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Posted: October 29, 2016 at 11:45 am

I know there are already post on this subject, but they don't produce good results and I would like to share, here, my thinking on this subject. Feel free to moderate my post if you think it's a bad idea.

Server: Ubuntu 16.04.1, Apache2.4.18

DNS conf:

Like I said I try to run Jitsi meet on apache2. By following the steps described in Quick install (

If I install Jitsi meet on my server just after installing Ubuntu so without Apache or Nginx. Jitsi works great. If I install Jitsi meet on my server after installing Nginx. Jitsi works great.

With the same method of installation, I try to install Jitsi meet after installing Apache2, so I notice that Jitsi meet does not configure itself apache2, so I tried this first configuration:

When I load the page meet.mydomain.xx I get the following error:

"It works! Now your customer BOSH points to this URL to connect to Prosody.

For more information see Prosody. Setting up BOSH "

But when I look at the /etc/prosody/conf.avail/meet.mydomain.xx.cfg.lua file, I notice that bosh is already enabled and the rest of the configuration is ok with what is explain here The log contains no errors. If you have an idea to fix this problem I'm interested.

Second configuration that I tested:

With this setup the result seems better, I can see the home page of Jitsi meet but without the text, without the logo and when I click on the go button, nothing happend. The log contains no errors.

So here I don't no really what to do. If someone have some advices or ideas, thank you to share it !

Bye, thank you for reading


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