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Posted: April 19, 2021 at 7:14 am

With MSC Cruises set to operate 10 ships in Europe this summer, it will need to get a nine ready to join the already-sailing MSC Grandiosa.

Here are the latest location's of the MSC fleet:

MSC SeashoreYear Built: 2021Capacity: 4,560 guestsLocation: Monfalcone, Italy

The MSC Seashore is still being built by Fincantieris Monfalcone shipyard. The vessel is in final stages of construction, ahead of its inaugural cruise, currently scheduled for August 1, 2021.

MSC VirtuosaYear Built: 2021Capacity: 4,888 guestsLocation: Le Havre, France

Recently delivered to MSC Cruises, the MSC Virtuosa is docked in Le Havre, France. A sister to the 2019-built MSC Grandiosa, the vessel is set to enter service in the United Kingdom, on May 20, 2021.

MSC GrandiosaYear Built: 2019Capacity: 4,888 guestsLocation: Western Mediterranean

Currently the only MSC ship in service, the Grandiosa is sailing a seven-night itinerary to Italy and Malta. The cruise departs Genoa every Sunday and includes calls in ports such as Naples, Civitavecchia and Valletta.

MSC BellissimaYear Built: 2019Capacity: 4,500 guestsLocation: Dubai, UAE

Sailing in the Emirates when cruises were suspended in March 2020, the MSC Bellissima has been in Dubai for over a year. China-bound, the 2019-built ship is expected to depart the region for Asia in the near future.

MSC SeaviewYear Built: 2018Capacity: 4,140 guestsLocation: Trieste, Italy

The MSC Seaview arrived in Italy in January 2021, after nearly a year un Brazil. Currently, the vessel is docked in Trieste, along with the MSC Poesia and the MSC Sinfonia. It is set to cruise in Europe this summer, homeporting in Germany.

MSC Meraviglia Year Built: 2017Capacity: 4,500 guestsLocation: Ocean Cay, Bahamas

With cruises cancelled until June 30, the MSC Meraviglia was most recently at Ocean Cay, MSC s private island in the Bahamas. One of companys U.S.-based ships, it is spending the operational pause between the Bahamas and the United States.

MSC SeasideYear Built: 2017Capacity: 4,140 guestsLocation: Palermo, Italy

After several months in the Bahamas, the MSC Seaside crossed the Atlantic earlier this year. Now, the ship is docked in Palermo, awaiting to resume service on May 1, 2021.

MSC PreziosaYear Built: 2013Capacity: 3,500 guestsLocation: Naples, Italy

The MSC Preziosa remains docked in the Port of Naples since January 2021. Previously, the Fantasia-class ship was spending the operational pause in the Bahamas, along other U.S.-based MSC ships. The MSC Preziosa is set to cruise from June 21 from Hamburg, Germany and the MSC Musica on June 20 from Warnemunde, Germany, if the German ports are open, MSC announced.

MSC DivinaYear Built: 2012Capacity: 3,500 guestsLocation: Civitavecchia, Italy

Previously used on a crew repatriation plan, the MSC Divina is presently docked in the Port of Civitavecchia, in Italy.

MSC MagnificaYear Built: 2010Capacity: 2,550 guestsLocation: Genoa, Italy

The MSC Magnifica resumed service in October 2020, becoming the second MSC ship to welcome passengers back. With the operation again suspended a few weeks later, the vessel returned to Genoa, where it remains docked.The plan is to have the ship sailing on June 20 offering embarkation in the Italian ports of Venice on Sundays, Bari on Mondays and Piraeus for Athens on Wednesdays and calling at the Greek Island of Mykonos and Split, Croatia.

MSC SplendidaYear Built: 2009Capacity: 3,300 guestsLocation: Augusta, Italy

After spending a few months in Malta, the MSC Splendida arrived in the Italian port of Augusta in April 2021.The MSC Splendida will begin sailing on June 12 with embarkation in Trieste, Italy on Saturdays and in Bari on Tuesdays, calling at Dubrovnik in Croatia, Corfu in Greece and Kotor in Montenegro.

MSC FantasiaYear Built: 2008Capacity: 3,300 guestsLocation: Taranto, Italy

The MSC Fantasia is currently docked in a commercial quay in Taranto, Italy. After a period laid up in Portugal, the ship arrived in Italy in May 2020.

MSC PoesiaYear Built: 2008Capacity: 2,550 guestsLocation: Trieste, Italy

Previously laid up in Brazil, the MSC Poesia arrived in Trieste this month. The Musica-class vessel also spent time in Sicilia recently.

MSC OrchestraYear Built: 2007Capacity: 2,550 guestsLocation: Brindisi, Italy

The MSC Orchestra is currently in Brindisi, Italy. The ship arrived Europe recently, after several months in South Africa.The ship is set to cruise on June 5 with embarkation in the Italian ports of Venice on Saturdays, Bari on Sundays, calling at the Greek Islands of Corfu, Mykonos as well as Dubrovnik in Croatia.

MSC MusicaYear Built: 2006Capacity: 2,550 guestsLocation: Valletta, Malta

After arriving in Italy in December, the MSC Musica sailed to Malta recently. The ship is now docked in Valletta, near the Palumbo Group shipyard,which was partly acquired by MSC recently.

MSC OperaYear Built: 2004Capacity: 1,712 guestsLocation: Messina, Italy

One of the first MSC ships to have its cruises suspended due to COVID-19, the MSC Opera is docked in Messina, Italy.

MSC LiricaYear Built: 2003Capacity: 1,560 guestsLocation: Augusta, Italy

After suffering a fire incident in Corfu, the MSC Lirica departed Greece on April 14. The vessel is currently anchored off the Port of Augusta.

MSC Sinfonia Year Built: 2002Capacity: 1,554 guestsLocation: Trieste, Italy

Along with the MSC Seaside and the MSC Poesia, the MSC Sinfonia is docked in Trieste. The vessel arrived in Italy in December from Brazil.

MSC ArmoniaYear Built: 2001Capacity: 1,554 guestsLocation: Ocean Cay, the Bahamas

The MSC Armonia is currently anchored off Ocean Cay, MSCs private island in the Bahamas. n

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