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Posted: May 24, 2021 at 8:12 pm

After being anchored for the past year, the worlds largest private residential yacht is about to make some serious waves. The epic 643-footer, aptly christened The World, will set sail again this July and take on even more global adventures.

Just a fraction shorter than the Titanic, The World is basically an upscale cruise liner outfitted for modern times. The multi-deck vessel offers 165 luxury residences, along with high-end service and amenities to boot. It was moored for most of 2020 on account of Covid-19 travel restrictions but is now ready to safely take to the high seas once again.

Thats all thanks to its new Covid Shield program, which will ensure all residents and crew are fully vaccinated before anchors aweigh. Overseen by a specialist team of medical advisors, the program also includes new health and safety measures to support the wellbeing of those on board.

The epic 643-footer anchored in Nice, France.The World

This means the 150 families that call the megayacht home can return to their sea-going sanctuary and embark on their next adventure. It will begin in southern Greece where The World will leave port for a year-long transatlantic journey.

Seafarers will spend the summer island-hopping throughout the idyllic Mediterranean, enjoying short stays in Croatia, Italy, France and Spain. Come Fall, The World will stop by the port of Funchal in Portugals stunning Madeira Islands before high-tailing it to the Caribbean. Here, residents will soak in the sunshine and chill vibes of the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, the Leeward Islands, the Dominican Republic and the Cayman Islands. To close out 2021, The World will cruise the coasts of both South and Central America, giving those aboard an opportunity to revel in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala.

The megayachts inviting rooftop pool.The World

While globetrotting, residents have access to six different onboard restaurants, multiple swimming pools, a cinema, library, wellness center, and sports and fitness facilities. If thats not enough entertainment, The World offers an array of activities, including golf, tennis tournaments and scuba diving expeditions. You can even sit in on a lecture by a Nobel prize winner.

Its been a difficult 16 months for our residents who have been missing their home at sea, Pamela Conover, The Worlds CEO, said in a statement. We are all anxious for the ships return and are enthusiastically preparing to welcome our residents back home this summer.

While The World is not exactly newshe actually launched back in 2002the vessel is still the biggest of its kind on the water. That could all change, however, if the ginormous 925-foot Njord launches in 2024. This gargantuan craft is expected to offer 118 private apartments, plus beach clubs, helipads and more. For now, seafaring globe trotters will have to make do with The World. Something tells us that should be enough.

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The Worlds Largest Private Residential Yacht Will Be Back on the Water This Summer - Robb Report

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