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Posted: March 9, 2021 at 1:13 pm

I am sure you have all read and written the words Big Bang Theory several times in your school during Science class and that's what everybody believes about how Universe came into existence. But, recently four scientists from different parts of India, including two from Bengaluru, have challenged this old theory through their finding on the observation of the red shift in the light spectrum. Therefore, we thought of reminding you about the Big Bang Theory, who gave it to the world and why it is challenged now?

What is the Big Bang Theory?The Big Bang Theory tell us how the universe came into existence. Scientists and astrophysicists believe thatthe Universe was born out of a highly compressed, dense and microscopic point called singularity. This exploded with a huge force some 13.8 billion years ago, resulting in everything arising from that singularity moving outward in all directions. From this, all cosmic matter was formed at different stages until now.

Who gave this theory and who coined the phrase Big Bang to it?Georges Lematre, a Belgian priest, first suggested the big bang theory in the 1920s, when he said that the universe began from a single primordial atom. It was Fred Hoyle, an English Astronomer who coined the term Big Bang during one of the interviews broadcasted on BBC radio. He also stated that the first life on Earth only beganin the space.

Did the scientists prove the Big Bang Theory scientifically?There is no particular evidence or proof priorto the Singularity phenomena. It is also believed that nothing can be proven true of false when it comes to natural science. However, the detailed measurements of the expansion of the universe show that Big Bang might have happened 13.8 billions of years ago and that is the exact age of the universe.

Who has challenged the Big Bang Theory recently?Prof Sisir Roy from the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bengaluru,Arindam Mal from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Ahmedabadand Sarbani Palit and Ujjwal Bhattacharya from the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata have published a research paper and challenged the Big Bang Theory.

What are these four scientists and astrophysicists from India trying to prove in their research paper?The Big Bang theory is supported by the understanding that the shift of light towards the red band in the spectrum is continuous and uniform in nature. It is an indication of all matter including galaxies and all cosmic matter moving outwards steadily. But the four scientists have revealed findings contrary to the continuous and uniform nature of movement of light towards the red band of light in the spectrum.Theresearchers have found that the red shift does not occur in a uniform manner, but in recurring stages, what they refer to as periodicity in red shift

Did any other theories challenge the Big Bang Theory earlier?This is not the first time that the Big Bang theory has been challenged, the previous challenges were based on much smaller sample sizes. The Steady State Theory, Gravitational Lending Model, Tired Photon Hypothesis, Variable Mass Hypothesis have all challenged the Big Bang theory in the past.

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What the FAQ: What is the Big Bang theory and why is it being challenged by four Indian scientists? - EdexLive

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