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Posted: December 13, 2019 at 2:00 pm

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This week alone, there were four high-profile cases of creeps hacking into Amazon Ring cameras that families had installed inside their homes and using them to harass or spy on them.

In one, a man used the cameras speaker to harass a family with racist comments and by triggering their alarm, according to The Cut. In others, predators spied on and communicated with children through the cameras that had been installed in their bedrooms. The takeaway: putting a poorly-secured smart camera inside your home can readily put your family at risk.

A spokesperson for Ring told The Cut that the hackers didnt actually bypass the cameras security systems.Instead, they said, the individual users had used easily-guessed passwords or failed to enable security protocols like two-factor authentication.

But it seems unfair to expect customers to also become cybersecurity experts before buying their cameras wouldnt it be trivial for Amazon and Ring to make two-factor authentication a default setting or even a requirement for camera access?

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Watch Terrifying Creeps Hack Ring Cameras and Spy on Families - Futurism

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