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Posted: December 10, 2020 at 5:00 am

Seal and Heidi Klum were always private about their kids, but what are their four children up to now?

Heidi Klum set her family trending after a recent trip to Germany with her children. Fans know that Germany is where Heidi is originally from, so she's fond of traveling between other projects or working on the next season of 'Germany's Next Top Model.'

And though she's no longer with ex-husband Seal, that doesn't mean Heidi took off with her teens and tween (her youngest is 11) without checking in with their dad. In fact, asET Online confirmed, Heidi obtained formal permission to take the kids out of the country for the holidays. Though the trip is meant to last until February, Heidi also plans to fly the children back for Christmas with their dad.

As sources suggest, there was more to Heidi and Seal's marriage than fans previously thought. Still, the two have remained friendly co-parents, and to hear Heidi tell it, Seal will always be the children's dad (even if he's not the biological pop to all of them).

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As for the kids themselves, Heidi and Seal share Leni, whose biological father is Flavio Briatore, plus Henry, Johan, and Lou. Though fans have learned quite a bit about Heidi Klum's kids, there's always more to uncover.

For example, most know that Seal was there for Leni's birth, and that he's always claimed the little girl from day one. These days, Leni (real name Helene) is 16 and recently got her driver's license. But she still keeps her face off Instagram and is pretty private about what she's up to (other than going to work with her mom).

Henry, the next kiddo of Seal and Heidi, is actually named after his dad; Seal's real name isHenry Olusegun Adeola Samuel. Earlier this year,Hollywood Lifedocumented the now-15-year-old's graduation from middle school; Heidi posted a video of the school's socially-distanced, drive-by ceremony.

While the future of in-school learning is unclear, Heidi was super proud of her boy for reaching this milestone, and the family had a full-on party in his honor.

Johan, the next Klum-Samuel child, is 14 now, having recently celebrated a birthday. Heidi wished him a happy one on Instagram, where she shared a snapshot of herself pregnant with Johan. Of course, the pic wasn't really PG, so fans can assume Johan would've preferred a text instead.

Not much is known about Johan; he either doesn't have social media or has it locked down. Considering how famous his parents are, it makes sense.

And finally, there's Lou, the youngest child in the family. Lou is 11, but that doesn't mean she'slittle anymore. In a recent video that Heidi posted of her dancing with her two girls, the ladies are very nearly the same height. At least, they are when Lou has her platform sneakers on. Both of Heidi's daughters have clearly taken a page out of their mom's fashion book!

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