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Posted: March 18, 2021 at 12:10 am

When it comes to table game side bets, baccarat and blackjack are the prime candidates. Both games can feature a number of interesting side wagers that ramp up the excitement level.

Roulette, meanwhile, isnt typically known as a big side bet game. For years, it has relied on classic mechanics to draw gamblers.

However, the occasional shakeup is always nice for varietys sake. Las Vegas El Cortez is providing this shakeup with a new game called Richer Spin Roulette.

This variation uses an innovative second wheel called The Cone to spice up the action. You can read about Richer Spin Roulette below along with if itll help revolutionize this long-time casino classic.

This variation basically presents two games on one table. The first game is based on the traditional American wheel with 38 pockets.

The second game involves The Cone, which sits in the middle of the traditional wheel. The Cone features ten different-colored spaces that are represented by nine silver icons and one gold icon.

Both wheels spin independently of each other and, thus, offer different results. You must bet on the main wheel in order to play this game. The Cone, meanwhile, is an optional side wager.

The latter involves placing your money on another set of numbers that form a racetrack shape. This racetrack area features the aforementioned silver and gold spots.

Each round begins with the dealer performing the spin. You can wager on the main and Cone wheels until the croupier announces no more bets.

The dealer spins the main wheel and Cone in opposite directions of each other. One of The Cones silver or gold icons may align with the winning number.

To recap, here are the steps for playing Richer Spin:

The main wheel distributes payouts like any other American roulette game. If you wager on a single number, for example, then youll be paid 35:1. Likewise, a winning bet on red/black will pay 1:1.

The Cone, meanwhile, offers payouts as follows:

These payouts are so large because its difficult to win Cone bets. You first need to choose the winning number and color. Secondly, the winning silver icon, for example, must contain the same number that wins on the main wheel.

As mentioned before, the El Cortez Hotel & Casino will be hosting an early showcase of this game. El Cortez is a popular casino in downtown Las Vegas.

Its well known for offering some of the most-favorable casino games in terms of RTP. It has a blackjack game, for example, with 99.68% RTP.

Nevertheless, game designer Richar Fitoussi is hoping that he has another hit on his hands with Richer Spin. If this game goes well at El Cortez, then itll likely spread throughout Vegas and beyond.

You probably wont hop on a plane to Sin City just to try a single game. If youre ever in Vegas, though, then you might want to check out Richer Spin for the following reasons.

As covered earlier, roulette isnt typically known as an innovative casino game. The main variations, including American, European, and French roulette, are quite similar to each other.

Richer Spin provides something much different to these games. It boasts a second wheel in The Cone along with a separate racetrack betting area.

If youre somebody whos been playing roulette for a while and are looking for something new, then youll definitely find it with Richer Spin.

Roulette already offers some large possible payouts through the single number (35:1), split (17:1), and street (11:1) wagers.

However, Richer Spin takes things to a new level. It can deliver a 100:1 payout for a silver/winning number combo, and a 300:1 payoff for a gold/winning number.

Assuming you put down $10 on one of the silver icons, you could win $1,000 for this fairly small bet. The gold spot, meanwhile, could pay $3,000 for the same wager.

Despite what the name suggests, you dont need to be rich to win big with Richer Spin Roulette. Instead, you can place low bets on The Cone and look forward to huge payouts.

Youll need to make the minimum wager on the main wheel. Aside from this, though, you can bet as little as $1 on The Cone. This same small wager could turn into $100 for a silver win and $300 for a gold win.

This game has the promise to deliver lots of excitement to Las Vegas gamblers. However, Richer Spin isnt without its drawbacks.

Every new casino invention must earn its way onto floors. Richer Spin Roulette is at least promising enough to get a tryout in El Cortez, which is one of the more-popular Vegas casinos.

However, a tryout and gaining a permanent spot on El Cortezs gaming floor are two different things. Many games have fallen by the wayside after failing to generate enough play during their auditions.

Even if Richer Spin earns a long-term place in El Cortez, itll need to prove itself in many other casinos too, before becoming highly accessible.

Games like Caribbean stud and Let It Ride have made this leap. Whether Richer Spin does the same remains to be seen.

In itself, roulette can be confusing to beginners. Its board features numerous options when considering all of the different combinations of splits, trios, corners, and other bets.

The Cone further complicates gameplay. Even experienced players may have trouble understanding exactly how bets win.

As discussed earlier, you need to bet on the winning silver/gold icon, which must also contain the winning number corresponding to the main wheels winning pocket.

Its hard enough to explain this in writing. Learning is just as difficult when watching the game with no concept of how The Cone works. Some players may not stick around long enough to find out how this game operates.

Richer Spin Roulette is a brand-new concept at the time of this post. Its payback information isnt available yet.

However, Im willing to bet that the RTP is poor just like most other side bets. This is especially the case when considering that 100:1 and 300:1 payouts are possible.

Im guessing that the RTP will, at best, be around what American roulette offers. At worst, it could be 93% or lower.

Again, youre not going to make a special trip to Las Vegas for one new game. However, you might find Richer Spin worth playing if you visit Sin City and are in the El Cortez area.

This game provides a new way to enjoy roulette. It not only offers unique side bets but also an entirely new wheel in the middle.

Assuming youre tired of playing the same old classic roulette, then youll appreciate Richer Spins breath of fresh air. You can win payouts worth up to 100:1 and 300:1.

Of course, this game isnt without its flaws either. Its confusing in the beginning and is only available at the El Cortez right now.

I wouldnt suggest going out of your way to try this one. You should, however, definitely consider it if you like roulette and are ever in Vegas.

Inventive roulette variations dont come about every day. But Richer Spin Roulette is currently providing a unique way to enjoy a time-honored classic.

It features a revolutionary concept in The Conea separate wheel inside of the main wheel. The Cone can deliver big wins that feel like mini jackpots.

Time will tell if Richer Spin impresses El Cortez and other casinos that it earns a tryout with. However, this game definitely has a chance at becoming a mainstay in the gaming world.

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