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Posted: July 5, 2017 at 8:40 am

HR has the opportunity and responsibility to hire capable, diverse people with ideas and the capacity to think out of the box, says Lelia Konyn, head of human resources and corporate affairs at Shun Shing Group.

Companies increasingly call for innovation to stimulate growth, update business models, increase performance and appeal to customers.

The logic is simple: companies need to innovate to stay current, compete and create value and many are grappling with the realisation that what got us here will not take us forward. Hence, the need to engage employees and create processes conducive to business innovation overall.

Enter HR. As the custodian of people strategy and processes, HR has a tremendous opportunity to hire capable, diverse people with ideas and the capacity to think out of the box. HR is also the custodian of organisation design, and is often put in charge of corporate culture. People, organisation and culture is all it takes to foster innovation.

So why isnt there more innovation about? Because the very aspects that offer HR tremendous opportunities offer significant challenges:

Integration means embracing the company culture and the way things are done. Fitting in. Divergent ideas challenging the status quo are suppressed or watered down. The comfort of groupthink sets in.

Most companies are systemically not built to facilitate, sustain or nurture innovation. Few are the hierarchies in which bosses ideas, decisions or processes can be questioned and debated openly and consistently as a process.

Matrix organisations increase complexity: numerous functions, business units and locations often operate in silos with poor co-ordination, information flow and slow decision-making.

Corporate culture defines the acceptable way to act and work within an organisation. Complacency, lack of process to speak up and debate, fear of making mistakes in a blame culture, change aversion, endless emails and meetings are not conducive to innovation.

So what can HR do?

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The court was satisfied the company had shown that the terminations resulted from genuine financial losses, leading to closure...

High rent, tuition fees, and a polluted environment are some of the reasons for international talent to avoid Asia's world city...

Gender and thought diversity is off the table, since more than half of vacancies go to candidates already known to a firm...

To solve the problem, they are increasingly using part-time and contingent workers, as well as scouting across geographies...

More and more Hongkongers are finding their pay raise to be meaningless when they want to buy a flat. ..

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The Futurist: Innovation challenges for HR - Human Resources Online

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