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Posted: April 29, 2021 at 12:49 pm

Riot Games continues to evolve Teamfight Tactics with the new Set Five Reckoning mechanic, Shadow items, providing unique power increases at a cost.

Releasing around the globe by April 28, good and evil will collide across the convergence in TFT. The black mist has corrupted half of everything, introducing nine new Shadow components. Slightly similar to their original counterparts, these Shadow components can combine with a normal or Shadow component to create 36 new Shadow items.

Each Shadow item has its own power, stats, and penalty cost for using it. Blue Buff, for example, resets a champions mana at 20 after they cast their spell. Very Dark Blue Buff, the Shadow version, resets a champions mana to 15 after casting their spell. But if the wearer has less than 60 percent health, the mana reset is increased to 50.

From Archdemons staff and Chalice of Malice to Caustic Deathblade and Guardian Fallen Angel, here are the 36 TFT Set Five Reckoning Shadow items, not including dark spatula items.

Deathblade is one of many glass cannon Shadow items, according to Riot game designerStephen Mortdog Mortimer.

Zekes Bleak Herald drains attack speed from champions on either side in order to gain attack speed for themselves.

Good on frontline units and tanks, Guardian Fallen Angel returns a champion with 80 percent of their health while shredding all negative effects. The catch is that the wearers attack speed is reduced by 50 percent. A normal Guardian Angel returns a champion with 400 HP.

Hextech Gunblade of Immortality heals the nearest ally as opposed to the wearer. This TFT Set Five Shadow item works well on temporary and secondary carriers. It also only heals for missing health.

Evil Giantslayer is similar to Giant Slayer in that it targets high health units. Unlike the normal item, Evil Giantslayer deals 50 percent bonus damage without restrictions. Once the target drops below 1100 maximum health, the wearers abilities and attacks only do 15 percent decreased damage instead.

Sacrificial Infinity Edge offers more power at the cost of health. To effectively use the dark Infinity Edge, it should get paired with a healing item like Bloodthirster, or put on a champion who benefits from healing. In conjunction with Hand of Justice, its a powerful item on Nocturne.

Similar to Sacrificial Infinity Edge, the Shadow Bloodthirster is about pure aggression, according to Mortdog. The wearer gains 40 percent attack speed for three seconds once they heal to 90 percent health. But the item deals 25 percent true damage to the wearer at the beginning of combat.

Sacrificial Bloodthirster is a BIS item for Draven within the Forgotten/Legionnaires comp, utilizing the Legionnaires trait for healing and hitting 90 percent health for the additional attack speed.

This Shadow item is meant for champions whose spell doesnt rely upon damage, according to Mortdog, Spectral Spear of Shojin restores an additional 14 mana on-hit with each basic attack. The downside is that the holder deals 20 percent less damage. A normal Spear of Shojin restores five mana on-hit.

Ideal champions to use the Spectra Spear of Shojin on, according to Mortdog, are Lux and Tarric.

Rabadons Caustic Deathcap is another glass cannon Shadow item.

Zapping enemies and allies, Ionic Dark-Spark provides the wearer with additional ability power from each zap. The Shadow item is ideal on an Assassin, according to Mortdog.

Ideally paired with an item or champion that can replace health, Gunsoos Sacrificial Rageblade provides exponential growth at a sacrifice of health.

Archdemons Staff of Immortality is similar to Gargoyle Stoneplate, according to Mortdog, and is a self-healing item.

Locket of the Silver Lunari provides increase armor and magic resist at the cost of five less mana per attack. Its an ideal item that can get placed on a high health front line unit like Tarric.

Mor-evil-lonimicon kills off everyone, but slowly. Its a Unique item that is strong in the early game. Champions that utilize Mor-evil-lonimicon well are Volibear and Kennen.

Gaining power at the cost of health, Sacrificial Gauntlet increases critical strike chance and damage. The Shadow item works well on Velkoz and Vayne.

The holders magic and true damage from their ability can critically strike. The holder gains 40 percent critical strike damage and 20 percent critical strike chance. After the holder casts their ability, they lose 15 percent of their maximum health.

Similar to Dragon Claw, according to Mortdotg, Refracted Bramble Vest doesnt have a drawback but does function differently. It grants 200 bonus magic resist, which includes the components.

Eclipse Cape is a Unique Shadow item that does not apply Grevious Wounds, according to Mortdog.

Able to gain health from every unit targeting the wearer, the Gargoyle Stoneplate of Immortality Shadow item in TFT Set Five is a super tanky item.

Titans Revenge is another ideal tank item that can also deal damage.

Dark Shroud of Stillness has an increase in power but hits both sides of the battlefield as its drawback. Its also a Unique Shadow item.

Slow down enemies with Frozen Dark Heart, but beware, it can also slow down your own team. An ideal champion to carry Frozen Dark Heart is Diana, due to her Assassin trait.

Warmogs Sacrificial Armor pairs well with a champion or trait that gains health, according to Mortdog.

Turbulent Zephyr is a Unique item that increases the time an enemy is trapped in its whirlwind but at a cost of providing that enemy unit bonus stats once the whirlwind wears off. Turbulent Zephyr should not target carriers like Kayle.

Unstable ZzRot Portal is an ideal item to use when wanting to break through a strong front-line defense. Summoned Units, such as Abominations Monstrosity, will not spawn an Unstable Voidspawn

Vengeful Trap Claw combos well with Unstable ZzRot Portal, according to Mortdog, and is ideal on champions like Jax or Riven.

A Unique item, Sacrificial Redemption heals the entire board but does not heal the wearer. Its an ideal item on a champion like Hecarim that wont take damage because the self-damage cant kill it, according to Mortdog.

Similar to Bramble Vest, Refracted Dragons claw negates bonus damage from incoming critical hits while also reducing the incoming magic damage by 15 percent.

Runaans Untamed Hurricane doesnt proc on-hit effects, according to Mortdog. The TFT Shadow Set Five item is a solid choice on champions like Draven, Riven, Alphelios, and Jax.

Caustic Quicksilver is a Unique item that provides immunity to CC indefinitely at a cost of 20 percent less the maximum health of the wearer.

Chalice of Malice penalizes its wearer while benefiting units one Hex to either side of the item holder.

Providing more attack speed when no enemies are nearby, Rapid Deathcannon is ideal on Draven.

Final Whisper is a Unique Shadow item that is a solid counter to Redeemed, according to Mortdog.

Hand of Vengeance provides its wearer with both benefits while turning off and then back on with every takedown, according to Mortdog.

Statikk Stiletto is a more powerful Stattik Shiv that works well on Varus, according to Mortdog.

Very Dark Blue Buff is a Unique Shadow Set Five item that can produce interesting results when the wearers health drops below 60 percent.

Tricksters Gloves is a big brain item, according to Mortdog. It creates two full Shadow Set Five Reckoning items, that can either benefit or destroy the champion Tricksters Gloves is equipped to.

A large number of Shadow items still dont have a best-in-slot due to the meta being so new, and multiple adjustments taking place during the PBE testing stage. This article will get updated with each TFT Set Five Reckoning patch to include balance changes and BIS items per champion.


TFT Set 5 Reckoning Shadow items: Updated stats and best-in-slot - Dot Esports

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