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Posted: March 25, 2021 at 2:36 am

Turkish architecture firm Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) has created a conceptual floating hotel for Qatar. The project includes a circular volume that floats on the Persian Gulf and is designed to slowly rotate over the course of a day. The massive hotel concept includes over 150 guest rooms connected to lush green spaces and interior waterfalls. On top of the unique and futuristic form, guests will have access to a wide range of building amenities like a spa, gym, mini-golf, and pools.

The design firm explains that it is now working on technical design elements to best introduce sustainable practices. Our team is working and studying with technical consultants and experts from different fields, explains HAADS. This project adopts the motto of minimum energy loss and zero waste as a principle according to the design approach it has put forward. Due to its characteristic moving feature, it generates electrical energy by rotating around its position according to the water flow and provides users with different perspective experiences.

Some of the current green building elements include the vortex in the center of the roof designed to collect rainwater that will be used for an irrigation system. Energy may be produced through solar panels, wind turbines, and a tidal energy system that works as the hotel rotates in the water. On top of all these goals, the designers also say that the hotel will work to purify and use seawater for their operations and that no waste produced by the hotel should impact the environment.

Though this project is branded as an eco-floating hotel, many designers might point out that a luxury hotel off the coast of Qatar is difficult to believe as a very green project. For more information about sustainable architecture and how a building's environmental impact is measured,read our article on LEED and other third-party certification systems as well as our piece on Declarea group of architects and engineers who have signed an agreement outlining the directives of truly green buildings.

Scroll down to see HAADS' conceptual hotel. For more projects by the studio, see My Modern Mets previous coverage of a twisting tower inspired by muscle fibers for the NYC skyline.

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This Architect Designed a Conceptual Eco-Floating Hotel in Qatar - My Modern Met

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