‘We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Website’ – Reason

Posted: December 6, 2020 at 10:41 am

Here at Reason, we're gonna need a bigger website to keep fighting for free minds and free markets.

Welcome to Day 2 of Reason's annual webathon, when we ask you to make fully tax-deductible donations to support our print, online, video, and audio journalism that promotes a principled, libertarian vision of the world. If you like our articles, videos, podcasts, and media appearances, please dig deep to help us increase the quality and quantity of our output. We're hoping to raise $200,000, all of which will go to publishing more articles, videos, and podcasts.

Go here to get info on swag associated with different giving levels and to make secure donations in everything from dollars to Bitcoin. We can't do it without youand we wouldn't want to, either (yes, we read the comments, emails, messages, and tweets).

2020 has been the most insane, unpredictable, awful year that most of us will ever live through. Between the novel coronavirus pandemic, the poorly implemented lockdowns that put the economy in a medically induced coma, months of righteous protests and indefensible looting, an insane presidential election season that just won't end, and more, we are all bruised, angry, and deeply worried about the future.

2021 won't just be another year. The battles (and budgets) are going to get bigger before they get better. For over 50 years, Reason has been your libertarian voice in debates about politics, culture, and ideas. I've been with Reason since 1993 and can say with certainty that your donation this time around is more important than ever. So please, give what you can.

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'We're Gonna Need a Bigger Website' - Reason

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