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Posted: June 2, 2021 at 5:38 am

For an industry where detail, timeliness and accurate metrics mean so much, the investment world still relies too heavily on manual spreadsheet entry and snail mail paper checks. Entering data in multiple spreadsheets and relying on disparate systems is inefficient and can be error-prone, especially when sharing information between investment, investor and accounting software. However, technology is a driving factor behind the growth of automated investment management.

Investors now expect on-demand service and self-service access to key metrics, capital transactions, important documents and reports. Yardis Investment Suite creates better value for investors, which leads to increased investor confidence. The Investment Manager product specifically improves communication between you and your investors, automates the subscription agreement process and provides easy access to performance metrics. The system is available wherever, whenever access is required.

Managing the relationships with existing and prospective investors is a vital part of growing any investment business and raising capital. Yardi Investment Manager provides a platform that makes communicating with current and prospective investors more efficient, easier and error-free.

Cohen Asset Managements investor relations staff can log into Yardi Investment Manager and see the online tools their investors are using, deals they are involved in, contact information, returns, distributions and other information. Scott McGinness, principal and chief financial officer, shared: By being able to deliver information when its needed, we dont have to follow up with the investor later, which is easier on both parties.

For MG Properties Group, a single spreadsheet reported contained as many as 450 tabs. Having the right technology gives you the ability to produce better net operating income, which in turn creates better value for the property and for your investors, as well, said Joe Anfuso, CFO. With Yardis solutions, they are now delivering statements, capital calls, distribution notices and other information online and via mobile device.

You increase investor confidence by giving them information they can be confident is correct, Anfuso said.

Organizations benefit from a single connected tool that helps:

Yardi Investment Manager is a single source of truth for investor and investment information. Provide access to portfolio and property metrics directly to investors. Improve fundraising for new investment opportunities with existing or prospective investors. With an integrated solution, you eliminate the need for disparate systems and manual transfer of data. This allows you to provide timely access to information to your investors. Onboarding is also streamlined to provide a quick and easy transition for investors into your platform.

To be able to log in to Investment Manager and see what trusts or entities a client has invested with, what actual investments those are in, and the returns theyre receiving has been incredible. I cant put a price on it, said McGinness.

By easily compiling and communicating accurate information, Yardi Investment Manager strengthens investor relationships with superior service, as it did for Cohen Asset Management, allowing the company to maintain a lean organization. We get a lot of compliments from investors about our service, and Investment Manager is a major reason for that, McGinness added.

In addition to investment and property metrics, Yardi Investment Manager makes it easy to publish reports, tax documents, subscription agreements and more to investors through an online branded portal. This allows your investors self-service access to information. Since the portal can take on your companys personalized branding, it will offer a customized, highly professional experience for investors. They receive automatic alerts and notifications when new documents have been published and secure access to new investment opportunities in a virtual data room setting.

Yardi Investment Manager provides access to investor and investment information on any device. It makes it easy to find and review every piece of information you need so you can have informed discussions with your team and your investors on:

Yardi Investment Manager is a complete solution that brings investing partners together and instills investor confidence. Provide access to reports and detailed documentation so your investors feel an increased sense of connection and value with their partnership. Yardi Investment Manager can be implemented as a standalone solution or connected with powerful property management software, Yardi Voyager or Breeze Premier. Adapt the system alongside your growing accounting needs with Yardi Investment Accounting.

Overall, youll improve efficiency and boost visibility into investor activity and investment metrics, making portfolio oversight simpler than ever.

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Using Technology to Increase Investor Confidence - The Real Deal

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