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Posted: June 30, 2016 at 3:36 am

Here's another new year; that's another new chance To remake our lives, you and me; A world without borders or barriers or bounds

A world some don't want us to see...

Each year I resolve with the strongest intent To go farther this year than the last. And to look back and see how far last year I went, Though distractions distract me so fast!

I did meditation and lay on my bed,

I just started to feel where its at,

With a wonderful warmth round the top of my head,

Then I looked up and saw its the cat.

I threw out my TV! My girlfriend went too,

But that's a good lesson you see;

It was 50 wide, and I think on the side

She was living with it, not with me.

I went low GI and I've lost lots of weight

And now eating whatever I please,

But last night I dreamed I had antlers and wings,

So I really must lay off the cheese.

My new GSR made an interesting noise,

Which I hoped was my mind rearranging,

Then I read the instructions; my genius it seems

Was just that the batteries need changing.

But with this new year I just know Ill win out, Just watch how I do and youll see! Im not going to head for another blowout; Ill be cool as I know I can be.

Cos when stupid things beckon, and Im not so strong, When I snapback and fall on my ass, Ill be thankful again you folks help me along As you have during all the years past.

Im so grateful that youre all here! Happy New Year!


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