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Posted: January 27, 2021 at 5:31 pm

Amazon's The Expanse star Cara Gee talks about portraying polyamory, LGBTQ+ representation, and Camina Drummer's emotional journey.

Cara Gee, who plays Camina Drummer onThe Expanse, spoke highly of the shows representation of polyamorous characters. The critically acclaimed sci-fi drama was picked up for season 5 by Amazon after being canceled by Syfy in 2018. Based on the fiction novel series of the same name by James S. A. Corey, The Expanse takes place in a dystopian future in which the human race has colonized the solar system and Earth and Mars are in the midst of a cold war.

Cara Gee plays the character Camina Drummer, a leader of the Belters. Throughout the series Drummer became incredibly close with Naomi, played by Dominique Tipper, while working together on the warship the Behemoth, causing fans to point out their sexual tension and potential compatibility as a romantic couple. However, Naomi eventually returns to her previous ship, the Rocinante, and the two characters part ways. Season 5 finds Drummer, the leader of a polyamorous, queer family operating a tight-knit pirate fleet, consisting of the ships Dewalt (of which she is the captain) and Mowteng. Falsely believing Naomi to be dead, throughout the season, Drummer becomes close with Oksana, a crewmember of the Dewalt, played by Sandrine Holt, who helps Drummer deal with yet another devastating personal loss.

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In a recent interview with Screenrant, the Canadian actress opened up about the importance, not only for the character of Drummer but also for the shows audience, of exploring Drummers sexuality and romantic life from a place of love.

Drummer's dynamic with Oksana is so warm, and of course with the whole crew, who have this very caring communal love. Can you talk about Drummer finding this connection?

Cara Gee: Thank you for asking. I was so excited that we got to represent this polyamorous Belter family. I think that respectful representation of polyamory is nowhere to be seen in the television landscape, and I'm so proud that we did that. I think that for our queer fans to see Drummer finally get hers is so satisfying.

Nobody shipped Drummer and Naomi harder than me and Dominique. But that was brutal. It's brutal to have the girl get away again, the heartache of being in love with a straight girl is a trope that we've seen. So, to finally see her - I wouldn't say happy under the circumstances of the show - but happy with the relationship, is really beautiful. The relationship between all of those polyamorous characters is so tender and vulnerable. And I'm so delighted with how it's coming across how it's turned out.

Although polyamory is not new to The Expanse's world-buildingit has been mentioned in the backstory of other charactersit has a much stronger representation in this current season with Drummers story. Gee fully embraces the fan community uplifted by the shows representation of LGBTQ+ characters and polyamory, evidenced, in part, by her frequent use of the hashtag #PolyamBelterFam to discuss the show on Twitter.

The Expanse joins the ranks of many current television shows aiming to showcase relationships with LGBTQ+ characters or relationships that are otherwise underrepresented and/or marginalized. Whats even more revolutionary is their ability to do so without exoticizing these relationships or portraying them as anything other than normal. While much more unpredictable drama is likely in store for Camina Drummer, audiences finally get to see her, if for a brief moment, in a loving relationship. One can only hope it lasts!

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