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Posted: October 25, 2020 at 10:35 pm

First the good news. Exclusive News Channels in India, despite the good old DD, started about a quarter of a century ago, but actually came in vogue abut two decades ago. Most were backed by publication houses, some came later, again media people. The better news is that instead of complaints against government gags, tags not entirely honourable as pro establishment channels, or somewhat neutral, were the only adjectives that were entertained. For instance, a popular one by a journalist who could explain the demographics of Indian general electoral trends methodically, took his position. Regional channels are mostly tuned to a respective two- party system of the state, as is the paper media.

The present TRP war, came about to be, considering whether it is really that serious, due to a sudden formation of a new channel by an energetic, intelligent rebel of a journo, who got the right timing to prey upon sitting ducks of scams. It became a one man show with such vehemence, that no government or political spokes persons had enough knowledge or liberty or the solace from their party to reveal beyond a certain quantum.

I, as a neurologist am not an activist, but could see a new talent of delivery, oration, incisive phrases, picking up local but common mans jargon. Not without well worked hand movements now with a single hand the right being bandaged. Decent, too loud, too obsessed with ambition, say what you may. One has to accept that he knows the works-showmanship, choosing topics, aligning and re-aligning a broadcast at will.

With a pardon, that I may not know all rules and trespasses of journalism, one realizes how much behind the scene competition there is in Indian media. Acknowledging the mastery of presentable, pleasant and all covering concept for the publication house, that gave me the opportunity to enlist me as a Blog writer, the presentation on electronic media needs a new change.

Actually, some who went overboard, well versed and long -term entrepreneurs, could have just sat and watched. It was possibly a sudden loss of neve, missing the full thrust on a slower delivery, caught, without crossing the ropes. Probably this new renegade talent, forced too many bouncers and quietly gave a slower one. So, was it a ploy of the grand Republican, to incite a TRP overdoing under his well laid contraptions!

I am not invoking intra-media rivalry, just studying a sudden change of broadcasting. The impact in delivery is being modulated by other channels, that ran on didactic rules of the producer. There is a place of movie directors, script writers, dialogue fillers. Good for the Indian media. Indian channels shall be watched more by NRIs and the western audiences.

As for the content, I stay away from what is good, bad, ethical or otherwise. The news -burger should be well stuffed, veg or non-veg. That is what gives the TRP. In a quiet candle-light upscale restaurant, if the customers have changed to noisy Furtunner/Scorpia/Harrier owners, it may be a nice marketing idea to start serving sizzlers, with a concealed microphone and speaker on the tray, which the waiter can modulate as he takes a circuitous turn to destination table, imagine, how many shall start ordering that one with the noise Even if the stuff is mediocre, modest in value, you are paying for the sound for an eatable!

The TRP, or the target rating point, is a method of measuring the total viewership, that is the viewers and time duration of viewing. Generally done by placing a few thousand meters attached to regular TVs, randomly, but also by representing the users preferences of language, timing of maximum watching, and the viewership pull on ads. The final number is calculated by using the viewers as denominator, the numerator as the total impressions delivered to the target x 100.

As an example, if the viewers are 10, 000, and impressions, 1000 x 100, the TRP is 10. Thereafter begins the baking and frying as per rules! Not discrete to analyse further. By all types of maths including Quantum Physics. Consider that electromagnetic waves can be deviated by a magnetic field. You finally get a sore between 0-3-0! If sliding from a perennial 2. 3 to 2.2 is a calamitous as a rate cut on a assured bond, it might be an issue with mega- investors!

How correct is the TRP to actual viewership? Well this is the best and a universal method followed. The value is the rating of the channel, that impacts the minds towards more viewership, and attracting revenues through ads.

Talking of previous such self- designed programmes, was Rajat Sharmas, Aap ki Adalat. He softly invited every luminary, icon, politician, but not without a few awkward questions. Arun Shouries scam under CM A R Antulay, surely was on paper media but one of the most daring ones.

Tehelka initially a one- time event, where perhaps for the first time concealed electronic devices were used, and later converted into a weekly publication. Had the media and public been so charged then, it had the ingredients of a news channel!

The history of television news broadcasting somewhat begins with David Sarnoff, a young man who joined the most popular network NBC. Those were war days bur Sarnoff had envisioned that the coming of television would be the main thing. Catching up in competition was a smaller company CBS, that had more funds, and even borrowed NBC talent.

Technological hurdles were the availability of a co-axial cable that would run on land. Finally, the task was handed over to part government owned AT&T. Even before the end of the war, Sarnoff had announced, that US shall have its own TV broadcasting, rather than the anticipated Imperial stations.

Funds were always a problem. R J Reynolds, the makers of Camel came to help. They improvised their ow popular programme, Caravans on Camels Went well.

The heave came in the 1948 election convention. Philadelphia was chosen by political parties, as it had the maximum density of cable networks. One case where the presence of broadcast technology influenced political decision. TV sales were on the rise. Sure, there had to be new talent for visual presentations but some old radio voices were kept due their appeal to the audience. Broadcasting had to be tutored. Interest generated by sending teams to broadcast from the site of the incident began.

TRPs is just a symbol of the intense media, competition, as on-coming digitalization has been hurried by Covid.Next shall be cable TV, Computer domestic AI all combined. It is already there.

The wise shall allow, accommodate, modulate the electronic media. India has the worlds largest English -speaking audience. New more riveting methods are seen. The first launch of TV broadcasting by NBC was a political convention. Its the circumstance that gives the opening. Beyond that the road is long and not without struggle!

dil se to har mo.mla kar ke chale the saaf ham,kahne me un ke smne baat badal badal ga.Faiz

(I left clarifying all issues of the heart before the meeting,While clarifying, before her, somehow the issues kept changing)

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