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Posted: June 18, 2021 at 7:33 am

Step inside Superette's new nostalgia-fueled pot playhouse.

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June17, 20212 min read

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This week, Canadian cannabis super brand Suprette opened a store in the Glebe section of Ottowa, and honestly we've never seen anything like it.

Thedispensary is a technicolor, Willie Wonka-like stroll into a cannabis utopia. Part boardwalk carnival, part retro diner, and part cannabis store, the store is a joint venture between co-founders Mimi Lamand Drummond Munro.

The creative duo has opened three cannabis stores in the past two yearsandwon a Clio Award for their brand design. But the Glebe store takes their imagination to a whole new level. It even has a claw machine!

"This new store really shows the evolution of Superette as a brand and how we can continue to push the boundaries on our retail experience. From vintage diner to house of mirrors this customer journey will be unlike any other," saysMunro.

Let's take a stroll inside its trippy interior. All photos courtesy ofAlex Lysakowski.

Customers enter the store through aretro-inspired, diner-meets-candy shopand complete their ID check in a vintage custom photo booth. The Superette design team has inverted the traditional white tile/red grout color palette to create an eye-catching red-tiled wall that is anhomage to 1950s Americana and anod to capitalist consumerism with a contemporary twist.

The signature Flower Wallshowcasestheir extensive selection of fresh bud.

Superette Glebe is home to the world's largest cannabis menuso large that the manufacturer made them sign a liability waiver for the marquee.

An arcade-inspired claw machine wrapped in clouds is affectionately named Super Claw, where customers can try their best to snag unexpected prizes ranging from gifts from local designers and artisans and Superette merch to rare paraphernalia and big-ticket surprises.

Visitors can pass through a hidden door disguised behind a refurbished, old-fashioned soda machine and the diner then gives way to the surprise, middle dream space where three fairground-style funhouse mirrors distort reality as you move through the tunnel to reachsky-high ceilinged cannabis storebehind.

The merch shop offers a curated selection of gender-neutral clothing (including their newSuper Strains collection), products, and accessoriesfrom cult brands like Sundae School, Pure Beauty, and Yew Yew.

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This Dispenary Is Part Funhouse, Part Diner, and All Trippy - Green Entrepreneur

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