WATCH: New Oddfellow’s Casino – The Quietus

Posted: July 19, 2017 at 4:36 am

Indie ensemble Oddfellow's Casinos released their seventh album, Oh, Sealand last week after a three-year hiatus since their last album, 2014s The Water Between Us.

An album revolving around conflicted adoration for England, the album is characterised by appropriate literary, film, and street name references sprinkled throughout. Highlights include Alan Clarke film tribute 'Penda's Fen', previous Grasscut B side 'Swallow the Day', spoken word track 'Danu' and 'Sealand', which tells the story of the independent principality that lies about six miles off the southeastern English coast. However, 'The Ghosts of Watling Street' stands out the most, the video for which you can watch above.

Originally requested by popular author John Higgs, the album's release is timed in conjunction with Higgs' new, similarly-titled book Watling Street. The book covers an epic journey down Englands oldest road, and the song is similarly epic - a nostalgic-sounding orchestra of charming guitar chords and staccato keys complimented by the voice of comic-book writer Alan Moore.

The video follows a similar theme, featuring a translucent frontman David Bramwell thoughtfully strolling through expansive fields, between picturesque archways, and down the old English street.

Oh, Sealand is out now via At The Helm Records.

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WATCH: New Oddfellow's Casino - The Quietus

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