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Posted: June 1, 2020 at 3:44 am

On Wednesday, May 20, Trinidad Middle School hosted a virtual Honors Award Ceremony with a large number of staff and student leaders tuning in via Zoom to announce awardees, who were also present virtually. The ceremony officially brought to a close the 2019-2020 school year.

TMS Principle Deana Pachelli and Assistant Principle Michael Guadagnoli began the ceremony from inside the gym where a camera and microphone were connected and several staff members gathered, all wearing facemasks.

GPA 3.5 or higher cumulative grades awardees

Jeannie Ackerman, TMS teacher, presented awards for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders with a three and a half or higher cumulative grade point average.

Let it be known that Trinidad Middle School students did not give up on education just because of COVID-19, said Ackerman

Sixth graders acknowledged were Andreas Bowman, Jacob Bowman, Linda Diaz, Anjalina Gandarilla, Xavier Garcia, Edward Gonzales, Lillian Gonzales, Harlem Kulcyk, Arianna Lynn, Isaiah Menchaca, Jasmine Ross, Serenity Samora, Anthony Sandoval, Brianna Sandoval, Leila Sedillo, Itzel Silva, Maliya Torres, and Yurem Zamora-Munoz.

Seventh graders acknowledged included Laura Adeyelu, Jesse Apodaca, Aaliyah Berry, Antolin Gandarilla, Easton Jack, Izabella Jackson, Azucena Martinez, Evanne Montez, Andres Romero, Nathan Sandoval, Alyce Sisneros, Nevaeha Trujillo, Summer Ward and Xander Wilson.

Lastly, eighth graders acknowledged were Zoee Cappellucci, Alyssa Cordova, Gabrielle Gonzales, Kayla Gonzales, Alexia Hall, Anna Holder, Corey Hosseinzadeh, Joseph Martinez, McKayla McDonald, Nevaeh Padilla, Isabell Smith, Ethan Taylor, Elijah Torres, Monserrad Viera-Flores, Cydney Vigil and Kylie Wilson.

Additionally, several TMS students were acknowledged for straight As for the first three quarters, maintaining a 90 or above. In sixth grade, these students were Harlem Kulcyk, Arianna Lynn, Anthony Sandoval and for eighth grade was Kylie Wilson.

Third quarter perfect attendance

TMS teacher, Leanna Dunn read the names of the TMS students who had perfect attendance throughout the third quarter. She explained they had started an attendance challenge but complications with the coronavirus made the original end date unobtainable.

We started on February 3 and was supposed to go through April 16, said Dunn, but we were interrupted. We still want to give out awards today.

Students with perfect third quarter attendance included Serenity Bowman, Cristian Carpio Estrada, Roman Chavira, Alyssa Cordova, Lillian Gonzales, Dakota Hicks, Marlen Mayen Hilario, McKayla McDonald, Madison Otten, Vanessa Port, Camrin Rino, Jasmine Ross, Serenity Samora, Elijah Torres and Maliya Torres.

Since the students were unable to do a pizza party and movie like they had planned, Dun said they would all receive a $10 gift card for McDonalds and were put in a drawing for a Tablet with a keyboard and a hover board.

Elijah Torres was the drawing winner for the tablet and keyboard and Jasmine Ross won the hover board after her name was drawn following Torres.

Trinidad Rotary Club Kindness Award

This year, TMS introduced a new honors award, Trinidad Rotary Club Kindness Award. For 2020, 10 individuals were acknowledged originally as candidates. With COVID-19 complications and how well the students responded, TMS decided unanimously to honor all 10 candidates as recipients of the award for 2020.

These students were sixth graders Serenity Samora, Alayna Nye, Jaidyn Trujillo; seventh graders Andres Romero, Xander Wilson, Matthew Trujillo; and eighth graders McKayla McDonald, Lance Payne, Nicholas Chavez and Kylie Wilson.

Numerous other teachers from science, to sports, to music presented honors and acknowledgement for their students during the ceremony, each either from their homes or from the gym.

Deana Pachelli wrapped up the event thanking staff, students, and parents for pushing through the difficulties to finish out the very unique school year.

We couldnt have done all this without the parents, and students, and the staffs cooperation, said Pachelli. It definitely was a sprint to get to the finish line and everybody stepped up to make that happen. I just want to say thank you parents. This staff believes in your kids and they are so appreciative of you supporting us through this most difficult time. We miss you terribly and we love you.

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TMS ends the year, honors students with virtual award ceremony -

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