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Posted: June 27, 2016 at 6:29 am

by April M. Short

on March 19, 2015

The word entheogenic means God-facilitating.

This is how Jason Silvas latest video begins. The beanie-and-sweatshirt-clad spoken word freestyler releases a video each week in which he chews over such topics as human consciousness, societal systems, existence itself, and the allure of scientific thought. In this rendition heis sitting on a cliff above the ocean, discussing thealtered states of consciousness brought forth by entheogens,a type ofpsychoactive substancesthat includes ayahuasca, DMT, iboga, cannabis, psilocybin, salvia, MDMA and many others. He describes a phenomenon happening now, across humanity, that he calls the entheogenic revolution.

Dubbingthese ecstasy-enducing substances God hacks, he explains that they are tools that can act as conduits and mediators for encounters with the numinous.

He quotes Terence McKenna who said, Do not give into the astonishment, and says the realization that reality is but a matrix of perception, that we can pierce that veil is astonishing.

Against a swirling backdrop of starscapes, rabbit holes and other superimposed special effects, Silvaexplains that philosopherMircea Eliade spoke aboutTechniques of Ecstasy, describingshamans as literally ecstatic technicians of the sacred.

Within all of us, Silva says, is the ability to hack in to the divine, and that via entheogens we actually are able to create conditions, to create spaces for all of us to become statisticians of the sacred.

Watch Silvaspoetic narrationbelow:

Written by April M. Short.

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Watch: Entering Godmode How Entheogens Tap ... -

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