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Posted: December 18, 2019 at 8:59 pm

This article contains spoilers for 'Riverdale' Season 1 to Season 4

After the midseason finale 'Tangerine' on December 11, we can't wait for 'Riverdale' to divulge the information we so desperately need. We were rooting for BugHead, but one half of the most shipped investigative couple might be dead. The flash-forwards claim that Jughead Jones has died, while the last episode put the spotlight on Dark Betty as the murderer. CW is yet to release an official date as to when the drama series will return, but we speculate that it would return on January 2, 2020.

Until then, let's recap on where the show left off and how much we can speculate about the rest of Season 4.

Veronica is still keen on fighting Hiram Lodge, she got her Abuelita in town for backup. We don't know if Dodger is really gone but in true Riverdale fashion, the crew might come back for revenge. Hiram is back home, invited by a delusional Hermoine, setting Veronica into a rage - what does the mobster have planned now? He's already taken up most of Riverdale instilling fear even in the highest of public figures, but Hiram always has a plan, does it involve his love child Hermosa and the rum business? Will he plan to take down Veronica with the rum business, we're hoping Veronica one-ups him but who knows.

Archie and FP settled their score with Dodger, beating him to a pulp leaving Archie in a torn state. He realizes that he might not be over the death of his father, and confides in his mother about not knowing what to do. Although we're rooting for Archie, the man got attacked by a bear in his quest to leave behind the shadows of his town, so we're sure he has more troubles coming his way.

Cheryl made peace with the loss of Jason, giving him a proper goodbye on Sweetwater River. She also put her mother Penelope on trial for all the murders and attempted murders of the Blossom family and her friends. Penelope is now in the infamous bunker with walls that have seen too many secrets. Is Cheryl planning on killing Penelope or having her starve down there - we're not too sure. The red-lipped Vixen has her ways though and Penelope has taken too many lives so being in a bunker doesn't seem like an appropriate punishment.

Betty figured out that the reason Polly and Alice were in a trance - it was because Evelyn was calling them and repeating the word 'Tangerine' resulting in them being hypnotized. They then turn into Betty, wanting to kill Dark Betty which is why Alice was about to stab Betty when in a trance and Polly attacked a nurse named Betty. Her brother Charles, who we find out is dating Chic, has something up his sleeve, but has slowly been trapping Betty in the whole sentimental lost-brother-is back thing, but the show hasn't hinted at why. Charles was recently bought into the season and his FBI status has been able to clear a few messes, but he might bring a lot more than anticipated to the Cooper family.

Jughead found his grandfather and learned the truth about him being the author of the first Baxter Brothers novel which means he was wrong about Mr. Dupont stealing credit for being the author. His grandfather sold the copy to Dupont legally. Jughead also then gets inducted to the Quill and Skull society by his literary group colleagues.

Now, for the cliffhanger - the season so far has been teasing the death of Jughead Jones with scenes of Betty holding bloodied stones near Jughead's body and her, Archie and Veronica standing in a lineup where Donna says she saw them kill Jughead. We're speculating that Betty, who wanted to kill the dark side of herself, might still be in a trance that had her kill Jughead or that Jughead is faking his death to get to the crux of what the secret Quill and Skull society is all about. Either way, it looks like Jughead is dead, but how and why? We have to wait and watch the fates of each character unfold, but we're sure of one thing, more people are going to die because then Riverdale wouldn't be 'Riverdale'.

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When is 'Riverdale' coming back after the midseason's daunting cliffhanger? - MEAWW

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