directions sent once application is complete.

WHO:Wolf Pack is for anyone looking for a unique adventure, bush craft skill-building, nature time, camping and community. We have applicants coming in from all ages from 16 65 (or older). Spaces for kids under 16 may be accepted, but are limited, if you would like to bring your kids along please mention them in your description on your own application.

DEVELOPa deeper understanding of nature by delving into its intrigues through observation and participations.

LEARNnew skills daily. With guest teachers in re-wilding, bush craft, shelter building, natural health, simple living, wild life, traditional crafts, ancient and recent local traditions, adventures, creativity, exploration, self-development and community living.

CONNECTwith yourself, nature and your new tribe through daily activities, games, challenges and freedoms unavailable in day-to-day life.

TAKE A BREAKfrom reality to discover something new. This program will give you the time and space to break down the layers, melt into nature & community, and hone new skills.

Come together and enjoy life, living and learning on a secret clearing amidst a beautiful national park ofNorth-East Victoria (3 hours from Melbourne).

This will be an amazing opportunity to experiencesomething genuine, unique and possibly lifechanging.You will have a chance to slow down for 20whole days, live in a magical location, breath deeply and enjoy the daily challenges, nature based workshops and your new tribe.

HAVING A PEOPLE EXPERIENCE:Special Guests & Your Tribe

Each day we will explore a new topic together with guest teachers who have incredible experience, knowledge and passion in their unique and interesting fields. You will meet people from all walks of life from survivalists, bush dwellers & story tellers toartists and craftsmen & wild women, soaking up inspiration and knowledge with each experience. And this will only be a small portion of your PEOPLE experience during the program, getting to know your tribe will be half the adventure and learning how you fit into a communal environment will be enlightening and often surprising. Weve found that the new friendships and daily camaraderie is an unexpected highlight of this experience for many participants and something to really look forward to.


This fantastic program could only take place in a fantastic location to match. Were very excited to be offering up a stunningclearing set amidst anational park, an incredible natural location that you can call HOME for 20 magnificent days.

The spaceincludes cleared paddocks where you will have theopportunity to build your own communal shelters, participate in workshops and soak up the surroundings. You will also be free to explore the lush valleys, grassy nooks, near-by watering holes and find your own secret spots to contemplate, observe and relax in between activities and conversation.


Learn new skills daily. This is a jammed pack program of guest teachers and activities.

Workshops vary for each Wolf Pack but will generally cover:

..moreworkshops to be announced as we get closer to the date. You will also receive a workshoptimetablewith your information pack closer to the program start date.

Visitors (family & friends) welcome to visit on weekends.


How rough / difficult will it be?

This isnt a program for the ultra-survivalist gurus, its an opportunity to experience and practice methods of re-wilding and survivalism and to do it in a fun communal environment giving each task the time needed to really refine eachskill (All people are very welcome here, from beginners up).

We hope that the participants will feel that they are living somewhere between a retreat and an adventure camp for adults.

As accommodation is BYO camping it will be up to you howluxurious or simplistic that will be in the last group we had many people in tents, one guy who bought no tent and challenged himself in making a cool little shelter in the camping area, and a couple who bought their van for a bit more comfort.

Throughout the 20 days we will be practising making shelters from the natural materials that surround us and participants will have the option to test out sleeping in them. The weather in Autumn and Spring is generally gorgeous so sleeping under the stars or by the fire some nights will also be recommended as an experience.


APPLICATIONSNOW OPEN ONLY 30 POSITIONS for each camp so please send in you form asap.

Diversity is the key to any great tribe and we want to make sure this temporary community is made up of people from all walks of life. If you would like to participate please fill in the APPLICATION FORM HERE.

Once your application has been received you will be contacted within 15 days letting you know if your adventure awaits you.



This program will leave you feeling spoilt, nourished, enriched, energised and highly inspired. We look forward to seeing you grow, learn, laugh and smile together.

A 40% deposit will be requested to finalise your booking, this can be paid any time within 2weeks of your application approval. The final amount will be due1 month before the eventand a request for final payment will be emailed to all participants. Apayment plan can be arranged if this is too much for you in 2payments, just send us an email request and will set something up that suits.

CancellationsCancellations requested less than 1 month in advance: No refund, but ticket name can be changed. Cancellation requests with more than1 month inadvance: Refunds will be granted with a 12% fee of total ticket price.

WHAT TO BRING This is just the basics, a more thorough list will be sent out with the info pack.

Camping Gear: Any camping gear that you need to be comfortable for 20 days. The weather is generally beautiful in Autumn & Spring, but if you get particularly cold at night a really good sleeping bag and/or hot water bottle might be good.

Average Autumn Weather: Days 15 25*C. Nights 4 10*C

Average SpringWeather:Days 20 35*C. Nights 5 14*C

Your own knife/s A good knife or two will be needed and used most days for many purposes (carving, whittling, cutting rope, building, weaving etc.). There is a huge array of knives to choose from, I recommend one that is large enough for cutting down small trees (small machete or hunting knife) and a smaller one for whittling (something very small and sharp).

Other fun stuff: Musical instruments, any tools youd like to use or practice using, games, creative stuff, hand crafts, books and anything youd like to share with the tribe.

For more information feel free to contact me:EMAIL KATE


L.Tharby Wolfpack was as much a chance to learn about community, family and ourselves; as it was about physical survival skills and bush-craft. A perfect balance!


Rebekah.M Wolf pack was an experience in close community living, learning, playing and truly living together. Learningnew skills and bonding over shared tasks and experiences in the beautiful hidden valley.


A rare opportunity to reconnect with yourself , slow down, reveal your gifts & work on your challenges. An emporium of surprises, fascinating folks, generosity and plenty of laughter.


Wolf Pack is fun, amazing, encouraging and life changing.

Wolf Pack was a place where I arrived expecting to learn new and useful skills. What I found was so much moreThe beautiful family we became, the challenges overcome and the profound self-discovery are all things that combined with the awesome practical skills leave one with an all-round confidence that could not be achieved by focusing on just practical or spiritual workshops.


Mother Earth is calling you! Challenge yourself to live in the world you want.


Wolf Pack is a nurturing space for a bunch of people to learn new skills, reflect on who they are and experience living in community. It involves a series of workshops that explore survival , place and tribal living but it is so much more when you open your heart.


Wolf Pack 2015 was an adventure. It was an enriching, challenging and beautifully rewarding immersion in slowing down in nature. Come to wolf pack with a clear intention to enrich your life. Come to Wolf Pack if you want to connect with an ancient truth. That is, people are the great riches of life. It is with them, alongside them, and through their wonderfulness and courage that you will grow and become your wonderful self.


A reality check for the civilised mind. A heart-opener for the under-expressed. Wolf Pack has the potential to transform lives.

For more experienced Re-Wilders.


If you have knowledge, skills or a passion that you would like to share at Wolf Pack, please send through an application form CLICK HERE TO APPLY. Were open to all types of rewilding and nature based workshops and look forward to hearing what youre all about. Workshops can be hands-on, demonstration or lecture style. Teachers are paid and also invited to stay for the whole eventas a participant in other workshops and join in all the communal fun.

or CHECK OUT The Primitive Skills Gathering for more Re-Wilding Fun:

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